My Boy, Callum. (Part 3)My Boy, Callum. (Part 3)


There we lay the morning after, asleep together, unconsciously treasuring the tranquillity of being in each others’ arms; our recovery from last night almost complete.

I felt a slight twitch on my stomach; slowly waking me up from a perfect rest. Looking down with squinted, tired eyes I saw it was Callum’s right hand as he shifted delicately in his sleep. Tilting my head to the right, there he was… sleeping blissfully with his head resting on my shoulder. Taking Callum’s virginity had impacted me like crazy; my feelings for him strengthening with every moment that he had his face visible to mine… just like right now.

“…will be expecting sunny spells around midday and temperatures hitting the low 20’s on the south coast. This has been the weather at 9, updates on the traffic coming to you in thirty minutes here on 103.2 Power FM. Stay tuned in with us for the morni..”

Letting out a small sigh I reached my left hand over to my bedside table to turn off the radio alarm, accidentally leaving it on longer than usual as I stared at my beautiful boyfriend. We’d had sex for a second time after we’d, sort of, told each other we love one another… sapping us of energy and sending us both into a peaceful slumber. I’d had sex many times before, admittedly just with girls, but with Callum I felt a whole new wave of emotion. It wasn’t just sex, it wasn’t just a one night stand, but it was heartfelt satisfaction… authentic happiness… real love. I slowly shifted my arm so my palm rested in Callum’s hair, stroking it gently whilst watching him sleep. He looked so cute right there, so cute that I couldn’t help myself from smiling in admiration. I decided to force myself to go back to sleep, because if Callum wasn’t awake… I didn’t want to be.

“Hey baby” spoke a soft voice over me, roughly an hour after I’d managed to eventually fall back asleep after waking up earlier on. Callum was sat up on the bed, stroking my arm.

“Hey” I replied, rubbing my eyes and sitting up with him.

“You look so cute when you’re asleep” he said, displaying his gorgeous smile once again.

“How long have you been staring at me for?!” I asked; pretending to be bothered that Callum was doing to me exactly what I done to him an hour ago.

“Fucking ages, deal with it” he replied, knowing I wasn’t bothered at all but playing along with my act.

“Good” I said with a smile, as we both laughed and shared a tongue-less kiss on the lips.

We spent a large part of the morning in bed just talking, sporadically drifting off into two-minute kissing sessions every now and again. We talked about everything… Callum was now one of those people that I could talk to for hours and never get bored, even if what we were actually talking about was nothing that interesting. Another hour must’ve passed before one of us decided to finally get out of bed.

“I’m thirsty as fuck man” Callum moaned.

“Thirsty for some cum in your m..”

“Shut up you freak” he snapped, grabbing a pillow and hitting me round the head playfully. After a couple hits, I wrestled the pillow out of his hands as our eyes met. “But yeah maybe I am” he said smiling, diverting his eyes south to look at my crotch.

“Ah, well” I said, abruptly getting out of bed: “I need a piss so you’re gonna have to wait babe”

I was in a teasing mood. Truthfully I was still fucking shattered but I’m never too shattered to see Callum sucking my dick. As I walked towards the bathroom he threw a pillow at me in sexual frustration; he was usually the ‘teaser’ of the two of us.

“Just going downstairs to get a drink!” he shouted as I whipped out my cock to ease my bladder. When I was a little kid my dad always used to ask me if I wanted to go and ‘ease my bladder’ when I started jumping around, clearly needing a piss. I always found it a hilarious phrase… ‘ease my bladder’. No idea why.

Sitting back on my bed after flushing the toilet, I waited for Callum to get his drink and come back up; he seemed to be taking quite long. It was also very quiet apart from a faint knock downstairs, but I didn’t think anything of it so laid down with both hands behind my head and closed my eyes. Growing impatient after about five more seconds, I decided to shout and get Callum back into my room.

“Come on babe, I’m missing y…”

I was interrupted by the sound of Callum’s feet thudding against the stairs as he ran up to my room, revealing a panicked facial expression as he stood over my bed; without a drink.

“What’s going on man” I asked sitting up, confused by how disturbed Callum looked.

“I’ve seen him with you around college” he said, as I got out of bed to console him, “Your friend, he’s knocking the door for you”

Now looking as panicked as Callum did, I quickly put on my tracksuit bottoms from last night and a crumpled up t-shirt. I didn’t know who was there or why but I had to act normal and not raise any suspicions. A much clearer and louder knock was now heard from downstairs, making me rush to get there Yenimahalle Escort before I could tidy up my hair and clothes.

“Stay up here okay” I said to Callum, to which he nodded and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek before going over to my bedroom window to peek out and see what happened.

Opening the door I saw my friend Ryan stood outside in his football kit, ready for training. ‘Shit’ I thought in my mind, I’d completely forgot about it.

“Yooo you not coming training big man?” Ryan said in his usual enthusiastic and boisterous manner.

“Nah man I’m shattered, tell Dave I’m ill or something yeah?”.

Dave was our coach. I was putting on a very tired voice whilst rubbing my eyes a couple times to pretend that I’d just overslept; which seemed to backfire.

“Yeah mate, but don’t bullshit me you’ve got a chick up there haven’t ya” Ryan asked with a cheeky grin, walking closer towards me.

“What? Nah man I was with family last night!” I insisted, smiling through my concern. This was a new reason why I hated having the tag of being a ‘player’; everyone thinks you’re fucking someone… which I guess was pretty accurate in this case.

“Fuck off were ya” Ryan said grinning even harder, giving me a playful tap on the shoulder and trying to look into my living room “Your hair looked just like that after you fucked Kirsty at my party” he turned around and looked at my driveway “… and your mum’s car’s not here!”

Ryan started laughing and all I could do was force a laugh as well even though my stomach was collapsing inside me. I was so scared.

“You’re just fucking retarded mate” I said jokingly, pushing Ryan a couple yards away from the front door. “My mum went out to do the shopping”

“Sure” he said, backing away slowly…

“But lemme see who this girl is before I leave!”

Ryan started running towards my front door, and my face dropped in fear. He was just playing around, but had no idea what kind of secret I was hiding from him. Putting both my arms up and pressing them into his chest, I blocked him from getting past me… a little more aggressively than I should have.

“Ah shit” he moaned in slight pain “I was just joking around bud!”

“Sorry man, you know I’m not a morning person” I said, hoping I didn’t raise any suspicions.

“Sure do now” he said, rubbing his chest “Anyway I’ll be off, I’ll tell Dave you’re not feeling well mate”

“Cheers man, sorry about that again” I replied, trying to redeem myself.

“Yeah” Ryan said, giving me a weird look. I didn’t know what else to say so just stood there, as he turned around and went off to training.

I shut the door slowly, pressing my forehead against it after I’d turned the lock. I just stood there leaning against the door for about 10 seconds. That was close.

“He’s gone!” Callum yelled from my room, making me smile.

It was suddenly all worth it; hearing his voice made me remember what I was protecting and why. I jogged up the stairs to see my boy.

“That was fucking close” I said, walking towards him with my arms open for a hug.

“I know, did you hit him?!” Callum asked.

“Just pushed him, probably shouldn’t have”

“No you did the right thing, he would’ve gotten in otherwise” Callum said, sitting down on the bed and crossing his legs. “What would you have done if he saw me?”

I just stood there. The truth is I didn’t even want to imagine Ryan or anybody seeing Callum in his underwear at my house on a Saturday morning. I was just simply not ready for people to know that I’m bisexual.

“James?” said Callum, picking up on my lack of response.

“Err, I dunno man” I stuttered “Like, he’d be so shocked and probably go tell everyone”

“Yeah” Callum said, as he started fiddling with his fingers sitting cross-legged on my bed, looking down at his lap. He looked a bit bothered by something, so once I’d stopped gazing into space I went and sat directly opposite and held his hands inside mine.

“Hey hey, what’s wrong baby” I asked, gently squeezing his wrist.

Callum raised his head but didn’t look me in the eye.

“I just… I just like you so much James” he said, still staring into his lap “I like you so much that, like, if he came in and saw me just then.. I don’t think I would’ve even cared”

Callum was now looking me straight in the eye.

“Would you.. stop seeing me if someone found out about this?”

I suddenly felt like the biggest cunt in the world.

“Because I don’t want to lose you now” Callum said, forcing his hands out of my grasp and wrapping them around my neck as he hugged me.

I was speechless. As Callum hugged me I pressed my eyes tightly shut and opened my mouth to say something, but the words just wouldn’t come out. ‘How dare I make him feel like this’ was all I could think to myself, he was the best thing in my life.

“Listen to me Callum, listen” I said, taking my arms from his waist and Ulus Escort holding his face in my hands after a long hug. His cheeks were so soft. “No matter who finds out about us, I will never leave you because of it” I said, feeling my voice break a little in my sentence.

“Promise?” Callum said, his adorable face still in my palms.

“I promise baby” I said, stroking his cheek “There is nothing I care about more than you”

That was the honest truth; Callum was my life right now. So seeing him smile after hearing me say that gave me goosebumps all over. I leaned in and gave him a long kiss, still annoyed at myself for making him feel as if I didn’t like him as much as he liked me.

“I think I’m ready to come out James” he said “I just feel like no one can hurt me when I’m with you”

“Oh” I said, “That’s amazing to hear baby”. I was a little concerned at how fast Callum had appeared to come to terms with his sexuality. I was still pretty lost.

“Don’t worry” he said; his hands resting on the top of my shoulders “I won’t do anything until you’re ready… I want us both to feel comfortable”

I just smiled at him, reassured that he wouldn’t go rushing out announcing to everyone that he had a boyfriend. God I loved this boy, he understood me.

“Okay baby” I said, smiling at his beautiful face: “I love you”

“I love you too”

We shared a long, firm hug together before kissing each other’s faces off. We could kiss all day long and that wasn’t an exaggeration.

“Let me go and get you that fucking drink now okay?!” I said, laughing and getting out of bed.

It was around midday when we’d both showered and got dressed, somehow resisting the urge to fuck after we saw each other soaking wet wearing just a towel around our waists. It was probably because we knew my mum could be back any moment, and had decided it was safest if Callum got back to his house. After we’d packed all his stuff up and tidied my room, I stood at the front door looking out the peep-hole to make sure no one was outside. After seeing it was clear, we said our goodbyes and had one last kiss before Callum left.

The next time I’d see him, apart from on FaceTime which we did every single night, was a few days later at college. We didn’t speak to each other though, as I saw him on the other side of the canteen at lunchtime sitting with his friends. I was trying so hard not to stare at him but just couldn’t help it. He was laughing and having a good time, and seemed to be getting along particularly well with some boy he was sat with. Of course he was, they were friends for fuck sake; but I was actually starting to feel jealousy. I wanted to be the one to make Callum laugh all the time, not some random boy. I sat back for a second and realised just how much I was attached to him now; quickly regaining composure as Ryan was amongst my friends who were sat with me.

The night after college that day, I was lying in bed overthinking as usual. Callum had just gone to sleep and text me a long goodnight paragraph, to which I replied one just as long. I couldn’t stop thinking about how jealous I got in the canteen over pretty much nothing. I told Callum about it on FaceTime and he thought it was really sweet of me, but I just couldn’t understand it. Like, if I was getting so jealous and protective over him… why was I so scared about people finding out about us being together? Why wasn’t I ready? I was certainly not ashamed of Callum, I absolutely adored him. I slowly started to realise that I was just afraid of how much my life would change once people knew about this; how different they’d view me.

“But why does that matter if I love him” I whispered to myself. I’m crazy like that, talk to myself all the time especially in bed late at night. But what I said was true, I shouldn’t give a fuck what anybody thought about me if I was happy; and when I’m with Callum I’m beyond happy. I just needed to take the first step in smashing down this wall of fear that I had about coming out, and wanted to do it sooner rather than later.

I suddenly got extremely horny out of nowhere and decided to load up some porn and have a wank. Anyone who looked at my porn history would have no doubts that I was 100% gay, considering every single porn video I’ve watched for the last year has been strictly from I’d watched a few man and woman videos recently, but they just didn’t do anything for me.

After finding a video that looked to my liking, I pulled my cock out from my boxers and started stroking and rubbing it. The video had a skinny, long-haired twink getting absolutely destroyed by an older, very muscular man; just what I liked. Videos like this had me ready to shoot in absolutely no time, especially hearing the twink moaning and panting as his ass got filled and stretched out by a monster cock. The noises just reminded me of fucking Callum, and it got me so fucking horny.

Skipping through the video my stroking got faster and faster, as I could feel a load of cum just waiting to shoot out my cock. The twink was getting fucked doggystyle on a sofa, moaning louder than ever. His face was red with ravish, his body starting to sweat whilst the guy fucking him was showing no mercy. He grabbed the twink’s hair and fucked him even harder, sending me off the edge. I felt cum shoot up from my balls into my cock, racing up my shaft to be released. I started panting quietly as I shot three loads onto my stomach… nowhere near the amount I shot when I was with Callum. Keeping my right hand wrapped around my shaft, I gently squeezed it to get all the cum out before I’d get up to get some tissues and clean myself up.

“Oh shiiiiiiiit” I heard in my earphones, forcing me to look back at my phone in my left hand.

The camera angle moved to a close up of the twink’s face as he was still getting fucked by this guy, focussing on the details of his facial expressions. He looked the camera dead in the lens and was moaning and panting loudly whilst biting his bottom lip. He looked in pure ecstasy. He had his eyelids pressed tightly closed but the pleasure he was experiencing was there for all to see… and it got me thinking. The two times me and Callum had sex, I was fucking him. After seeing this porno and how much pleasure this guy looked to be in, and remembering just how similar Callum looked when I was fucking him… I suddenly wanted to get fucked. What was I missing out on?

“Ah this is crazy” I whispered to myself as I got up and wiped the cum off my stomach.

Getting back into bed I just lay there staring at my ceiling. I’d never in a million years think I’d get fucked by another boy, but now I really fucking wanted it. Not only did it look amazing but maybe this would be what would break down my fears of coming out, maybe it would even make me understand my sexuality better. There was no one in the world I wanted to do it with more than Callum… so I planned in my head a time to go round his house on the weekend and tell him, just before I drifted off to sleep.

It was a pretty chilly afternoon; stood outside Callum’s front door I couldn’t help but shiver slightly in the waves of cold breeze. I didn’t tell him I was coming over, but he texted me about twenty minutes ago saying he was bored so I decided to come and surprise him.

“Oh hey man!” he said excitedly as he opened the door and saw me. He came to hug me then hesitated, looking quickly behind him.

“Parents in?” I asked, knowing immediately why he hesitated.

“Yeah” he said “it’s alright though they won’t think anything”

He came up to me and gave me a tight hug, before gesturing me to come inside. We walked through his living room and up the stairs, when Callum’s dad came out what looked like his study.

“Alright Steve” I said. I’d seen him before a couple times washing his car outside the house; he knew me now.

“How you doing James?” he said with a smile.

“Yeah not bad” I replied, recognising how similar he and Callum looked when they smiled… not that I was even slightly attracted to Steve.

“We’re just gonna go play some Xbox and stuff dad” Callum said.

“Alright boys, let me know if you need anything”

Steve was a real nice guy, obviously he had no idea that I was fucking his son; he didn’t even think Callum’s sexuality was in any doubt. This level of slyness and secrecy gave me a rush of adrenaline every time; I loved sneaking around with Callum just as much as I wanted to show him off to everyone. As soon as we got into his room though, I remembered what I had to tell him.

“When are you going to come out to him and your mum?” I asked, sitting down on Callum’s desk chair.

“I don’t know” he replied, sitting on his bed and looking at me “Soon I guess, I hope they don’t take it too bad”

“They won’t babe” I said getting up from my seat and sitting on the bed next to him “Who could get at mad at such a gorgeous face”

Callum grinned and held my hands.

“I’m so glad you came over” he said.

“Any time, I’m always here for you” I said, hugging him.

I pressed my lips against Callum’s neck, deciding this was the time to get him horny.

“Ugh” he moaned quietly as my lips delicately kissed up and down his neck. “You need to fuck me today baby” he said “It’s been too long”. He’d seemingly forgot we weren’t alone in the house.

“I know I know” I said

I then raised my lips up to Callum’s left ear, and whispered:

“But not before you fuck me”

Callum slowly moved his head around so our noses were touching, his beautiful eyes piercing through me. An animal-like lust had come over him; just what I wanted. He planted both his hands into my hair and grabbed handfuls in each, as I pulled at the bottom of his shirt.

“Right now” I mouthed at him, making no noise at all, our eyes still locked together.

We tore off our shirts and started kissing each other all over, Callum lying on top of me. He was lying slightly higher up against me, so I could feel his cock bulging through his trousers and rubbing against my belly button. He was totally ready to fuck me, and I couldn’t wait.

If only we had the house to ourselves…

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