My Seduction of SashaMy Seduction of Sasha


I want to share with you something that happened over the Christmas holidays. You need to listen closely to every detail.

In October, a new family moved into my co-op. I conducted the Zoom interview to vet them. There was an older gentleman across the courtyard in a two-bedroom third floor suite who was overhoused, so he was relocated to the second floor and they got his place.

It’s a Croatian-American family by the name of Vukovic who previously lived in San Francisco. The husband, Josip, worked as a communications coordinator on Howard Dean’s 2004 campaign for the Democratic nomination and now runs a PR firm specializing in progressive issues. His wife, Jill, has a Ph.D in marine biology from Stanford. They moved here for her new job as the senior curator of tropical collections at the RTS Tech University Aquarium.

Their daughter Sasha is 20 and is taking third-year biochemistry at RTS Tech. (Apparently she was able to transfer her credits from San Francisco State.) Sasha wasn’t really on the Zoom call. I just saw her walking past a few times in the background. But she must have been paying attention.

I ran into Sasha just before Halloween in the laundry room. She was on her way out with a big hamper full of sheets and pillowcases, but she gave me a big smile, greeted me by name, put down her hamper, and shook my hand with both hands: “It is so lovely to meet you and thank you for everything!”

Really a bright young spirit. I think she gets the two-hand handshake from her dad, because he did the same thing when we crossed paths during their move-in.

That day, I’d had a bit of a rough day at work with admin at work. But this brightened my day. A lot. As did a little time on the water before sunset.

After I put my wet canoeing stuff in the washing machine, I went straight back to my bedroom and reached for my Hitachi Magic Wand.

Sasha is gorgeous. She is exactly the kind of woman who turns me on. Do you remember Kate Rogal, who played the escort that Robin Weigert hires in Concussion? That’s who she reminds me of. Tall, slender, long dark hair, very elegant. Younger than the actress, of course. But I don’t have any problem with that at all.

As I slowly caressed and teased my nipples, running the Magic Wand over my breasts and stomach, I kept thinking about how Sasha’s hands felt on mine. Cool yet warm, inexperienced yet knowing. How full her mouth looked, with just a hint of lip gloss.

She was wearing a tight little white mid-riff shirt and high-waisted jeans, nothing fancy, but she must have known the effect she has. And she made a point of touching me. Oh yes…

I pressed the wand against my mound, just tingling my swollen clit and soaked cunt, and came loudly.

About a week later, I saw an ad posted on the board by the elevator. “Cleaning Services Available, Reasonable Rates. Sasha 555-914-4127.”

As it happened, I had been thinking of getting a maid to help out, since you know I’m not exactly etimesgut escort a fusspot when it comes to these things, but did want the place looking nice for the holidays.

Sasha told me all about she’d lost her job as a server at a TGI Friday’s that closed down unexpectedly after a fire on Halloween.

“Again, I can’t thank you enough! Especially with exams coming and all the craziness, you know?” she said.

I tipped her a generous 30 percent. She impulsively gave me a big hug just before leaving via my patio.

Needless to say, I was fantasizing on a regular basis about Sasha now. Walking around my house with the curtains wide open, wondering if — no, hoping, that — she would see me from her place across the way.

Instead of once every two weeks, I decided to take advantage of Sasha’s services twice a week. I even threw things on the floor and left the bathroom a mess so she’d have more to do. So I could enjoy feasting my eyes on her as she bent her lovely curves over for me. She has such a delectable moon-shaped ass.

I began to sexualize her visits more and more. The first time, I had Megan Thee Stallion blasting as she showed up to clean the kitchen. The second time, I left three pairs of panties — on which I’d deliberately wiped my cunt juices — in the living room for her to pick up. And smell.

The third time was very special.

Sasha was very chatty. As she finished up one Wednesday afternoon, told me about how in San Fran, she had taken her 42-year-old piano teacher to prom as her date — with her parents’ blessing.

“Honestly, the boys in my class were so dumb that I literally could not have done better. He took me for dinner beforehand at a jazz club where he used to play. He was such a gentleman that, um, well, I was not completely a lady at the end of the night!” She laughed uproariously.

“You had good biochemistry?” I said with a smile.

“Oh my God, you are too much!” Sasha said, shrieking with giggles.

I handed her the money, with an extra $20.

“You’re the best, seriously,” Sasha said. “Hey, I know this might be forward, but I have a question for you. I’m super-curious.”

“Go ahead, sweetheart.”

“What is that thing on your bedside table with the long cable and the, like, big white head at the top?”

I had left my favorite sex toy out deliberately for Sasha to see while she changed my sheets and vacuumed my carpet. My cunt twinged, knowing that I had piqued her interest.

“It’s a Magic Wand,” I said, calmly and clinically. I explained how it was a longtime staple of my masturbation routine.

“Oh my God, that sounds so amazing!” Sasha said, mouth slightly agape. “Do you mind if I sit down?”

“Not at all.”

“That is so wild. Like, some of my friends in San Fran — I haven’t really had the conversation in this city — they have vibrators. But me, I always just used my fingers. I would usually etlik escort read, like, a dirty story on my phone under the covers when my parents thought I was asleep. But I was always sort of afraid a vibrator would hurt or be too strong.”

“It doesn’t hurt,” I said with a smile. “It feels amazing. But I like to use my fingers as well to keep things fresh. And nasty. You don’t want to get too addicted to your Hitachi. It certainly happens.”

“Like, from what you said, I would totally buy one,” Sasha said. She played with her long hair with a free hand. “But it’s almost Christmas and I am literally broke, even with how generous you’ve been. So it would just be a bummer if I got one and then, like, it didn’t work for me. ‘Cause I guess there’s probably no returns, right?”

“Maybe you need to have a demonstration before you decide whether a Magic Wand is right for you.”

There was a long pause while what I said sunk in. Sasha’s mouth opened a little wider. She looked very pretty when she got flustered and her cheeks turned red.

“Oh my God! Are you…like, offering to show me?”

“It’s entirely up to you, dear.”

Sasha took a deep breath. “Well…sure! I mean, I’d be dumb to say no. Can I tell you something else?”


“I’ve seen you walking around…a couple of times.”

“Ah, and you don’t mean in the hallway,” I said. “Did you like what you saw?”

Sasha fully blushed. “Yep. I have thought about it. A lot. I think maybe, probably, I’m bisexual? Like, I don’t know. But you definitely distract me when I’m sitting in class and supposed to be thinking about the structure of nucleic acids.”

Now I laughed. “What a lovely compliment. Come into my bedroom, Sasha. You can sit on the corner of the bed.”

Confidently I stripped in front of the dark-haired 20-year-old girl. When I lowered my pants and underwear, I made sure she got a good look at both my cunt lips and asshole from behind. I’m an exhibitionist and I wanted to make sure Sasha could see more than what she saw from the third floor.

Her revelation also turned me on because it meant my other neighbours had likely gotten a good eyeful as well. I wondered if Sasha’s parents, Josip and Jill, had seen me naked too. I certainly hoped so. Perhaps they’d gone to bed and fucked after seeing me, while their daughter lay in the next room, urgently rubbing her clit and wanting me.

Sasha was looking at me intently, worshipfully even.

I tossed my bra aside. I gave Sasha a big encouraging smile as I faced her, nude, running my hands sensually over my body. “Sweetheart, I want you to plug the Magic Wand in and hand it to me.”

As she obeyed, I reached into my drawer and pulled out my big purple vibe. Crudely smearing it with lube, I lay down on the bed, thighs in a big V, as I pushed the vibe firmly into my cunt, letting out an initial moan of satisfaction from the sensation of being filled. While eve gelen escort Sasha watched.

“Set it on low,” I told her as the wand began buzzing.

“Oh, for sure,” Sasha said. She clicked the button again, still a little nervous.

I had the fireplace and it was warm. “You know, you can take off your shirt if that’s more comfortable, honey,” I said flatly.

Sasha’s mouth opened. “Um…OK. Yeah, I would like that.”

I smiled as I watched her taking off her lacy little blue bra and taking out those nice young titties for me, dark brown Croatian nipples, peach- or apple-shaped, very delicious. She was looking at my nipples while I played with them, pinching and brushing them lightly.

Sasha sat down on the bed again, her denim-clad ass warm against my calf as she watched me pleasuring myself.

“Do you like having me watch?” she asked.

“I love it,” I said. “I fuckin’ love it.” I had never cursed in front of her before. A new line crossed, and not the last.

The Hitachi buzzed with delightful creamy teasingness over my stomach. I gritted my teeth as my voice grew raspier.

“For me, masturbation is both a private and public activity. I love sharing it with others. A few years ago, I masturbated with a group of like-minded women at Burning Man.”

Sasha put her hand on my leg. “That sounds absolutely amazing.”

“Oh yeah. Fuck yeah. But I do it wherever I want. In the car. At the movie theatre. On the beach. In church.”

I could see how turned on Sasha was getting from my confessions.

“Have you been seen in those places?” she asked, voice trembling.

“Oh yes,” I said. “By friends and strangers alike.”

“Fuck yes!” Sasha said vehemently, leaning forward, her tits on full display for me. “That is my favourite thing. When my piano teacher fucked me in his Audi after prom, two guys from my class walked by in the parking lot and saw him pounding me from behind.”

“No judgement here,” I said. I was getting ready to cream. “Was his dick as big as my dildo?”

“Oh, I wish!” Sasha said with a little gasp.

“I wish something too,” I said, slowly bringing my Hitachi down lower.

“Yes?” There was an expectant light in her eyes as she sat there topless.

“I want you to suck me. I want you to suck my tit as I orgasm. Can you do that for me, Sasha? Do you want to suck me?”

“Oh my God, I would love that.”

I beckoned with my free hand. “Then come here. And suck me! Suck my tit! I’m right on the edge of coming.”

I cannot even tell you how good it felt when she obeyed. Soft young tongue, doing my bidding, sucking my nipple in with a deep first-timer’s hunger, oh fuck yes…

I planted the Hitachi right on top of my clit and came so fuckin’ hard, screaming out, grabbing Sasha and pulling her next to me, skin on skin, unfuckin’-believable…it was sharp and sudden and intense, so amazing.

Our lips locked impulsively and then we pulled away.

Sasha told me a few minutes later: “I’ve never experienced anything like that in my entire life. I know now that I am bisexual. And I want to be with you again. Can I come by tomorrow evening?”

I think you know what I told her. I think you also know that I have a spare room. Let that sink in for a moment before you jack off to my story yet again.

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