My Naughty DiaryMy Naughty Diary


Hi! My name is Elle Ann. I am 18, New York (not the city – mid state) and I thought a fun way to make a diary would be right here on Literotica where everyone could read it. I am five feet six inches, 107 pounds, darkish blonde hair (on my head), blue-green eyes. I have smallish breasts but they have nice shapes and, in fact, I am being voted this year as the best looking girl in my senior class, also the girl with the nicest smile and the biggest flirt, so you can see I have a lot going for me where sex is concerned, plus I like it. I am not slut, however, so please don’t get that idea.

Well, last night I babysat for Mr. and Mrs. Johnson who are our next door neighbors and they have two little boys. When I was little myself, Mr. Johnson made a doll house for me which I still have. The Johnsons have always been very nice to me and even treat me like a part of their family. That is why I was kind of surprised when I realized last night that Mr. Johnson was looking at my kaçak iddaa panties.

I had fallen asleep on the sofa. I was lying down and one of my legs had slipped off the sofa, causing my skirt to slide up. I don’t usually wear skirts but I was wearing one then because Mrs. Johnson had given me some of her old clothes that night before they went out and one of them was this cute mini skirt that she had gotten about fifteen years ago when she was my age. I really liked the skirt so I kept it on and was wearing it when Mr. and Mrs. Johnson got home and found me asleep on the sofa.

At first I thought it was cute and kind of sexy when I opened my eyes and saw Mr. Johnson standing there looking down at me, only he wasn’t looking at my face so he didn’t see that I had opened my eyes. Then Mrs. Johnson came over and she wasn’t looking at my face either. They were both staring at my yellow panties.

“Damn, what a piece of ass!,” I heard Mr. Johnson say.

“I would just love kaçak bahis to eat her and watch you fuck her,” I heard Mrs. Johnson say.

I could hardly believe what I was hearing. I kept my eyes closed so they wouldn’t know I had woken up. I didn’t know what to do. How could Mr. and Mrs. Johnson be acting this way?

The funny thing was that I was getting a little excited, not just worried. My heart was beating fast and my nipples started to bother me because they tingled so much. I kind of liked it that Mr. and Mrs. Johnson were looking at my panties and talking about me in that way. I knew it was bad of me but I couldn’t help it. So I decided not to “wake up” quite yet. Then, to my surprise, I heard other sounds and I realized Mr. and Mrs. Johnson were not the only people there. Someone else had come into the room. My heart totally stopped when I realized who it was.

“Look at this, Anna and Pappy, it’s what you two were talking about,” Mrs. Johnson said, speaking to illegal bahis my own grandparents who lived across the street from us and who were friends of the Johnsons. The Johnsons had met them at the movies and then invited them in for coffee and now the four of them were standing in a row by the sofa looking down at me in my yellow panties.

“Shhh, keep your voices down,” Grandma said. “Isn’t she precious. Do you suppose we could see her tits.”

“Damn, look at them panties. You can almost see her cunt. Let’s see her tits and then let’s take off her panties,” my own grandfather said. He sounded excited.

“What if she wakes up?”, Mr. Johnson said.

“We will say we found her this way, with her clothes all messed up. We will say she must have been having a dirty dream and undressed herself in her sleep. We will tell her she is a bad girl to have dreams like that and we think we will have to tell her mother and father,” my grandmother said. She laughed at what a good idea she thought this was, to blame me for what they were going to do in case I woke up. Boy, things were getting more amazing all the time!

End of Part I – Part II is coming up, don’t worry/

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