My Brother’s Wife Ch. 02My Brother’s Wife Ch. 02


This is the third story in a long line of stories involving me and Stephanie some or all of which may or may not be true and or exaggerated. Like last time, feel free to leave me any comments telling me what you think, and I’ll see you real soon!


In the weeks following my last escapade with Stephanie and her teasing refusal to sleep with me I was educated on something I had only a fleeting familiarity with, “Sexting.” Stephanie had been lighting my phone up with naughty texts and pictures through the days, escalating each night towards me sitting on my couch next to a tube of lotion and a box of kleenex with no pants on. After multiple attempts to get her over to my place to do the job herself, she finally said yes. Joe was out of town for his job, their oldest child was home to watch their youngest, and I suspect she had finally started to tire of simply teasing me via text message.

So I cleaned the place up a little bit, took a quick shower, and sat down in my fluffy towel robe to tell her I was ready whenever she was. Joe and her only lived a few miles from me so I knew it would only take a few minutes for her to get to my apartment. About 20 minutes or so later I heard a knock on my door and I got up to let her in, my fluffy robe hanging slightly, and intentionally, open. When I opened the door I had intended to tease her a little bit by “putting on a show” with my slightly open robe but all thoughts of that quickly vacated my head once I noticed her attire. She had her hair tied into cute little curly pigtails, with bright pink bubblegum lipstick, a big thick long white coat that came down to her knees and pink leather boots that went up high enough on her legs that I couldn’t see the tops thanks to her coat and she was holding a brown paper bag.

“Hey there tiger, sorry it took me so long. I wanted to stop and pick up a bottle of vodka, my gag reflex disappears when I’m drunk after all!”

I just smiled, “Yup those are the magic words, come on in and make yourself comfortable.” She stepped in and closed the door behind her.

“What a wonderful idea, I see you’ve beat me to the punch though.” She reached her hand forward and gave my dick a quick squeeze through the front of my open robe. “Can I get a glass for my drink?” she asked, sitting down on my couch. I grabbed a glass for her and she proceeded to pour herself a tall drink.

We sat there chatting for a bit as she drank her vodka. That’s when I found out that she and Joe were apparently swingers, although they had slowed down in recent years compared to their twenties. I was pretty curious about that, more her involvement than my brothers obviously, so I asked a few questions about how it worked and how often they were taking part in these extracurricular activities. The most interesting Escort bayan little tidbit I heard was definitely her revealing to me that she had sucked, fucked, jerked, or generally played with over 300 different cocks in her life! Of course, like any other guy would have I had to ask how I stacked up, to which she responded uncertainly third, fourth, or fifth. It definitely wasn’t in the top two though since apparently, they were large enough to be quite memorable. And realistically, I have no way of knowing if her ranking of me was true or just a king ego boost but I chose to take it as the truth, again like most guys would.

Before long most of the bottle of vodka was gone and I asked if she wanted to remove her coat to get more comfortable. I was absolutely dying to see what was under that big coat! She winked, set down her glass, stood up and started slowly unbuttoning the front of her coat. With each button she undid, I got a little more excited, my cock got a little harder, and stuck out the front of my robe a little more. By the time the last button was undone and she let the coat slip from her shoulders I was practically panting and twitching. Underneath was a matching set of pink and white lacy see-through bra and panties with little bows on them that screamed innocence and pure naughty evil at the same time. “You have no idea how much of a turn on it was walking into the liquor store dressed like this under my coat,” she said, pulling me to my feet.

There we stood, her lacy bra pressed against my chest while my cock pushed against the thin lace barrier of her panties. She grabbed the belt of my robe, looped each end around my wrist once and brought my hands behind my back, tying the soft belt, and my hands, loosely behind my back. “Oh aren’t you feeling naughty,” I asked her. “I have to admit, I may not be as experienced as you but I’ve been around the block a few times and no one has ever tied me up before!”

“Fun’s just starting tiger, now sit down like a good boy,” and she gave me a little push back towards my chair with an evil grin. “I also bought this little gel here for some extra fun. It makes your junk and my mouth tingle, it adds a little something to make blowjobs even more fun. Plus it tastes like strawberry!” she said, giggling and bouncing a little.

“Sounds fun, I’ll try anything once,” I told her playfully. She squirted some of the gel into her hand and started rubbing it on my dick which started tingling almost immediately,

“Hmmmm, good to know I’ll keep that in mind later.” And with that, with no warning, she impaled her mouth on my cock. Her throat muscles constricted the tip of my cock as her tongue danced around the shaft in her mouth, all while the whole thing tingled in her mouth like pop rocks. Her hands crept Bayan escort up the inside of my thighs, tickling me with her nails as they reached higher and higher until she reached my balls. She took one in each hand and started slowly rubbing and massaging them until they too felt a little tingly from the residual gel on her fingers.

I’m not sure what exactly it was she did next but whatever it was it caused her throat muscles to contract and pulsate as her tongue danced faster and faster around my shaft, licking and teasing. Her fingers moved quicker, working and teasing my balls like she was literally trying to milk me. More and more time passed as she worked every skill she had to bring me to orgasm, I’d like to say it was hours but it was probably closer to minutes than hours. I felt myself approaching orgasm and instinctively I went to move my hands to the back of her head, and that’s when I remembered my hands were still tied behind my back. With that realization, something clicked in my brain. The overwhelming sensations in my genitals combined with the thought of being tied up caused my cum to shoot out of me and down her throat. She just swallowed it all, and each time she did her throat squeezed even more of my cum out my dick till I was spent.

Stephanie backed off my softening cock and put her elbows up on my legs, asking me “Aren’t you forgetting something? Didn’t you want nothing more than to fuck me wildly when I came over?” Shit! That kind of completely slipped my mind I realized! I looked at her as she sat there smugly, knowing that even by giving me an extraordinary blowjob, she had still managed to tease the hell out of me. “Would you care to make a bet?” she asked. “If you think you can get it up again, I bet I can make you cum before you remember to ask for sex again.” Well, I felt pretty confident in my ability to remember something 5 minutes in the future so I agreed. “I bet we can find some more things you haven’t tried before either,” she mentioned, tugging on the belt still loosely tying my hands behind my back.

The fact that I was still tied up and this beautiful woman in her sexy little lacy bra and panties was still kneeling right in front of me, her tits straining to escape their lacy prison with each breath, caused my cock to slowly start rising to the occasion again. “There he is, looks like he’s ready to party again!” she said, and that’s when I knew I might be in trouble as she took the rest of the bottle of her special tingly blowjob gel and squirted the rest into her hands. Her hands started this hypnotic little dance rubbing and stroking up and down my shaft, rubbing all over and around my balls and massaging my inner thighs up near my balls. Finally, one hand settled on stroking my cock while the other went back to rubbing Escort my balls. Well at least it started on my balls, before long it was rubbing more and more spots as she worked around towards my upper thighs and down towards my ass.

Her other hand started squeezing a little tighter as it moved down to the base of my cock then up to the head making sure every inch of my dick felt lubed up and tingly. Actually, I felt pretty tingly all over as she had done a good job of rubbing her gel into every little part of my body from belly button to thighs. Then I felt something new, an odd kind of pressure. I know everything should have clicked in my head much sooner than it did but by the time it did that tingly pressure turned into something else. Specifically, it turned into a wave of pleasure as her finger just slid three knuckles deep right into my ass, already lubed up from her sneaky application of the gel. “Holy fuck! Yea you found something new alright!” I groaned out as she worked that finger in and out, essentially finger fucking my virgin ass as she pumped my cock with her hand. Then she upped her game yet again as she bent down a little further and started sucking my balls along with everything else she was doing. I was in heaven. And I wasn’t going to last much longer, especially with this all-new feeling of her finger just sliding in and out my little ass, causing a million little nerves to scream in ecstasy as I reveled in this fantastic feeling.

“I bet I can countdown to when you are going to cum,” she teased yet again. “Are you ready? 5…” and she squeezed a second finger into my ass. “4…” she started pumping both fingers in and out of me, stretching and filling me more. “3…” her hand gripped tighter on my cock as she moved it up and down. “2…” both her hands started moving faster, one a blur as it jerked me off while the other started making slapping sounds as it hit my ass while her fingers ravaged my asshole. “And, 1…” her fingers in my ass curled and found a magical little button, my prostate. I let out a loud guttural groan and I came. Hard… The first shot of my cum shot straight up at least 4 or 5 feet in the air before Stephanie moved her face over my cock, letting her face catch the next shot right in her forehead. She moved down to catch the rest in her mouth. Her fingers just kept pressing that magic little button in my ass milking every tiny drop of cum out of me before I finally collapsed back into the chair, physically drained.

“That’s two you owe me now, one for being able to accurately countdown to your orgasm and two for making you forget about sex again. Oh wait, three! We found something new to you also! Wow, you are racking up quite a debt aren’t you tiger?” she giggled again as she started cleaning herself off. “Well, thanks for the fun but I need to get home and check on the kids, see ya later cutie!” And with that, she donned her again and danced on out the door leaving me to wait for the feeling to return to my legs so I could go shower and collapse in bed.

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