My Adventure With My Brother In LawMy Adventure With My Brother In Law


Hello, I am Sanjana and I live in India. I am a widow of and here is story of my sexual adventures with my husband’s younger brother (my brother in law).

My husband was killed in a car accident some years ago and after his death I wanted a new start so and my brother in law Haresh who was 18 years then so I left the hometown and moved to another town, which was nearly 550 Kms away.

I am a Banker by profession. It was a good paying job. Also I inherited a vast property from my deceased husband but off course my brother in law is also equal inheritor in this vast property. Men pyre me and even proposed me for marriage just to get hold of my and my brother in law’s vast property and since he was not mature enough to handle this cruel world I decided not to allow advance of any men near me and not to think of marriage till he becomes mature enough to stand on his own feet.

Due to own self-imposed self control code there was no sexual activity and only way to get it was my odd vibrator with which I played when ever I felt horny and reading some erotic literature. But I was after all a modern sister in law and always thought to get my sexual payback once Haresh was old enough to do sex and mature enough to understand importance of it.

It was a hot summer day and I had been awaken by a heat wave that we had been having in the early days of March. So I decided to take a swim in the backyard pool. I was wearing my one-piece suite.

My brother in law was at school, so after my swim and cooling off I went into the house

I stripped off my swim suite and took a lukewarm shower. After finishing my shower I dried myself off and look at my body in the mirror that covers the door of my closet in the master bedroom. I am proud of my body and the way I have stayed in shape by exercising and staying on my feet all day as a Professional banker with all the mental tensions of daily dealings

After I had finished my bath I laid down on the bed and kind of drifted off to sleep and I had a dream of a young man licking the outer parts of my vagina and doing a intercourse with me I was awakened by an orgasm of dream and my hormone saturated brain started to find the young man who appeared in my dream, and in even in my dream it was my brother in law Haresh.

I was really getting horny. I wanted to have intercourse with the young man of my dreams my brother in law Haresh. So I decided that I would seduce my brother in law.

Thinking about this in mind I started to play with vibrator and started to use different types of Vibrators my frequent change of my clothes and vibrators had created mess in my room. I had to clean up the mess but I had things clean by the time my brother in law had arrived home from school as my mind was not sure how to seduce him.

After about two weeks, I was having sex by Vibrators on a regular basis, I really enjoyed, and it as it was my only option.

But one afternoon I purposefully decided not to observe the clock, as I wanted to seduce my brother in law and to seduce him I decided to play with my vibrator at the time he would arrive in home and remain naked.

My brother in law had returned from school and as usual he walked in my room and I was still playing with the Vibrator as I had planned. I was stark naked on all fours with Vibrator in hands. He walked into his room and just closed the door. And as expected he got aroused by my nakedness and play with vibrator, without thinking for a second he just kissed my cheeks first and then did a French kiss to me which lasted for 5 minutes after which he squeezed one of my boobs but I just wanted to tease him and just left my bed after that and without showing any reaction I just gave smile and said you naughty boy are you doing it to girl of your age.

Then I took a shower and got dressed again. I knew I had to handle this whole scenario as I had organized it to seduce him. I knocked on his door and he told me to come in. I did and sat down in a chair in front of him. And then I told him that I was sure that he had been shocked by what had happened between us a few moments ago but he just cut shorted my words and he asked me a question that amazed me. “Bhabhi,” he said, “Are you just frustrated and can you get the real pleasure form vibrator?” I was just happy in my mind that my plan had finally worked but he asked to me can you have a baby from vibrator?”Then what’s its use?

I then decided to confront the reality and told look Haresh I am young enough to attract a truck load of men behind me, but keeping with requirement of family that is you growth and nourishment I had decided not to remarry and not to seek sex out-side till you are grown up as this world is cruel and any attempt on my part would to just fulfill my pleasure would had left you alone and to prevent this I took harsh decision of not indulging in sex

But since I have some feeling and requirements I decided to masturbation and doing it with vibrator was just the best option I had one hearing my sentiments he just hugged me and Namıkköy Escort said Bhabhi you just sacrificed your youth for my upbringing and it is my duty to help you to fulfill all your desires. I was just elated by this reply.

I frankly confessed to hi that I wanted to seduce him so I made all the play to which he said that he understood my desires and he was ready to be my sex partner and fulfill my desire and also told me that in reverse process he was planning to seduce me.

He was truthful with me and told me that he was having a very hard time in his relations with girls and also groups of boys when they were talking about sex. He told me he gets confused some times. I told him that he can always talk to me about these things and that I would answer any and all questions that he had. I told him that he would start having what they call wet dreams very soon

He received my answer with a sigh of relief. “That’s good,” he said.

He told me that he had already had his first one about two months ago and that he was embarrassed to talk about it with me that he had given a French kiss to his class girl and then pressed her boobs but his attempt do intercourse was just a bit of failure as he was not able to penetrate her completely and he had ejaculated prematurely.

I gave him a hug and kiss in French style and told him that it was great news and that it means that he can be a father of a child one day and he should not worry about failure to do intercourse on first attempt as it had occurred with every-one and only on practice and patience did one perfect it.

He then asked me about the reproductive process.


Oh honey,” I said you asked me about vibrator giving me the child, “It does not work that way. You see, I am a human female and Vibrator is just a toy making simulation of penis and since it does not have sperms it cannot fertilize my eggs like a human male’s sperm can

I told him that the time of the month of the female has to be just right for conception to take place, I also explained that the male’s sperm count has to be high enough to insure that conception takes place.

I told him this could be achieved by having intercourse with a female and that one of the best ways to insure pregnancy was to have intercourse with his partner and very carefully allow his penis to ejaculate what I call his first count of sperm inside his partners vulva and then attempt a second ejaculation right after his first ejaculation inside his partner’s body

He told me that ejaculating his sperm felt really good. After our conversation he told me he understood why I was playing with Vibrator and that he was also attracted towards me and he had crushed on me and he was ready to become my sex partner and serve my sexual needs. I was really impressed by the way he handled it but I was happy that he had fallen in my trap finally

He kissed for about ten minutes. He then squeezed my breasts that I enjoyed very much. He removed my sari and before he tried to remove my blouse I had removed all his clothes and he was completely naked he then removed my blouse and just squeezed my boob with my bra in for about 15 minutes now he removed my bra and licked my naked boobs with his tongue and mouth and squeezed them with hand and he removed my petticoat and panty and started licking my pussy and fondling of boobs simultaneously

Since it was his first time so I asked him to join me in the master bedroom. I explained to him that he should lay in his back and that I would take my position on top of him. His penis was so hard and he was ready to penetrate my body with his thick hard long penis. I prepared myself for his first sexual contact. I lubricated my vagina and vulva with KY-Jelly. With a lot of affection that I directed at him I straddled his body and very carefully inserted his penis into my body. Then I started to thrust down on his rock hard penis. It felt wonderful! As I thought back I knew his penis was even larger then his brothers

Now we took break for dinner and dressed up and drew a code of conduct for ourselves.

We were not going to discuss about sexual activities with any one and we were to indulge with one another and not to seek any other partner and I was to use birth control pills to avoid any problem and he and I were to sleep on same bed where I and his brother (my deceased husband) had slept.

Now I purposefully wore a sari just to arouse him before going to bed and enjoy sex with my dummy husband.

He pushed his hand in my blouse and made him to press my boobs and fingering my nipples. I started getting aroused. My nipples became very hard and long. I was feeling my nipples in his two fingers. After that he inserted his finger into my deep navel and Slowly he moved to below that so that he could start playing with my cunt hairs. Then inserted a finger in my cunt and started feeling my supple vaginal lips

He then removed my sari, blouse and petticoat and I stood in front of him in my white Namıkköy Escort Bayan bra and panty. Both of were fully aroused and pushed and went into the bedroom. I stripped him off within no time. He pressed my boobs on my bra and rubbed his nose on my panty, just where my cunt lips were. I think he liked the smell. He then unhooked my bra and removed my panty. Both of us were stark naked now. He admired my nude figure for a while

His cock and my nipples were fully erect now and we were trembling with desire. He started pressing my breasts hard and sucking them vigorously. I pushed myself eagerly towards him with each pressing and sucking. I held his tool tightly and started moving my hands to and fro. It had become rock hard and hot. In minutes we assumed 69 positions and started sucking each other’s organs. When I moved my tongue around his big knob, he was licking and sucking my clit eagerly. His sharp and rough tongue was probing my pussy. I was in heaven

After some time we filled our love juices into each other’s mouths. We relaxed for few minutes when I was feeling heat of his cock and he lightly touching my pussy and felt very good. Then he asked me what to do, answer my was to start fucking me

He was already erect once again and his penis was moving up and down as if in anticipation. I spread my legs, placed a pillow below my big bums and invited him, to fuck me saying that I was for him. Then he started fondling my boobs and sucking them once again. He then started licking my pussy and pinching its thick walls. I oozed once. I could not wait any further and said please don’t wait please fuck me hard because am hungry for you penis. With this, he penis on my vaginal lips and gave a big push. It went in with chaw sound and really hurt me because it was my first fuck by a man for many years and not by a vibartor! I screamed “ahahahahahah, holding the pillow said to do slowly. He started moving in and out of my pussy without caring for my shouts. After few seconds, I really started enjoying this fuck

I shouted, saying Haresh please do not to stop He said, “please wait and see”. He lasted for almost for ten minutes during which I came twice. After releasing his load of cum deep inside my vagina, he rested on my body. I covered his back with both my legs and relaxed. And we both slept on the same bed.

And in morning we started our normal routine but in evening we were sex partner and we continued to enjoy it and he said why he liked me since I have long black hair and deep brown eyes. I have a figure that is a perfect size 10. I stand five feet 3 inches tall I weigh 55.Kgs. I keep in shape by walking, bike riding and exercising on a regular basis I to a lot of abdominal workouts, I have to so that Haresh can get more orgasms out of the tight structure on my vaginal muscles. I keep in shape for Haresh so that he can get the most satisfaction out of the way my body is built. I am also very proud of my bust line. Haresh says the shapes of my breasts are perfect as far as he can see (I had planned this when had just entered his teen)

And at night after we had bathed to gather and after doing a round of sex we slept on bed and in early I woke Haresh by giving him a blowjob. I was surprised by amount of sperm he ejaculated inside my mouth. It was all so thick and sticky after he woke up I jumped in the shower and I decided to take a shower with him. He made love to me in the standing position while in showers. He entered me from the rear as I knelt on the shower chair we have. After 20 minutes of his thrusting while caressing my breast he ejaculated a fresh new load of sperm inside of me. After finished our bath and shower he kissed me on the lips. We kissed for about ten minutes. we kissed in naked position then we dressed up for normal routine.

And we went at outings as a lover couple and even roamed places and beaches as lovers and years passed by and our routine was continuing. Having sex with my brother in law was a very normal part of my life, and as he kept up with his studies and what he has to around the house and he was really a best student making to the top of class

At last he completed his education getting a degree in Chemical Engineering.

Every now and then Haresh spoke of desire to become a father of child and even I had desire to become a mother and bear a child but our relations were not legal as were just a lover couple and not a legally married one. So I hesitated for child bearing and continued with pill, as we were sexually active

As Haresh had topped his engineering degree with distinction in marks and grade he got a job with multinational herbicide manufacturing company some 300Kms away from our town as a process engineer. As he was to shift his location I decided to get even my job transferred there.

As our we were in process of moving out to new town and he was to join his job few days went by and I was approaching my 32nd birthday and he had completed his 22nd birthday and I was thinking about Escort Namıkköy the possibility of having a baby without doing a formal marriage but finally decided that in conservative society to have child out of wedlock only and not out of lustful passion as I had seen problem of children born out lust without marriage in Indian society where they were the real sufferers of lust of there parents and I did not want it to happen it to my child

So one day I told him of my agony and dilemma. I talked about it for over three hours then I told him that I would give him a first hand experience and what it was like to become a father. I told him that he could be my sperm donor. He told me that he would really like to do that He said that I had the body of a sexy heroine, that I was very beautiful, and he would love to have me as the first woman to impregnate his seeds.

I told I was in no uncertain words that I allow this provided that he married me and accepted me as his legal wife both by doing religious and common law marriage, I told him that marriage with me should be one of commitment and he should not abandon me for someone younger of his age group and he should be serious about think about it seriously before replying it.

Further I told him that if he did not want marry me I would just continue the sexual relation but would not bear his child and I my routine of pills would remain unchanged.

Next day he came and told me bhabhi I just want to impregnate you with my seeds and I want to marry you, I just told him that marriage is a serious thing and one should not take it lightly to which He said he was deeply in love with me and that our sexual relationship was important to him and he just wanted to father a child to me in legal way and since now he had a job he was ready to take up challenge of real life.

Now we decided to get married. Some of our relatives who opposed it were told in that we were firm in our decision and they finally relented to our will

We got married according to Hindu Rituals and registered as per law prevailing then.

Now after marriage I stopped taking pills and we started our sexual activity with new rigor and our aim was to have child as early as possible. for few days in new town we as a couple were object of curiosity but as days passed we become one of the normal and accepted couple of the town

Now our sex work started as husband & wife and I have short black hair and deep brown eyes. I have a figure that is a perfect size 10. I stand five feet 3 inches tall, I weigh 55 Kgs. I keep in shape by walking, bike riding and exercising on a regular basis. I to a lot of abdominal work outs, I have to so that Haresh can get more orgasms out of the tight structure on my vaginal muscles. I keep in shape for Haresh so that he can get the most satisfaction out of the way my body is built. I am also very proud of my bust line. Haresh says the shape of my breasts is perfect as far as he can see.

So He really worked his penis inside me and he shot his sperm into to my vulva for the first time and very quickly I felt him give me a second dose. So I told him that he should continue the night routine as often as he liked until he reached his goal to impregnate me with his child and we slept

We got out of the shower, and then we got dressed. and he came over and kissed me on the lips. We kissed for about ten minutes.

I woke Haresh by giving him a blowjob. I was surprised by amount of sperm he ejaculated inside my mouth. It was all so thick and sticky after he woke up I jumped in the shower and I decided to take a shower with him. He made love to me in the standing position. He entered me from the rear as I knelt on the shower chair we have. After 20 minutes of his thrusting while caressing my breast he ejaculated a fresh new load of sperm inside of me.

So I was having intercourse with him each night during the week. But on the weekend holidays he would keep me up until the wee hours of the morning copulating with me for three to five hours at a time. He would leave me in very pleasant mood.

I went our bedroom and made myself beautiful. I put on makeup. Then when I was ready, I put on my bathrobe and told him it was time again. I went back to my room and he disrobed me and put into bed. I just removed all his clothes and He was totally naked and got into bed with me. I told him we would use the missionary position. He got on top of me and I started to kiss him on the lips and as I did I felt him enter my very receptive and ready vulva.

He soon started his thrusting motions. I could feel his penis stimulating my clitoris, driving me to an orgasm. After my third orgasm, he released a massive dose of potent sperm into my body and within five minutes of releasing his first dose of sperm he released his second dose inside my body.

Now we were a legally weeded couple trying to conceive a baby.

After we our working routine that day I told him that I wanted him to have intercourse with me again. So after about 20 minutes of copulating with me again he gave me another dose of his potent sperm. The next morning we started the process again. But that morning he took his time and he seemed more concerned about giving me as many orgasms as possible before releasing his hundred of millions of tiny sperm cells into my receptive body.

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