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I thought living with two girls would be different. Course, I’m sure I’m just an idiot because any guy might have predicted what would have happened. Or maybe it’s just a big fantasy of most guys. Regardless, I was unaware of this situation that I would end up in.

My name is Josh. I’m a third year college student which means I can legally drink. Well I guess it doesn’t have to mean that, but I certainly take advantage of it. I’m not an alcoholic, nor do I get drunk often at all, but I’m a kind of guy that likes to take opportunity of the power that he has.

Anyway, not wanting to live in the dorms for my third year of college, I looked around for some roommates. Eventually, two of my classmates from my sophomore year mentioned how they were getting an apartment but needed a third roommate to help ease the bill every month. They were hesitant at first, but after a few hang outs and they got to know me a little better, they agreed.

So now I’m living with two girls: Shannon and Kelsie.

Shannon is a very active brunette with her hair going to just below her shoulder blades. She has beautiful brown eyes, and a very tall and lean figure. This comes to her advantage as she does a lot of running. She’s almost never home whenever I’m there because she’s usually out doing something that involves exercise. I don’t mind exercise, after all I play soccer with a few of my friends at least a couple times during the week, but Shannon doesn’t seem to have an off button. Though I’m active as well, I also enjoy taking some time to relax and just watch some T.V., but Shannon would go stir crazy if she had to sit for even 10 minutes.

Then there’s Kelsie, a shy wavy blonde. She’s a cheerleader for our school, but you wouldn’t know it from talking to her. She gives a lot of pep in her routines, which I’ve caught a few of, but anytime I’ve spent time with her she’s very quiet. Many nights we’ve spent together it’ll be just us in the apartment, I’ll be watching something on T.V. in the social area and she’ll just come and join me. We won’t say a word to each other. We just sit there and watch, and eventually she goes to bed. As for the rest of her aesthetics, she has ocean blue eyes and about an average build for a college girl.

So most guy’s fantasies would be to seize the opportunity here and try for a threesome, or to at least score with one of them. That wasn’t me; or at least it used to not be me.

I was just a quiet guy myself. Any time I wasn’t in class or playing soccer with my buds, I was just at the apartment playing music or watching some T.V. or a movie. The girls and I got along and sometimes we went out, had a few drinks together, but usually I did keep to myself and let them do their own thing. The only other thing I did was go grab a drink with my soccer pals after we played. It was a routine thing for me, occurring every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday of the week; when you break from your routine, interesting things happen.

Well I had been playing with my friends on a Friday. Afterwards I decided that I actually wasn’t going to join them for a drink. They tried to beg me to join, but I had to pass. I don’t know why, but I really just wanted to go back to the apartment and relax. Maybe I could watch some T.V. with Kelsie as I knew she’d be home.

So I made my way back, put the key in the door to find that it was indeed unlocked, so one of them at least was home. I went into the social area and began to hear some strange noises. I listened closely and it sounded like someone was in pain, and it seemed to be coming from Kelsie’s room. Quickly I dropped my things and ran to her room. I saw the door was open and was worried someone had broken in and was attacking her.

Well, I was right about her being attacked. As I got to the door I saw that it was just Kelsie and Shannon in there, and it was Shannon that was attacking Kelsie, with her tongue.

Shannon was going all out in eating out Kelsie’s pussy and I saw a side of this shy girl I had never seen before. Kelsie had quite the dirty mouth as she screamed in orgasmic joy.

“That’s right you little bitch! Eat out my cunt! Fucking lick it like it’s your last meal on Earth! I want you to smother your face with my cum you little whore. Take it! Take it my good little slut!”

Fortunately for me neither of them saw me. I’m sure a lot of guys would have tried to jump in and initiate themselves into the scenario, but that wasn’t me. Plus, these girls would have punched anyone in the nuts that would have tried to make a move like that. I had seen plenty of evidence and known them well enough to know that. So I just quietly backed away and headed ankara olgun escort to my room.

While I was in there I couldn’t help but listen to them. They had left the door open, after all, and it was only an apartment. I was sure the neighbors could hear as well. And though I didn’t jump in on the action, it definitely turned me on, so I pulled out my cock and whacked off to the sound of my roommates having lesbian sex. Had to have been the best jack off session I had ever had.

Later on that day I realized that I had actually dropped off my bag at the front door and forgotten to bring it into my room. So I got up and opened my door to get it. Now to explain the set up a little of our apartment, my room directly connects to the social area as does Kelsie’s and Shannon’s. However, their rooms connect at the side while mine is at the back behind the couch. So when I opened my door while Kelsie was on the couch, she jumped. Apparently she didn’t realize I was home.

“Jesus, Josh, you scared the hell out of me,” Kelsie said.

“Well now you’re blessed then,” I said.


“Because I scared the hell out of you.”

“Oh.” She giggled. “Well thanks I suppose then.” Then her smile turned into a look of fear.

“Wait… How long have you been home? I thought you were out drinking.”

“I decided to skip on the drinks today,” I said. “I arrived home about an hour ago.”

“Then that means-“

Suddenly Shannon entered the room wearing a towel to cover only her bottom half. I guess she had been in the shower. “Damn, Kels, you really know how to eat a-” she froze as she realized I was in the room. I was surprised that she didn’t move to cover up her exposed boobs. I guess she was actually comfortable enough letting me see. That or rather shocked.

“Josh, when did you get home?” she asked.

“An hour ago,” Kelsie said, relaying a silent message that she believed I had heard them.

For a few minutes we just kind of stood in awkward silence. Eventually I decided being blunt was the best way out of this.

“Yes, I heard everything,” I said. “I came home early, heard some noises, thought Kelsie was in trouble so I ran to help. Then I saw you two doing your thing and retired to my room. I was going to pretend that I never saw anything, but now I guess that cat’s out of the bag. Don’t worry though. I didn’t take any pictures or videos and I promise I’ll keep it a secret if you two want. You two just keep doing whatever you want to do and I’ll stay out of your business.” Before they could respond I just grabbed my bag that I had left and went back into my room.

For the next few hours I stayed and just worked on music. Normally I would have gone onto the couch around 10 to watch T.V. while Kelsie joined me, but I figured I’d let her watch it alone and not remind her of the awkward situation from earlier with my presence. However, at 10:20 there was a knock on the door.

“Come in,” I said. Kelsie then opened the door.

“Hey, Josh,” she said. “Will you join me on the couch? It’s a little lonely watching T.V. by myself. I like when we can watch it together.”

I was surprised that she actually wanted my company. She even seemed to miss it a little. I didn’t think that Shannon or Kelsie ever really cared whether or not I was in their lives. I didn’t think they hated me, but even though we hung out I didn’t think I made all too big of an impression on them because of my nature. Now here Kelsie was saying that she wanted me to watch T.V. with her. So I agreed and joined her in the social area on the couch.

A few minutes went by and Kelsie surprised me by speaking. “You’re quite the gentleman,” she said.

“What?” I responded, not sure what spurred her to make such a remark.

“Shannon was in here with her boobs completely exposed. Yet you kept eye contact with us. Most guys are pigs and would have just been eyeing her boobs the entire time. I know they distracted me even.” She then blushed, surprised that she had dared to say that in front of me.

“You’re not just sexual objects,” I said. “You’re two very beautiful girls who happen to be very smart and funny, and though the idea of you two interacting in a sexual manner is arousing to me, I’m not going to take advantage of you all like that. It’s your business, not mine.”

Kelsie just nodded her head. “Like I said, you’re quite the gentleman.”

“Don’t get me wrong, though,” I said. “I’m a monster in the sack when I want to be.”

I got a look from Kelsie that I couldn’t read. I just laughed and eventually she did too.

“Any girls experiencing that monster at the moment?” Kelsie asked.

“Nope. Most girls see my quiet and gentle exterior and assume I’m nothing exciting. What’s funny is I’ve heard so many girls say, ‘Oh I just want a nice guy, I’m tired of all the bad boys.’ What bull shit. There are plenty of nice guys, such as myself. However, they’re looking for a thrill.”

“Well someone should take ankara ucuz escort care of you. You deserve that.”

“Thanks. At least you and Shannon seem to be taking care of each other.”

Another strange expression that I couldn’t read. Nonetheless, after that the two of us just sat in silence and watched the television.

A few days went by and it seemed like nothing had happened. The awkwardness of me walking in on my roommates while they were fucking and them not knowing I was there seemed to have faded. I pretended it never happened and they did too. We just went along casually with our lives; for a few days.

It was Tuesday and once again I was not up for drinking after our soccer game. Instead I went straight back to the apartment. When I walked in I made sure to announce that I was home very clearly so as not to surprise anyone. However, they surprised me.

Figuring they’d just hear my entrance and then ignore me, I started making my way to my room when Kelsie appeared. “Hey Josh. Glad you’re home.”

Then Shannon appeared. “How’s it going Josh?”

I stared at them. They never greeted me when I came home. “Is this an intervention? Is someone dying? Have you been taken over by aliens?”

“All three,” Shannon said smartly.

“Cool. At least I know what I’m dealing with.” They giggled.

“Come sit and talk you goof,” Kelsie said, moving to the couch. I dropped my bag and joined them. “So the other day you and I talked and I mentioned how you deserve to be taken care of and you said it’s good that Shannon and I take care of each other. Well, we want to take care of you.”

“You’re going to kill me?” I responded. “Can I at least call my sister and tell her I love her… ish.” I was joking, obviously, but though I knew they weren’t saying they were going to take care of me as in kill me, I didn’t actually know what they were trying to say.

“Look do you want us to suck your cock or not?” Shannon said.

“What?” I asked. That’s all I could say because I wasn’t sure I had heard her right.

“I think what Shannon is trying to say,” Kelsie interpreted, “is that we both think you’re fairly attractive and are a great guy and would be willing to help you with your dry spell.”

“In other words you’re hot and we’re willing to get naughty since you haven’t gotten pussy in a bit,” Shannon stated.

These words seemed so out of character from them. We weren’t those kind of friends that I would have expected a “friends with benefits” scenario for even just a one-time deal. I had said it before, they both were astoundingly beautiful and I had imagined them in a few of my masturbation sessions and fantasies, but never considered anything actually happening.

“So what um… I’m actually not sure how to go about this. I’m not even sure what’s exactly happening. I mean you’re both beautiful and it was really hot watching you two if I’m being honest and sure I’ve been in a dry spell but you don’t have to help me I mean I’m sure I’ll find someone eventually and until then masturbation does do well at-“

Keslie came over to me and put her hands on my face. “Josh, just shut up.” Then she planted her lips on mine. They felt soft; nice. I started kissing back. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her into me. I slid one hand into her soft wavy blonde hair. I grabbed onto it and pulled her face away.

“So there was an offer of a cock sucking?” I asked. Kelsie smiled. “I’m just kidding,” I added, worried I might be pushing things.

“We weren’t,” Shannon said as she started fiddling with my belt. “Kelsie tells me you can be a monster in the sack, according to your claims. I wish to see if that’s true.”

Kelsie then leaned in and whispered in my ear, “She likes to be dominated and talked to like a slut. Do that and she’ll be all over your dick. Hell, if you’re a monster like you claim, you might get her for more than just tonight.”

“Noted,” I whispered back. Now as you may have already noticed, I’m actually a rather passive guy. I tend not to want to infringe upon anyone or do something that would upset them. I am quick to defend myself or someone else if attacked in any way physical, verbal or otherwise, but for the most part I’m a rather chill guy. That being said, my remark to Kelsie was not just bragging.

I have this side of me that I try to keep hidden. It has only ever come out a couple times. The first time was when I was getting naughty with this girl that was really into me, but I was just looking for some desperately needed sexual relief. It was a dick move, but while we were fooling around, I got in touch with a more dominating side of myself. At the time it shocked me but I didn’t know how to stop and just kind of went with it.

The second time it showed up I was in another dry spell (anyone noticing a pattern?) and I had complained to one of my female friends about it. She made a remark about how she’d be willing to help me and I seized the opportunity before me. ankara yabancı escort I found it humorous how previously she had seen me as innocent and inexperienced. I quickly changed that image of myself in her head after I once again tapped into my dominant side during our wild night of sex.

So now here I was and Kelsie was telling me that I should once again tap into that part of me. There were some real risks if I did. For example, if I went too far things might become awkward and I’d have to find a new place to live. However, before me was an opportunity that I never thought I would ever actually have. So what the hell? Time to unleash the monster inside.

At last Shannon managed to undo my belt on my shorts and then pulled them down. She started to pull down my underwear but I stopped her. “No no,” I said. “With your teeth.” The look of absolute lust was arousing. Shannon leaned forward and bit the top of my underwear. As she pulled it down the top of her brunette hair brushed against my leg. She then brought her face back up and stared at my cock. I decided to take the opportunity to show off my dominance.

“Don’t just stare at it,” I said, grabbing onto the back of her head. “Start sucking bitch.” I then pushed her onto my cock, which she happily started pleasing. I then slid my hand back into Kelsie’s thick hair and grabbed it firmly, pulling her back into a kiss.

I took this moment to really grasp what this meant. This was going to be exciting. I was going to get to fuck both my roommates. Course I was worried that if I did, nothing would ever compare. This seriously was working out to be pretty awesome.

Momentarily I pulled away from Kelsie’s sweet lips; damn she was a good kisser; Shannon was great with her mouth as well. “Shall we move this party to the bedroom?” I asked. Kelsie nodded. I looked down at Shannon and said, “Let’s relocate.” Shannon didn’t stop sucking. Man was she going at it. I gripped her hair and had to pull her off, noting how silky her mane was as I removed her mouth from my shaft. “Bedroom now, slut,” I said. She gave me a total “fuck me” face as she said,

“Yes sir.” We moved as a group into Kelsie’s room. The moment we entered Shannon stripped herself of all her clothes and got back to her knees and started sucking my cock. I gripped her brunette tresses firmly as I watched Kelsie put on a show of taking off her clothes.

Kelsie grabbed the bottom of her shirt and slowly lifted it up. When it was about to reveal her bra covered breasts, she paused for a bit with a teasing smile. After a few moments she then finished taking it over her head and removing it from her body. Hooking her fingers into the top of her shorts, she acted like she was going to take them down next. Instead, she began to shake her ass and do a little dance.

It was a whole new side to her that I had never seen before. She was usually so quiet and while I can find that very erotic and sensual, the fact that she had this naughty kind of wild side was definitely arousing. I couldn’t help but watch in complete lust as finally she pulled down her shorts and left them on the ground, stepping out of them and over to me and Shannon; who was dutifully still giving me head and doing a fantastic job. She had me quite close.

“Mind if I join,” Kelsie asked Shannon as she knelt on the ground.

“Not at all,” the cock hungry brunette replied. “You can take his balls while I get him off in my mouth. But let me be clear, I get to swallow his cum.”

I gave a curious look at Kelsie as Shannon resumed. Kelsie responded saying, “It’s like a ‘souvenir’ for every guy she’s been with. Not sure why it’s so important to her-“

Shannon popped me out of her mouth for a moment to say, “Because of the control I have. While yes, I may be on my knees and pleasing them while they aren’t pleasing me, I am in control of when they get off; when they receive that ultimate satisfaction. Plus, I just love the taste of cum.”

She took me back in as I said, “Works for me!” Kelsie joined her, her tongue working wonders on my balls. Many times I had dreamed of what it would feel like to have my dick sucked by two girls at once. To be honest, it’s what I looked forward to the most in the idea of a threesome than the actual sex. I know that’s probably super selfish of me, but whatever. Doesn’t mean I want it any less.

It wasn’t long before I felt myself getting ready to blow, and I came up with an idea. In an attempt to potentially have a future interaction with at least Shannon (but also hopefully Kelsie) I decided I was not going to let Shannon swallow my cum. As my climax came close I grabbed both their heads of hair and just before I ejaculated, I pulled Shannon off my shaft and plugged my cock into Kelsie’s mouth and held her to me as I released my seed down her surprised throat.

She gagged for a second not expecting it, but quickly adjusted and began sucking down my cum. I actually had to hold Shannon back from trying to consume the rest as she attempted to bring her head to my cock. “Hey!” she complained. “That was mine!”

As I finished in Kelsie’s mouth, I looked at her and told her, “Swallow it all. Make sure none remains in your mouth.” To my satisfaction, she did exactly that. To Shannon’s disappointment, I looked at her with a cocky little smile.

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