Mr S’s Surviving Life part 1Mr S’s Surviving Life part 1


Mr S’s Surviving Life part 1

this take a bit to get into so if your just after sex you might have to skip some

Intro Graham
“Its probably best to start from the top my names Graham and I’m a survivor what did I survive well the war the last great war that is to be fare I was only 5 at the time of the war but now at 19 I’m what is known as a survivor.

There are others out there but not many for the war really was the war to end all wars for the 3 years it rained death and the world suffered. My father is the reason I count my self in amongst the survivors for he lead us to the hide it was an old ghost town, mining or something accrued in the mountains long ago but after that the town was almost deserted that was until we arrived father lead the 20 people into the mountains at the very start of the war and it was here that we survived.

So ill tell you how we survived life…”

Part 1 PJ and Dave

When PJ got to work he never imagined it would be like this every one was in a panic the news reports showed mass pandemonium world wide as missile struck china whose missiles no one knew but the world was tearing its self apart. PJ would have liked to have continued watching the news but he had work to do.

PJ was in the locker room getting dressed he pulled on his boots and fastened his gun holster before he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror. He hadn’t had time to shave this morning and so this gaunt face had a rugged look to it. PJ wasn’t a really a good looking man he was slim though well muscled from his strenuous gym time. He filled out the blue police uniform well but he was by no means a huge man in fact he was only 175cm tall and about 75kg.

PJ was startled by a hand on his shoulder but not surprised to see who it was Dave his best mate stood before him. Dave was large over 186cm tall and weighing in at 92kg he was a mountain a star of the rugby field but a great companion.

“Bloody Hel mate shits hit the fan hey?” said Dave

“Sure has any word on what we are to do yet?” asked PJ pulling on his cap

“Key point security every ones assigned a place we need to get to the parliament house the whole cities in a state of panic”

“Right we better get a move on then” the two then rushed from the locker room.

The crowd at Parliament house was building when the two arrived thousands waiting to see what Australia’s reaction would be. PJ and Dave made their way to the commanding officer who looked worried they were given their posts on the far side away from the crowd near back entrances.

As they arrived so did the missiles the first hit three blokes away the concussion knocking both police officers to the ground. And so it was from then on the sky rained fire the target was obviously parliament because the missiles landed around the area of the house flames leapt high as the air became thick with smoke.

“PJ you alright” called Dave trying to find his friend in the smoke.

“Mate I’m fine just a little winded” PJ rose to his feet as he heard the scream not the scream of a person it was the scream of death raining from the above and it was heading towards them or rather towards parliament.

“RUN” yelled Dave as the two ran away from the house only making it a few meters before they were picked up and thrown into the air.

PJ opened his eyes he was covered in ash but he didn’t feel any thing broken he sat up to look around it was dark like the dead of night. It was getting hard to breath from the smoke and the dust but he managed to crawl towards Dave who lay face down. Once he turned him over he noticed the big man had a cut to the face and one to the arm but nothing to serious.

Dave opened his eyes half way trying to gain vision through the blood on his face

“By Odin’s beard we are alive” Dave said shocked

“Guess it’s not our time mate we have to get out of here its getting hard to breath do you think you can walk?” asked PJ

Dave scrambled to his feet “where to?”

“I’ve got to check on Beth and Graham” replied PJ as he helped Dave up

“Ok we will swing past the station mate see what’s going on and report”

The two made their way through the chaos using shirts to cover their mouths. Building were on fire and rubble blocked many ways they tried but eventually they made it out onto the road leading the right way cars were already packing the streets trying to escape in desperation. But as the two discovered being on foot was far faster than any car as the traffic jammed with collisions and confusion.

The police station was filling with people attempting to get help and only a few officers were left trying to maintain control but failed as another missile landed only streets away sending every one into panic.

“This is no use Dave I have to get to Beth” yelled PJ over the screams of panic.

“Alright we will take a 4×4 theirs still one out the back”

The two hurried out to the car park were only a 4×4 and a sedan were left. The remaining police at the station had the same idea and were using the sedan as a get away. So Dave and PJ took the 4×4 and tried to make their way through the streets.
People were running every where often people through them selves at the side of the 4×4 screaming for help. But PJ needed to help his family first.
It took them a long time to reach PJ’s house and when they did reach it PJ broke down. The house was obliterated a car had been thrown through the front and the roof had caved in.

PJ ran into the wreckage barely able to see from the dust.

Dave stood in silence as he watched PJ’s world crumble there was nothing he could say or do to help. Sadness filled Dave they had been friends for years and they weer always there for each other but this was a demon PJ would fight alone.

5 minutes passed before PJ emerged and in his arms he held a small child who was crying Dave couldn’t believe his eyes. Graham had survived but there was no sign of Beth.

PJ had tears in his eyes as he approached “she sheltered him now I must look after him”

Dave nodded it was time to survive the city was lost and 5 year old Graham was the only thing that kept PJ from falling apart. “Any ideas to where we should head?”

“South across the boarder into the mountains”

“How far south?”

“Into Victoria we will find my brother he will know a place to hide”

“Alright lets head out” Dave agreed he knew PJ’s older brother he was good man who lived in a small town on the coast but what made him most useful was his experience for he was ex army and also a scout leader if their was place to lay low he would find it.

The 4×4 weaved its way through the broken streets heading south till they hit the main road a lot of car were making it along the main road slowing it down so Dave made the call to take a dirt road and by pass the highway. For the trip Graham slept in the back curled up tightly would he recover thought PJ as he stared out at the country Tandoğan Escort side.

The 4×4 finial came back onto a sealed road that was deserted probably too far out for most people and it wasn’t long till they came across a general store on the side of the country road.

“This looks like a good as place as any” Dave said to PJ as they pulled up.

“We will be careful now who knows what people will be like now”

the store was small it served as a petrol station a post office and a grocery store for the farms around the area there was two utes parked in the car park as they pulled up. Dave glanced around but couldn’t see anything going on that worried him there was no one at the counter or in the store.

Both drew their pistols as they stepped up to the door. PJ opened the door and they stepped in before he turned to Dave and said “if they have fled too we will stock up on supplies and head out agreed?” Dave nodded to show his agreement.

The two checked the store before figuring that it was deserted Dave started by grabbing a bag and shove can foods into it. Mean while PJ checked out the back door.

The back door was open so PJ stepped through it and out into the yard it was then he noticed something a white shirt lying on the ground. Looking around PJ realised where the people might be there was a large steel farm shed at the rear of the shop perhaps the occupants were inside. PJ walked closer until he heard voices so he started to sneak up to the window he didn’t want to alarm them so he decided to see who was in their first.

* * *

Sara had been listening to her I-pod while she swept the floor of her grand mothers shop. Her grand mother was getting old and a lot of work around the place fell to her and at 17 she wasn’t really thinking about running a country store. Her grandmother had taken her in long ago and so she really did owe her this, though that didn’t stop her from dreaming of better things. At 17 Sara was about 165cm tall and weighed about 50kg she was very skinny and had short blond hair she wore up in a pony tail.

Her day dream was broken by the door of the shop opening and two men walking in one was over weight wearing stained blue overalls while the other was skinny like a rake and had a scruffy beard but the thing that startled her was they both carried shot guns.

“All right gran heres the deal we are taking as much stuff as we wont the countries under attack and there is no more law” said the bearded one holding the weapon up to the old lady.

Sara panicked and ran for the back door she heard the bearded man swear and then run after her he was surprisingly quick and had hold of her as she got into the back yard.

“What have we got here then?” said the smirking the robber looking her up and down.

“Let’s have a look eah?” with one hand he gapped her shirt and tore it off flinging it to the ground.

The fat robber came panting out of the shop even the small run took its toll on him Sara’s grandmother came after screaming at him like a banshee.

“Shut her up” ordered the skinny one as he dragged Sara to the steel shed

In side the shed was huge but full of junk like old car parts and creates of food. Sara was flung onto a tarp crying as the skinny man looked around until he found a case of beer. It wasn’t long till the fat one entered too.

“Dumb old bitch wouldn’t shut up I’ve locked her in the chicken coupe” he said proud of him self
The skinny robber took a swig of his warm beer before returning his attention to Sara who sat there in nothing but a bra and denim skirt. He reached out with a knife and cut her bra off, exposing her tiny a cup boobs.

“Let’s have a proper look now” he grinned at her as she whimpered.

The fat robber grabbed hold of one boob as the skinny one helped him self to the other she tried to struggle but was easily overpowered, next the skinny bearded one started to suck hard on her small puffy nipple while the fat one laughed at her misfortune. Sara wanted to escape but found it impossible and no amount of crying could help her.

The bread was really etching her pale skin but what hurt the most was his teeth nibbling on the nipple while the skinny one was busy with he boobs the fat one had his chubby digits pulling up her skirt. All she could hear was his laughing as he started to probe her private area. Finally he pulled away her underpants and pushed a finger into her pussy lips.

“NO DON’T” she screamed as he forced his index finger right up her vagina.

“Shut up slut” said the bearded one picking her up and carrying her over to a cars bonnet he forced her to lay on it and her legs and head hang over each side the fat one re adopted his position holding her down with a hand on her belly while the other hand pushed a finger into her again.

The bearded one how ever had he pants down and removed a long thin penis from his boxer shorts “now be a good girl and don’t bite” he then grabbed her head and forced his penis into her mouth “that’s it girl suck my cock” he started pumping hard into her face trying to get the whole thing down her throat it chocked her and she gagged for air at every opportunity.

Mean while the fat one had started fingering her relentlessly, he was even trying to get a second fat finger into her but gave up and decided to push it into her arse hole. If she could scream she would but she could barely breathe. She kicked her legs wildly but was rewarded with a hard smack.

With two fat fingers defiling both her holes Sara was saw and was relieved when she heard them talking about changing. But the break was only for a second as the two switched places and a short fat dick was pushed into her mouth. But the surprise of feeling a tongue start to lap at the clit was a shock. Tears ran down her face as she felt the beard rubbing on her thighs.

Just when she thought the humiliation could get no worse the fat rapist unleased a squirt of foul tasting cum into her mouth she gagged as it choked her. This didn’t stop the skinny bearded one who started to push two fingers into her pussy.

Sara coughed and spluttered when the penis was removed from her mouth cum leaking out as she cried.

* * *

PJ stared through the window to see a young girl face down on the bonnet of a car while a skinny man with a beard fucked her from behind another fatter man stood by jacking off and cheering his friend on. The look on the girls face was utter agony as the man rapped her.

PJ crept around to the shed door and moved quietly inside.

“My turn now” said the fat one with his overalls around his ankles and his fat cock in his hands.

“Wait I aint done yet” said the skinny one pulling his thin penis from the blonde girl’s pussy before lining it up Tunalı Escort to her arse hole. He grunted and pushed the head of his cock into her. The young girl screamed out in pain.

“STOP” screamed PJ raising his pistol to the two unaware rapists.

The skinny one threw the young blonde aside and reached for a shotgun leaning against the car. PJ squeezed the trigger and the round hit the skinny bearded man in the chest sending him spinning to the ground. The fat one didn’t stop or reach for his weapon instead he started to run but fell flat on his face his overalls still around his ankles tripping him over.

Dave burst into the shed a few seconds after hearing the shot and looked around. PJ already had the young girl in blanket and was trying to settle her down.

As it turned out the old lady had died of a heart attack the fat man was made to dig her grave and they laid her to rest. The fat man was tied to his dead partner’s body and sent off walking down the road. Dave collected the two shotguns and supplies and stored them in the boot of the 4×4 while PJ helped the young girl into the back to sit next to the still sleeping Graham.

“Mate what is the world coming too?” asked Dave

“I don’t know but we better head off, ill drive for a while” after all he was wide awake he had just killed a man even in all his years in the force he had never killed a man he need time to reflect.

Dave once again nodded in silent agreement and got in the passenger side. He wondered how much more PJ could take in one day.

* * *

From the top of the hill the two companions could see the large town clearly and they could also see what seemed like fog covering the streets.

“Think it might be Gas” said Dave concerned

“I think your right Dave all those people on the highway are driving straight into it”

“Well we will have to find way around” suggested Dave

“True but what if every town and city is the same?” said PJ sounding worried

“Wait PJ someone’s coming up the road” stated Dave pointing down the dirt road they had driven up to reach the top of the hill.

Sure enough a black 4weel drive bumbled up the road and stopped next to the police 4×4. PJ and Dave started walking back towards the car when the driver’s door opened and a women with curly black hair stepped out.

“Hello officers” she said sounding jumpy.

“Hello madam” replied Dave.

Dave must have looked quite a fright covered in grey dust and with a huge cut to his forehead and a bloody bandage on his arm. While PJ too was covered from head to toe in grey dust. The look on her face said she was doubtful they were really police officers now. She took a step back towards her car.

“Wait we aren’t here to hurt you we are trying to find a road south past the town a back road maybe please we need to get my son to safety…” PJ had whole big spill figured out to get the women to help them but when she head son she looked surprised.

“Your son?” she asked surprised.

“Yes in the back of the car” he pointed at the police 4×4.

The women walked up to the side of the 4×4 and wiped the window to get the dust of the rear window for a better look. Inside she saw the two occupants sound asleep the 5 year old boy was curled up on the seat while a young girl rapped in a blanket slept in the seated position.

“Oh the poor dears they need a little looking out for where are you guys from?” asked the women.

“The capital” replied Dave

The women had a sad look on her face “then you have seen more horror than I can imagine. Look I’m heading home to check on the children before going back to the hospital I’d take you there but its full I could barely get time to rash home and make sure the boys are right. So ill clean you up at my home and see what I can do with any injuries you have…”

“I don’t mean to interrupt” started Dave “but your hospital isn’t down in that town is it” he said pointing down at the large town

“Yes why?”

“You might want to have a look I think you got out just in time”

The women walked over to the top of the hill and stared puzzled “what’s that fog?”

“By the looks of it Gas” said PJ gravely.

The women looked sad all of the sudden tears started coming down her cheeks but she just turned and walked back to her 4 wheel drive.

“Come on ill take you back to my house it’s just up the road follow me” she said bravely getting back into her car, though once the door was closed he burst into tears.

PJ followed the women to her house it was a small farm that looked a little run down and probably not really farmed in some time. The driveway was fairly bumpy and that woke the two passengers up who stared out wide eyed to see where they were. Two children waited by the door twins by the looks of them both had their mothers black hair the girl wore it long in a plait while the boy wore it short and curly. The mother got out of her car and ran to hug her children.

PJ Dave Sara and Graham got out of the police 4×4 and walked up to the family at the front door the women turned around with her arms on the children’s shoulders.

“Now time for introductions I guess since we don’t even know each others names I’m Belinda this is Suzie and Josh they are 14 years old” the two children looked nervous but smiled non the less.

“Well I’m PJ and this Dave and of cause my soon Graham” the 5 year old boy shyly hid behind his father “and this is… well we don’t know she hasn’t said a word since we saved her” PJ referred to the only one of them not covered in dust the skinny blonde rapped in her blanket.

Belinda smiled and opened the front door to welcome every one inside “ill get you to have showers and then ill look at your injuries”.

* * *

After the visitors were clean and Belinda had food cooking for them she sat down to tend to Dave’s injuries. “So I’m guessing you’re a nurse” asked Dave

“Yes after the divorce I decided to go out on my own and so nursing called to me” she said as she wrapped a new clean bandage around his arm.

The twins told them that the TV had gone dead and the radio died just a few minutes before they arrived. PJ guessed it wouldn’t be long before power went out too. Graham had gone back to sleep the emotional pain he must be experiencing PJ could barely comprehend. Sara had still said nothing though Belinda cleaned her up and clothed her properly.

“I think that maybe you should come with us in the morning” PJ offered Belinda.

“That way you will be safe” added Dave.

“I guess your right so shall we drink to our new friends” asked Belinda offering a bottle of wine to PJ and Dave.

“I’ll drink to that” said Dave just as the lights went out

“Well Türbanlı Escort that’s the power gone I’m going to call it a night” said PJ standing up “plus I need to check on Graham”.

The twins were moved into the same room because Sara was given one of theirs to be alone, while PJ and Graham were given the spare room graham slept in the bed while PJ slept on a mattress on the floor. Belinda lit some candles and her and Dave cracked open the bottle of wine.

Graham was still fast asleep when PJ went to bed he was worried about him but didn’t know what to say. Maybe he would talk to him tomorrow. PJ stripped down to his briefs and slid into the bed he just closed his eyes when he felt a hand touch him then he felt the young petit body of Sara the girl he had saved slide in to the bed he wrapped his arms around her and they went to sleep.

Dave and Belinda polished of the bottle of wine to idle chit chat until Dave gave a yawn and started heading to the lounge room to sleep on the couch. “Good night it was good to drink with someone on this terrible day” said Dave taking a candle

“Wait Dave I don’t want to sleep alone tonight” blurted out Belinda.

Dave put down the candle and walked over to Belinda grabbing hold of her and placing a kiss on her lips. She could feel his tongue entering her mouth as she became swept away by the passion.

Dave lifted Belinda up onto the table and started kissing her neck

“ohhh yes I need this” cooed Belinda

Dave lifted up her shirt revealing her C cup breasts. He unhooked the clasp to access the nipples while running his hands along the sides of her body.

Belinda slid her pants off leaving only her G string on which Dave promptly worked his way down her body licking and kissing till he reached the G string hooking a figure into it Dave pulled it aside and reached out with his tongue diving into her pussy. Belinda moaned as he ran his tongue between her pussy flaps before homing in on the clit.

Dave started sucking and licking her bud. Belinda was in paradise

“Yes Dave that’s it ohhh uuughhhh”

Dave started to slide a finger into her hole Belinda shuddered as she felt the intrusion.

“Finger fuck me yessss”

Dave worked a second into her very wet pussy before starting to pump them in and out.

“Faster harder……” Belinda moaned.

Dave really started pounding her pussy as he licked her clit quickly getting faster as he went.

“More fingers… more fingers come on stretch that tight hole” ordered Belinda biting her bottom lip.

Belinda could feel the next finger entering her stretching her even more.

“More, more I’m going to cum”

Dave slide the fourth finger in it was tight but he kept pounding her as deep and as fast as he could.

“Yes ooohhhhhhh” Belinda’s whole body shook as a flood of liquid flowed from her cunt. As soon as her orgasm subsided she sat up right and reach for the bulge in Dave’s pants.

Unzipping the fly of Dave’s pants released a penis that even made Belinda sigh in anticipation; it was average length but was so wide she could barely get a hand around it.

Belinda smiled up at him as she started to jack him off quickly making it grow to its full size before attempting to fit it into her mouth. Groping his balls with one hand and trying to force her face down on the thick cock.

Dave placed his hands on her head and forced her head down til his cock was in the back of her throat she gagged but went down again before popping it out of her mouth, spitting on the head she gave it a few more jerks before sucking it again.

“Oh Bella that’s it suck it” Dave moaned forcing her head almost to the base of his cock.

Belinda looked up with wide eyes as she sucked up and down on Dave’s tool.

“That’s it babe fucken suck it…. Ohhh I’m getting close”.

Belinda started to gag again as she forced her head all the way down onto the penis then as she pulled off it erupted like a volcano.

“Take it all” moaned Dave as his balls tightened and he let loss the spurts of cum into Belinda’s mouth.
Belinda swallowed the salty seaman in one gulp and smiled.

“Let’s go to my room” she suggested leading Dave to the master bedroom.

Josh opened the door to the bedroom he was sharing with his sister and silently crept down the hall to his mother’s room. He peaked inside as his eyes adjusted to the darkness he listened to the quiet words not being whispered but rather being moaned he could just make out his mother on all four with Dave standing behind her pushing fingers into he pussy.

“Dave more, you know how I like it…. stretch me that’s it ugggghhhh”

Dave had four fingers in her while his other hand rubbed her clit his mothers back arched in please as the fingers went in faster and faster. Then Dave stop rubbing her clit and moved his hand up to her arse hole with his thumb he started making circles then probing motions.

Josh had his penis in his hand and started jacking off as he watched his mother get a thumb forced up her bum hole.

“Oh you dirty boy” his mother said as she felt the anal intrusion.

After a few more pumps of his hands Dave lined up his thick cock and pushed it into Belinda. Josh’s mother bite the pillow as she felt Dave filling her up completely, as he thrust into her he kept the thumb firmly in her arse.

“Take this” he hissed as he pulled almost all the way out then drove it home hard.

Josh saw his mother look back and smile at Dave as he continued to pull almost out then ram it hard back in. Dave rammed it into her harder and harder his balls slapped on her clit as he pushed home.

“Faster damn you Faster” Belinda moaned looking over her shoulder.

Dave was building up speed and Belinda’s arms buckled so that he was completely on her chest with her arse up in the air leaving Dave to drive her to another orgasm. Josh was now jerking his penis like a mad man he had seen his mother with other men but never like this. Normally when her boyfriends stayed over they would lay on top of her and fuck her for five minutes before shotting there seed. This was different he mother was truly being fucked harder than Josh had ever seen and was loving it.

Josh froze though when he heard someone behind him. He spun around to face his twin sister forgetting he was still holding his penis.

“What are you doing?” whispered Suzie. But before he answered Suzie pushed past him and looked into the room. Her eyes opened wide in shock.

Belinda was cuming hard she buried her head in a pillow to muffle her screams of passion. However Dave didn’t let up he just kept the jack hammer that was his cock going in and out driving Bella’s head deeper into the pillow. Suzie stood there wide eyed not even realising that she had stuck her own hand down her pants.

Dave gave a shudder as he felt his own orgasm building so he pulled out and let a flood of cum splash over Belinda’s arse checks and back. “Oh Bella you are so fucken hot” he commented as she rolled exhausted onto her side.

Both Josh and Suzie hurried back to the room the shared. “That was intense” said Suzie when they were back inside the bedroom.

Mean while Dave flopped down on the bed out of breath and fell into a deep sleep.

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