Subject: My Bodyguard – Chapter 2 My Bodyguard Fiction by Greg Stevens This is a work of fiction. All names and places are fictitious. My Bodyguard– Chapter 2 I could not get my experience with Aziz out of my mind. Each time I passed him in the apartment, my dick would get rock hard. Mom was still at the symposium and going out into town was still not allowed. Essentially, I was a prisoner in my home. During the day the tutor or the nanny was around, but once they left, I was alone except for Aziz guarding me and the apartment. Aziz never seemed to notice or pay any attention which only made it feel worse. The loneliness and horniness was driving me crazy to the point that I couldn’t even sleep. I tossed and turned, constantly hard, my balls began to hurt. I tried leaving the door open like before to see if Aziz would venture in, but he never did. Each night felt a bit worse as the sexual frustration grew. One night after tossing and turning, I decided to get up and get some water. It was late and the lights in the house were off. I wandered into the kitchen and poured some water, then began heading back to bed. As I turned to face the living room, I saw the shadow of Aziz sitting on the sofa, eerily lit by the flickering light of just the TV. As I approached, I saw he was in just his white dress shirt, the sleeves rolled up past his thick hairy forearms, the tie loosened and the top button open. Aziz’s eyes were closed, and his breath was slow. I stared down his body, taking in as much of him as I could. The shirt fit tight across his muscled chest, shoulders and arms and tapered into his dress slacks. I brought my eyes lower to the part of his trousers where his bulge was laying, and I felt my dick jump thinking about it. Ever so carefully I moved closer to the sleeping bodyguard. I softly breathed in his scent. It was soft like jasmine flowers but at the same time very masculine. I breathed him in remembering what he felt like, what is dick felt like inside my ass. That instant of pain, that was replaced by the most intense pleasure. A feeling I wanted to experience in the deepest parts of me. As quietly as I could I dropped my boxers and pulled out my hard cock. I could not help myself as desire and horniness took over every possible thought in my head. I wanted to feel his dick on my face, even if it was through his slacks. I dropped silently to my knees and moved closer. My knee brushed one of his black leather shoes and I froze for a moment to see if he would wake. When he didn’t, I moved even closer. I could now feel the warmth coming off his body. With my hard dick in my hand, I bent forward bringing my erzincan escort face down towards his lap. I felt the warmth as I got closer inch by inch. Finally, my skin barely touched the soft wool and my dick jerked in my hand. I wanted to feel more, I wanted to feel his dick grow, but I dared not move any closer for fear of waking him. I began to stroke my dick trying to be as quiet as I could. I closed my eyes and imagined his big hairy cock, with the fat head and how it felt popping into my tight hole. I thought about how his arms wrapped around me and held me while he stroked my cock. Even how is big rough hand felt so different on my cock from my own. Aziz began to make slight movements and I stopped moving. Then I felt his hand barely touching my hair. I wondered if he were still asleep but then I felt him press my face into his crotch. More and more pressure mashing my lips and nose into him. I could feel movement in the pants as his dick began to spring to life. Harder he pushed me then he began to rub his dick in my face. Quickly the feeling went from good to a scary as I couldn’t pull my head up. Finally, he let go allowing me to catch my breath. I looked up and noticed the spot in his pants bulging with his hard meat. Neither of us spoke. I looked up into his face, but I did not know what he was thinking. I waited to see if he would provide some direction. When he didn’t, I moved my mouth back to the hard spot in his slacks. My face came in contact with the hard spot, and it felt bigger than I remembered, but before I could explore any more Aziz reached under my arms and pulled me roughly to my feet. Then without any effort he pulled me down forcing my legs to either side of him onto his lap. Aziz pulled me to his body wrapping his arms around me. His lips went to my neck and began placing soft kisses. The beard sending chills across my skin. Then he began to open his mouth drawing my skin between his lips. I moaned as waves of excitement ran through my body. My dick pressed hard against his white shirt, and I could feel his dick moving like a snake in his pants under me. I placed my hand behind his head and ran my fingers through his thick dark hair. Aziz placed a hand on the center of my chest. A very confusing look on his face as if he didn’t know what he was going to do. For a moment I was scared that he would hit me. That he would throw me to the floor. Then he shook his head “no” as if he were having some kind of inner dialog. The room froze while I watched him. He looked scared and tormented and possessed, then his expression broke as if he were reconciling his thoughts and his erzurum escort face seemed to soften almost as if he were going to cry. I began to feel guilty, but before I could do anything he pulled me to him again and for the first time he placed his lips on mine. His kiss was soft and tender. His thick lips brushed mine and the beard tickled my face. I felt his hand run up my back to my head and as he held my head in his big hand, his lips parted slightly at first and I felt his tongue press softly against my lips. I took a deep breath and opened my mouth allowing him to slip his tongue inside. His mouth was warm and comforting as he began to explore my mouth with his tongue. I had never felt a kiss so intense yet so gentle. A kiss so raw but at the same time so controlled. It was as if he were letting go of all the things he was holding on to. All the things he wanted to do but wouldn’t or couldn’t do. The deeper we kissed the more he pulled my body to his. I felt as if I could feel every part of him that we meshed as one. Without a word Aziz lifted me up and rolled me onto my back onto the sofa as if I were nothing but a ragdoll, then he brought his body on top of mine. He placed a knee between my legs and reached for his belt and I could hear him working to open his pants. Then I felt him bring his body to mine his dick grinding into mine as if he were going to fuck my stomach. Aziz lifted one leg onto his shoulder, then the other. I watched as he took his dick in his hand and began to rub it. His eyes were focused on my body. Then with a bit of a forward motion he moved my legs upward forcing my ass higher into the air. He placed one hand on the sofa next to me and brought his cock towards my ass. Excitement and anticipation flooded my body waiting for him to enter me. What I did not expect was that he wouldn’t take it slowly. I felt the head pop inside of me and the fullness of it, but then I felt searing pain. “Stop” I moaned, but Aziz did not or could not hear me. He pushed his dick deep inside of me. Then when he was deep inside, he stopped. My breath caught as I tried to relax. I tried to let go of the pain that filled my ass. As I breathed deeply waiting for the pain to subside, Aziz brought his mouth back to mine. This time it wasn’t a gentle kiss; It had more raw, more aggressive. Aziz was taking what he wanted, and I didn’t feel like I could stop him if I wanted to. Aziz began to fuck me on the sofa driving his dick into me. Each thrust felt less painful. Each time he slammed his big dick inside me I felt like I was being pushed further up the sofa. Aziz began to say something between esat escort moans, but it wasn’t in English. Then he pulled himself up and ripped off his tie and unbuttoned his shirt pulling it off his body. Taking one of my hands he brought it to his hairy pec indicating he wanted me to play with his nipples. I began to rub the fur covered nipple as he continued fucking me. The more I pulled at his thick nipples, the more he moaned the harder he drove his dick into me. Sweat began to form on his face and his chest making my hands slip across his body. With a huge grunt Aziz grabbed my legs forcing himself deep inside me and then he just stopped. For a moment there was no movement, his body was rigid, and every muscle strained and tightened. Aziz’s face contorted and his eyes shut tight. He sucked in a deep breathe and let out a loud moan like a wild animal and then I felt his dick swell inside my ass. Seconds later warmth filled my insides and I realized he was filling me with his seed. His body jerked and twisted; involuntary movements jerked his body as his dick continued to unload in me. Then his body slumped, and he panted quietly. Slowly Aziz backed out of me, and I could feel the hard thick tube slowly slide from my raw hole. Aziz sat back against the arm of the sofa for a moment his dick still rock hard and slick with cum. I lay watching him, my rock-hard dick pulsing against my body. I began to slowly stroke myself as I watched him. Then Aziz moved quickly and lowered his head between my legs. Holding me by my calves with his big hands he brought his lips down to my ass and began to dart his tongue into my used, sore hole. “Fuck” I exclaimed almost without thinking as he licked and probed my hole. Precum oozed from my dick head as I continued to stroke myself. I had never felt anything so amazing. I would let him do that for as long as he wanted, but I was so close that I could hold back no longer. Faster I stroked my dick as he drove his tongue deeper inside me. My ass spasmed against his tongue as cum shot from my dick splashing my face. More cum hit my shirt and the remainder ran over my stroking hand. My whole body tingled from the orgasm, and I savored it as long as I could. Aziz moved from my ass much to my disappointment and looked at me. I wasn’t sure what he would do or say and for a moment there was no movement. No expression. It is hard to understand how long a moment can feel until you experience it. Then Aziz moved forward and with is warm thick lips he began to lick up as much of the cum as he could gather on his tongue, then he put his mouth on mine and fed it to me. I wrapped my arms around him and took whatever he wanted to feed me. 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