My Girlfriend’s Dad, Part VIMy Girlfriend’s Dad, Part VI


Driving home from the mall I got to thinking about what I had done in less than a week: I’d had sex with three guys, including my best friend, a total stranger and my girlfriend’s father, and one woman, my girlfriend’s mother. It seemed like the only person I hadn’t had sex with recently was my girlfriend.I hadn’t seen much of Jenny in the last two or three weeks. She had gone to the beach one week with her best friend’s family, and then spent a long weekend helping another friend get moved into college early. We had met only twice during that time, and while we had fun together I could sense that she knew – as I did – that the end of that summer would also be the end of our relationship. Still, on both occasions, she had been so ravenously hungry for sex that she got a little careless about when and where we did it.The first time was in the parking lot after a movie, when we started making out in the front of the car and then climbed in the back to fuck. She had me on my back and was riding my cock when another couple pulled into the empty space next to us, and as the woman got out, Jenny’s naked back caught her eye. She smiled broadly and called her husband over, and for the next minute or so they watched as Jenny moved on top of me. Finally, the husband pulled her away, just before Jenny had a screaming orgasm.The second time was during a visit to a small lake up in the hills, where we had often parked at night to have sex. This time it was mid-afternoon, but the place was deserted and she insisted on skinny-dipping in a rocky cove that was largely hidden from the rest of the shore. We had started making out in the water, and when I got hard she led me by the dick up to a small sandy spot and we had a short but very intense fuck. When I dropped her off later she gave me kind of a wistful look, almost as if she knew the end of our relationship was near.Thinking about Jenny made me want to see her again, so when I got home I texted her. She texted right back that she was out with some friends and she would call me later. But I didn’t hear from her that night, or the next morning, so I let it go.My mom had been bugging me to go shopping for some things I would need at college. I’d been leaving in a little less than two weeks. So, when she suggested it again for that afternoon I said okay. We got home just before five, and after putting everything away I went out on the back porch to chill for a bit.I texted Jenny about going out that night, but she didn’t answer right away. Casting about for something else to do I thought of the guy in the mall bathroom, and my cock gave a little isvecbahis start.Fuck it, I thought, and went inside to find the slip of paper with his number.I couldn’t find it at first, and was actually getting a little panicky when I finally checked the pants I’d been wearing that day, which I’d inadvertently kicked under the bed. I took the slip of paper back outside and sat down. At first, I couldn’t think what to write that wouldn’t sound lame.“Hi, met u in mall bathroom would like to c u again.”That sounded too teenager-ish so I tried again.“Hi, we met at the mall. I enjoyed would like to meet again.”That still didn’t work. What if he had met someone else besides me? If so, it occurred to me, he’s kind of loose. But then, who was I to talk?After puzzling about it for five minutes or so, I finally thought, fuck it, and typed, “Hi, we met at the mall most fun I’ve had in a bathroom in a long time.”Ten minutes later I got a reply.“Glad you enjoyed,”That was fast, I thought.“So can we meet again?”The reply was quicker this time.“Sure when would you like?”“Sooner the better.”“I am home alone tonight come over.”I hadn’t expected anything to happen this fast, but why not?“Love to. Where?”He gave me the address. I didn’t recognize the street name but when I mapped it, it was only about fifteen minutes away. I briefly wondered why the name was unfamiliar.“Ok, what time?”“8.”“Ok see you then.”“Great.”It was only after we signed off that I began to wonder why he was inviting me to his place when his wife and kids would presumably be home.When I got to his street I realized why the street name had been unfamiliar: He lived in a gated community of truly enormous homes. Most of them were clustered on a hill overlooking the city.How was I supposed to get through the gate?At that moment I got a text.“Tell the guard ur here to see Andrews, he knows I’m having a guest.”Sure enough, the gate was opened. I drove up a long, steep curving road through several stands of trees until I found his number on a stone pillar by a driveway paved with bricks. I turned in, and found myself again among huge trees, their branches arching over the road.Finally, the trees ended and I saw the house.My jaw dropped. It wasn’t the biggest house I’d ever seen, but it might have been the most beautiful: Immaculate pale yellow stucco, three stories, green shutters on the many windows, decorated entranceway framing two big wooden doors, shrubs and flower beds. The whole thing looked like something out of Architectural Digest.The driveway ended in a loop in front of the house. I pulled off to the side where it widened isveçbahis giriş near the entrance and parked. As I got out I looked back the way I’d come and got an absolutely spectacular view of the city, where the lights were just coming on.The door opened and he came out.He was even more handsome than I remembered; movie-star looks; sandy blond hair, perfect physique, killer smile with perfect teeth. But he was wearing an Old Navy T-shirt, frayed shorts and flip-flops like an ordinary person you’d meet on the beach.“Hi,” he said, flashing that smile again. “Come on in.”As he closed the door behind me he leaned in to kiss me.I was a little surprised, because in all my fooling around with Gil or with Jenny’s dad we had never kissed. But the kiss was so gentle that I relaxed, and when he started kissing me more passionately I kissed back. My heart was racing.When he broke it off he said, “For tonight, I’m Adam and you’re David.”“Ok, Adam,” I said. “Where is your family?”“At my wife’s mother’s place, for the whole week. After work Friday I’m going, too.”I must have looked a little anxious anyway, because he said, “Don’t worry, we’re alone.”He took me by the hand and led me down a broad hallway to what must have been the family room, with a huge flat-screen TV on the far wall, a bunch of comfortable-looking couches and chairs and toys strewn all about.“Excuse the mess,” he said. “They only left a couple of hours ago and I haven’t had a chance to straighten up. Like a drink?”“Sure,” I said.He went through a doorway into what must have been the kitchen, and came back a minute later with two tumblers full of what turned out to be gin and tonic.“You look like you’ve got a lot of questions,” he said. “Here are the answers: Yes, my wife knows about this and is fine with it. She knew I was bi when we married, and as long as I’m discreet and careful, she doesn’t mind what I do. No, I don’t do it that often. I certainly don’t make a habit of picking up guys in mall bathrooms. But when I saw you go in, with your hard-on showing in your pants, something just came over me.”He smiled again that dazzling smile.“I’m just lucky you weren’t an unusually young mall cop,” he said, laughing. “By the way, how old are you?”“Eighteen,” I said. “Just graduated high school.”“Great,” he said, taking a long swallow of his drink. I took a big swig from mine, too.After a minute he went on, “I know you don’t know me at all, but I’m going to ask you to trust me. If you do, you’ll have an incredible night.”He smiled again.“I guess I can do that,” I said.“Ok, then, finish your drink.”I did, and he got isveçbahis yeni giriş up and beckoned me to follow. We went back into the hallway and headed up the stairway. At the top, he turned to the left, and we found ourselves in an enormous bedroom. The king-sized bed was on one side; on the other was a small sitting area with a couple of plush chairs and another flat-screen TV. There were windows on two sides, and even from the doorway, the view was spectacular.Adam went into the bathroom and I followed.The bathroom was bigger than my bedroom at home. The toilet and a bidet were on one side, a huge marble sink in the middle, and to the left was a sunken tub and an enormous shower with glass sides.Adam handed me a little bottle with a nozzle on it. “I assume you know how to use this?”I nodded. I hadn’t used one before, but I knew what to do. But it hadn’t occurred to me that he might fuck me, and when I thought of taking his enormous cock in my ass my stomach knotted a little.“When you’re done, get into the shower. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”He walked out and closed the door.I took off my clothes and got started. When I was done I turned on the shower, and when it was good and hot I stepped in.I turned my face up and let the water stream over me. The drink had been a strong one, and I felt myself start to relax. The knot in my stomach came undone.I heard the bathroom door open. Then the shower door opened, and Adam stepped in with me.I turned to look at him. Not only was he the best-looking man I’d ever seen, he had a near-perfect physique: beautifully proportioned,  with toned but not overdeveloped muscles and not an ounce of fat. His chest and body hair was blond and very fine, with a slight tinge of red on his pubes.And then there was that cock. Even completely flaccid, it must have been a full nine inches long.Adam saw me gazing at it and laughed.“Yes, I’m lucky in that department,” he said.With that, he took me by the arm, moved me out of the stream of water, turned me around and picked up the soap. He started with my neck, massaging me vigorously as he worked his way from my neck down. When he got to my buttocks he gently nudged my legs apart and soaped my crack, moving forward as he did so until he reached my hole. When he slipped a finger in I gasped, but I soon relaxed and let him clean me thoroughly.When he was done there he kneeled to work on my legs, massaging my thighs and calves. When he reached my ankles he turned me around. Still kneeling, he lifted my feet one by one and washed them thoroughly, even between the toes. Then he started working his way up.By this time my cock was semi-hard, and if he had looked up it would have poked him in the eye. But he kept his head down, and even when it bumped now and then against the top or side of his head he seemed not to notice.Finally, he did look up.

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