My Second Piece of Ass Ch. 19My Second Piece of Ass Ch. 19


The trip home from the Waites’ house was the most agonizing fifteen minutes of my life. Laura talked incessantly about the rules of restraint, the game we had been looking forward to playing for over three weeks.

“If you don’t want me to hold your cock in my hand I won’t do it. I can’t understand why you’re so touchy. All I’m going to do is wrap my small warm hand around your hard pulsating erection to make sure it gets tucked into my pussy to the correct depth. I won’t hold onto it longer than necessary. I won’t squeeze it. It will be hard, won’t it?”

She turned her body my way, inching the hem of her dress above her knees and looking expectantly.

“Yes, you can be assured it will be hard. I know what you’re trying to do,” I said, amused at her attempt to torment me.

Laura lifted her dress to show me her stocking covered legs and her panty covered mid section, saying, “You can look but don’t touch.”

“Is that a wet spot I see?” There was no wet spot. I knew Laura was in control and would let herself get wet when she wanted to.

“Did I tell you how horny I am?”

“Yes, constantly,” I answered, thinking that in five minutes we would be home and I could badger her for a change.

“I know you want me to lie on my back and spread my legs wide so you can push and probe until you blindly stab around and get me wetter and wetter. That’s not the way we’re going to play this game. I’m too horny to have you stabbing around willy-nilly while I endure the torture. I know what would happen. I would grab your cock and push it into me with no regard for the depth, and then I would wrap my legs around your waist and draw you into me. That would make me lose the game. That’s not what you want is it?”

Laura covered her legs with her skirt as the car came to a stop. We got out and walked to the door, keeping our distance because of the no touching rule. I was keeping my distance because one touch from her would have made me cum in my pants.

We left the kitchen and bathroom lights on so we could see what we were doing in the bedroom. Laura wasted no time in getting out of her dress and hanging it in the closet. Turning, she took a few steps towards me and stopped in the center of the room. Bending, she rolled down one stocking and then the other, stepping out of her shoes long enough to remove the stockings before stepping back into them.

“Aren’t you going to let me see you take off your clothes?” she asked, surprised that I had not removed one piece of clothing yet.

She stood motionless while I took off my coat and tie, then I bent down to take off my shoes and socks. Looking up I realized that she was still ahead of me. She stood some ten feet away wearing her bra, panties and shoes. I began to unbutton my shirt.

Laura took several steps towards me. By the time I got my shirt off she stood three feet away, an innocent never-sexier look on her face. I dropped my pants and adjusted my boxers to keep my cock from popping out the front.

She reached behind her back to unfasten her bra. As she dropped the bra to the floor her gaze was steady and thank God, she had stopped talking. I had seen her tits a hundred times but they had never been so beautiful and appealing. We had slept with them on my chest every night but it was as if I was seeing them for the first time. I watched her chest expand and deflate, expand and deflate. She swallowed and for those few seconds the game was off.

She cocked her head as if to say, let’s see what you’ve got.

I obliged her and lowered my shorts.

She bit her lip and filled her chest cavity with air as if she had never seen me hard before. Our gaze was steady. No woman had ever made me feel manlier.

With an impish grin she turned her back to me. Bending, she lowered her panties to present her newly repaired ass.

“Lovely,” I whispered. From three feet away it looked perfect except for the hint of a dimple where the mark had been.

“Would you like to kiss it?” She had straightened and stood with her back to me only three feet away. Except for the shoes and the chain, she was naked. From her slender legs my eyes returned to the curvature of her buttocks to the trim waist and upward to her shoulder length silken hair. She turned to face me, her head up in wide-eyed anticipation.

“Yes.” I answered and stepped within a foot from her.

“Sorry, no touching, remember?”

With two jerky moves she shed the shoes and took a running jump to land in the center of the bed. She fluffed a pillow for her head and motioned for me to join her.

At the foot of the bed I waited for her to settle into position. She wiggled her ass on the mattress and spread her legs. Our eyes locked. The moment we had talked about so often had arrived and I could not move. She ran her tongue over parted lips, her gaze steady.

She watched me crawl toward her open legs. Easing between them I inspected her pussy for moisture and was gratified to see that the lips Görükle Escort were glistening and open.

As we had discussed I placed my hands on each side of her arms for support. My cock was inches from her sex. We gazed into each other’s eyes for a full minute before Laura changed her mood from sensual to playful.

“What did we decide? Can I touch it or do you want to poke around?” She sounded like she didn’t care which I chose. By that time I didn’t care either. I just wanted to make contact. I knew that if I stabbed forward my cock would go right in but I didn’t know if I could control the depth. I decided to let her do the inserting to give her that responsibility.

“Go ahead, you can touch it,” I said.

We both watched as she reached for my cock with her left hand. Our eyes met as I let her draw me down inch by inch until we touched, sending a shiver down the back of my spine.

The only thing that kept me from plunging deep within her was the look of determination on Laura’s face. She was playing to win. I didn’t care who won. All I wanted was the feel of my cock surrounded by the warm wet walls of her vagina and the friction that would come from thrusting into …….but a speck of self respect must have given me the resolve to hold out for a few seconds.

“Stop,” she said, holding her left hand, the same hand that had just released my cock, inches from my chest.

Looking down I could see that she had judged it right. My cock looked to be inserted about one inch. She was watching me closely. We were at a standstill. The game was under way.

I made a slight adjustment, moving my right hand out to give her more space in case she wanted to drop her left hand to her side. Seeing that I had slipped father into her I backed away to approximately the same depth, about one inch.

“Stop, you’re fucking,” she shouted, holding up her left hand again in warning.

“No I’m not. I’m allowed a quarter of an inch movement,” I countered, somewhat amused at her reaction to the slightest movement on my part.

“You moved down a quarter of an inch and then up, that’s fucking,” she challenged, showing more irritation than I had ever seen from her.

“You’re getting edgy over nothing. I moved one quarter of an inch, that’s all. That’s not fucking. You said yourself it’s within the rules,” I barked back at her. To emphasize my point I did it again, careful to only move one quarter of an inch in and out.

Both of her arms came up and for a second I thought she was going to put them around my hips to draw me down to her but she demonstrated restraint. The look on her face was pure grit.

I held my ground, remaining perfectly still as I peered down at her. She dropped her hands to her sides, resigned to wait me out. Her eyes closed and a look of concentration came over her face.

I felt her lips grip my glans. The stimulation to the sensitive area was excruciating, like a mosquito crawling across my hand. I could see it but I could not swat it. Like counting the steps the mosquito would take to cross my hand I blocked out the urge to burry my cock deep within her to squelch what she was doing to me.

“Open your eyes,” I said, hoping to break her concentration.

“That’s not a rule,” Laura countered, obeying me. She blinked her eyelids innocently.

“Do you give up?”

A blank look came to her face. “Me give up? I’m winning, why should I give up?”

“You’re not winning, I am. I can stay like this all night.”

She smiled confidently. “We need to revise the quarter of an inch rule. If you move in and then out it’s fucking but if you just move in one quarter of an inch it’s within tolerant movement. Is that agreeable to you?”

I pondered her proposal. The quarter of an inch would be to her advantage. She would be able to do things that would drive me wild. I didn’t care but I wasn’t going to give her a quarter of and inch for nothing.

“Sure, I guess so but I want something in return,” I answered.

“What do you want?”

“That you can’t close your eyes. We have to look at each other all the time.”

This was a problem for her. I had seen the damage she could do by closing her eyes and concentrating and wanted to counter her advantage.

Reluctantly she agreed, “Okay, I won’t close my eyes and movement is restricted to just in. If you move in and out that’s fucking.”

“Agreed,” I said, remaining still and watching the wheels turn in her head. A minute passed. We watched one another closely. I wondered how long I could hold out without moving. How important was winning to her? It was becoming less and less important to me.

“Well, do you want to do it?”

“What’s that?” I asked as if I didn’t know her plan.

“Do you want to push in a quarter of an inch?”

God, what kind of question was that? I wanted dearly to push in another quarter of an inch or more, much more. Looking down to where we were joined I wondered how either of us would Görükle Escort Bayan know how far a quarter of an inch was. I knew her plan. If I gave her another quarter of an inch to work with she could do serious damage. She would grip and squeeze and torture my cock and have me pumping furiously before I could say stop. I didn’t move.

“I didn’t do that!” I shouted before it came to me what was happening.

Laura had depressed her ass in the mattress and let it push her back up. The movement had been delicious. I was almost certain she had drawn me in by a fraction of an inch, a fraction of an inch more that she had to work with.

“Sorry, that was not intentionally. It was a reaction.”

“A reaction to what? Reactions are not permitted,” I said, sure that she was cheating.

“Reactions are permitted if movement is anticipated,” she spoke with the authority of the rules committee.

“Anticipation? What? Did you anticipate that I was going to move and that is why you reacted?”

“That’s right and don’t close your eyes.”

I had shut my eyes because I was frustrated by the new rules she was introducing. Reaction to anticipated movement had not been mentioned before. And now she had another quarter of an inch to work with. I considered pulling back to get my quarter of an inch back but she would have called me for fucking and I would lose. I couldn’t let her see that I was weakening.

“Your reaction just cost me a quarter of an inch,” I accused her.

“Do you want it back? I’ll give you a quarter of an inch back. Push in,” Laura said as if she was appeasing me.

“No, no, no, you took a quarter of an inch from me. To get it back I need to pull back.”

“You know you can’t do that. It would be fucking and that’s against the rules.”

“You did it again. You’re doing it,” I was screaming insanely, angry and frustrated because it felt so good. She had anticipated movement on my part and grabbed another fraction of an inch of my cock which she was expertly grinding into submission.

“Kiss me,” she ordered.

“No touching, I would lose,” I said, thinking she was trying to trick me.

“Kiss me, I cheated, you win,” she barked, wrapping her arms around my back and lifting her lips to mine. With one swift buck she engulfed my cock and made me slam into her like a magnet drawn to iron.

We fucked furiously, grinding our bodies together, biting, scratching, moaning, mumbling words of endearment, crying together and taking a full three minutes to orgasm. It took another five minutes to reenter reality.

“Did you let me win?” I asked when we were able to talk.

“No, I didn’t let you win,” she laughed as she positioned herself on my chest and her cheek next to mine. “I was trying everything to break you and when I couldn’t I tried cheating. I wanted to win so badly that I lowered myself to cheating. But I couldn’t stand it. I wanted you so badly that I gave up. You won the first round but now I know how to play the game. Next time I’ll win.”

“Next time? When is that?”

“As soon as you’re ready,” she answered without hesitation. I groaned. “Why? Didn’t you like it? Didn’t you like the anticipation? I thought it was intense.”

“Sure I liked it. But it was so extreme that it wore me out. Being hard for that long took a lot out of me,” I lamented. I had never seen Laura so competitive before. We had quibbled about a fraction of an inch.

“We’ll do something else. We’ll do what you want,” she said, sounding sleepy.

I patted the cheeks of her ass, rolling the flesh in my hands. She snuggled contentedly to my chest and was soon sleeping.

It was the middle of the night and sleep did not come to me. In a few hours we would be parting at the corner near the brothel to be separated for over a month.

An hour passed. Laura slept contentedly. I listened to her breath and felt her chest expand and contract next to mine. She moved and I thought she would roll off me to find a more comfortable position but I felt her hand squeeze mine. I squeezed back and she returned it. I wondered if she was sleep squeezing. I patted her ass as a test.

“You’re awake,” she whispered in a sleepy voice.

I patted her bare ass again.

Her hand moved to my thigh and traveled upward until it made contact with my cock. “Can I use this for a few minutes?”

I moved my right leg to give her better access. “You can use it as long as you want,” I offered.

“I’m going to do something nice for you. What would you like?”

“It’s not necessary. You’ve already done something nice for me.”

“Oh no,” she laughed, “I did that for me. Now I’m going to do something nice for you because of the last three weeks,” she tugged at my cock which was growing, “you came to visit me in the hospital,” she tugged again, “and you took me places,” tugging again, “even when you could have had a date with Huley,” tugging, “you took me to lunch and you gave me the ring,” Bursa Escort Bayan she lifted herself up to balance above my cock.

I propped myself up on a folded pillow so I could see what she was going to do.

“Let’s play modified restraint,” she suggested.

“Fine by me,” I said, a little curious about what she had in mind but not really caring what we played.

“We’ll change the depth to two inches.”

“Okay,” I said, knowing that at two inches she would have the advantage. I would be giving up in less than a minute.

“And we can touch each other. I get to play with your nuts and you can play with my tits.”

“Sounds good,” I agreed, eagerly eyeing her tits, tantalized by the way the nipples were already becoming taunt.

“Say when,” she said as she took my testicles in her left hand and begin to lower herself slowly over my glans and continued until I yelled for her to stop.

“You went too far,” I said, reaching out with both hands to feel her tits, forgetting that I was supposed to tell her when to stop.

“You didn’t stop me,” she accused me, having fully seated herself on my cock. She sat there kneading my balls and grinning down at me.

“You did that on purpose,” I managed to say, shuddering from the way she was rolling my cock around inside her, not caring that she was taking advantage of me.

“I’ll correct it. Tell me how far to back off,” she said, easing her body up. She watched me closely, waiting for my signal that she had reached the right depth.

“Stop,” I said, estimating that two inches of my cock was buried within her.

She stopped but too late. She had passed the point that I estimated to be two inches.

“How’s that,” she asked, her left hand still holding my balls and her right hand spread out on my chest for support.

“You went too far. It’s too shallow,” I said, unable to say by how much. I didn’t care.

“I’ll correct it. Tell me when to stop,” she said, beginning to lower her pussy on my shaft.

“Stop,” I said, squeezing her tits to emphasize my command.

She came to a halt, peering down at me, a mischievous grin on her face, “oh, did I go too far? Do I have too much of you inside me?”

Squeezing my balls in her small hand and rolling them between her fingers, “You’ll have to tell me.” Rocking forward with her tits pushing my hands back and bringing her wide-eyed, open-mouthed face near mine, lingering there, massaging three inches of my cock which she had managed to capture. “Do we need to make an adjustment?” She asked in a raspy growl, rocking backward without releasing any part of her hostage.

Balancing herself with her hand on my chest she resumed the vice-like grip and release technique that made me insane.

Frustrated beyond reason, I slammed into her, bringing my pelvis off the mattress in a series of deep probes that made Laura release my balls and bend forward to kiss me hard.

She repositioned her entrance just above me to accept my long thrusts, letting me do the work. From my place on the bottom I pounded her relentlessly and listened to her moan praises in my ear.

When I ran out of steam and slowed the cadence she pushed back, matching my tempo. We were one, wanting it to last as long as possible.

Laura could have brought me off at any time but she refrained from using any tricks. I watched her facial expressions change from a weak smile to a frown with the wrinkled brow to a far off stare. At times her tongue appeared in the corner of her mouth but she didn’t stop, not even when her eyes rolled back and she gulped for air. Once she screamed and bit my shoulder and once called my name but she did not stop, not until she felt the blast within her.

She crumbled upon me, her hair covering my face, wet and matted, the ripples all but gone. Our breathing was faint and halted. My head was pounding and there was a ringing in my ears. The ringing wouldn’t stop. Why won’t it stop? Laura heard it too and tried to move to shut it off but she was stilled from exhaustion.

The ringing stopped and the message on the answering machine came on, giving the caller instructions to leave a message after the beep. Laura’s limp body was dead weight upon me, making it hard for me to breath.

My mind was paralyzed. Was I dreaming or had I professed my love for her? Had Laura said she loved me too?

“Tess, Tess are you there? I don’t know what to…..Tess, its Mollie….I don’t…..Tess?”

“Rachel?” Laura had crawled part way and then dove for the receiver. “Rachel, what’s wrong?”

Laura sat on the side of the bed talking into the receiver, her body rolled in a ball. After one hysterical outburst she spoke in a calm voice giving instructions to the caller. When she hung up she crawled back across the bed and into my arms.

“I have to go,” she said, her cheek next to mine.

“I’ll go with you,” I offered.

“Tell me when thirty seconds is up. I want to hold you.”

I rubbed her back and patted her ass as I counted the thirty seconds. Her body tensed when I announced that it was time. We got up and dressed. There was no mention of what we had admitted to one another.

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