Ms. ReynoldsMs. Reynolds


Every morning I would find myself standing at my bedroom window waiting to catch a glimpse of Ms. Reynolds. She was without a doubt one of the most beautiful women I have ever laid eyes on. I could never get enough of staring at her whenever I had the chance. It didn’t matter what she was wearing, what ever it was, was bound to turn me on. In the evenings, she would prepare for her normal run by stretching on her porch wearing the skimpiest work out clothes I have ever seen. Everything always had to match, right down to her socks and shoes. She wore the tightest shorts that accentuated her tight, firm and round apple bottom ass and her toned and long legs, legs I would love to have wrapped around my neck, would glisten from whatever type of lotion she would use. She always had her long, brown hair up in the cutest ponytail that swayed side to side when she walked and jogged. Her tops ranged of different colors, but each was cut short to show off her toned stomach and they would fit snugly against her enormous breasts. Big, beautiful natural breasts. How she could run with those things was beyond me, but she did and I enjoyed watching her go as her breasts bounced up and down on her way down her driveway. I enjoyed watching her stretch as she would bend over and her ass would stick out just begging to be pounded from behind. Of course, my favorite was to watch her bend over and stretch from the front so I could see down her shirt and just stare at her lovely cleavage. Ms. Reynolds moved into my neighborhood the day after my last day of school. Now I had a long summer break to spend every single day trying to get a glimpse of her using my binoculars through my bedroom window. I do a pretty good job of hiding in my room so that she can not see me, but sometimes I would get this strange feeling that she knew I was watching her. I thought for sure she saw me once staring at her when she was on her porch stretching one day because she looked up into my window as she was standing up, paused and then began to walk to my house. I quickly put my dick back in my pants, hid my binoculars and sat down to pretend to be watching t.v. when the bell rang. A few minutes later my mom called me down. Oh Shit! I’ve been caught. I came down stairs and just heard a glimpse of their conversations. Something about being newly divorced and moving away to get a fresh start. So when I come up to them, all she wanted to do was to introduce herself. With a sigh of relief, I shook her hand as she introduced herself as Kathleen Reynolds and that she looked forward to getting to know us. Standing so close to her, I was able to see just how tight her workout clothes were and I was able to see the outline of her areolas and her nipples just staring right at me. Of course, my shorts began to dance a bit as my cock pulsed on his way to standing at attention. I caught a fleeting moment where she glanced down to take a look at the front of my shorts before she turned away and smiled. Crap, of course she caught that. After she left, I went upstairs and went to town on my cock to the image of her breasts and blew my load within minutes. So here I was, a typical Monday morning when I should be sleeping in on my summer vacation. I was 17 years old, so of course, always horny as hell. I just finished rubbing one out while watching some porn on my computer, when I noticed the time. It was 7:05 a.m. and that meant Ms. Reynolds would bahçesehir escort be coming out to grab her paper that was on her porch. Why I enjoyed watching this every morning was because Ms. Reynolds would only wear a robe in the morning and her robe would loosen a bit as she would bend over to pick up her paper and I could get a really good look at her cleavage. This morning though something different occurred. As she bent over to pick up her paper, she turned slightly and loosened her robe a bit more and began to rub her left breast. I couldn’t believe it. I was frozen in place. I thought my eyes were going to bulge out of their sockets because I was pressing my binoculars against them so tight in hopes of getting a closer view. It wasn’t like anyone could see what was going on. She was still covered but from my angle, I could clearly see everything right down to her enormous areola and her nipple, which was getting hard as she rubbed it with her hand. It was as though she were doing this just for my benefit. I was breathing so hard I was sure I was going to fog up my binoculars. She then tightened her robe, stood up and walked right back into her house. Needless to say, I went back and rubbed one out again. I was pitching tents in my jeans all day and could not get that image out of my head. I had lost track of how many times I had masturbated to the image of Ms. Reynolds tit. I had never seen tits that big before. Trust me, I spend a lot of time online looking at tits, but hers are incredible. I was in the middle of attempting to bust another load when I heard her door close. I quickly ran to my window with my dick in one hand and my binoculars in the other. I’ve masturbated plenty of times while watching her stretching, so this was nothing new. Although, what was new was that her shorts weren’t tight like all the others. These were very lose fitting shorts. They were incredibly short, but not tight and did nothing for her ass at all. Oh well, I still had a good look at her tits though, and that was more important. As she sat down to do her stretches, she again slightly turned so that when she spreads her legs open, I could look directly up her shorts through her left leg. Holy Shit! She wasn’t wearing any underwear. My hand began to work double time as I stared at her pussy. Clean shaven with just a bit of a strip that stopped just before her clit, which seemed a bit engorged to me. I’ve seen plenty of swollen clits online, but only because these women were playing with themselves or were in the middle of sex and they were turned on. I didn’t think women’s clits would be engorged if they were not turned on. I followed down a bit to her lips which I so badly wanted to bury face in and never move. Again I noticed that these too were a bit engorged. She was either turned on, or her clit and pussy lips were naturally swollen like that. As she is stretching to her right, she took her left hand and gently started to rub on her pussy. FUCK! I just blew my load all over my window, missing the tissue. Fuck it, I’ll clean it later. This is too good to miss. She was still rubbing her lips and slowly moved her finger to her clit and started to rub that too. At this point my dick had hardened again and all I could do was begin to stroke it as I stared at what was happening right in front of me. She then stopped and began her stretch to the left. Picture this. I’ve beylikdüzü bayan escort got a clear shot up her shorts at her engorged pussy and I’m also able to see down her shirt into her cleavage at the same time. And then she looked right up at me. Her eyes boring into mine. Could she see me? I didn’t think she could, but like I said before, at times it felt like she knew I was watching. So in my binoculars I had a shot of her pussy, cleavage and her lovely blue eyes staring right at me and she was smiling. It didn’t take long for me to blow another load again all over my window. She stood up, turned on her mp3 player, and off she went. * * * I’m home alone all day while my parents are off working, and the majority of my friends are off on vacations with their families so I pretty much have nothing to do at all. It’s early in the morning and I’m waiting for Ms. Reynolds to come out and get her paper, but to my disappointment, she’s fully clothed. Not only that, she goes past her paper and walks down her driveway and is coming towards my house. Before I can comprehend what’s happening, my doorbell rings. I fly down stairs, open the door and there she is smiling at me. She’s wearing a baby blue sports bra which happens to be my favorite color, dark blue shorts and some flip flops. Again, my shorts start to do a little dance and I am thankful I have a long enough shirt on to hide it. She apologizes for coming by so early but she is wondering if I can help her move some furniture in her house. She would be more than happy to pay me for my services so I agree and follow her to her house. She offers me a drink and tells me to sit down and get comfortable while she goes to change quickly. All she does is put on a shirt, but I notice that she is no longer wearing a bra. Her natural tits sway side to side while she walks and once again I am thankful for my shirt. I’m able to move everything on my own. Some tables, a couch and a couple of chairs. Basically, she was remodeling her living room. We chatted a bit, nothing big, just your typical how’s your summer vacation going. I found out she is currently looking for work and that she has been enjoying her time being here. She asks me if there is anything to do and I give her some ideas on things to do around here. She’s thankful for the information and she thanks me for helping her move her furniture. She gets up and walks to her dining room table to grab her purse. She looks at me and smiles and begins to blush. I ask her if everything is okay. “Yes Jason everything’s fine. I am curious about something though.” “Okay, how can I help?” She takes a couple of slow steps and asks, “Have you liked what you’ve seen?” Caught off guard I can only ask, “What?” She smiles and slowly asks me, pronouncing each word carefully as she takes a couple more steps. “Have you liked what you’ve seen?” I look around her living room and take in that she has some nice things but I’m still confused. “What have I been looking at?” She is now in my face and her breasts are pressed against my chest. “Have you enjoyed checking me out while I’m on my porch?” Blushing and attempting to apologize I try to pull back but I end up backing into a wall. She steps forward and again has her breasts on me again, and I notice that her nipples are hard. “What do you have to apologize for? I’m flattered that you have been staring at me. I get a lot escort beylikdüzü of stares from men, but I’ve never been spied on with binoculars. At least that I know of.” “Yes, I like what I see.” “Did you enjoy the little show I gave you yesterday?” My dick starts to grow and grow and is now pressing against her stomach. “Mmmmmm, I guess you did enjoy my show.” I could barely get the word “yes” out of my mouth. “You know, I was so turned on by the idea of loosening my robe a little to fondle my breast knowing that you would be watching. I was even more turned on by showing you my pussy. Did you notice how swollen my clit and pussy lips were?” So I was right, she was turned on. My mouth is so dry that again I can barely get the word “yes” out. “Jason, are you a virgin?” “Yes.” “How do you know what a swollen clit and pussy lips look like?” “I’ve seen plenty on my computer.” “But you’ve never seen one up close before?” “No.” She leans in to me and whispers in my ear, “Would you like to?”There’s immense pain in my crotch because my cock is pressed tightly into her lower stomach. She puts her left hand down her pants and slowly rubs her pussy. “Jason, you have to promise me that you will not tell anyone about what I am doing or what we have been discussing. This is our little secret.” “Okay, I promise. I will never tell anyone.” She moans as she continues to rub her pussy. “That’s good to hear Jason. It’s been a long time for me and masturbating can only get me so far. I have a confession. I’ve known you’ve been watching me since day one and I have to admit I’ve masturbated many times to the idea of getting you alone in my house to have my way with you. I need a nice young hard cock to satisfy my every whim. Can you do that for me Jason?” “Okay.” She pulls her hand out and runs it under my nose. “This is what I smell like.” Her fingers are wet, and glistening. It’s a floral scent that drives me crazy. My cock is bulging up against my shorts just begging to be let loose. She takes her middle and index fingers and slides them into my mouth. “This is what I taste like.” That did it. I think I hear a tiny rip come from my underwear as my dick is attempting to poke through. “So you’ve noticed what I smell and taste like. Did you enjoy it?” “Oh yes. You smell and taste so good. I can’t wait to see more.” “Oh really? What else do you want to see?” I can’t help it as my eyes instinctively move down to her breasts. She cups them for me. “You want to see these don’t you?” All I can do is nod. She starts rubbing her breasts getting her nipples harder as she continues to rub against my cock. “Do you really want to see my tits Jason?” Again I nod. “I want you to ask me, no, tell me to take off my shirt.” “Can you please take off your shirt Ms. Reynolds?” “No Jason, with a slight smile on her face. I want you to tell me to take off my shirt. Be forceful.” Okay I thought. It’s now or never. I push away from the wall, look her right in the eye and tell her, “Kathleen, take off your shirt.”“Yes, Sir. Nice touch using my name, Jason.” She takes a few steps back, gives me a smile and a wink and slowly lifts her shirt up. As she lifts the shirt over her head, her breasts fall back down and jiggle in the most seductive way. Her nipples are so hard and sticking right out at me just begging to be sucked. “What about these Jason?” She has her fingers tucked into her shorts. “Do you want these off as well?” “Yes, Kathleen. I want you to turn around, bend over and slowly take them off.” “Ooh yes sir.” She kicks off her flip flops, turns around and bends over. I can see the wet stain from her pussy juices on her shorts. She reaches up and slowly takes them down giving me a nice good look at her pussy lips.

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