My Mom and I Pt. 02My Mom and I Pt. 02


It was a few months after My Mom and I shared that passion-filled week, and she asked me to come and visit her. I was quick to agree, and a week later, there I was in Portland, my Mom picked me up at the airport, and it was late afternoon. As soon as we got to her place, my Mom pulled me into her bedroom, telling me that she couldn’t wait any longer and that she was taking control as a mother should.

The room was in a soft red glow from the late afternoon sun hitting the window drapes, and Mom stripped me down. She trailed soft luscious kisses all over my body as she undressed me, setting my skin tingling, lighting fires of passion wherever her soft lips touched my body.

“I have a special treat, just for you my darling daughter,” My Mom said, “and you’ll see it in just a few minutes!”

She stepped into the bathroom and closed the door, after 5 minutes, my Mom stepped back into the room, and WOW! She was wearing a merry widow corset, that was black with red trim, and long black nylon stockings, attached to a garter belt. That was hot enough, but just below the garter belt, at just the right level for fucking, my Mom was wearing a black harness that was designed like a thong bikini bottom, holding a 9-inch long, thick purple strap-on dildo. It was veined and shaped just like the real thing. My pussy was positively gushing, she smiled as she approached the bed, stroking it like it was a real cock, getting it ready to fuck me.

“We don’t need any guys to fuck us, as long as we have each other and our toys,” my Mom whispered. “Spread your legs my darling, and let your Mom give you the sweet fucking you need!”

Flat on my back, with my thighs, spread wide apart, I watched My Mom get into position. She mounted me easily, penetrating my burning core, I grunted with pleasure as the wide stiffness of that 9-inch cunt pleaser stretched the tight walls of my fuck-hole apart as my Mom slid that stiff 9 inches of pleasure in, right to the hilt. I wrapped my legs around my Mom’s waist, so she could plunge as deep as possible.

My Mom smiled at me as she reached down between where our hips were joined. I was just about to ask her what she sarışın gaziantep escort was doing when the thick dildo started to vibrate inside me. She had reached down to the small switch that activated the vibrations, and wow, did that start me going.

“Oh fuck, yes, that feels so good!” I grunted, “Fuck me, Mom, ram my pussy and let me have it!”

My Mom was happy to do so, and her stiff, vibrating cunt splitter started to fuck me over and over. I loved the feeling of that stiff 9 inches splitting my churning cunt open, filling my fiery fuck-hole with hard, vibrating pleasure again and again.

I saw my Mom’s face closing in, her lips parting, the hot wet breath against my lips, I opened my lips to hers, and our tongues came together in a loving duet. The feel of her hot, wet tongue-filled swirls of passion drove me to a new lev of lust. Her mouth claimed my mouth like her dildo claimed my sizzling cunt.

My Mom gave me the best fucking I’d had in a long time, plowing my burning cleft over and over. She slid her hands around my ass cheeks and pulled my hips close. The vibrations were driving my twitching clit crazy, and I could my orgasm starting to rise. Sliding a long finger around and around the rim of my tight, twitchy ass hole, she broke the kisses and started to whisper hot, naughty things to me.

“Do you like getting fucked by your Mom? Are you a horny little slut that needs her cunt fucked every day, every night? I love fucking my darling daughter’s cunt, you are so hot and wet! After I fuck you, I’m going to lick that sweet cunt of yours, I’m going to suck out every drop of your hot juice from your well fucked cunt! I’m going to shove two fingers up that tight asshole of yours, and finger fuck you hard until your pussy explodes, and you cum all over my face! Now, my sweetheart, cum for your Mommy, cum for me, NOW!”

Just before I came, my Mom pulled apart my cheeks and slid a long finger up my tight asshole. I immediately exploded, my cunt wrenched wildly, and my pussy started to spasm crazily around the stiff dildo as my orgasm slammed into my overheated gaziantep sarısın escort fuck-hole. I just rode from one orgasm to the next, the sensations were just too much, and I came and came and came, my Mom kept riding me over and over until 5 orgasms had pummeled my body with their pleasing punches.

My Mom quickly withdrew, tossed aside the dildo, and I felt her hot, wet breath on my pussy. Her tongue quickly found its way inside my hot, wet folds, and I grunted with pleasure as she started to skillfully lick at me. She dipped two fingers into my pussy, coating up her fingers with my juices, then she swiftly slid them up my ass, bringing a gasp of pleasure from me as my Mom started to finger fuck my throbbing bunghole.

The feel of her hot, wet mouth all over my sizzling cunt, and her two-finger skillful reaming of my tight asshole, started my orgasm climbing again, and in almost no time, I howled with pleasure as she licked my throbbing clit to a frenzy, sending the burning fire of orgasm washing all over me. She kept going, finger fucking the tight pucker of my asshole, licking my twitching clit wildly, driving me from one sizzling orgasm to the next, until I was almost breathless.

I finally slumped down, totally drained. I had never experienced such a cascade of bone-shaking orgasms, I couldn’t stop cumming until my Mom had stopped stimulating me. I cuddled into my Mom’s embrace, feeling well-sated and totally loved, in every sense of the word.

We dozed for a while, and when I awoke, I could feel my Mom kissing and licking my body again, bringing me up to a wide-awake, horny state. My Mom told me to flip over, she was going to fuck me up the asshole. I love being butt fucked, and in a minute, I was draped over two large pillows, my ass upthrust and ready, as my Mom strapped on a smaller, 7-inch dildo. I reached behind me and pulled my ass cheeks apart, so my Mom could see the bulls-eye of my tight asshole, ready to be reamed.

I could feel a dab of Astroglide lube being applied, and my Mom’s finger spread it around my rim and slid it around my tight rosebud, gaziantep sarışın escort bayan and right up my tight hole, getting me ready. She applied the lube to her dildo and swung into position as I spread my legs wide, giving her complete access to my ass.

“Is my darling daughter horny, and ready to get her asshole fucked?” my Mom growled lovingly at me.

“Oh fuck yes, I am so ready, fuck me, fuck your daughter’s tight asshole, ream me out Mom, give it to me!” I grunted.

Notching the head of the dildo against my tight hole, Mom proceeded to do so. I grunted with pleasure as I felt her stiff dildo penetrate my tight asshole, and slide slowly, slowly up my back door, giving me a slow, gentle reaming. She buried all 7 inches deep up me.

“Ohhhhh, nnnggghhh, Mmmmm, grawww, mmpppfff, FUCK, FUCK that feels so good! Fuck my ass, slam my ass, give it to me!” I cried.

Encouraged, she started to fuck my asshole harder, giving my asshole the power reaming I love. She reached around, and her skillful fingers went to work on my pussy. She slid three fingers of her left hand up my aching, soaking cunt, and two fingers of her right hand went to work on my throbbing clit.

That was all I needed, and I could feel my ass start pulsing in time to my cunt, both of my horny holes spasming wildly, as a thunderous climax slammed into me. I was almost breathless, the force tore through me, and with my Mom fucking my asshole and diddling my clit again and again, continuing the stimulation, I was shoved into multi-orgasms, my cunt exploding again and again.

We flopped down in a heap, I was shaking from the orgasmic rush. My Mom quickly slid up and placed her pussy above my face. I gazed up at her crimson love flesh, I could smell the scent of my Mom’s arousal, hot and musky, and it made me dizzy with desire. I looped my arms around her hips and pulled her down. Licking at the tight inner lips, I gently pulled them apart. My tongue and fingers slipped inside, to work on Mom’s burning fuck-hole.

“Yes, oh yes, my little lezzy bitch daughter, lick my cunt! Lick my cunt until your lezzy Mommy cums all over her little lezzy bitch daughter’s face, lick me!” my Mom growled.

As I worked her steaming cunt over, Mom whispered to me that the rest of the week lay ahead, and she would control me and promised me that her control over my body would not only be total but would give me a lust-filled week like no other. I realized that having my Mom take control was very exciting, and was eager to see and feel what she would do to me.

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