My first Time_(4)My first Time_(4)


My First Time
April 1st, 2000
Today as I closed up the building, I was making my rounds on the 3rd floor. I locked up the restrooms and made my way down the hall. I heard noise coming from the last office. As I neared the door a woman came out and we almost collided.
“Careful!” I said as I stuck out my hand to try to brace her.
“I’m sorry!”she said as her hip pushed up against my hand. “Oh! Can you open the restrooms for me, please Mr. Security….”
“Sure, no problem.” I responded.
I walked her down the hall to the restrooms. As we walked I couldn’t stop looking at her bouncy ass. I had seen her around, the voluptuous brunette. She had big brown eyes, some nice fucking tits and a phat ass. She fucken smelled delicious as hell.
I opened the door for her and as she walked in she grabbed my hand.
“Come here.” She said.
I followed her in and she brought me close. She pressed her lips against mine, our tongues dancing together. She sucked on my tongue, I could feel my cock getting hard.
She stopped and pushed me away.
“What’s wrong?” I asked.
” I have to tell you something.” She said.
Now I’m thinking that she might have a boyfriend or a husband, hell even a girlfriend.
“What is it?”
She paused and looked at me with those big brown eyes. “I have a cock.” She said.
I was stunned. Then I laughed,” hahaha, if you have a cock, I’ll suck that shit.”
She looked at me and I at her. She looked down and I followed her gaze down. She lifted her skirt and exposed some light blue lace panties. She moved her panties to the side and took out a throbbing fucken cock.
I looked at her and she smiled,” you said something about sucking me.”
What the fuck, I thought. I started to feel like when I’m about to go on a rollercoaster. My palms are a little sweaty, I’m a little nervous. I looked at her and can’t believe how sexy she is, cock and all. I looked at her brown eyes and they comfort me. Well, Erzincan Escort I thought, I am a man of my word. I got down on my knees and started stroking her. It was awkward at first since the only cock I ever had in my hand was mine.
She took my head and slowly pushed her cock in my mouth. Her head split my warm, wet mouth. I started sucking her, She looked at me and said,” I want you to suck me like you would like to be sucked.”
As I sucked her cock I started to think about the girlfriends that I had and the things they did to me. By this point I was deep throating her and spitting on her cock. I started to massage her asshole in a circular motion, she started to quiver.
I pushed one finger in and kept sucking her dick. Now I was finger banging her ass and sucking her cock. As her ass began to loosen, I pushed another finger in. Now I have 2 fingers in her hole as I licked her shaft.
She moaned louder as I banged her ass and sucked her. She grabbed my head and said,’ I’m gonna bust! Holy shit, I gonna bust!…..”
As she gets ready to shoot in my mouth I turn my head, her cock slips out of my mouth and she bust all over the wall.
“What the fuck!” She said.
“Hey! I said I would suck you not swallow.”
She smiled at me and said,” maybe next time.” She pass by me and grabbed my cock,” maybe next time I’ll show you how to swallow.”
Oh fuck I thought. As she walked out I asked her, ” hey, what’s your name?”
“Sandy”, She replied,” I’ll see you Monday Mr. Security .”
As she walked away I couldn’t stop thinking on how much I wanted my cock in her bouncy ass… next time..

April 7th, 2000
All week I kept running into Sandy. Nothing like last Saturday, simply hi and bye, until today.
I was walking to my car at the end of the day when a soft whistle pierced the air. It was Sandy and she was walking up behind me.
“Hey what’s up!” I said as I waited for her.
Erzincan Escort Bayan ” I asked the guards if they could escort me to my car and they told me to catch up to you…” she said catching her breath.
“Haha….. lazy fucks,” I said. ” sure, come on, I’ll walk ya..”
“I’m not a dog!” She retorted. ” but I do like to be put on a leash sometimes…”
Hachachacha. .. I thought. I looked at her and as she bit her lip, she winked. Fuck, I felt my dick rush with blood. She giggled and slapped my shoulder.
“So, where’s your car?” I asked.
She pointed to a mustang parked in between 2 large Suv’s. It almost looked like the Suv’s were getting titty fucked., hahaha.
“A Mustang!” I said with a chuckle. ” it figures that a woman would drive a mustang.”
“Oh Hell No!” She said. “My car has balls!”
“Just like you.. lol…” I couldn’t help it.
She walks up to me and says,” but you like that shit, huh…” she looked at me. “What kinda man are you, Chevy, Dodge?”
” I’m a Chevy lover.” I said.
“Hey Mr. Chevy Lover, can this Ford girl suck your Chevy cock in the back seat of my Ford Mustang?”
Holy Fuck…… “Hell yea!” I said.
Her windows where tinted dark and we were between 2 big Suv’s, perfect.
She opened her car and I went in first. I sat behind the driver side, she sat behind the passenger. She lifted her skirt to reveal her purple satin panties. She reached over and started to rub my cock over my pants.
“Lay down,” She said, ” I want to 69 you.”
I laid down and she got on top of me. I pulled up her skirt and she started to undo my belt. I slid her cock out of her panties and she pulled mine out of my pants. Our warm mouths touched each other’s cocks almost at the exact time, it sent shivers down my spine.
We engaged in a oral ballad. Our mouths rhythmically sucking and slurping at each other’s members. Escort Erzincan She started thrusting her hips down on my face, her cock going deeper into my throat.
“Fuck, I’m gonna cum! ” she said.
At the same time I felt like I was about to explode.
“Wait!.” She said, “someone’s coming.. don’t move….”
She kept thrusting her hips, her cock was still in mouth, her hand kept jerking me.
“Don’t move..” she whispered.
I heard foot steps. Tip, tap, tip, tap…
Her cock still sliding in my mouth. Fuck, I’m about to cum, I thought to myself.
“Don’t move…” she whispered. She sliped her mouth over my cock.
Her cock exploded in my mouth.
My cock exploded in her mouth.
Tip, tap,tip, tap… the foot steps are right next to us. Tip, Tap, tip, tap.
Her warm cum runs down my throat, tasted a little like oranges. I continue to suck her cock like a straw, slurping all her cum out, she returned the favor.
I hear the door of the car to the left of us open. I keep sucking her until she quivers and begged me to stop. The engine turns on. She plays with my cock and balls. The Suv pulls out and leaves.
We sat up and fixed ourselves. We exited her car. I held the door open for her. She looked at me and said, “didn’t I tell you that I would teach you how to swallow.”
“Yup you did,” I said, ” what’s next on the lesson plan?”
She entered her car. “You’re gonna have to wait till next time.” She leaned over and kissed my lips. ” Mmmmm…. is that what I taste like?”
She turned on her car and rolled her window down. She motioned for me to come close.
“Next time, I want you inside my ass.” She said with a wink,” next time.”
She pulled out and drove off.
As she drove off, I took a deep breath, looked up and exhaled. As I exhaled I noticed a little black dome on top of where her car was parked. Aw fuck, a camera. Did my co-workers just witness me get some car action in the parking lot? Oh well, I guess I’ll find out next time I come to work.

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