my early years part 1my early years part 1


I was 13 when i lost my virginty, to say that it was disapointing is an understatement, a quick finger from my 16 yr old italian boyfriend down by the boating lake, then he hitched my skirt up laid me down and put his cock in me, thrust a few times and shot hot spunk in my virgin pussy…. I had no idea where everyone else were but i wanted to get home, so got up and left, he shouted bye and walked the other way. The spunk dripping down my thighs as i walked home without my knickers on was the highlight of the whole thing, untill i got home and went to my bedroom to clean up, as i touched the tissue to my pussy it felt so tender, and i wiped a bit of boy- cum away the smell of sex wafted up and i felt so hot and horny…..
I licked the cum on the tissue and to my surprise it tasted nice, not just nice but thick sticky and salty, but that was it, hooked on cum, and preceded to scrape every bit of cum out with my fingers and eat it all..
I shared my house with 4 foster brothers, Jason (18), Peter (16) ,Simon (14), and John (12), my foster mum Renie (36), and foster dad Ken (40), i had my own room next to the room my 2 youngest brothers shared, i was very close to the 14 yr old Simon.
We could talk for hours and he would often sit in my room and chat for hours about anything, he helped me a lot when i first moved in 2 yrs befor,
But now i felt different, i felt grown up and needed to know more and the only way to learn was to ask, so a couple of nights later when simon came to my room and sat there chatting i just got up off the bed and pulled my t-shirt off and stood there in my short skirt and bra, although my tits wernt fully grown they had a lovely shape for 34c tits,
Simon just looked at my boobs and carried on jabbering about school, so i went 1 step further and lifted the bottom of my skirt up, in them days the knickers were not that appealing but 14 yr old boy, bra and knickers you think a reaction at least,,, but no just jabber. In a strop i put my skirt back down and walked out the bedroom and into the bathroom, dropped my nkickers to the floor and sat on the toilet to wee, then just kicked my knickers off toward the bath, and a shock, John the 12yr old was standing at the end of the bath with his little (but hard) cock in his hand and spunk dripping out the end, 1 long drip just hanging out the small hole in the end.
I was gob smacked, in shock, time seemed to stand still as i looked, stared, took in the sight, then he covered it up and shouted at me, i hadnt realised but he could also see me as i was peeing as i must have turned to face him with my legs spread wide, peeing, it was to late couldnt stop so just finished wiped myself got up, smiled at john, and as i walked out i put my finger through the drip of spunk hanging from his hand and put it in my mouth as i walked out the bathrom, the taste turned my legs to jelly, as i made my way back to my room.
Simon was still sitting on my bed when i came back, i told him to move cuz i wanted to get in bed, and unhooked my bra and let it fall to the ground near his feet, he bent down to pickit up just as i opened the button on my skirt and lt it drop round my ankles, standing there now naked and simon face only inches from my once fucked pussy, with my whisps of fluff growing on my mound, didnt seem to do anything for me, and i sat down didnt realise how quiet Simon was and as i looked at him he was holding my bra and just staring at it, then he kept looking between me and my bra without saying a word, he broke the silence and just said wow!
He then got up and walked out still holding my bra in his hands, i just lay there thinkin about the last half hour, and this feeling of wanting simon to comment on my body, and of seeing john in the bathroom, tasting his spunk and knowing he was looking at my pussy, my fingers were rubbing my nipples and the first thing i new about it was the hotwet feeling i was geetting down in my pussy, just like the feeling my boyfriend gave me when he played with it befor he fucked it, i sat up a bit in the bed and kicked the quilt down over my thighs lifted my knees up and let my legs fall open, with 1 hand pulling my nipple my other hand moved down my belly and over my mound to my wet lips, and i slipt a finger in and moved it about a bit, and the feeings grew stronger in the bottom of my stomach, and my finger moved in deeper, and deeper, then 2 fingers the squelching noise was deafening, but i couldnt stop, even if every one else could here what i was doing i couldnt stop.
Then it happened i lost control and just started to lose control and my pussy squeesed itself round my fingers and suck my sticky fingers in and i was cumming and didnt want it to stop, fingers pumping in and out and my whole hand so wet as i started coming down from my high, and my first orgasm ended, mmm my first.
As i started coming back down to earth and opened my eyes, i breathed in the smell of sex in the air, i pulled my fingers out of my pussy and moved them up to smell them, and licked the juice and then sucked them into my mouth, the taste was sweeter than the taste of spunk, but it tasted gorgeous and i cleaned my fingers until i fell into a deep sleep.
I woke in the morning and felt different, and wanted to tell the whole world about my new feelings, and slowly climbed out of bed and put on my bathrobe and went downstairs to where everyone else was having breakfast, as i walked in my eyes met little Johns, who went bright red then looked away, then they met simons stare and he watched as i walked and took my seet next to renie, then Jase the eldest of the boys said good morning to me, with a big grin on his face, and then said”you look really grown up this morning little sis”
I didnt think much to it and everyone just seemed to carry on as normal, nobody knew my secret and i was dying to have another go as soon as possible.
After we all finishd breakfast Ken said he was going into town to do the weekly shop and asked if anybody wanted to go with him, Renie Jase and John all decided to go so only left simon myself and 16 yr old Peter to stay at home, my excuse was that i wanted a bath and to see some mates later, (hopefully the italin stallion,) they all got ready and dissapeared out the door, peter went off upstairs and left me and simon at the table, he just laughed and said “wow” again just like last night.
He then asked if we could go to my room to chat, but i told him i was going to bath soon, so he would have to wait till later, he said he had something for me and that it was upstairs and the only way i would get it was to go to my room and wait, so i agreed, and went to my bedroom, he came in a couple of minutes later carrying my bra, he sat on my bed and handed me the bra and said “i think you have a sexy body and would like to see it again soon,” he then told me that john had told him what had happened the previous day, and that he wishes it was him that was standing in the bathroom watching me pee.
At that i said in a sarcastic manner “do you rub your little cock till you cum then?”
“not very often” was the reply “but i sure did last night kocaeli escort twice”
“and did you cum” i asked
“yes twice” he laughed
“did you come a lot” trying to be flipent and not look to interested
“Enough to fill a tea cup” was the quick reply
i think i was going red now my face felt flushed, but i managed a reply,
“you should have filled it for me, i could have sipped on it while i was in bed,” and laughed so he would think i was joking,
He asked if i had ever tasted cum befor johns, but i wouldnt answer him, he then said that if i flashed him my tits he would rub his cock and cum in a glass for me while i was in the bath so i can have a refreshing drink, at this i dropped my bath robe to the floor and twirled round for him, so he could see my body, then opened my door to go to the bathroom just as peter was coming out of his room, he looked my naked body up and down winked at me and walked past slapping my bare ass as he passed, as he was going down the stairs he was staring back up at me and i was frozen on the spot still facing him still not covering myself over, so he also had a good look at my growing young body.
I finally made it to the bathroom and started running the bath i didnt bother with bubbles i just layed back in the water, thinkin about all the events of the last couple of days, and started to get that feeling again, just as i was about to start touching myself, the bathroom door opened and Simon came walking in carrying a towel, he said that he new there were no clean towels in here so he bought one for me, he didnt perv a look, but asked if he could wee while i was in the bath,
“only if i can watch” i sniggered
“i dont know if i could go if you were watching” he said
“well you will have to try, or wait till ive had my long soak, its your choice” i teased
at that he opened his zip, “oh no you dont” “drop the trousers so i can see you pee properly” i hissed
for the first time he looked at me, he was blushing as he opened the button on his trousers and pushed them down, and then turned toward the loo, “and the pants” i commanded “i want a clear veiw, after all you have seen all of me”
as he pushed his pants down i could see a mass of brown hair then a nice thick and long cock, and some massive lumps hanging below with the odd curly hair sticking out, “WOW,” i nearly shouted “that looks big” i was honestly amazed at the long cock on show, “so pee then” “Iwant to watch it” as he was holding it toward the loo it was nearly a side on vision, he said in a trembling voice “i cant pee, its starting to get hard” and it seemed to grow in his hand, the tingling i was getting between my legs was incredible, and i so wanted to put my fingers in, but was a bit embarrased, but couldnt take my eyes off of Simons cock, he turned to face me and started to rub his hand along the length, and the purple head popped out the end and looked like a small plum with a hole in the end, his balls were swinging back and forth as he started rubbing it faster and faster, he groaned and a shot of cum flew out the end and landed on the side of the bath right next to my arm, he put his other hand under the plum and stopped pilling it so hard and gently rubbed his cock, and his cum was pouring into his cupped hand, his face was all screwed up as though he was in pain, and just kept on cumming it was over flowing onto the floor, until he stopped cumming, he looked down at me and my mouth was wide open in sheer delight, he held his cum filled hand out toward me, i stood up and stepped out the bath and dropped to my knees, and licked his fingrs, then poked my tongue into the puddle of cum and started to lick and slurp until all the spunk had gone out of his hand.
Simons cock was still standing out in front of him, and level with my eyes, Isaid with a shaky voice “i have never touched 1 befor, Can i touch it please?” he just nodded and i put my fingers around the shaft, it seemed to twitch to my touch, and i slid my hand down the length and as i was pulling the shaft back up the length and another big blob of spunk appeared at the plum hole, instict took over and i put my tongue out and licked it away the plum was so smooth and he put his hand gently on the back of my head and gently pulled my head and my mouth slid over the end of his hard cock, it went so far in my mouth it made me reach and i pulled my head away, and got up and ran out the bathroom and into my room and slammed the door behind me….
I dont know why i ran off because it was a good feeling having a cock in my mouth, and the feel of it in my hand had really turned me on but i was feeling confused, so many feelings going through my body, i just layed on my bed, and dozed off.
I woke about an hour later, and was still naked, but my bathrobe was draped over the bottom half of my body, i could smell cum, and instantly realised i had a lot of cum on my tits, splattered all over them, lots of drips, i was confused, but pleased that Simon had cum again for me even though it wasnt in a glass for me to drink, it didnt matter, i just rubbed my fingers through it and sucked it off my fingers instead.
i got up off the bed and got some clean knickers and slipped them on and looked at myself in the mirror, not bad for a young niave girl i thought, and grabbed a short skirt and plain white t shirt, and went off down stairs and into the lounge, Peter was in there with a couple of mates laughing and joking, it went quite when i walked in and all eyes stared at me, i looked at all 3 of them and walked on through to the kitchen, and heard a whistle and they all laughed and then carried on talking, and laughing amongst themslves, I was feeling rather hungry and went to the fridge to get the butter to make a sandwich as the cold air hit me i felt my nipples contract and stiffen, i couldnt understand all these changes that were going on with my body, everything seemed to make me feel tingly inside, it was confusing and didnt know who totalk to about it all.
I got the bread and spread the butter on it and placed some ham on 1 slice and bent over to get a plate out of the cupboard, when i heard Peter “wow thats a nice sight sis, makes me feel hungry, i could just eat that” and laughed, i told him to leave my sandwich alone, and get his own food, he laughed out loud, and replied “your to young to understand at the minute sis, but wont be long befor you realise what its all for, and to get what you want” and went back to join his mates and they all laughed and all came walking through the kitchen staring at my tits and out the back door.
I ate my food and went out myself, called for a friend of mine, Jane she hadjust turned 15, blonde big tits, but a bit on the chubby side compaed to my slim dark haired body, it was a funny friendship between us, she liked me to hang around with her because she liked to hang around with the Italians wich is how i got to know Branco (the Italian stallion) she would always know where to find them, on this particular day as we were walking to meet up with them she said “so you fucked Branco then? you didnt seem to be enjoying it very much, you just layed there and let him have his way”
darıca escort I was shocked that she knew, i know that she was about that night, with all the others but didnt think he would have told them all, When did he tell you all then?” i asked,
“We could all see you Wendy, if you had stayed laying on the floor Carlo was going to have a go on you to, then the others were all going to line up for a go” she remarked “but you just got up and walked off home”
“what all of them?” there was always 6 or 7 of them in there gang, “and Carlo is your boyfriend isnt he, you would let him DO IT with someone else” i was shocked but her reply shocked me even more
“its FUCK not do it” she said in a stern voice “i would let him FUCK you, its only sex and thats the only way you can join there gang, to let them all fuck you and cum in you”
“so you have let them all do it?” i stopped then added “sorry FUCK you”
“more than once” was her answer, She loked so pleased with herself, “i have sucked most of there cocks to, and let them cum in my mouth, then spit it out and suck another”
“so you dont eat it then” i asked
“dont be silly it tastes awfull” she shrieked
just then i felt sick, stomach cramps real bad, i thought i was going to faint, Jane asked if i was alright and said she would walk me home, when we got there Renie was putting the shopping away and felt my haed she said i was really warm and should go and get in bed, at this i disapeared to my room, took of my panties and climbrd into bed, my head was spinning and i soon dozed off, i woke at 11.30 pm and was totaly soaked, i had kicked the quilt off and my t shirt had ridden up to just below my boobs, i felt rough but wet betwen my legs, i looked down and sen blood, lots of blood, i just screamed, a couple of seconds later Ken came bursting into my room, in just his pants, and was greeted by my blood covered pussy in all its glory he came over and cuddled me and called for rennie, she came and took me to the bathroom and cland me up explaining to me about periods and my body changing, she washed my pussy with a warm flannel and it made me fel a lot better and started that tingle inmy belly again, sh said that i should rest for the rest of the week and it would b a regular monthly occurance that would get easier over time, but as this was only the 2nd week of my summer holiday it wouldnt spoil my sumer.
she gave me a tampax and showed me what to do and kissed me goodnight, and i soon fell back to sleep…
A couple of days Renei made me stay in bed to relax, and then the day came she had to go back to work, she told me not to leave the house and that simon and peter would take turns in looking after me.
And that morning Simon bought me up a cup of tea and said that his mum had gone to work and that he was to do whatever i wanted him to do, and he asked me what had made me so ill.
I didnt bother trying to tell him but when i said womens problems he just said “ok it wont last long, and you can still have fun.”
I put my hand on his hand and said “thankyou for my surprise the other night”
“what surprise?”
“when you cum on my tits while i was asleep”
“but i didnt” he said with a strange look on his face
“oh well i thought it must have been a dream” i lied “but it was a good dream”
Now i was thinkin that john had been in my room and wanked his cock over my naked tits, but i had convinced Simon that i was dreaming it, and said to him “If you ever want to do it you can, even if i,m awake, and you still got to fill a glass for me to drink, now pass me a clean t-shirt out of my draw so i can change this 1”
He handed me a black vest top and i sat up and pulled my t-shirt off and chucked it across the room, and leaned back against the head board with my tits on show, and stared at simon, he was just staring at my boobs, i could see him starting to sweat, so i put my hands 1 on each boob and started to rub my nipples with the palm of my hands, his mouth dropped open, and his eyes bulging he stood up and dropped his shorts and pants and grabbed his hard cock and started pumping it.
I reached 1 hand out and grabbed his balls and pulled and pulled him closer to the bed and grabbed his hand that was wanking, and pulled it away. “i want a go at that,” i said, and took over the rubbing of his cock, pulling him closer to me with each stroke, his plum was almost touching my nipple and i could feel the heat from his cock, then it twitched and started shooting spunk up into the air, it landed on my hair, my face and all over my tits, after a few seconds he stopped shooting and i pulled it to my mouth and took it in there and sucked it like a straw, still gtting small spurts of cum out of it, “mmm you taste so good, do you want to taste it SY,?” i asked
“you can kiss me if you want and taste it that way” as he leant forward i scooped some cum off my tit and wiped it on my tongue and as our lips mate i pushed my tongue into his mouth and he seemed to jump a bit but didnt pull away.
“does it taste good Sy? i asked
“not to bad” he replied
“well help me clean it up then” i laughed and pulled his head down to my cum covered nipple, he sucked and sucked, and was really getting into it, but i was feeling so hot in my knickers, and wanted to rub myself, but was afraid to, he then changed to the other nipple and my hand went straight under the quilt and rubbed my pussy through my knickers, till i to cum……
The look on Sys face was a picture, and he was amazed at what had just happened and i looked at his cock and it was bigger than befor, iput my hand round it and said i want to suck it, and pulled him into my mouth, he lasted a bit longer and my jaw was starting to ache but it was worth it when i felt it twitch and start shooting his cum at the back of my throat, there was so much it dribbled out of my mouth, but only a little bit.

When he started to go soft it fell out of my mouth and a bit of cum landed on my boob and Simon went straight down and licked it off put his lips on mine and put his tongue in my mouth and kissed me.
He seems to like the taste i thought and our kissed got more intense until he pulled away, he then kissed each 1 of my nipples and said “you are the best sister in the world” befor getting up putting his cock away and leaving my room.
I layed there for 10 minutes feling really pleased with myself, befor gtting up out of bed, i glimpsed at myself in the mirror and still had little bits of cum on my face and some in my hair, i laughed to myself and went to the bathroom to clean myself up…

I changed my tampax, not much blood now, put my vest top on and a pair of shorts and went down to get some food.
I walked into the living room where peter was sitting in his favourite chair, watching telly, he was only wearing a towel, and looked up at me as i walked past, smiled and said “Hi little sis, are you feling better now, we have all been worried about you, mum said you were really poorly”
“Yeah thanks i’m fine now just womens problems, but i’m nearly over that now” and carried on into the kitchen. Simon was sitting at the dining table when i
walked gölcük escort in, he just had jeans on his shirt was gone, i lauged and said “are you getting ready for bed already, let me have some breakfast first” i put my hand on his shoulder and walked past him to the kettle.
His reply made me snigger “my shirt has got a stain on the front, and i dont want Pete to think i’m a wanker” and laughed.
I shouted to Pete “do you want a cup of tea pete”
“No thanx” he replied as he came strolling into the kitchen, “can i have a coke please?”
“no problem” i said and went to the fridge to get his coke, “What do you want Sy” i said as i pulled the door open, the chilly air hit my face and chest and felt so good, and my nipples tightened on my chest, “i’m ok thanx” he replied
I turned too hand Pete his coke and looked at them both sitting there topless at the table, they both had bodies that matched in shape and size, hunky but not muscular and not skinny, there were both staring at my chest, as i put my hand out with Petes coke he didnt move just stared, “do you want it or not Pete” i Quipped,
“Oh YES, i want it sis” and his hand slowly lifted and took hold of the can “i really need it” and stared right in my eyes and pulled the can out of my hands, “but i’ll stick with coke for now”
He and Simon both laughed, and i just smiled and turned back to the fridge to get the milk, then across the kitchen to get a cup from a high shelf, as i reached up and got a cup, i could feel a cool breeze across my chest and realised the low cut sides on my vest top was showing most of my boobs to the boys, and they were both staring intensly at my chest. i thought it was funny that they both watched every move i made hoping to see somthing, just then the house phone rang, and Pete told Simon to get it, Sy just looked at him and said “no, you go, just cuz you dont want Wendy to see your woody”
At this Pete gave him a punch on the arm and said “do as your told you little wanker”
Simon then got up and stormed off, and left Pete laughing at him. I told Pete he was being horrible to Simon calling him a wanker, his reply was straight to the point, “Sis i caught him wanking a few days ago while holding you bra to his face”
“So you dont wank then” i was trying to defend Sy
“I’m not saying i dont, but at least i would not take your underware and wank over them” he replied
“why whats wrong with my underware?” i asked
“nothing your missing the point, but seeing you naked the other night gave me a boner and that night i did pull 1 off thinking about you, so yes i do wank, ok” sarcastically,
Then he stood opened his towel flashed his very hairy, thick and long cock, and walked out the kitchen, and upstairs and slammed his bedroom door.
I just stood there open mouthed at the sight of yet another cock, could i really want to taste that cock as well, i asked myself, smiled and nodded my head to myself, of course i do.
Simon was still on the phone when i walked into the hallway and he smiled at me, i sat on the bottom step and just looked at him, i really doo like Simon but now i have seen Peter in a different way i’m confused, Simon put the phone down and said that his mum and dad would be late home tonight as they have to go to grans from work, so he had to go and get john from his friends house, he kissed me on the cheek and ran off upstairs to get dressed then dissapeared out of the house.
I was just sitting on the bottom step when i heard Peter come out of his bedroom and walked down the stairs, he was dressed really nice now and smelt of aftershave, he asked if i was ok and appoligised for earlier, “not to worry” i replied, and i got up and went into the kitchen and he followed me, and he sat down at the table, he said
“you are very pretty and very sexy Wendy, but you are underage and thats not right, you have a body of a sexy teenager, and i wish you were older and then maybe we could have had some fun together but its not right”
I must have looked pretty sad standing there because he got up and walked toward me and cuddled me and said sorry again, i put my arms around him and cuddled him back, he squeesed me tight and i could feel my nipples getting hard as they rubbed on his shirt through my vest, i stepped back and his eyes went straight to them, then he turned his head away quickly,
“you can look at them you know, i dont mind” and pulled my vest up and over my head and put it on the table, i took 1 of his hands and put it on my tit, and he took over rubbing it and flicking the nipple, then his other hand went to my other tit and started doing the same thing, my legs were going weak and i put my hands on his hips to hold myself up, i slid my hands round to the front of his jeans and started to open the button then pulled the zip down, he was staring deep into my eyes and leaned forward and kissed me, his tongue forcing its way into my mouth, i nearly fainted as his kiss got more passionate, i slid my hand down the front of his jeans and could feel the hard cock inside his pants, i really wanted to set it free and hold it but because of the kiss i was restricted, until he broke the kiss, he said “please stop”
“I cant” i said as i pushed his pants and jeans down his thighs, his cock jumped up and out at me, it was huge, i grabbed it and and started to rub its lenth the tip was pushing into my belly and i was running my hand up and down getting faster as i went, he was breathing really heavy, and pinching my nipples, i started to move my head down and he let go of my tits and i went to my knees, i kissed the end of his cock then put it in my mouth and started to wank his cock all the time sucking hard on the big purple plum at the end of his cock. h was moaning and i could feel his cock stiffen more, then wallop it shot spurts of hot really thick cum in my mouth, i was determined not to spill any and he kept on spurting into my mouth, i had to swallow and in 1 gulp the cum had gone, i then looked up still with his cock in my mouth, and looked right in to his eyes, and started rocking my head giving him a propr slow blow job, taking it right to the back of my throat and right bac so just the head was between my lips and kept going till he was rock solid again.
I put 1 hand under his balls and started playing with them and the other hand slipped down into my shorts and started rubbing my overheated pussy, it only took a couple of minutes, and i dropped his cock out of my mouth and started to moan as i cum, he started to wank his cock and as i was still cumming he started shooting cum over my tits,

it was so warm and thick, i just looked up at him and said “now that wasnt to bad was it” and smiled up at him, he was looking down at the cum on my tits, and replied “your a bad little girl, where did you learn to do that?”
I kissed his cock as i stood back up and said “its just how i felt at the time, i know you couldnt fuck me today but the next time will be different.”
“what next time?” he said
“oh i think i could persaude you to fuck me next time, your a man just a flash of tits and it springs to life” then he started to rearrange his clothes and kissed me and went to the back door,
“put you shirt on dont want you to get a cold in that chest do we” and then went out and shut the door behind him.
more to come soon

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