My Freshman RoommateMy Freshman Roommate


From the first time I saw her, Jan scared me. I was a relatively innocent 18 year old freshman, excited to be away from home for the first time. Okay, not very far away, just six or eight hours. But UCLA was nothing like my home in Oakland. But back to Jane.

She was scary. Tattoos, lots of tattoos. And so, well, aggressively gay. Practically the first thing she asked me was if I were gay. The way she said it made me feel like saying no was the wrong answer. I guess for her it was. She was so disappointed. Then she asked if I had a problem with her being gay. I said of course not. She said good, because her girlfriend from Fresno was going to spend the weekend with us.

That made me nervous. I even thought about going home for the weekend. But it was the first weekend! I just couldn’t. I’m glad I didn’t. Jane’s girlfriend was lovely. She was smart, and sweet, and so, um, normal. She was also gorgeous. She didn’t look it when you first met her, she was very modest. Not at all like Jane, who made sure you saw as many of her tats as possible: low rider cut offs, leather harnesses. When I asked her if it didn’t draw a lot of attention, the wrong kind of attention, she just said it was hot.

But Mary was all skirts below the knees and white blouses that seemed to button up to her neck. You know the type. kağıthane escort The only way I knew how gorgeous she was, was because, well, because it wasn’t a very big dorm room. Neither Jane – for sure – nor even Mary, to my surprise, were at all modest. Friday night when it was time to turn in, their clothes came off and even in the semi-dark of the room, there was no question of what they were doing to each other. Yikes!

And Mary could have been a Playboy bunny. What a body she kept hidden under those clothes! By Sunday afternoon when Mary left, I’d learned more about sex than in my whole life up until then. At least more about that kind of sex. There was more than that, too. When Mary left she came over to me and gave me a hug and a kiss. It was a kiss on the cheek, but still. It was, I mean, a real kiss. Not an air kiss. The kind of kiss that made me self conscious about how our boobs were touching. And the way she looked at me. Like she knew something I didn’t. Of course that was true. But it wasn’t something that I wanted to know!

After that Jane was a lot nicer to me. Still, it came as a surprise when she asked me to come with her to a party in the Community Center. I had missed the announcement, but I was happy to go. Who doesn’t like sarıyer escort a party! With dancing! When I got there, though, it was all girls. Duh. Of course.

Those kind of girls. I started to leave and Jane asked me to dance. Then a slow song came and she held me. I told her I was happy for her and Mary, but I wasn’t like them, and it was time for me to go. She laughed and followed me back to the room.

I was getting nervous. It turned out that I was right to be. Jane pulled out a joint and fired it up. I didn’t, don’t smoke. But somehow she got me to take a puff, just for once. It hit me like a hammer. Jane started talking about sex, and asked if I were a virgin, and had I ever though about girls, and had I ever kissed a girl, and then somehow we were kissing.

Things got out of control fast. My breasts, my nipples, kissing, kissing, her fingers trembling, under my skirt, it felt so good. So that’s were it happened. My first orgasm. Sitting on the floor of my dorm room, kissing Jane. She undressed me then and we got into her bed. She went down on me for what seemed like hours.

I kept having orgasms. It was incredible. At some point she used her fingers to take my virginity for real. It was totally different from what I’d expected. sefaköy escort The way her fingers moved inside of me was strange, and scary, and intensely orgasmic. I don’t know how long she made love to me. Eventually we fell asleep.

In the morning she did it all, ALL, all over again. Plus she scissored me until both of us came. Then she took me out to lunch. It was so weird. In public, she acted like everything was perfectly normal. Like we were just roommates. Except in little ways, she treated me like I was her girlfriend. I was upside down, inside out. Part of me was in love with her. Part of me was disgusted with myself. Part of me wanted, I can hardly even write this, even now, but part of me wanted to lick her pussy. I just felt so, so, grateful.

Part of me – a big part of me – just wanted to scream. Then, Saturday afternoon, Mary showed up. And she and Jane are, like, totally normal. It was almost like I wasn’t there. I was insanely jealous. I was relieved that Jane would do Mary and not touch me again. Ha! As soon as their clothes came off and I could smell that musky pussy odor, they turned to me. It was too much. But I didn’t know how to stop them.

I didn’t want to make Jane made at me. So we all had sex together. I went down on Jane and on Mary. I’m so disgusted. I’m so confused. I’ve never felt so good and so bad at the same time. Mary licked my pussy while I was licking Jane, for the first time, and I even had an orgasm while I was doing it. It was like going crazy. It’s been a week now. Jane’s very protective, and I’m grateful for that. My favorite position is 69 because I can totally lose myself in the pleasure, both of our pleasures.

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