My Landlord Pt. 07My Landlord Pt. 07


On the next morning, it was a Sunday morning, I woke next to my damn hot girlfriend, the daughter of my landlord. She was still snoring next to me when I opened my eyes. The second thing I realized after waking up — my girlfriend is always number one, or at least in most cases — was the perfect example of morning wood between my legs.

A boner that was hard enough to drive nails into walls. A boner that I didn’t wanted to go to waste. At fist I was thinking about jerking off, but then I turned myself around. I spooned the woman next to me. I gave her some gentle kisses on her neck. I pocked her with my hard one. To wake her up, and hopefully to fuck her.

Not even a minute later she opened her eyes. Without turning around, without even looking at me, she said the following, still half asleep: “Pull down my panties. Stick it in. Dump your load inside. And make my body tremble, make me moan out loud while doing so.”

No foreplay. No pussy licking. I was somehow disappointed and turned on in the same moment of time. But I did what she told me to do. I pulled down her panties, I pulled down my boxers then I slid my dick inside her. Gentle. Slowly. Using my spit for lube. Because her pussy wasn’t dripping wet yet.

When I was all in, I gave her a few gentle first thrusts. Moaning escaped her throat. She told me to go harder. I fucked her harder. I went all in. It felt nothing but damn fucking good. I gave her thrust after thrust. Her moaning got more and more intense. And I did it all while still spooning her.

It didn’t took long and I felt an orgasm building up inside me. My balls began to ache. I had only a few trusts left in me. She grabbed my arm. Our moaning was filling the room. More and more tension built up.

Then my balls emptied themselves inside her. I dumped a huge load inside her. She came with me. I pulled out, without giving a damn about the fact that I might mess up almanbahis adresi the sheets. She didn’t bothered either. She just let our fucking juices run down her legs while we kept on spooning.

We stayed in bed a little bit longer. We kissed, we cuddled, we enjoyed each others company before hunger drove us out of bed. It was time to get some breakfast. I prepared it while she was in the bathroom. Taking a shower. Fixing herself up a little bit.

When she was done in the bathroom, the breakfast was already standing on the kitchen table. I was waiting for her before I dug in. She thanked me for doing so. Then we enjoyed our first meal of the day. We were talking about what to do on our day off, and then I dropped the bomb. I asked her one single question: “I didn’t wanted to listen in to you yesterday, but you mentioned something on the phone, while talking with your mom. Something that raised some questions in me.”

She somewhat froze. I took her by surprise. But she prompted me to keep on going: “What I have I said yesterday, that bothers you?”

I took a deep breath in, then I kept on going: “You told your mom the following on the phone: I think you found the right one this time. Hearing you saying that just confused, and still confuses the shit out of me.”

After I finished my sentence, a sight left her body: “Okay, I am going to tell you everything.”

Then she began to talk. She told me the journey of her and her previous boyfriends. She just wasn’t lucky at all. Most of them either just wanted to fuck her, or the wanted to get a grip on her mother and her fortune. She got her heart broken countless times. Over and over again. She told me that she was at a point, where she just had enough of it. And she told her mom about it.

Her mom, my landlord, took her time. She listened to her daughter. She asked the right question. She found the right answers. And almanbahis adres she came up with a plan. A plan to find a man for her daughter. She would do the scouting. She would do the testing. She’d try to figure out what the man was really up too. Then she’d introduce him to her daughter. And if it would work out, it would work out.

So I was a chosen one, sort off. Her mom liked me, so she hooked me up with her daughter. Inner me shrugged his shoulders: “Why not, if it works, it works.”

To signal my girlfriend that I was okay with what she just had told me, I nodded with my head. I looked her in the eyes. I stood up, went over to her and hugged her. I gave her a few gentle kisses: “Thank you for telling me. And nope, what happened is no problem for me. I am here, I like you, that is all that matters.”

When I told her that I like her, a smile appeared on her face. She gave me an “I really like you too” back. Then we kept on hugging, kissing for some time. Then she cleaned away the dishes while I went into the bathroom, to take a shower, to fix myself up a little bit too.

Once I was finished, I joined her in the living room. We placed our lacy asses on the sofa, to watch some TV. While cuddling and enjoying each other.

And to my personal surprise, we kept on cuddling kissing, watching TV for about an hour. It took that long until horny me was back, up and running. It took that long until my hands began to explore her damn hot body. It took that long until our gentle kisses turned into passionate ones.

But once it happened, it didn’t took long until our inner animals came out again. Our clothes were flying through the air. We were naked in less than ten seconds. We kept on kissing, our hands were all over each others bodies.

Then I went down on her. I ate out her tasty pussy. I teased her a little. Only one finger was sliding in and out of her pussy while almanbahis adresi my tongue was on her clit. I told her that it was all I was willing to give to her, and that she had to focus herself to get the best out of it.

It took me a while, not that it mattered, I love eating pussy, it just makes me incredible hard and horny, until she jumped over the edge. Until she had an orgasm. Until her legs were trembling and her moaning all of a sudden stopped. Then I gave her a break. I pulled out my finger, I went back up again and gave her a few gentle kisses.

While doing so her hand grabbed my rock hard dick. She jerked me off for some time, then she slid my dick inside her dripping wet pussy. Her pussy immediately wrapped herself around my cock. It felt nothing but great. I fucked her gently. I enjoyed every thrust I gave her.

Her moaning got more and more intense. Our moaning was filling the room. More and more tension was building up. We both came closer and closer with every thrust I gave her. Then she whispered something into my ear: “Cum inside me. Cum inside my unprotected pussy. Breed me. Make me a mom.”

Hearing her saying that turned me on even further. A few short moments after she was finishing that sentence, I came. My balls dumped their nasty load inside her dripping wet pussy. She came with me.

After pulling out our sweat covered, totally relaxed bodies collapsed onto each other. We kept on cuddling, we kept on kissing, until we were back up and running again. Then I had to ask her one question: “I am I really dumping my loads into an unprotected pussy?”

Her answer was a short one: “Yes, you do.”

For a brief moment of time, I panicked. What if I am going to knock her up? Am I ready to be a father? Is she the right one? Should I stop?

She realized what was going on inside me. She looked me in the eyes. While having a huge smile on her face: “Don’t worry, it will be okay. You’ll do fine as a father.”

Hearing her saying that calmed me down. And I kept on breeding her. Over and over again, for days, for weeks, for months, until she was with child. But the fucking didn’t stopped because of it. No, no it got even better.

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