Mum and Son MasturbateMum and Son Masturbate


Andrew had returned home for Christmas. Andrew is twenty-two, just under six feet tall with a good physique. At the moment he doesn’t have a regular girlfriend but that is not to say that he doesn’t have regular sex. Due to his good looks and fit body he has little problem pulling when the need arises. Andrew was a good son, he made sure he got home at least once or twice a term and always for all or part of the vacations.Andrew’s stepmother, Helen, is forty-three with a good figure. She was widowed when Andrew was twelve years old. Helen’s husband was killed in a road accident. Although time is a great healer, Helen had not found another long-term relationship. She had been on a few dates but nothing ever came of them. On arriving home Andrew headed straight to his room to drop off his bags. On walking through the house it was clear that his mother was not yet home from work. So he laid on his bed opened his laptop and started to watch various clips on YouTube. He worked his way through some of the suggestions that popped up, ships colliding, dogs doing silly things and such. On one video a beautiful blonde woman appeared and Andrew’s cock began to stiffen. His thoughts were now dominated by the hardening member in his pants. The need to masturbate became overwhelming.Andrew opened his favourite porn website and searched for his preferred fetish which was milf and teen. He positioned his laptop to the side of his bed, laid on his left side so his right hand would be free to massage his cock. In this position he had his back to his bedroom door which he had left slightly open. Andrew unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them off. He played with his cock in his pants for a bit before removing them and releasing his erection. He then removed his t shirt so he was totally naked. He put his earbuds in so he could listen to the sound Sefaköy escort bayan in private and not alert his mother to the sex noises if she were to return home. He watched the action on the screen trying not to touch his cock as he didn’t want to cum too quickly. Unbeknown to Andrew his mother had arrived home. As she entered through the front door, she knew Andrew was home as he had hung his coat in the hall. Helen headed upstairs to find Andrew. As she reaches the top of the stairs she noticed a dim and flickering light coming through the partially open door to Andrew’s room. Helen walked towards the door and opened it and walked in.The entrance of Andrew’s bedroom had a short passageway next to the side of the closet before opening into the room. As Helen reach the end of the passageway she stopped and took a small step back. In front of her she saw Andrew on his bed naked with his back to her, watching porn and clearly masturbating. She stood quietly at the end of the entrance to Andrew’s bedroom and watched him enjoying what he thought was some private time.As Helen watched her son masturbate, she couldn’t help but to touch herself. She lifted her skirt and reached inside her panties to find the dampness of her pussy. She watched Andrew carefully and listened to the moaning noises he was making. He then rolled onto his back. His hard cock pointing skywards. Helen thought for a moment that he had seen her but she stood back a touch into the dark passage. She then leaned forward to see Andrew rolling a condom down the length of his erect penis. He then continued to masturbate while laying on his back, no longer paying any attention to the porn on his laptop. His back then arched as he let out a loud groan. Helen could see, in the light being emitted from the screen of the Yenibosna escort laptop, the end of the condom filling with Andrew’s cum. Helen watched Andrew’s orgasm begin to subside before retreating to her own room. As Helen got changed out of her work clothes she quickly rubbed her clit bringing herself to orgasm. She bit her lip quite hard to prevent her from squealing with delight as her orgasm passed through her body. Helen changed and quietly headed down the stairs to the kitchen to prepare dinner.Over dinner, Helen and Andrew shared a bottle of wine and caught up on what each had been up to recently, although they did speak frequently on the phone and text each other to make sure each was alright. After they had finished their meal they retired to the living room to finish the wine and watch a bit of TV. While they sat and watched the television, Helen could not get the image of Andrew masturbating out of her head. As a consequence, she was turned on. At about eleven, she felt the need to masturbate. So she told Andrew she was tired and needed to go to bed. She kissed her son goodnight and head upstairs to bed leaving Andrew watching TV.On arriving at her bedroom she entered and deliberately left the door half-open. She undressed down to her panties and bra. She then searched her bedside cabinet for her vibrator and lay on the bed. As she lay on the bed she teased her pussy through the fabric of her panties and removed her bra.  As she lay on the bed she slowly worked her hand inside her panties and found her wet hole. Helen rubbed her clit and then slid her finger into her vagina. She repeated this a few times before her orgasm began to pass through her body like a tidal wave. As her orgasm reached a crescendo she could not help but moan in pure pleasure.As she lay on the Escort Halkalı bed in the afterglow of her orgasm, she reached for her vibrator. Helen turned it on and rubbed it along the length of her vulva to get it lubricated. Helen then teased her clit before inserting into her vagina. As she masturbated Helen groaned as the vibrator caressed her G spot.Meanwhile, Andrew turned the TV off in the living room and headed upstairs to bed. As he climbed the stairs he could hear a humming sound and groaning. He recognised the sounds immediately. His mother was masturbating. Andrew knew his mother masturbated as when he was younger he stumbled across her collection of five or six vibrators in a draw when he was searching for something else his mother had sent him to find.As Andrew got to the top of the stairs he could see the door was open. Once at the top of the stairs he should have turned left and headed for his own room. However, the erection developing in his pants told him to turn right. He quietly edged himself along the landing until he could see inside Helens’s room. As Andrew peered inside Helen’s room he saw her naked on the bed, laying on her back with one knee bent pointed at the wall. Her right hand was controlling a vibrator that was inserted into her vagina and her left hand was massaging her breasts. She was also making sounds in appreciation of the stimulation she was receiving.As Helen masturbated she could sense Andrew’s presence outside her room watching her. This excited her even more. She moved her body into a position that she thought would give Andrew the best view. After a minute or two, she rolled onto her front and raised her buttocks in the air so Andrew could observe her bum and arsehole. While still having the vibrator inserted in this position Helen reached orgasm. Helen rolled onto her back as her orgasm faded and lay still on the bed, legs open. She knew Andrew was watching her and would be outside the room with a hard cock requiring some attention. Helen thought about how it would feel with her fingers wrapped around it and slowly pulling back his foreskin and rubbing him until he ejaculated.

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