Subject: My Nephew Stephen-Part 4 My Nephew Stephen-Part 4 This story contains sex acts between an adult male and a teen. If this is not for you, do not read it. Stephen was silent the entire way back in the car, I knew he was replaying what had happened at the Doctor and I was pleased to see that most of the way back he had regained his erection. The shorts he was wearing left very little to the imagination and the urge to reach over and feel him up was almost overpowering. Knowing now how much he fantasized about not only me but the humiliation and other things he desired and needed kept me hard most of the car ride back too. As I parked the car, it sounded like he was going to speak, but he remained silent as we both stepped out of the car. We passed a few people on the way to the front door and I loved that they openly stared at his almost naked body and loved even more that his face flushed red. Stephen reached the door first and walked in, then when he saw his Mother standing right inside the door he started backing up, but with me, right behind him, he had nowhere to go. I closed the door behind us and watched as Stephen kicked his shoes off and tried to walk to his room, but his Mothers voice stopped him. “Stephen, there are going to be some major changes around here, starting right now. The first thing, you are now a full-time nudist at home. You will strip naked the very second you walk into this house and you will remain naked until someone tells you to put something on.” I heard him take in a deep breath, shocked and surprised at his Mothers words and probably thinking she was kidding until her voice raised, “I said starting right now Stephen.” This was a big moment and I expected Stephen to resist, but instead, he lowered his head and very slowly pushed his shorts down his legs and stepped out of them, his hands quickly covering up his cock and balls. I took a long look at his beautiful naked ass then stopped beside my Sister to face him. His humiliation was obvious and intense, his face red and his breathing heavy as he stared at the floor. I took the lead and said, “Stephen, this covering up is ridiculous. From now on when you are naked your hands go behind your back until someone tells you differently.” This was another big moment for him, I could see that he was erect and that his Mother had never seen him in this state before. The tension filled the air and I could tell that Mary was unsure if he would do it and heard her let out a very faint gasp as his hands left his cock and balls and he placed them behind his back. His very hard cock sprung up and slapped his abdomen, then bounced down where it swung from side to side. I felt my own cock spring to life as I stared at the sight in front of me. My 15-year-old nephew, 5’6″ tall and weighing no more than 140 pounds, blond hair and beautiful blue eyes, a tight slim body fully erect with his hands behind his back. My mouth hung open at the sight before me, my cock throbbing at the beauty right in front of me. I was so lost that when my Sister spoke it startled me, “Okay, now that we have that out of the way, your days of disrespecting me or any adult are over. From now on you do what you are told, the first time. I want you to hear this very clearly, from this moment on when you are told to do something, you will do it. If you don’t, the punishment will be a serious spanking, no excuses. And I don’t mean just your Uncle and me, I mean any adult. Do you understand me, Stephen?” His head nodded, his face bright red as he said, “Yes Ma’am.” At that point, Mary started to walk into the kitchen but stopped as she heard me say, “Stephen, since a healthy dose of humiliation is what you so badly need, from now on when you are naked, you will immediately pull your foreskin back and keep it back until told otherwise. No matter where you are and who is there, when you are naked you will immediately pull your foreskin back and place your hands behind your back.” His face reddened even more as I watched his left hand slowly reach forward, grasp his shaft and peel the foreskin back. As it slipped behind the flared head Stephen let out a low moan, then put his hands behind his back again. His cock had been erect before, but now with the foreskin pulled back it bounced up and down and throbbed, pre-cum oozing out of the head. Mary walked into the kitchen as I went on, “Stephen, from now on you will not masturbate or in anyway pleasure yourself or allow yourself to ejaculate without permission. In fact, except for using the toilet, you will never even touch your penis gaziantep travesti again without permission, do you understand?” His head nodded, “Yes, Sir.” I was about to say something else when Mary walked back and handed me a jar. When I read the label a smile filled my face at how humiliating this would be for him. “To emphasize and drive home who you are, from now on you will never even shower yourself again. From now on you will ask either myself or another adult to wash you, do you understand?” There was a brief pause, but then, “Yes, Sir.” I smiled and said, “Let’s start right now Stephen. You need a shower, follow me.” Without a word he followed me into the washroom and stayed silent as I adjusted the water. He stepped in when I told him to and I watched the water run over his beautiful body. Once he was fully wet I opened the jar and smeared the cream over his entire body, from his neck down to his feet, leaving his cock and balls to last. I heard him gasp as my hands rubbed the cream into his erection, but I made sure to not arouse him enough to make him shoot his load. Like the directions said, I had him wait a full ten minutes, then I picked up a washcloth and began wiping the cream away, delighted at what I saw. Stephen had sensed the tingling, but he had been avoiding looking at me or his own body the entire time. I rinsed his body well, then had him step out and dried him off. As I was finishing toweling him I heard him gasp loudly and when I looked up I saw that he saw what had happened, his body was now totally hair free. His arms, legs, underarms, cock, balls, everything was as smooth as it could be. He gasped again, his face deep red as I said, “Get used to it Stephen, this is long lasting cream, at least 3 months.” He stared at himself in the mirror as I stared at him as well. He had not had much body hair to start with, but now with even the peach fuzz gone, his body looked even better. Especially his arms and legs now easily showed every muscle and definition. The crowning glory was that with no pubic hair, it made his erection look bigger and the overall effect made him look at least a year or two younger than his 15 years. I patted his now totally smooth butt cheek and said, “Let’s go show your Mother.” His eyes opened wide and I was sure he was going to refuse, but he slowly followed me out of the washroom and into the living room where Mary was watching tv. I didn’t say anything to her but as we entered the room she glanced at us and then back at the tv. A few seconds later her head swung back and her eyes opened wide as she took in Stephens totally smooth body. I had Stephen walk closer to her and after a few seconds she ran her finger over his arm and said, “Damn that cream is amazing, he’s as smooth as a baby.” I agreed and then said, “Stephen put your hands behind your head.” He did it right away and Mary could not resist running a finger over his smooth armpits, adding, “Incredible.” She sat back down and after I got Stephen doing some chores I said, “It’s going well so far Sis, but he’s going to need at least some clothes, any ideas?” Mary smiled, “While you were at the Doctor I made some calls. I have found the perfect place for you to take him, the best part is, the owner wants a very specific payment method.” Mary told me how the conversation with the shop owner had gone and later that night after everyone was in bed, I replayed every inch of Stephens naked body over in my mind, dreaming of touching, tasting and fucking it.” The next morning after Stephen made breakfast and did the dishes, I took him into the washroom and let warm water run into the tub. I had thought last night that baths would be more embarrassing for him. With the tub less than half full, I had him sit down in the water, facing me as I grabbed the soap and washed his torso and after making him stand, his legs and finally his cock and balls. I then had him sit down again and lean his head back. I took the jug from the shelf, filled it with water and poured it over his hair, just like when he had been little. I shampooed his hair and rinsed it thoroughly and then had him stand so I could dry him off. I watched as he pulled his shorts up and over his very erect cock and then had him follow me to the car. It was still quite early when we got to town and after parking, I saw a closed sign on the shop door and was about to head back to the car when the door opened and a tall, heavy man in his fifties began calling gaziantep masaj salonları out to me. As Stephen and I walked towards him his eyes quickly ignored me as they settled on Stephens almost naked body. The man openly ogled every inch of Stephen and his expression showed how pleased he was. He stuck out his hand and introduced himself as Mr. Carlson. Stephen and I followed him into the shop and I saw right away that he had a huge selection of speedos, shorts, and active wear, most of it very expensive. After a few minutes of chatting about what we were looking for, Mr. Carlson suggested that I should leave Stephen here and return in an hour. As I agreed, Stephen looked at me with anxious, pleading eyes, but all I said was, “See you in an hour then.” Mr. Carlson immediately led Stephen to the back of the store and through a curtained off area and once they were out of sight, I walked in the same direction but entered the office instead. This had been arranged and after making myself comfortable in the desk chair, I turned off the lights and was thrilled to see the floor to ceiling two-way mirror. I saw Stephen and Mr. Carlson clearly through it and wondered how many people he had observed in the same way. The room they were in had a changing room, with no door, the rest of the room was a workshop, with a sewing machine and other clothing related machinery, plus multiple boxes of clothing and some clothes racks. I was surprised when I heard Mr. Carlson say, “Well then boy, let’s get started.” I looked around and saw that there were speakers on either side of the chair so I could hear as well as see everything. Mr. Carlosn picked up a tape measure and said, “Kick those shoes off boy.” Stephen did and now stood wearing just his tight shorts as Mr. Carlson stepped behind him. He knelt down and measured Stephens inseams stretching the tape to just below his balls, then stood and ran the tape measure around his waist, letting his fingers caress the skin as he did. He stretched the tape around his hips, again letting his fingers touch more of Stephen than was necessary. He did the same with his arms, obviously caressing and feeling as much skin as he could while he measured. He paused and said, “You are quite possibly the most beautiful boy I have ever seen and perfectly smooth too, just as it should be.” Stephen stood still and silent, his face red as Mr. Carlson stepped behind him again. I watched as his hand swung back and then swatted Stephens right butt cheek hard. “I just gave you a compliment boy.” Stephen was shocked by the swat and quickly said, “Yes, I’m sorry Sir.” “That’s better boy, do not test me.” After having Stephen raise his arms a bit he stretched the tape around his chest, his fingers lingering on each nipple, then he measured his neck. He was about to put the measure down when he spotted something and said, “Raise your arms higher boy.” After he did, Mr. Carlson ran his fingers over Stephens smooth armpits and said, “Beautiful and perfectly smooth and you work out, nice muscle tone, very impressive.” Mr. Carlosn paused waiting, then dropped the measure and swung his hand back and swatted Stephen left butt cheek even harder than the right, the sound echoed through the speakers as Stephen quickly said, “Thank you so much, Sir.” “That’s better boy. Now, drop those shorts.” Stephen looked around, surprised and hesitated too long as Mr. Carlson’s hand smacked his right then left butt cheek even harder. “You will do as you are told, boy. Make me repeat myself again and I’ll spank that ass a dark red.” Stephen looked around again and then slowly pushed his shorts down and then stepped out of them. His hands immediately covered up his erection and balls, something I had clearly told him not to do. Mr. Carlson was enjoying this, his smile proved that as he swatted Stephens hands hard, knocking them down causing his erection to pop up. He watched it bounce and sway back and forth and I saw him take in a deep breath, now seeing Stephen fully naked he said, “Beautiful, just beautiful and smooth everywhere too.” Stephens’ hands returned to cover his cock and balls, his face and neck now red as Mr. Carlson stepped behind him. I saw his eyes open wide at the sight of his beautiful, tight boy mounds and I also saw him pick up a long thin wooden ruler and very quickly land it hard across both his butt cheeks. Stephen yelped and his hands that had been covering his erection reached back to soothe his butt gaziantep escort bayan cheeks. “Cover up again boy, I dare you.” I knew as did Mr. Carlson that the measuring had been unnecessary, as all Stephen would be getting were shorts and speedos, but it had been part of what he wanted as payment. It had given him the opportunity to run his fingers over Stephens smooth skin, now he prepared for his final payment. Looking at his erection Mr. Carlson said, “I can’t have you trying on clothes like that boy.” Stephen knew what he meant and quickly said, “Could I use the washroom please Sir, I’ll take care of it.” Mr. Carlson smiled and asked, “What exactly do you mean boy?” “Ummm. I’ll make it go away Sir.” “I said, what EXACTLY do you mean boy?” Stephen cleared his throat and said, “I’ll go jer…ummmm…masturbate Sir.” Mr. Carlson played it perfectly. “If you’re going to do it, Do it right here boy.” Stephen started to speak but was cut off. “Enough talking boy, do it right here.” Stephen looked around again, he knew I had told him to never do this as his hand slowly grasped his shaft and started stroking. To make it worse, he had not pulled his foreskin back. Mr. Carlosn waited, loving the sight before him until Stephen was ready to shoot and then he swatted his hand away and said loudly, “You really are a naughty boy, aren’t you?” Stephen looked up surprised and shocked as Mr. Carlson said, “You’re not allowed to masturbate, are you? In fact, you are not even supposed to touch your penis except to pull your foreskin back when you’re naked, right boy?” Stephens’ face showed absolute shock and surprise, he began to stutter, “I…How did…I..” “And what exactly is the punishment for doing those things, boy?” Stephen was stunned as he began to stutter again, “I…You can’t….” Mr. Carlsons voice raised in volume as he said, “I can and I will boy.” I watched as he pulled a straight backed chair directly in front of the mirror and sat down on it. He then patted his lap and said, “Now boy.” Stephen looked at him, then at the door and I thought he might try to run be he instead slowly stepped to within inches of the chair. Mr. Carlson being much bigger and stronger had no trouble grabbing his wrist and pulling him across his lap. This gave me a perfect view of Stephens beautiful butt as Mr. Carlson hand raised up high and come down hard, followed by a loud smacking noise. Within seconds he was alternating between cheeks and spanking harder and harder, covering every inch, including the sides of his butt cheeks. A moment later Stephen turned his face towards the mirror so I could now see that as the spanking continued he began to arch his back and struggle enough that Mr. Carlson stopped and said, “Obviously you need a much better lesson boy.” He grabbed a foot long wooden ruler from the table and clamped his legs around Stephens, then after a bit of a struggle got his left arm pulled up high behind his back, his right arm was caught between his body and Mr. Carlson lap, he was not going anywhere now. The ruler raised and landed hard on both butt cheeks making Stephen cry out, then it landed again and again. After a minute I saw tears flowing down Stephens’ cheeks, and a minute after that Stephen was crying out each time the ruler smacked his butt cheeks. The spanking stopped as Mr. Carlson gently caressed his now red butt cheeks, letting his finger trace down the crack of his ass and momentarily fondle his smooth balls. I watched as helped Stephen stand up and was amazed that he had not lost his erection, and I was delighted to see him grasp it in his hand and slide the foreskin back, then place his hands behind his back. Mr. Carlson loved this too as he allowed his hands to trace over Stephens nipples, chest, down to his abs and finally, he stroked his shaft a few times as his other hand cupped his balls. Stephen groaned in pleasure as he asked, “You like that don’t you boy?” Stephen nodded and said, “Yes, Sir.” Mr. Carlosn continued to stroke his shaft, slowly as Stephen moaned even louder Mr. Carlson brought him to the edge of cumming and then stopped, stepped back and smiled as his erection throbbed and leaked pre-cum. He watched him for a few minutes then said, “Okay boy, pull your shorts and shoes back on, we’re done.” Stephen looked disappointed, but he bent and pulled his shorts on and then his shoes, looking at Mr. Carlson questioningly. “Boy, I knew your sizes when you walked in the door.” Mr. Carlson already had all the clothes we had agreed on packaged up and as he led Stephen back into the store I stepped out of the office and met them. “So. How did it go?” Mr. Carlson said, “Perfectly.” I hope you have enjoyed this chapter. Please keep the comments and suggestions coming.

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