My 2020 Dr appointmentMy 2020 Dr appointment


My 2020 Dr appointmentMy 2020 Dr. appointmentI know they all start out the same because that’s how Dr. offices seem to do it sorry!Like the previous years I had my annual Dr. appointment and since now both the nurse and the Dr. know I’m a feminine male (the male term I use very loosely:) I really don’t have to hide the fact and as before my recent visit certainly validates that. This year I wore cute tan capries that were very tight with cute silky lacy pink panties underneath that felt so good against my shaved skin. Well except for a landing strip. topped off with a feminine blouse that did not really conceal my bra if you looked. I always carry a small shoulder type purse since girls clothing do not really have functional pockets. My hair still looks more feminine than masculine, it’s just who I am now. After checking in with the receptionist I took a seat and waited to be called back. The nurse came out to get me and told me how cute I looked and did I still have a boyfriend, all the while grinning as she led me to the back. The same room as last time which was the ob/gyn room with a table in it that had stirrups, so I knew what I was going to be in for again. After hopping up on the table, she checked all my vitals and like before she asked if I was still using tampons on occasion after sex, and I blushed and told her I was. She then asked me if I had douched prior to the appointment like I had been told to previously, since the Dr would be giving me a more thorough exam this time and I should now be in the habit of keeping myself clean especially for my boy friend since your regularly having anal sex. No one likes a smelly pussy now do they, she grinned.In essence your using your ass more as a pussy and therefore the Dr thinks a more thorough gynecology exam will be needed now and in the future. Its more essential now since your such a feminine boi and are having sex with another male. I was by now used to her openness and she said “what did I expect” after our previous 6 years I was in essence more feminine in my mannerisms and obviously enjoyed being sexually penetrated during sex like a girl, so he would have to continue to do a more thorough exam to make sure you had no internal damage to your “pussy” she said with a big grin. Like last year she then handed me a pink gown, telling me to hop down and strip down to just my bra and panties and put on the gown. She waited for me to strip down and she helped me tie the gown in back but not before complementing me on how pretty my lingerie was and patted my bottom She left the room telling me the Dr. would be in soon. Soon the Dr. came in, asking how I was doing, told me to remove my gown and complemented me on my cute bra and panties and told me to lay down on my back on the table, remove my panties and put my feet bahis siteleri into the stirrups. I told him what the nurse had said to me about needing a more thorough exam than last time and asked him what did she mean. He smiled and told me not to worry he would take care of me and ensure my pussy was functioning properly. He then proceeded to tell me that since my last visit he and the nurse had again talked and decided since I was so sexually active, he needed to continue to look for any internal damage. You are obviously still the “girl” in your relationship and having anal sex, I answered yes while blushing deeply. Are you experiencing more frequent internal orgasms like a women does from penetration? “Yes and I quiver all over inside a lot more that before.” It still depended on how long and deeply he had intercourse with me, and if he was able to stimulate my prostrate. ” It is a good sign he told me that I was feeling more like a women inside and responded to internal stimulation just like one. He reminded me that girls don’t always experience an orgasm but do their best to insure their man does. More importantly I wasn’t experiencing any unusual pain down there.Smiling he said, let’s get started looking at how healthy your “pussy” looks. The exam started; he lubed me up much more than before and told me to relax my “pussy” so it won’t be so uncomfortable, I did my best. He inserted more lube and I could soon feel his finger enter me as he felt around for my prostrate and then added another one as he continued to feel around in my as he called it “sissy vagina”. He massaged my prostrate like last time and it was really starting to feel good. I squirmed against his fingers, moaning with feminine pleasure. He continued feeling around inside me, moving his fingers in and out as I continued to moan and worked my pussy muscles as he was loosening me up more and causing to start seeping sissy crème from my tiny soft clittie. I was getting so sexually aroused now I didn’t want him to quit. He noticed my seepage and commented that I was responding to his stimulation just like a girl would. I groaned and pushed back and he laughed and told me I was doing fine. He added another finger and as I responded to his further stimulation. He said it was obvious that I had been responding much better since exercising my inner muscles when my boy friend fucked me and my “pussy” continued to contract around his cock just like a girls vagina did during sex and I still had good elasticity which was good for obvious reasons. He removed his fingers but continued to rub my moist anal lips causing me to squirm against them. He told me I reacted like any girl would to a man’s stimulation, telling me to continue to relax as all girls experience similar anxiety and he could see how feminine I canlı bahis siteleri had become in my responses to his male stimulation. Like last year he applied more lube and l just laid back, closed my eyes, as he made my sissy lips relax even more and telling me I was such a good girl now. The Dr. then told me to keep my feet in the stirrups, then I felt more cold lube on my pussy and the doctor inserted a cold metal object into me, I felt my pussy stretching as the instrument opened me wide so he could examine me. Telling me it’s natural for most of you girls to feel a little uncomfortable during this procedure. The pressure was so much more than when my boy friend’s cock penetrates me but it felt nice. He told I was doing fine and to just relax as he probed around inside me and told me I looked very healthy especially having been fucked so much but he said that’s a girls function and did I enjoy it? Embarrassed, I told him yes I did. After removing the instrument, he inserted his two fingers into me and pressing down on my tummy he wiggled them around and I started moaning since it felt so good and he seemed to take pleasure in that. Telling me that my anus has now become a functional pussy and I needed to consider taking care of it just like a girl maintains her vagina. To include douching regularly, practice muscle tightening around his penis as he fucks you to increase the overall sexual experience for both you and your boy friend. This also ensures your pussy opening remains tight to control all leakage.I was so exhausted as he slowly finger fucked me the entire time and I was squirming around like a girl in heat. Dropping my head back down on the pillow with my feet still in the stirrups . He then stood up, looking down at me, smiled and started unbuckling his pants. I was confused and asked what he was doing. He said that he wanted to really see if I was being a good girl for my boyfriend and then his hard firm cock was at my relaxed opening and he started entering me. I was so sexually aroused by now that I just wilted as he continued to enter me and then started a back and forth fucking motion. I was in shock and lust both I think as he continued to fuck me and then firmed up and filled me with his sperm.He finally removed his cock and said my pussy was functioning well and to continue to use plenty of lube and like last year he told me he would ask the nurse to bring in a tampon, and have her insert it in me in additional to a panty liner to protect my pretty panties encase some of his cum seeped out. He wiped some of the excess lube around my “pussy” spending more time than I thought necessary cleaning me up, but it felt so good. He commented on how small my nuts were and my soft little clittie wasn’t worth much anymore, then told me it no longer served canlı bahis a sexual purpose anyway.While I was recovering from him fucking me he let me remove my feet from the stirrups and stand up so he could feel my small budding breast checking for any lumps and rubbed my enlarged nipples Saying my nipples seemed a little bigger than last year, was I doing anything or was it just from my bf stimulating them more? I told him my bf did like to play and suck on them a lot now and that they seemed more sensitive. He told me he would prescribe some more cream for me to put on my nipples. He then told me like last year I would be getting a mammogram today as well just to see if my breast were healthy and no sign of cancer since they seemed sensitive to his touching them. He told me the nurse would be coming in soon to talk to me and then take me for my mammogram. Before leaving he then patted my bottom again and told me I was such a cute feminine boi and my bf was lucky to have me and to take good care of him. He did wonder if I wanted to see a Gynecologist in the future and I told him no! He said good because he liked being my Dr. and he would be sending in the nurse after he left. The nurse came in smiling, told me the Dr. said all went well and told me the Dr. said I needed a tampon for some reason and she would insert it into me. She had me lay back down and put my feet up again and seeing semen starting to seep out of me she was shocked and asked if the Dr. had done this. I was so embarrassed and told her he fucked me while telling me that he was seeing if my pussy was really functioning properly. She just grinned and said it’s hard being a girl isn’t it, men are so uncontrollable around us girls as she inserted the tampon on in me. I then got up and she put a panty liner in my panties and pulled them up reminding that I would need to change it in about 2 hrs depending on how much cum he filled me with. She said she would give me a couple more before I left. She asked if I needed any instructions on how to insert and remove it , then laughed and said Oh I forgot you already know all about that don’t you? she then left for a bit saying she needed to talk to the Dr.she returned and told me she had addressed his fucking me and why he felt it was appropriate. She told me she understood the embarrassment and discomfort I might have felt, and the Doctor had told her I did very well and the Dr. said since I now had a functioning pussy he wanted to make sure it really was. I was shocked but not much I could do about it now and I had enjoyed it but still felt a bit embarrassed having this discussion. She told me continue to do my proper feminine hygiene regularly, take good care of my boy friend and now we would be off to the XRAY unit for my mammogram. she did ask me if I would be seeing them again next year, I smiled and said yes!these might be becoming to repetitive and maybe I should just stop describing my Dr. appointments please let me know. they sure do make me feel so girly and embarrassed.hugs, Sis

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