My Little Sisters Sexual Escapades. Part IV : College CapersMy Little Sisters Sexual Escapades. Part IV : College Capers


Part IV: College Capers I settled into my college life with an overwhelming work load, both day and night. I was so thankful when all options for college residence were exhausted and my parents were left with the only choice of a one bedroomed furnished apartment, across the road from the college. When Cathy (my younger sister) heard this her eyes began to sparkle again and her mischievous little mind started racing! It did not take her long to persuade mother to allow her to spend a week-end at my flat. I was naturally delighted as I missed her terribly. She arrived so early the following Saturday morning that I stumbled out of bed still with sleep shorts intact, to answer the door bell. Mother apologised profusely for their early arrival. She brought a load of frozen foods which she left us to unpack and beat a hasty retreat. The minute the door closed Cathy embraced me and kissed me all the way down to my navel. My sleep shorts simply descended to my ankles right there and then in the kitchen exposing my already half aroused cock. She hurriedly mouthed it and started sucking like a new-borne having its first feed! My knees started to weaken. All those beautiful memories came gushing back. My cock needed little encouragement. In its celibate condition it immediately blew up out of all proportion like a puffadder with a şişli escort bayan huge head. It was even ready to strike at any moment! I manage to calm her by rubbing her shoulders firmly and gently pushed her away. I quickly suggested that we transfer the frozen food into the freezer and then move to the bedroom to celebrate our re-union properly. “O.K.” she reluctantly agreed, “but only if you promise to put your magnificent ‘willy’ straight inside me and fuck me harder than you’ve ever done before, please. I’ve missed you so much.” “Sure thing, Sis, I’ve missed you too. Let’s go!”. We piled the food into the empty freezer, slammed the door and hurried to my bedroom. She ran ahead of me, ripped off her shorts, top and bra in a flash! I was astounded at the development of her beautiful boobies. They were bigger and more rounded than ever before. Her darkened pink nipples were real perky with erections the height and thickness of my little finger. I latched onto one with my hungry mouth and gently pushed her onto the bed whilst fondling the other. She moaned, and groaned as I sucked harder and harder whilst my other hand teased the other nipple. I felt her entire body starting to quiver and then she uttered, “Inside, I need him inside me, now please”. “O.K.” I agreed, “but you are more beautiful than mecidiyeköy escort bayan ever before. I just need to savour you a little”. “Well I do too”, she protested I was overcome with all Cathy’s excitement. “Oh Cath I’ve missed you soooooo much!” I moved down to her tiny silky pink panty triangle which was absolutely dripping with love juices and could not help but nose my way deep inside. I nuzzled into her crack through her panties and breathed in the powerful aroma of my little sister’s womanhood. She had indeed developed into so much more of young woman in the past few weeks. Enough teasing I thought, she was so ready and so was I. After all we had the whole weekend to make love! I slowly eased off those tantalizing panties. I truly needed to savour every aspect of this” Christmas gift” which I was unwrapping slowly. At last! There it was, her beautiful rounded, maturing pussy mound, with lips all puffed out and so ready to receive my throbbing cock. They were so wet that they were shining. Even her erect clit was now stretched out at the top desperate to stroke my shaft as it penetrated her. I moved down further. I pushed her inner thighs wider apart and her lips separated completely giving unobstructed access to the secrets of her inner being. Her head jerked from side to side and escort şişli she moaned as I licked and sucked harder. “Inside now, please!” she begged. I flicked my tongue in and out between her beautiful puffy lips like a hunting lizard. It explored the deepest crevices of her love canal massaging with gusto. My mouth closed on her inner lips, and then her fully erect clit and sucked as hard as she had been sucking me. She moaned more loudly than ever and pleaded, “I need your willy inside me, now please. Stop teasing me. Just do it.” I relented. I brought my throbbing member onto her pussy. I pressed my purple head directly onto her clit and savoured the re-union between the two, massaging gently whilst wetting it thoroughly with my ample supply of precum. In a way this was an assurance that there was a lot more to cum! I pushed down gently with little effort as my dick slid naturally through the gulf of love juices celebrating its long overdue arrival. The moment had arrived. It was electric. Our lips locked. Our tongues engaged in what can only be described as a ‘fire-dance’. I gently started moving my torso rhythmically up and down, deeply in and slowly out to the rim of my head and back again. Her body was starting to quiver again. This is what she had been pleading for but clearly it was not enough. Her sky blue eyes were anticipating this moment of deep engagement, when our bodies would fuse, one with the other. Suddenly I froze. I sat bolt upright and uttered, “Hey, we are being so careless! You are a young woman now, menstruating and could easily fall pregnant without some form of protection.

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