My Best Friend 16 – The Surprise Pt. 6My Best Friend 16 – The Surprise Pt. 6


I flopped over onto the couch and tried to catch my breath as Amanda continued to lay half on the couch in a heap trying to catch her breath. I sat there trying to figure out how we got from friends to boyfriend/girlfriend to lover and now we’re master/slave. Something about the dynamic still boggled my mind. I figured that no matter how many times I went through the changes Amanda and me have gone through will probably be better left for a theorist to figure out because I’ll probably never figure it out. I looked over at Amanda who was still wearing her collar and satin mask and smiled to myself. It’s obvious that her orgasm was too big for her to comprehend. I looked over the damage or euphoria I caused her and smiled at my accomplishment. I looked down at my dick still seeing that the cock ring was still on it. Even though I had came my dick was still hard as a rock because the ring wouldn’t allow the trapped blood to escape from my dick. I thought about leaving it on and making Amanda clean off our romp together. Even though we had sex it wasn’t our normal love making session, it was a straight on hard core fucking that we took part in. Well at least the beginning of hard core fucking. I took off the ring from my dick and felt the relief rush through my body as my captured blood escaped its confinement. My dick started its process of becoming soft because of the removal of the ring and instantly felt my dick tingling like it was being awoken from its slumber. Note to self use the ring for only these Master/Slave situations and not all the time. It hurt too much and probably wouldn’t be something that I’ll never get used to. Just then my cell phone chimed. I got up from the sofa and gingerly waltzed over to my pants where my cell phone was. I fished out my phone to see I had gotten three texts at the same time. One was from Sam obviously about the party that was happening later. And the others were from my pigskin big brothers. I immediately opened the texts from my Varsity brothers. Mike: Hey Jay there will be a party tonight. You coming? Charles: Hey Jay. Party Tonight. You coming? It’s going to be wicked. I sighed as I read the two texts. Obviously what Sam had told me was true. Normally when the Varsity players threw a party the JV and Frosh, freshmen, were never invited in the past. But because of the Coach’s wild ideas of us working together the Varsity players were beginning to regularly invite the JV players to the parties. The Frosh still were never invited because the Varsity players knew the Frosh would still rat them out. I opened the text from Sam. Sam: Hey Jay. Party starts at 9pm. 456 W. Sherman Dr. Just follow the noise if you come. See you there if you come. I knew the address that Sam was talking about. It was the address of our cities fine hotel that was just recently built. I wondered how the Varsity was able to throw a party at a hotel. I wondered kocaeli escort if they rented a whole floor or something. Not only that if that was true how were getting the funding to rent off an entire floor. I sighed and tried not to think about it. I looked at Amanda who was still a big heap half laid along the couch. “Well it looks like the party starts,” I looked at the cable receiver and saw that it read 7:42pm, “in an hour and eighteen minutes.” Amanda turned her head towards my general directions, “Huh? Sorry can’t hear you.” I looked at her and laughed, “Why can’t you hear me?” Amanda pulled off the mask so that she could actually see me, “What? I can’t hear you.” I laughed at her. I walked up to her, bent down, and massaged just behind her ears. After a few moments I smiled at her, “Better?” She looked at me with intense eyes that I had ever seen on her as if she were hearing for the first time. She just nodded instead of answering. I just chuckled, “Why couldn’t you hear me?” She smiled at me, “Because the orgasm was so big my ears were ringing.” I chuckled again, “Ok. I take it the orgasm was fantastic?” She nudged against me, “Of course. We have to do things like that more often.” I smiled at her, “So I take it you want to be my slave more often?” Amanda giggled at me, “Yeah. But I think we need to explore that a little more. Over all it was fun.” I smiled at her, “Well we have plenty of weekends to perfect our technique.” She nudged me again and giggled, “What were you saying when my ears were ringing?” I scratched my head, “Well I guess the party starts in an hour and fifteen minutes.” She looked into my eyes as if trying to find my answer before I spoke, “I don’t know. I’m not too sure about it.” I could see in her eyes that my answer wasn’t what she was looking for, “What aren’t you sure about?” I sighed, “I don’t know. I guess I just don’t want to get into trouble if we get caught. And you’re parents just started letting you sleep over without us having to sneak around behind their back. The last thing I want is to ruin that if we do go and get caught.” She smiled at me and rubbed her hand in my hair, “How cute? My boyfriend trying to think five steps ahead.” I tried to get my head away from her hand while she was giving me a light noogie. I laughed, “Well you know me. Like you said I’m always stuck in my head over thinking things before they even happen.” She smiled at me, “But you know we have to attend.” I looked at her now with a serious look on my face, “And why is that?” This time it was her turn to sigh, “Because your friends and team mates already think that you are pussy whipped. And I don’t want your friends to think that. Besides it has been a while since we went to anything resembling a party. I think it will be fun and it’ll give us a chance to mingle.” I ran my hand through my hair trying to fix what Amanda messed kocaeli escort bayan up. I smirked at her, “I guess you’re right. Alright lets get ready and we’ll go for a little while. The first sign of trouble and we’re gone. Ok?” Amanda simply nodded in agreement, “I guess I should take a shower before we go. Want to join me?” I smiled at her, “Always.” *************************************** Amanda and I drove to the address that was texted to me in my dad’s classic Corvette. The entire drive I was concerned that we might be pulled over or I could be in a wreck. If I were to get in a wreck I’m pretty sure my dad would kill me. Seeing how Amanda enjoyed the drive in the classic car all my worries and fears just melted away. We arrived and I wasn’t surprised that the address was indeed one of the town’s finest hotels. I was mind blown that the Varsity team was throwing a party at this hotel. I expected there to be police there breaking up the party already and telling us to head back home seeing how we were already an hour late. But in the parking lot stood one of the squad members standing there in his bright green football jersey. At first I didn’t see who the guy was but the closer we got to more I recognized him. It wasn’t until we fully pulled up next to him I recognized who it was. It was Zack Morriarti. I knew Zack played wide end for the Varsity team and knew he was a little bit of a rebellion but that’s all I knew about him. Zack leaned down to see who was in the driver’s seat, “Private party man. Turn around and go back home.” I cleared my throat at him, “We were invited to be here.” He looked at me then at Amanda. He smiled at Amanda then back at me, “Who invited you?” I wanted to punch Zack for looking at Amanda but I simply stated, “Bradley and Hinkler.” “And you would be?” I cleared my throat, “Jay Chenlie.” I watched as Zack pulled out his cell and quickly typed a message. I assumed that he was texting Mike and Charles that I was outside waiting to be let in. I wasn’t surprised that Zack didn’t know who I was because he was like Sam. He didn’t think his shit stunk which always made me want to not hang out with him whenever possible. I had to admit the way they were handling things I was really impressed. The whole situation made me feel like I was trying to get into some exclusive club or something. After a few moments Zack looked at his phone again and the looked at me, “Go on in. Welcome.” Before I could put gear in first, Zack’s hand reached in and I saw two things in his hand. I heard him speak, “The card will get you up to the penthouse and the stub will allow you to park in the garage.” I was surprised to hear that the party was in the penthouse. How the hell could the get the funds to throw a party in a place like this astounded me. I looked at Amanda and could tell she was as surprised as I was. I looked over at Zack and izmit escort simply said thank you before driving off. The elevator opened to a scene that reminded me of a mix from Animal House and some club scene in a movie. The penthouse was completely dark except from the strobe lights and the footballs being thrown from one side of the room to the other had flashing LED’s attached to them. The music was pounding so loud it actually felt like someone was trying to punch through my chest forcing my heart to skip a beat as each thump of the music blasted through my body. I looked over at Amanda to see that she had already started dancing in place. She was swaying her hips and moving her arms to the music. Her dancing didn’t surprise me. I have to admit as much as I loved Amanda and everything I may be possible of doing dancing isn’t one thing I’m good at. Doubt I’ll ever be good at dancing. “Hey Chenlie you made it.” I looked over to see Charles and Mike approach me with their girlfriends under the arms. Both of them were holding a beer in their hand while their girlfriends were holding cups in the hands, probably some type of mixed drink. I smiled at them and had to raise my voice so they could hear me, “I wouldn’t have missed it. Thanks for the invite.” Charles approached me first, “No problem man. You remember my girlfriend Morgan.” Morgan has been dating Charles since early last year. She stood about 5’4’’ compared to Charles’s 6’1’’ and she weighed maybe a buck ten if that. She had brown hair with blonde highlights, brown eyes, very slender, and was like Amanda a B cup. Just the typical features of any white girl. Other than those facts I didn’t know her very well, just all the rumors going around which I didn’t believe. But after Sam and Jeanette’s little show earlier I might have to second guess the rumors going around about Morgan. I’ve Morgan following Charles around here and there so whenever I was hanging around Charles she wasn’t too far away. I have to admit that Morgan was cute and everything but because she was with Charles I never really gave her a second thought. I nodded to Charles and offered my hand to Morgan so we can shake. Mike followed behind Charles, “And you remember Nanette.” Nanette much like Morgan was short compared to Mike and probably weighed the same as Morgan. The only real difference between Morgan and Nanette was darker than Morgan. If I had to guess she was either a mix or had some Indian in her or was really really tanned. I never really asked Mike what her background was nor did I really care. Unlike Morgan, Nanette was captain of the drama club so every once in a while Nanette would blow things out of proportion whenever I hanged out with Mike. I offered my hand to her so we could shake. I wrapped my arm around Amanda forcing her to stop dancing and turned her to Mike, Nanette, Charles, and Morgan. “And you guys remember Amanda.” All of them said their polite hellos to Amanda. Both Charles and Mike spoke at the same time, “Alright let us break this down for you. Up here in the penthouse is the main party and alcohol. It’ll cost both of you $50 to drink for the rest of the night.

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