My Girlfriend’s Daughters_(1)My Girlfriend’s Daughters_(1)

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I had been dating Vanessa for a few weeks now. She is a gorgeous 40 year-old African- American beauty. Everything was going splendidly. I was a few years older than Vanessa. Being from different races was never a problem. Things were moving along so well that she wanted me to meet her two daughters. The three of them are very close, and Vanessa thought it was the right time for me to meet her’ little darlings’. Of course, I agreed. What could be the harm in meeting Vanessa’s young girls? If only I had known the trouble I was about to encounter, maybe I would have kept driving as I got closer to Vanessa’s house that day.

Walking towards the front door, I felt a twinge of excitement as well as doubt. I was glad that Vanessa thought enough of me to ask me to meet her daughters. But, I was also feeling a little anxious and hoped that the girls would approve of me. Knocking on the door, it took only seconds for Vanessa to answer.With a big smile on her face, she wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a wet kiss on the mouth. “Wow,” I said. ” What a lovely welcome.” “So glad you could make it. Come in. The girls will be down soon.” I followed her to the couch. My eyes glued to her swaying hips under that tight red dress. Vanessa crossed her legs and her silky thighs were all I could see. Reaching out my hand to touch her thigh, I moved closer and went in for another kiss. “Down, boy,” she said, putting up a hand to stop my advance.

Noticing the disappoint in my eyes, she added, ” My girls will be down any moment. We’ll have time to play later.” At that very moment, we heard footsteps descending the stairs. Vanessa’s daughters came into full and glorious view of my wanton gaze. They were both stunning and dressed rather provocatively. My eyes, and pants, bulged as I took in the delicious sight. I probably shouldn’t have been staring so intently, but these two were just amazingly beautiful young women. “These are my daughters,” Vanessa began. “This is Ivy ,” she said, looking at her beautiful 18 year-old with the flawless skin and full perky breasts. Her jet black hair fell passed her bare shoulders. Ivy’s form-fitting, strapless white dress accentuated every delicious curve. “And this is Diamond ,” she said extending a hand to touch the 21 year-old stunner on the wrist. Diamond had a devilish smile coupled with an innocence that had me curious to find out more about her. Her short, black dress left little to the imagination. Diamond ‘s mocha skin and long, silky legs made her irresistible They both smiled at me and said hello. Hopefully, I wasn’t being too obvious with my infatuation. Vanessa just looked at me and smirked, knowing the effect her daughters could have on the opposite sex. And the same sex for that matter. “Nice to meet you,” I replied. “Gorgeous, just like your Mother.” They returned shy half-smiles. They kissed Vanessa and waved goodbye .

Out the door they went. No doubt a night of sexy trouble awaited them. Vanessa and I enjoyed a fabulous dinner at a favorite restaurant of ours before going home for some dessert. The second we walked in the door, my hands ( and mouth) were all over her. I scooped her up and carried Vanessa to her bedroom. Kissing her softly on the lips, my hands worked on undressing her. My senses tingled as I ravished every inch of her delectable body. While squeezing her soft, voluptuous breasts, I licked Vanessa’s ears and neck. This drove her wild, and she began moaning loudly. Fuck, I was horny. Pleasuring my beautiful lady as her moans of pleasure rang through the house. Moving my way down her body, I attacked her pussy with an intensity I had never experienced before. My oral skills were too much for her and she quickly came, grinding against my face. Greedily, I licked her juices. Needing to be inside her, I slipped out of my pants and slid my rock hard cock into her hot hole. Vanessa’s soaking wet pussy accepted my Levent Escort cock deep with the first thrust.It felt amazing as I rammed my dick harder with each successive plunge. She was getting close again as was I.

Our simultaneous explosion was intense. We came so hard that we just laid there on the bed, reveling in the afterglow of our climax. “Spend the night,” Vanessa said kissing me softly on the lips. “What about your daughters?” I asked. “They’re big girls. They know their Mom fucks on occasion.” She offered me a warm smile and I crawled next to her and we fell asleep in each other’s arms. The sex must have exhausted me more than I had thought, for the next time I opened my eyes the morning sun shone through the curtains in Vanessa’s bedroom. The smell of bacon woke me from my slumber . I got out of bed and trudged down the stairs. Vanessa greeted me in a silky green robe, which showed plenty of her sexy legs. Staring at them made me instantly hard. I went in to kiss her good morning. Our tongues danced as I reached to undo her robe. My attempt was thwarted when I heard voices coming from the dining room. Through the swinging door came Ivy and Diamond . Both clad in half-shirts and skimpy panties. One at a time they gave Vanessa a hug and a peck on the cheek. I couldn’t help but stare at their backsides as they embraced their Mother. My cock grew so rigid, I thought it may burst from my shorts. Giving me a knowing grin the two girls sat at the table and waited for breakfast to be ready. The four of us sat down, and as we ate I felt a little awkward at being there the morning after. “Did you two have fun last night?” Vanessa asked. “It was great, Mom” Diamond replied. ” I bet not as much fun as you had here,” Ivy added with a sly smile. Vanessa, playfully, squeezed my thigh then leaned in and gave me a soft kiss on the lips.

I could feel my cheeks turning red as the girls’ gaze fell upon us. “I always have fun with Dillon,” Vanessa said, while under the table her hand ran over the bulge in my boxers. My first thought was to excuse myself from this tense situation, but my massive erection would of only caused me further embarrassment . Vanessa quickly escalated my anxiety when she reached inside my underwear and released my engorged cock. Using my pre-cum, she stroked me slowly as she talked to her daughters as if nothing unusual was going on. As she continued to play with my cock, my breathing became heavy and I got lost in her touch. “What are your plans today girls?” Vanessa asked, not missing a beat with her stroking. “Thought I might do some shopping, ” Ivy answered. “That’s a great idea,” Diamond added. Vanessa pumped my cock slowly as she conversed with her daughters .What was she thinking? Was Vanessa going to jerk me off to completion ? I was so nervous yet, at the same time, extremely exhilarated. “Are you alright,Dillon?” Diamond inquired. I noticed all three ladies staring at me as I tried to focus on her question. Her mother continued to pleasure my cock until I thought I would explode. “Yes. I’m fine,” I answered, not sure if she was convinced.

Mercifully, Vanessa stopped with her handjob and after a bit , the girls got dressed and went to go shopping. When the door closed, Vanessa smiled at me and sunk to the floor. Her tongue teased the head of my swollen dick before she slid it into her delicious mouth. She kept me on the edge, expertly pleasing me with her mouth while she stroked me with her hand. I needed to cum so badly at this point. She sensed the pressure building then mercifully allowed my release. I came so hard shooting globs of cum all over her lovely breasts. We kissed once more and she went to shower, leaving me to rest on the couch. Barely awake, I felt a tap on my shoulder. Vanessa stood over me. “I’m off to work. You can use my shower if you like. See you tonight.” She kissed me and walked out the door. Escort Levent Finally forcing myself upright, I ascended the stairs and jumped in the shower. The warm water felt great. My thoughts drifted back to Vanessa as I soaped up my skin. Her soft lips pressed against mine. Her large breasts bouncing as I slammed my cock deep inside her. I wrapped my fist around my erection as I pictured her full lips welcoming me into her warm wet mouth. Just as I felt my orgasm building, I was suddenly interrupted by a voice coming from the hallway. Hurriedly, I dried off and wrapped a towel around my waist. Opening the bathroom door, I entered the hall and found it empty. Maybe, I was hearing things. Turning around, I noticed movement out of the corner of my eye. There was Ivy, a wicked smile upon her face, giving me the once-over. “Uh…Ivy,” I stammered as she moved towards me. With this young beauty so close , a bulge formed under my towel. Her grin became wider the more she ogled me in my almost naked state. Wanting to stop whatever ideas were going through her head , I needed to speak up now. “Ivy, let me get dressed and I’ll see you downstairs,” I stated, sounding almost like I was pleading. She agreed and disappeared into her room. With my head spinning, I quickly put on a t-shirt, boxers and a pair of plaid shorts.

Making my way down the hall then slowly descending the stairs, I took a seat on the couch and tried to collect my thoughts. A few seconds later, Ivy came down in nothing but a see-through white top and lime green panties. Her nipples were quite visible against the flimsy material. Those sexy, smooth legs were mesmerizing. What in the world was this girl planning? “You look nice, “Ivy said. “But I think I prefer you in that towel.” She slid in next to me and crossed her gorgeous legs. I couldn’t help taking a peek. There was a stirring in my pants.’ Damn, I’m in trouble’, I thought to myself. She noticed me glancing at her body. Ivy’s seduction was just getting started. “What do you think of my outfit? ” she inquired, standing up and turning around so I could see every bit of her luscious, young body. I must admit, she had an amazing figure. Her ass was perfect. Even better than her Mom’s. She sat back down inching a little closer to me. I could feel the palpable tension in the air. For a couple of minutes, Ivy didn’t say one word. Her beautiful brown eyes bore into me as I sat there nervously. “Ivy! What are you doing? ” implored a female voice.

I turned to see Diamond coming from the kitchen. She sat on the other side of me on the couch. Her attire was sexy, but not as overtly as her sister’s. Diamond wore a short purple skirt and black halter top. She smelled wonderful. As her aroma wafted past my nose, my erection became larger. Was she here to rescue me? Or would she assist in Ivy’s seduction? I should of got up and left. Went far away from this sinful temptation. Diamond’s devious grin told me all I needed to know. ” I can see why my Mom likes you so much, ” Diamond began. Her hand falling on my knee. My heart pounded inside my chest. Her manicured fingernails raked across the bare skin of my leg. Ivy observed with gleeful amusement. “You should have seen him in just a towel. Yummy, ” Ivy teased as she ran a hand over my chest. This had gone too far, but I was in no position to stop it. My girlfriend’s two beautiful, young girls were coming on to me. She would be gone for hours. It was like that Seinfeld episode where Jerry’s brain plays his penis in a game of chess. But, in this case, my penis won. As Diamond’s hands were undoing my belt, Ivy kissed me on the neck and began sucking my ear. She found my weak spot and I could do nothing but surrender to there will. ” WOW!” both girls exclaimed simultaneously when Diamond released my manhood. ” No wonder my Mom screams so loud,” Diamond added before going down on me for the first Levent Escort Bayan time. Watching Vanessa’s delectable daughter devour my cock while her youngest kissed and licked me on the neck had all my senses tingling.

I leaned back, closed my eyes and gave into the pleasure. After removing my shirt, Ivy left a trail of wet kisses from my neck down to my stomach. She looked on while her older sister made love to my cock with her skilled mouth. Like a good sister Diamond grasped me in her hand and offered me up to Ivy. She flicked her tongue along my shaft. Ivy teased the head a bit before taking me in her hungry mouth. “Do you like that?” Diamond inquired, obviously knowing the answer. “My little sis really knows how to suck cock. She should, I’m the one who taught her. ” Diamond grabbed my cock from Ivy, deep-throating me and gagging as she pulled me out of her mouth. The two sexy devils took turns popping the head in and out, back and forth. From one sweet mouth to the other. Until I was on the verge of exploding. “We don’t want you to cum yet, ” Ivy stated. “Let’s see how good you are at eating pussy.” Ivy spread her sexy legs and motioned for me to feast on her wetness. Without hesitation, I dove in and lapped at her sticky lips. She tasted so sweet and her soft moans were like music to my ears. I love knowing that a woman is enjoying herself and Ivy left no doubt . As her sighs filled the room, I became more aggressive in my licking. Wanting nothing more than to see her quivering in front of me as her orgasms consumed her. Adding two fingers to maximize the pleasure, I pushed Ivy over the edge. She shook uncontrollably as the waves of ecstasy hit her.

Diamond, growing a bit jealous after watching her sister get off, turned me over and climbed on top. Her pussy, all hot and wet, felt fantastic as it worked my cock. Her grinding hips had me throbbing inside her, while the most filthy of words came pouring from her talented mouth. Diamond told me about the times she masturbated herself to sleep as her Mother and I fucked in Vanessa’s room down the hall. Even going so far as to slip out of her bed and watch us. That time, Diamond rubbed her pussy as I slammed my cock into her Mom. She wanted to come in and bite my sweet ass, but thought better of it. “I imagined you were fucking my tight pussy. My lips being stretched by your manhood as I squealed with delight. You cumming in my mouth and me swallowing every delicious drop,” Diamond purred while she bounced hard on my cock. Ivy played with herself as her big sister fucked with abandon. Ivy plunged three fingers into her wet hole as she looked on intently. Diamond screamed, riding me ever faster, trying to get herself off. I could feel my own orgasm starting to build.

Moving next to me on the couch, Ivy licked and sucked on my ear only adding to my intense pleasure. Finally, Diamond came. She writhed ecstatically, her whole body convulsing as she reveled in the afterglow of her release. ” Fuck me now, ” Ivy begged, parting her legs and running a couple of fingers over her engorged clit. I slid inside her soaked pussy. It was so tight, hugging my cock. With her clitoral stimulation, plus my big dick pounding inside her, Ivy came so hard pushing my cock out of her hot pussy. ” Your turn, Dillon, ” Diamond said. Taking my cock in her hands, she slowly stroked it, up and down. Ivy moved in closer, licking the head as her sister stroked faster. The pressure became too much to bear. A little more of this tag-team and I could no longer hold back. The girls stuck out their tongues as cum shot from my cock. It went on their pretty faces and inside their hungry mouths. They enjoyed every last glob of cum. We rested on the sofa.

I was still amazed at this unprecedented turn of events. Both girls got up and kissed me softly on the lips. “Looks like you need another shower, ” Ivy said smiling playfully. ” Care to join us?” I watched them climb the stairs. Their beautiful butts swaying as they walked. My cock was hard again at the thought of soaping up those sexy young bodies. Vanessa might be home any minute. I moved toward the stairs.

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