My Niece Eva Ch. 3My Niece Eva Ch. 3


“What kinds of things do you like?” That question wasn’t from me, it was from her. A member in good standing of today’s women, taking charge.

“Well, Eva, I’m sort of at odds in trying to answer that because what I think is normal and nice might revolt you, but you would be hard pressed to revolt me if that helps any.”

“Hmmm. Okay. Do you like oral sex?”

“Absolutely yes positively you bet, girl.”

“Both ways?” she asked sort of challengingly.

“Honey, I got hungry as soon as you propped your foot up on the kitchen chair,” I replied with as much sincerity as I could muster.

“Okay, do you like anal sex?”

Color me Blown Away. “Well, now, I’ve always believed that the lady had 100% say in that particular matter, and I’ve never been a participant in my whole life. And because I had a vasectomy in ’75 I certainly don’t have any rubbers here. But I have KY and Slippery Stuff.” Would it surprise you to know I was already so hard it was painful. But all of this direct, time saving talk was great. I loved it.

“Well I took a little enema this morning just in case, and I douched with lilac rinse, and I want to get naked and get started.” With that, she started taking off her robe revealing the panties I’d seen before but no bra.

My eyes were riveted to her nipples. I’ve read all about these “pencil eraser sized” nipples and “silver dollar sized” areolas and I’ve seen pics on the net of some really awesome nipples. Her areolas and nipples were very dark considering her fair skin. But with her nipples sort of puckered already, and improving as I watched. I’d guess 3/8 of an inch in diameter, and that or a little longer. Good God Almighty!

“You like my nipples?” she asked, while cupping her medium-sized breasts with each hand. Then continued by saying, “Nips. And Tits. And pussy or cunt. Let’s don’t mince words, okay Tim?”

“Honey girl, not mincing words is me.”

“And does ‘Honey Girl’ mean that you’re going to lick all of the honey I can produce?”

“Yes! Before, during, and after. And then, again. Eating pussy is my favoratist thing in the whole wide world.” I began yanking my clothes off as fast as I could. Eva sat down on the bed and watched my haste with an ‘I Am Woman’ smile.

“Tim? Do you want me to take my panties off or will you do it for me? I picked these out especially for you last night. I went over to Victoria’s Secret in the mall right after you left.”

They were iridescent blue, high cut, lace fringes and very thin material. I could see little ripples where her pubic hair lay under the material and the certain indention of her lip folds. I bent closer to see while I took off my socks, with one hand on the bed for support.

“Here, look at the back side of them,” and she turned over on the bed and looked back at me. Now I was definitely drooling. Then she spread her legs and made my condition worse. The Onwin material covering her pussy all but disappeared and only a little thin band went up the valley of her ass to the waistband. It sort of vanished at about where her asshole would be and reappeared a couple of inches above where her luscious globes began to separate. “Too bad they’re not edible, huh?” she said with a smoky look.

“What makes you think that they aren’t? When I’m as hot as I am for you I can digest anything,” I told her, and now I was naked and rampant.

I climbed on the bed between her legs and buried my face in between her ass cheeks, my nose right over her asshole. She giggled and wiggled most invitingly. Then she did that marvelous thing women can do with their hips; she bent her ass up at such an angle to her back that my face easily slid right down over her pussy.

“Smell good?” she asked looking back at me.

“Mmmmm, yes you smell good,” and did she ever. This gal knew how to get ready for some sex action and I was the privileged recipient. Just when my nose was pushing her panties about as deep into her cleft as possible she made movements to turn over and I had to spring upright or risk losing my nose (damn shame, that). She spun around and put both of her small hands around my cock like a baseball bat.

“Oh, my, Tim. Two hands and the head is still sticking all the way out. Is this the lethal weapon with which you’re going to assault and ravage my poor defenseless body?” she said with mischievous batting of her eyelids.

Damn but her hands felt good on me. And such nice compliments did an old man’s heart/hard good. “I sure as hell will do my best, Eva. Your nipples seem to be calling to me, and if not, please be willing to fake it.”

“My nipples love to be suck ed and teethed. I used to get so hot when Patty was nursing on me that if my ex wasn’t around I had to get my vibrators out, or ‘in me’ to be more accurate.” Putting her left hand under her right breast and twisting a bit toward me she said, “Why don’t you try this one for a bit while I moan and get creamier?” No more words were needed for a while as I sucked her precious nipple and she continued to stroke me and mold my balls in her right hand. Switching both her hands and twisting the other way a bit she said, “Now this one. And by the way, my panties are getting messy.”

She moved her left hand from my adoring cock for a moment and the next thing I knew was moving a finger under my nose as I sucked her nipple. It was literally coated with her amber colored nectar. Letting go of her nipple for a moment I captured the proffered finger as quickly as I could and moaned at her sweet taste in my mouth, and the aphrodesiac woman scent in my nose.

Letting go of her finger, but before I returned to nursing on her nipple I asked her for some more of her cream. Soon she presented me with two fingers Onwin Giriş fully coated. She must have a manufacturing plant down there, or more correctly, a full honey comb. It was obviously time to take a break from nipple sucking and look into cunt sucking. “Man want to suck pussy!” I declared in my best imitation of Og, the caveman.

“Well, big guy, I just don’t know what I could possibly do to stop you if that’s what you want. Why don’t you sit down more on the bed and I’ll try to help you as much as I can.” What that turned out to be was that Eva laid back, scooched toward me, put a leg over each of my shoulders, bent them at the knee, raised up her hips, and shifted her weight in cute little movements until she had placed her upraised crotch right smack dab on my chin as I sat there. I put my hands under her ass to help support her weight, then put my face into the source of her intense heat. She started moving her cunt up and down over my face as soon as she felt my nose touch her. And she was right that her panties were very wet with her pussy juice.

Moving one of my hands from under her I used it to catch the edge of her panties just by her cunt opening and held it so that I could grind the little sewn edge between my teeth. When it separated enough I started doing the same with the exact other side which was only an inch or so away. Eva tried to look at what I was doing, but with only her shoulders and head on the bed she couldn’t.

“What the hell are you doing to me?” she asked plaintively.

“I don’t have to tell you,” I replied petulantly and continued chewing. Then I grasped her panties above and below the munched edges and ripped them apart exposing her beautiful pussy in all of it’s damp glory.

“You disgusting animal!” she exclaimed. “Now I suppose you’re going to plunge your tongue in me and make ludicrous sucking sounds.” Fast on the up-take, wasn’t she?

“You Fucking A I am, and that’s not all.” And I did. And I did. And I did. My hands were under her ass again, the torn top section of her panties were sort of draped above her clit and the remainder was still held between her cheeks and dangling just below my mouth. Said mouth was sucking and nibbling on the lips of her hot, young pussy and my tongue periodically went as far up her cunt as I could reach. At times like that I always wished I had a tongue like a giraffe (6 or 8 inches long and sort of prehensile).

“Jesus, but that feels good, Tim. Suck my clit, too. Please?” Sure, why not. I can be accomodating, right?

Her hips were doing a real dance and her crotch was as much fucking my face as I was tongue fucking her snatch. Two or three days of this and I’d be wiped out! Her cunt was starting to make little sucking sounds. That’s nice. I put my tongue back in there so I could feel her contractions. I returned to her clit just in time to get a good lip grip Onwin Güncel Giriş on it when she started coming. This was not a quiet girl. I love appreciative noise and she was satisfying that need quite well. And she had strong thighs. Her death grip on my head was really nice and the muscle tremors were a new experience for me. It was like an ear massage. Knowing her clit would be overly sensitive soon I let go of it just as her orgasm seemed to slow down and went back to just licking her lips, gently, and poking her cunt opening with my tongue. Lot’s of nice nectar for Timmies tongue to capture. She was looking up at me now, eyes focusing again.

“That was so good. And I needed it so bad.”

“Honey girl, you make it sound like it’s all over,” I said with mock worry in my voice, followed by a little sob for added drama.

“Oh, I doubt that it’s over yet. You’ll probably want to lick my delicately scented ass with that horny tongue of yours and then fuck my pussy before you take out your sexual rage on my poor defenseless asshole.”

“What kind of man do you think I am, anyway?” I was, to be sure, hurt by such dastardly accusations as she had made.

“Well, Pilgrim, if you’re not that kind of man then you better change into one as quickly as you can because my ass needs licking, now.” By simply moving my hands apart a bit, and both of us raising her butt a bit, her little brown flower was within easy reach. When I spread her globes enough for that, the material remains of her panties fell away enhancing the view. Before I made teensy, tiny contact between the tip of my tongue and the wrinkled brown flesh of her rectum I said, with all due temerity (after all, she had just put me in my place, hadn’t she?), “You never warned me you were going to have an attitude.” Anything she might have been ready to flip back at me was lost to feeling when my tongue made contact. First little touches all around the edges, with a dry tongue. Then around again with a wet tongue. Then around again but in constant contact with her now slick skin. Waiting a bit, knowing she was waiting for contact right in the center, letting her anticipation build, finally feeling her hunch her ass toward me to force contact a few times, I let my very wet tongue push right into the center of her flower.

Nice sounds, followed by, “You do that real well, for a Pilgrim. Do it again.”

Orders is orders, but only after teasing her around the edges again, first.

“Christ! I think I could come again just from that.” Didst me detect a hint?

Moving my left hand out from under her I wet my thumb in her hot cunt hole and moved it up to her clit while continuing to tease her asshole with little probings. She was right. She came again. Nothing like the first one but how could there be a bad orgasm? What was surprising, and sort of neat (I guess) was that during her few moments of shivering and shuddering, her asshole relaxed enough that a prod from me and a convulsive push from her hips and my tongue actually went in her ass a ways. I’m still not quite sure how I feel about that, but knowing how fastidious Eva was in preparation for this joust, I guess I’d do it again.

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