My Last Night In DorsetMy Last Night In Dorset

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I was looking for somewhere to stay for a few days that wasn’t too far from London. I was owed some time off and could really do with some sea air and possibly a chance to use my camera which had remained in its bag throughout a long, grey, wet English winter.I was chatting to a mate about this in the pub one evening when he recommended a cottage down in Dorset about 100 miles south of London. I didn’t pick up on it at the time, but I do recall him saying that I would find the host, particularly accommodating.When I got home, I logged onto the most popular App and found the cottage quickly. To my surprise, I saw that there had just been a cancellation and that it was free from mid-week through the upcoming weekend. I scanned a few photographs and read a profile of the host, Pippa. It sounded perfect. I booked it there and then.At work, my boss is an Alpha-dickhead who actually has very little to do and usually manages to make a hash of that. I sent him an email in response to his and said I would like to take the rest of the week off and use up some holiday. He had been nagging me to do this for weeks. I also confirmed that I would be back in time to lead the Abu Dhabi project the following Tuesday.I sent a couple of WhatsApp messages to my kids to let them know where I would be for the rest of the week.With the prospect of some time off and some sea air, I finished my decent malt whisky and went to bed. Aydın Escort I slept very well.In the morning, I threw some outdoor clothes into a grip and carefully packed my camera kit in another bag. I was just about to head to the car when I saw the box where I keep a selection of sex toys that some overnight guests enjoyed. With a thrilling sense of possible anticipation, I put some in a wash bag in the grip.The drive down to Dorset was magnificent, and the further I got from London, the more relaxed and chilled I felt. As I got to Dorchester, I stopped at a supermarket and local shops and picked up food and wine. The cottage was self-catering and very remote.I put the cottage postcode into my sat nav but also got out the printout of the directions that Pippa had sent when she confirmed my booking. I found a lovely pub called the Wise Man and headed south until I came to a bend in the road and turned left onto an unmarked track.The cottage was one of several buildings around a courtyard, clearly, they had once been the yard of a working farm. Now some were under construction and some were converted into holiday lets. I parked my car carefully and went to find the keys.Pippa came out to greet me, she was a striking woman in her mid-fifties. She looked well as if she spent a lot of time outdoors. She had let her hair go naturally grey and she wore it in a ponytail. She greeted me warmly Aydın Escort Bayan and offered to show me the cottage I had booked.I grabbed my bag from the car and followed Pippa up a staircase to the top half of a barn that had been converted. As I followed her, I saw how well her jeans fitted. Pippa had a lovely bum.The cottage I had booked was a long thin room. There was a bedroom at one end with a bathroom next to it. The rest of the conversion was a small kitchenette at one end and a couple of sofas facing a wood-burning stove. There was a TV in one corner, but it didn’t look like it got used much. Who comes to Dorset to watch TV?While Pippa was showing me everything, I couldn’t help but notice that she had a fine figure. She was wearing a lumberjack-type shirt over her well-fitting jeans. More than once, I caught sight of a turquoise lacy bra under her shirt. Pippa could see that I was checking her out. Had no idea about Pippa’s circumstances, but I began to feel that this trip might be much more interesting than I had anticipated. She finished showing me around the cottage and explaining where everything was and how it worked. She wished me a comfortable stay and then left me to my own devices. I didn’t take my eyes off her shapely bum until she was out of sight.I planned my first walk and aimed to do a loop that would take me to a famous lighthouse and then back. I Escort Aydın calculated it to be about eight miles. I set off with all the right kit because the weather was forecasting it to be unpredictable.I made good progress and got to the lighthouse in about two hours. I felt great and was pleased with my efforts. After tea and some local cake, I started heading back. It was a tougher walk back, largely because it was uphill. Halfway home, the skies darkened and I heard the distinctive clap of thunder before the skies opened and it began raining heavily.I had good waterproof clothing and boots so I just pressed on; it was much harder in this awful weather.I got back to the cottage just before dusk. I was dry, but my limbs ached and I needed a shower. I stripped off my waterproofs and clothing and hung them on a carefully designed drying rack by the front door. Pippa had really thought of everything.I then got the woodturner working and waited for it to really get going. Then I headed for the shower. It was a powerful jet with plentiful hot water. I stayed under until I felt my tired limbs begin to relax.I emerged from the shower naked except for a towel around my head to dry my hair. I was quite surprised to see Pippa standing by the stove. She said she was just checking that I had it working OK.I made no attempt to cover myself. After my divorce, I adopted a much healthier lifestyle with regular walking, cycling and workouts at the gym. For a man in his early sixties, I think I’m in pretty good shape. I’ve also got a decent-sized cock, which Pippa had already noticed. I threw the towel to one side and stood naked before Pippa; she clearly liked what she saw.

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