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I am Gautam, 18. My mom Rekha is 41. What I am going to narrate below happened 2 years ago.

I am the only child of my parents . My father died of an accident in June 1999. My parents used to have a very active sex life. I used to enjoy their lovemaking since I was 11. They made love almost daily. Mom used to give dad a tremendous blowjob. I used to wank off seeing them. After my father’s death mom became very withdrawn and sad. In October 1999 I persuaded mom to purchase PC. I taught mom how to use the PC and browse the internet. Needless to say that I started visiting adult sites including sites devoted to incest. Stories about mom and son incest used to excite me very much. These stories gave me an idea – why not have sex with mom-she too is in need of sex after dad’s death . At 39, mom was still attractive with her 36 size breasts. A few chat friends encouraged me to approach mom for sex. Then I decided to take the plunge. It was 11 PM 2nd October, 1999.

Mom was in bed. We used to sleep in two different rooms. There was a door in between. Mom never locked that door. I was chatting Şerifali Escort with a friend from UK. He told me to get naked and go to mom’s bedroom. After some hesitation I removed my clothes and entered mom’s bedroom . My cock was fully erect. A dim light was glowing. Mom was fast asleep. She was covered with a blanket. I threw down the blanket. To my astonishment I found that mom was naked too. I got into the bed and tried to kiss mom on the lips. She woke up and tried to push me down.

“Hey what are you doing? How can you do this to your mom?” she said

“Oh mom , shut up and enjoy. What you need is a good fuck. Why are you naked? You must have been fingering yourself”, I retorted and held her breasts and squeezed them. She tried to resist but after sometime started responding to my kisses. This encouraged me and I started sucking her nipples one by one.

“Oh Gitu, I am so happy! Please kiss my lips”

I tried to kiss her lips but she said

“Fool, kiss my lower lips”, saying so she spread her legs.

I turned attention to Escort Şerifali her pussy and started devouring it. I have never thought that a pussy was so tasty. She held my cock and started playing with it.

“Oh Gitu, I can’t wait . Fuck me Fuck your mom. She has not been fucked for the last 6 months. ” She guided my cock to her pussy.

I pushed and found her pussy was very tight. When my full 5 inches were inside her she asked me to pump. I started pumping. I increased my pace and mom started moaning

“Ahhhhh, ooooohhhh, you motherfucker! Fuck me harder. Aahhhhh, ooohhhhh. You are as good as your father. “

After 5 minutes I realized that I was about to cum and said, ” Mom I am cumming. Can I cum inside you?”

“Oh sure , I want to feel your warm cum”, she said.

I held her buttocks and pumped with all my strength. I soon came. I have never discharged so much during masturbation.

Mom asked me to withdraw my cock and put it in her mouth. I did so and she sucked the whole length of it. I got hard again. This time mom knelt Şerifali Escort Bayan down and asked me to do her in doggie style. I licked her asshole and entered her pussy from behind. I hammered her for nearly 20 minutes. She came before me. We slept together that night.

Since then we have been having sex daily for the last 2 years. We have normal relation during the day. After going to bed she becomes my wife and I call her rekha. We enjoy xxx videos together and try different postures. I have one regret, though. She never allows me to do her anal . She says it will hurt her and I will get shit on my cock. She allows me to finger her asshole and lick it. She normally wears saris but inside the bedroom I make her wear jeans and mini skirts and sexy bikinis Once a month we shave each others pubic hair. I use condoms during mom’s risk period but have unprotected sex during safe period. Luckily mom has not so far got pregnant.

Both of us are very happy. Now I am 18 and mom is 41. I believe I can fuck her for at least 10 years more.

I have a word of advice for all young boys who have widowed mothers – Fuck your mom. Even a widow needs a good fuck. It is the duty of a son to fulfill his mom’s needs. Don’t expect your mom to approach you and spread her legs. You will have to make the first move. Take her by force, if necessary. She may resist at first but will relent afterwards.

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