Mrs. Claus! Ch. 02Mrs. Claus! Ch. 02


CH. 2


Grandma fixed breakfast in the same pajamas which I had found so distracting the night before. I had trouble keeping up with any conversation. When Grandma noted my lack of concentration I blamed it on the pills, although I actually hadn’t taken any. She caught me ogling her a couple of times and gave me puzzled glances.

After breakfast she dressed in a low cut white blouse, and a tight beige skirt. She had also put on a bit of make up, a light blue eye shadow, a little foundation and light pink lipstick. Sure enough I was aroused more often than not that whole morning. She suggested we play some card games. As Grandma and I were playing Uno, she acted a little nervous. Finally she poured herself a glass of gin and as if distracted handed me a bottle of beer.

“Sweetie, do you know what a fetish is?”

I was stunned by the question and answered with “Huh?”

“It’s when someone has a sexual fixation.”

“You mean like a pervert who likes shoes or poop?” I asked in shock. Did she think I was a freak?

Grandma looked shocked at my reaction and grabbed my hand. “Well, yes that is a fetish but I was talking about a sexual fixation on a physical characteristic. For example most men are fixated on breasts or a woman’s buttocks. However some men are especially sexually attracted to blondes, or large women or attracted someone outside their ethnic group. I know this may be very embarrassing to talk about but I think its important that you do. And its probably easier with me than your parents. At first I thought you were joking, when you said you were fantasizing about Mrs. Claus but now its clear how excited you get from looking at my saggy old boobs. So are you “turned on” by mature women? Is that why you haven’t gotten a girlfriend yet?”

Okay, these were loaded questions. Should I tell my grandmother that it was her that turned me on and be labeled an incestuous freak? Should I admit that my lack of a girlfriend had more to do with me being lame in the romance department than a lust for mature ladies? I thought if I admitted to the lesser of two evils the whole thing would blow over.

Blushing and forcing myself to tear up, I shamefully admitted that yes, I was attracted to older women and that I was sorry for being a freak.

Grandma took my hand in hers and kissed me on the cheek. “Oh sweetie, there’s nothing wrong with you but don’t let your fantasies keep you from experiencing life.”

She hugged me tight and once again her breasts did their magic on me. When she sat back she noted my uncomfortable positional shift and gave me a speculative look.

During our game I caught her giving me thoughtful looks during our game.

After we finished our game, Grandma said. “I have to do some late minute Christmas shopping. So you’re gonna be on you own for a while.” She hugged my face to her bosom and said in a voice like she was talking to a small child “So be a good little boy for Grandma. I know you can’t run with scissors but try not to play with matches.” Ha Ha Grandma.

In her absence I sat on Grandma’s couch watching A Christmas Story for the millionth time..

When she returned with her packages she took them into her room. We ate dinner and watched Its a Wonderful Life, It was about 8 at night when it ended.

Grandma yawned and stretched, her breasts looming before me like small hills. She smiled a bit as she caught my eyes track her momentarily fuller chest. “Well, we need to get you to bed, Jimmy. You know its Christmas Eve and if you’re awake Santa might not stop here.” My leg had been hurting all day from my fall the night before so I actually didn’t mind. Once I was in bed I took a pain pill and fell rapidly asleep.

A couple of hours later I was abruptly awakened from a deep sleep by the door to my room flying open.

Shouting “Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!” my grandmother walked into the room wearing a Santa cap, a large Santa suit which she had suitably stuffed with pillows and black boots. The Santa suit ended at her knees so I could see that she was wearing red stockings, probably identical to the ones she had worn at the Christmas party years before. She also wore the gold-rimmed glasses and the vivid red lipstick. One additional touch was a pinkish eye shadow that highlighted her deep blue eyes.

Realizing that she was probably wearing the same outfit underneath the Santa suit my cock became wood.

Over her shoulder was slung a white fur trimmed Santa sack.

She carefully placed the sack on the floor by my bed. “Well now, Mr. James Ellenville, word around the North Pole is that you’re a naughty boy who’s been crushing on Mrs. Claus? Is that true?”

Unsure as what exactly was going on I nodded yes.

Grandma smiled, “Well, it makes old Mrs. Claus feel good to know that a handsome young man such as yourself finds her so attractive. I’ve made a special trip to see Merdivenköy Escort you and brought you some special presents. Would you like to see them?”

Could it be possible? Was my Grandma coming onto me? Did she want me to screw her? The thought of this scared the living crap out of me, as it excited me to no end.

She reached into her bag and brought out a portable DVD player. She opened it and placed it at the foot of my bed. “This one is from your Granny for being such a sweet grandson.” She then brought out three DVD cases and smiled “These are from Mrs. Claus for being such a naughty young man who likes the older ladies. Since Mrs. Claus is married and can’t take care of you herself, despite how much she may desire to do so, she hopes this will be a suitable substitute. Hopefully these will give you some good fantasy material.”

I looked at the titles of the DVDs and got a shock. Older Women and Younger Men, Riding with Grandma and Grandma’s Got Big Tits. I don’t know what astonished me more; that Grandma located and purchased these films or that she gave them to me.

Registering my shock as speechless pleasure, Grandma said, “Gran.. um Mrs. Claus thought if you looked at some real depictions of your fantasy you might be able to get past it.”

With a twinkle in her eyes she asked which one I wanted to watch first. Although I wanted to see Grandma’s Got Big Tits, I also didn’t want to be obvious so I chose the Older Women and Younger Men disc. Grandma slid it into the player and then swung up onto my bed to sit next to me. Okay so Gran was going to watch porn with me.

Gran snuggled close, throwing her left arm over my shoulder so that her arm draped across my chest. As she rested her head on my shoulder the fuzzy Santa cap and her long white hair tickled my cheek. Her perfume filled my senses as she squirmed to get comfortable. Although her Santa suit was well stuffed with pillows I could still feel the firmness of her large left breast as it pressed against my right side.

If I had truly had a mature woman fetish the DVD would have disappointed me, most of the the women were barely older than their male partners. As a rule the women were all quite sexy but watching porn while my grandmother hugged me was very inhibiting. However, I was able to forget my surroundings for a while when a brunette named Ava in her late thirties had a passionate tryst with a man just out of his teens. Ava’s dark hair and voluptuous curves made me think of my mother. In my imagination Ava was fully replaced by my mother and I took the young man’s place. I couldn’t help but become aroused.

During the course of the film Grandma divided her time between watching what was going on screen and watching my facial reactions while also checking out the action in my crotch. When Ava began to arouse me, she smiled and softly rubbed my chest. Once I started feeling horny all of the sexual stimuli surrounding me, the perfume, a woman’s hand rubbing my chest, the press of a woman’s body against mine all combined to keep me aroused. When the film finished Grandma kissed my cheek and popped in another. This one was Grandma’s Got Big Tits.

This turned out to be a compilation film made of scenes from various films. Many of the scenes were between mature people of about the same age, others were between older women and younger men. True, many of the “grandmothers” did have big tits but it was because they were also greatly overweight. Noting my reaction to these scenes Grandma fast-forwarded the disc.

Finally after six scenes of pure crap there came one that was pretty good. This had a woman I’d guess in her fifties with black hair shot through with gray. She and a young male companion sat in a private dining room in a restaurant. Her male companion was in his early twenties. You could imagine that it was perhaps a young man taking his grandmother out for a special dinner. The illusion could be maintained since the dialogue in the scene was very minimal, limited to sounds of pleasure.

At the end of the meal she kissed his cheek. He leaned in and kissed her on the mouth. Although surprised, she responded. The young man urged her to stand up and then slowly kissed her lips, face and neck. Although her face was lined, her neck was creased and her hands were wrinkled she was still attractive with large breasts, wide hips and full bottom if a slightly thick waist.

The older lady and her companion necked and slowly undressed each other. Once she had his shirt off the older lady stroked the naked chest and stomach of her male companion with her hands and nails. He removed her brassiere and suckled her full but sagging breasts until the nipples stood out like small plums. They hugged and he kissed her neck as their naked chests pressed up against each other. She kissed his chest and slowly worked down his stomach. Pulling down his pants she kissed downward to his groin and to his fully erect Escort Merdivenköy dick. Stroking this for a while, she bent over and licked it before swallowing it. As per porno movies the young man was rather large and thick but the older woman swallowed him whole without batting an eye.

“Damn!” breathed Grandma.

Up until that moment Grandma had not shown any visible signs of being affected by any of the scenes. She had made a few wry observations about silicone breasts, tattoos and in her words “overly large equipment”. While she was not disgusted by the sexual activity, she did not seem aroused by it either, being more interested in making certain I was enjoying my gift. However she had avidly watched this sensual scene between the much older woman and younger man.

I guess women like the more romantic type stuff rather than the typical wham bam action we guys prefer. As the scene progressed she began squirming more on the bed, I heard the vvvipp vvipp of her stockings rubbing. Her hand slowly stroked across my chest and stomach; almost but never quite reaching my groin. Out of the corner of my eye I saw her eyes glaze over and her mouth part. Her tongue slid over vivid red lips as her breathing became more pronounced.

By the time that sensual scene had finished, my boxers were a pup tent and Grandma was perspiring. Taking a deep breath she slid off of the bed. At my look of surprise, and I guess hurt, she gave me a sheepish smile.

“Mrs. Claus must be too used to the North Pole because all of a sudden she is very warm.” She opened the Santa suit letting it and the three pillows underneath it fall to the floor. As I had suspected Grandma was dressed in the white fur trimmed red silk blouse with the deep décolletage. It fit her snugly and the moisture of her perspiration made it cling most fetchingly. I immediately noticed she had chosen not to wear a bra because her nipples pointed at me like little fingers.

Grandma followed my eyes and smiled, “Mrs. Claus discovered that when she put on this outfit the few pounds that she had gained didn’t allow her to wear a bra. So don’t think she did it for your benefit, you naughty boy.” As she bent over to put in the last film the short red dress drew my attention and I took in her round, full buttocks and red stocking clad legs. Her ass had some sag to it and her thighs were a bit chunky but that did not matter in my state of arousal. I also saw that the films had affected her more than she let on because the bottoms of her red panties were dark with moisture.

After putting in the last disc she slid back into her previous position of snuggling against me on the bed, her left arm once again over my left shoulder, her head resting on my right shoulder. Without the Santa suit, the warm lushness of her body was fully pressed against me. Her full breast molded against my side and her hip rested against mine. Her increased body warmth activated her perfume filling the room with its sexy scent. To this was added an earthier, muskier scent.

Our final feature Riding with Grandma was also a compilation film but with a theme. The actors role-played grandmothers and grandsons engaging in sexual activities. Some of the scenes had been re-dubbed to make the theme consistent, although not always consistent with the action portrayed in the scenes. While most of these women were old enough to be grandmothers I found very few of them attractive, they were either too large or too decrepit looking. Gauging my reactions again Grandma fast-forwarded through the DVD.

She stopped when she saw the dark haired woman and the younger man in the restaurant from the previous disc. This scene’s dialogue had been re-dubbed so that the actors actually referred to themselves as grandma and grandson. While the minimalist dialogue version had been erotic, the additional dialogue made it even hotter. By the end of the scene Grandma was breathing heavier and I felt her hardened nipple poke me in the side.

The next scene had one of the actually few gray haired women that I found attractive, although she was slightly overweight, she had a nice shape and a pretty if fairly lined face. Yes, there was a resemblance to my Grandma.

The scene was about a teen aged young man that had locked himself in his room after his girlfriend had dumped him. His Grandma insisted on seeing him and kept knocking on his door, worried about him. Hiding his porn and putting on some shorts he let her in the room. She sat on his bed and told him he would meet another girl. He told her that no girl would have anything to do with him because he did not know how to be with a woman. His Grandma had been eyeing junior’s tented shorts since she stepped into the room.

Smiling and standing up from the bed, the boy’s Grandmother offered to show him how to treat a woman. She loosened her long gray white hair, undid the buttons to her dress and let it fall to the floor. Merdivenköy Escort Bayan She was dressed in a brassiere, panties, stockings and garters. She showed the young man how to undress his lady. how to remove a bra, garters and stockings. She then showed him how and where he should kiss her. After being initially erotic the scene quickly became quite raunchy as his grandmother gave him a sloppy blowjob before pushing him onto the bed and slowly taking his hard cock deep into her gray bush.

As we watched this, Grandma absently stroked my chest, neck and groin. When her hand accidentally brushed against my swollen cock, she quickly brought her hand back up to my chest. After that however her hand trailed back and forth, slowly caressing me as she watched the action of the video. With recurring frequency her hand kept drifting down to brush up against my rigid member.

On screen as the older woman rode her younger partner he caressed her long white hair, kissed her neck and sucked at the swollen nubs of her breasts.

Grandma’s breathing quickened when that happened and she squirmed restlessly crossing her legs and leaning backwards. Her breasts rose up like cresting waves, her nipples buoys upon the water. Her engorged nipples pushed through the fabric of the silken blouse. Constrained they were half an inch long. A devilish notion struck me as the phrase tits you could hang a hat on came to mind. I did not have a hat but I wondered if they would support something else. On my nightstand was a miniature Christmas tree from which hung small marble sized ornaments. Reaching over I took one of these off of the tree and hung the string over Grandma’s stiff nipple.

She started at the touched. Looking down to see the ornament dangling from her nipple, she snorted a laugh and plucked the ornament off. Grandma sighed as this movement tickled her aroused nipple. She flicked the nub with her fingertip and hissed in pleasure. Her fingers rested at the buttons running down the front of her blouse. She turned facing me, her head tilted with the Santa cap hanging askew. Eyes flashing with humor and heat, she licked her lips and gave me a small smile.

“You really like Gra… Mrs. Claus’ old titties don’t you?”

“Yes,” I squeaked.

Grandma’s eyes flickered and her face grew momentarily somber as she stared directly into my eyes. Her eyes flared bright and her vivid red lips curled into a big smile. In a voice husky with desire she said, “Would you like to see them?”

Unable to speak, I merely nodded. Grandma kept one arm around my neck and used it to brace herself as she half turned closer towards me. With her free hand she slowly unbuttoned the front of her blouse. Each opened button revealed more of the creamy white globes half hidden by the red blouse. When every button had been undone the tight blouse still clung to the fronts of her breasts, kept in place by the the combination of sweat and the hard spikes of her nipples. Giving her breasts a shake failed to free them but it made those delicious orbs jostle so sexily.

Grandma used her red nailed finger and peeled the clinging blouse off of each of her breasts finally revealing their full glory to my adoring eyes.

Full and pendulant, they sagged halfway down her breastbone. Freckles dotted their creamy white expanse and when the breasts swung the stretch marks surrounding them were very evident. Swollen with desire vibrant pink nipples jutted one inch from the pale white breasts. The nipples were surrounded by an areola about the diameter of a coffee cup. Grandma drew me tight against her the hard nipples poked my chest almost painfully as her warm fullness crushed against my pajama top.

Grandma’s mouth was next to my ear, she kissed my lobe and said, “Touch Mrs. Claus’s snow globes if you want.”

Tentatively I ran my finger across the creased, hot flesh of her breast curve.

Grandma took her arm from around my neck and moved backwards. Thinking I had done something wrong I jerked my hand back. Grandma pulled her legs up so that she was kneeling next to me. Smiling she took both of my hands in her small, age lined hands and softly but firmly placed them over the warm, pliant flesh of her nipples. She sucked in a gasp of pleasure as I squeezed down on her yielding tits.

As I played with her breasts Grandma unbuttoned my pajama top. It hung loosely on my shoulders just as the red silken top hung off of her. Her blue eyes blazed with a combination of lust, passion and love. Looking deep into my eyes she slowly ran a red nailed finger down my chest, across my stomach and down to my boxer waistband. Pursing her lips in reflection, she seemed to be deep in thought. With a wry smile and a sigh she cupped her hand around the length of my cock and slightly stroked it.

She slid off of the bed and grabbed the portable DVD player and cds putting them on chair near the door. She tossed the Santa suit inside the Santa bag. My heart sank as I thought that the fun and games were over. However she turned back to me with a big smile and kicked off her black boots. She put her hands underneath her large drooping breasts lifting them in my direction.

“You really like Mrs. Claus saggy old titties, don’t you? Would you like to see her nasty old pussy?”

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