My New Secretary CindyMy New Secretary Cindy

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I worked as the Safety Director for a large hotel in the mid-west and had to hire a new secretary when my current secretary took another job. I scheduled interviews for a Tuesday and saw 6 applicants. I picked the top two for an additional interview on Friday of the same week and finally picked Cindy. Her work experience was excellent and she was single. I am not biased, but I have found single women to dedicated to their jobs and willing to put in extra hours when necessary, so all things being equal I picked Cindy. I told her after the interview she would start on the following Monday.

Monday arrived and when I arrived in the office, Cindy was already there, waiting for me. I sent her to personnel to fill out her paperwork and made a pot of coffee. Cindy looked very nice, dressed in an above the knee skirt and a white blouse. Cindy is 5″9 inches tall, slim without being skinny, as nice pair of legs and perky 34C breasts. She has long dark hair and a smile that would melt an iceberg. I was working when she returned and said she was ready to start working.

I spent the next couple of hours showing her the hotel, where to pick up the daily reports, the filing system, and all the ins and outs of the hotel. We found ourselves at the employee dinning room, just as lunch was being served. We decided to eat and during the meal we talked and I introduced her to the various department heads, as they came into eat. After lunch we walked back to the office.

Cindy walked slightly in front of me on the way back and I liked the look of her ass, as it swayed back and forth. I just shook my head, knowing she would make it hard for me to concentrate, in the office. I pushed the thoughts from my mind and settled into work.

The first month went well, with Cindy fitting right into our schedule. She had a nice selection of clothes she chose to wear to work. I did not like it when she wore slacks, but never said a word. We worked closely together, sometimes into the evening. On a couple of occasions we would go out for dinner after a late night at work, but nothing more happened, until the second güvenilir bahis month she was there.

One day I was sitting at my desk, when Cindy went to the filing cabinet. She kneeled down to open the bottom drawer, then stood back up and bent at the waist. Her lovely ass was pointed directly at my desk. This day she wore a louse short skirt and when she leaned forward, it rose up on her ass. I could see she was wearing stockings and caught just a hint of her panties. I could not help but look and felt my cock start to get hard. She looked back at me, still bent over and asked if I was all right. I said yes and went back to reading the report before me. I would glance up as she walked back to the filling cabinet and file more reports, each time bending at the waist and showing me her lovely legs and ass.

When she was finished, she closed the cabinet, but stayed bent over at the waist and looking at me, rubbed her hands up her legs and under her skirt. She rubbed her ass slightly then stood up and turned towards me. “Do you like how my legs look in stockings?” I cleared my throat and said, “Yes, but I have only seen them from the back.” Cindy smiled and dropped her hands to her skirt and pull it up so I could see her legs and panty covered pussy. “Well?” she said, looking at me. I smiled and said, “Your legs are lovely.” Cindy dropped her skirt and walked back to her desk. As she sat down, I watched and she opened her legs to let me look up her skirt. Just then the phone rang and she answered. It was for me and as I took the call, she left the office.

When she returned, she had a very wicked smile on her face, but did not say a word. She locked the door to our office and went over to her desk. She said, “darn it, I forget to file a report,” and walked back over to the filling cabinet. She bent over at the waist again and as she opened the lowest drawer, her skirt moved up and over her ass. I looked and saw she was not wearing panties. My cock instantly grew hard. Bending over and looking at me, she said, “I thought you would enjoy the view more, like this.” I stood and walked over to güvenilir bahis siteleri her, she placed her hands on the cabinet drawer, waiting for me.

Standing behind her, I dropped my hands to her legs and ran them up to her lovely naked ass. I kneeled down and pressed my face to her cheeks and licked her ass. Cindy moaned and opened her legs so I could move my tongue between them. I used my hands to pull her cheeks apart and licked my way to her lovely shaved pussy. Cindy arched her back to allow me complete access to her sweet pussy and ass. I ran my tongue between her cheeks and over her bud. She moaned again and I licked harder. I stopped and turned her around so she could lean against her desk. I opened her legs and went directly to her pussy, licking and sucking until I found her clit. I licked and sucked at her clit as I moved a finger into her moist pussy.

Cindy grabbed my head with her hands and pulled my head tight between her legs. I sucked her clit between my lips and gently nibbled it as I fingered her pussy. That was all it took and she started to cum. She was quiet, but moaned over and over how good it was. I kept licking and sucking and fingering her, until she pushed my head away, saying, “No more, please I can not take it.” I stopped and stood in front of her and leaned forward to kiss her. She kissed me back and sucked my tongue into her mouth. I knew she could taste herself on my lips and tongue and it seemed to turn her on even more. As we kissed, her hands went to my belt and pants, freeing my hard 9-inch cock. She took it into her hands and played with it as we kissed.

Cindy broke our kiss and said, “My god you are huge. I have to see it.” She slides off her desk and onto her knees. She looked up at me with surprise and lust in her eyes, all the time rubbing her hand over the head and down to the base of my cock. My cock was covered with pre-cum and her hand moved easily from the head to my balls. She looked up from cock and then back to it, as her hand cupped my balls, she leaned forward and took my cock into her mouth.

I have had my share of blowjobs, iddaa siteleri but Cindy was something else. She sucked the head for a little while, running her tongue around the head and then she swallowed my entire cock, deep into her mouth and throat. My legs weakened and I put my hands on her head to steady myself. Cindy moaned around my cock as my hands grabbed her head. Not being all that stupid, I understood and holding her head began to fuck her mouth. She played with my balls and then moved her hands to my hips, letting me fuck her mouth, as I wanted to. It was not long before the tightness of her lips and throat brought me to the verge. I told her I was going to cum and pushed my cock deep into her throat. She pulled my hips forward at the same time and waited for me to cum. My cock sank deep into her throat and I started to shoot over and over. She swallowed as fast I could shoot my cum into her mouth and throat. Cindy continued to suck and when my cock started to soften, she moved her head back and forth sucking me dry. She licked and sucked my cock clean and then stood up. I leaned forward to kiss her and sucked her tongue into my mouth. I tasted my cream and figured turn around was fair play. As I was sucking her tongue, the phone rang again and we broke our kiss.

Putting my cock back into my pants and pulling up my zipper, Cindy answered the phone. I her say to the caller, ” Yes he is here, he just came in.” Turning to me, she smiled as I picked up the phone. Cindy sat at her desk as I talked and opened her legs so I could see her wet pussy. Watching her she moved her fingers between her legs and into her pussy. It was difficult to concentrate on the caller, while she fingered her pussy to another orgasm. She came as I finished the call and hung up the phone. I was sitting on my desk watching her and took her cum covered hand and sucked her fingers clean. Smiling at her I said, “we will have to work late tonight.” Cindy smiled and said, “I look forward to working with you in any position you think needs filled.”

Cindy remained my secretary and lover for the next two years, when I took another job out of state. We enjoyed each other’s person and body, both at work and away from the office. We had many experiences during our two years together in all sorts of places. Let me know if you want to hear of them.

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