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                                   Mr Fletcher”s Legacy 3

(Author”s note: Many years have passed since Mr Fletcher retired to the harem made for him in Devon {cf “On the Queen”s Service” and `Mr Fletcher”s Reward”} but the Fletcher tradition has survived and their tale is picked up again.
It is, of course, a tale of men and boys and of the things that men and boys enjoy together, thus, if your sensibilities are offended by such matters, or if laws insist they should be, I beg you read no further of this history.)


A Tale by Ivor Sukwell


Chapter Three


Vee had now reached some thirteen years of age, that chronological assumption being made by the development of his cock and by the necessity of removing some few hairs around that organ, Jack being adamant that a Fletcher catamite must be hairless and Vee had been his catamite since the demise of Henry Fletcher.

It may be thought that Vee, possessing now cock sufficient to be of some use, and being also catamite, should provide Jack with opportunity to explore some his desire to use his mouth upon a boy, but such did not prove to be the case.

“I know I am most unnatural, and that you will dismiss me from my position as catamite,” Vee tearfully lamented, “But, Jack, I do greatly wish I were not born with cock, but with another hole there instead, such as girls and women are said to have. Then, Jack, were I able to take cock in me from the front and the back both, and nothing gives me greater pleasure than being pierced by cock.”

“Then would you be a girl and not a boy,” Jack made attempt to comfort his young catamite, for, having escaped the Rookery only because Henry Fletcher had been in search of a boy of tender years and taken also Jack as well as Vee on impulse of desire to enjoy a cock grown as well as an arse most tight, Jack did regard Vee with some tenderness and affection, as he might a younger brother. “It is true that you are a most pretty boy, and were you to be dressed as girls and women dress, many would take you for such, but it is that you are a boy and not a girl that my cock and my mouth have desire for you. What pleasure can there be in buggering a girl?”

“I do much like it that you bugger me,” Vee protested, “And also that you make proper use of my mouth also and feed me your seed. I have great liking for cock, Jack, I believe for any cock that is not my own. From that I gain no pleasure, but from yours, when you rub it around my face, and place it in my mouth, when you seed on my face and in my mouth and most, perhaps, when you thrust it in my arse and ride me hard, I do find nothing but delight.”

Jack held close the pretty and mournful boy, thinking on his words. That Vee was most pretty could not be denied, and that his prettiness was truly more of girl than boy was also most plain to see. Were it not that he was possessed of a cock and that his chest was flat as any board, mistaken for a girl he may well be, and, Jack began to understand, it was that girlish aspect of him that made him such a joy to bugger.

“I too have great liking for cock,” Jack said softly, “And my liking is for the cocks of boys and the pleasure I may find in them. But I have some desire to use my mouth on not the cocks of boys alone, but on their entire bodies. You may,” Jack stroked and gently squeezed the firm cheeks of his catamite”s arse, “Have some remembrance of when our Mr Fletcher used his tongue and not his cock to make entry to your arse?”

Indeed Vee did and showed much enthusiasm for his liking of that act.

“That, Vee, I do find I have much desire to do, to discover the taste of a boy”s arse, and not that alone, but the flavour of his entire body. Could it be that you would permit me to make such use of you?”

“Indeed I will!” Vee declared and thrust himself as close to Jack as he was able, “Make use of me in that wise and in any other way you may have wish for, and after bugger me as fiercely as you are able and plant your seed in me. Only I am ashamed that my cock will not give you the pleasure that it should, for I have no liking for it being used. Though, Jack,” the pretty boy grinned, his melancholy mood forgotten, “What wonder for me it would be to have a hole at the front and take a cock in there and also one from the rear, so there were two inside me at the once.”

And finding his words caused Jack to smile indulgently, he gave further vent to his imagination.

“And to have also one at that time in my mouth and one for each hand to feel, and have all spurt their seed in me or upon my naked body.”

Those words did earn the young boy a placing of mouths together, and exploration of those mouths by tongues, much to the contentment of both, bringing them also to a hotness of desire whereby Jack was obliged to mount the younger boy and ride him at full gallop to the finish.

Word did come from Ferdinand that suitable property had been found and purchase made in Bristol, close by the river side in the most fashionable part of that city, and time it were for Jack to seek for boys to work there, a duty he undertook with both enthusiasm and dedication.

Word he had spread in the poorest places that boys were sought for, boys of an age to seed and of a mind to earn coin in plenty through debauchery, sodomy and buggery, and any boy so inclined in mind should present himself on the first day of April, at the hour of noon, at the water”s edge, close by that tavern named the Llandroger Trow.

From a window there Jack observed the gathering of boys plenty, and all were filthy, ragged urchins of an age and number to cause concern to the City Watch, save that Jack had taken precaution of stationing there three burly men armed with stout cudgels to assure the population that there was no fear to be had.

At the hour of noon Jack emerged to more closely observe the boys and then to made address to them, noting with satisfaction that their number was some thirty, and so choice could he make, Ferdinand being of the opinion that fifteen was the required number.

“I thank you for your attendance here,” Jack told them, “And for your coming alone, each will receive three pence upon departure.” That he knew well enough would hold the boys” attention while he spoke more. “Boys I do require to serve as page boys in a house of gaming for men of means, and if any amongst you are of Puritan disposition, now should you make your departure, for in that house there will be the playing of cards in a most sinful manner, and also lewdness and debauchery.”

“Buggery?” a voice called from sınırsız escort the assembled boys.

“Buggery indeed,” Jack confirmed, “And also all manner of sodomy and lewdness, for the page boys in that house will provide all manner of comfort and pleasure to the gentlemen of means who visit there.”

“We are then, wished for to be whores?” that same voice enquired.

“Whores indeed, in that comfort and pleasure you will provide with your bodies and for that will you be paid, and any amongst you have no wish to earn coin in such a manner, depart now.”

None, coming from the poverty that they did, was any stranger to buggery, and being the ages that they were, it were most unlike that any there had an arse still virgin and unentered, but still some there were who had no wish to be buggered much and often, and they took their pence and made departure.

Twenty and more boys remained for Jack to make selection from, and though not all had pleasing features, it was not for their faces that he required them, but first he explained further.

“The boys I employ,” he told them, “Will live in some comfort in that house I spoke of, they will be well-fed and clothed, though that clothing will not always be upon them, and they will have beds to sleep in, though not often will they sleep alone. They will serve gentlemen with wine when they play at cards, and serve them in other ways when they have tired of cards. For this they will be paid twenty and five pounds a year. I do not wish for boys for a week or two, but for a year or two. No coin will any receive until they end their service, and then they will be given all that they have earned and have means some then to make a future for themselves.”

Some mutterings were made amongst the boys, a promise of future coin having less appeal than the receiving of present coin, and this Jack knew and did add enticement further.

“The gentlemen you serve will all be men of means, and such men are known to be generous to a boy who pleases them. Any coin given to a boy in gratitude for his endeavours will be that boy”s to keep, to spend or save as he wishes.”

Still did some have no wish for such employment where money went not straight to their hands, and Jack was left with nineteen boys from which to make his choice.

“Now,” Jack told them, “I have wish to view your cocks. It is most like your cocks will have more attention paid to them than will your arses, so display now your cocks to me.”

Many boys suffer from a strange affliction, one that at first confused Jack greatly. Boys, it appeared, had no reluctance to bare their arses, but no such willingness to reveal their cocks. It was not an affliction that Jack had suffered from as a boy – had he not greeted Henry Fletcher by exposing his cock, and doing so again most willingly when requested, and by that action gained himself the position of catamite and the subsequent fortune he now enjoyed?

Later, Jack would understand that a boy by instinct knows the value of his cock, a far greater value, indeed, than is his arse, for the cock is the boy. A boy may be buggered and that matter little to the boy or to the man who buggers him, but should his cock be wished for and he give it for use, then he gives not just his cock but himself entire.

Some hesitation was there then displayed by most as boys debated with themselves as to if they should reveal their most precious possessions or no, though not so with all, as four did, with lewd grins upon their faces, present their cocks at once for Jack”s inspection.

Those four did Jack at once beckon to move aside, their employment straight determined on, being as they were most plainly boys who would find no hesitation in presenting their cocks for men to admire.

Others then followed, cocks being slowly revealed; two, with looks most brazen, did present Jack with cocks hard, and those two he also called aside, leaving just one boy still undisplayed.

That boy had turned most red of face, and shuffled some his feet, so Jack began to form the opinion the boy had no wish to expose his cock and should therefore be dismissed.

Upon the instant Jack was about to speak, the boy, his looks directed to the ground before him, opened the front of his ragged breeches to display his upright member, his hesitation now it seemed clear caused by shame or such that he had grown hard and so done only for that he must display his cock.

It was indeed, a most pretty cock, somewhat alike in size and shape as that of Vee, and perhaps because it was so, Jack took instant liking to it.

No instruction being given that they should again conceal themselves, the boys, save those six already chosen, remained with cocks exposed for Jack”s inspection, and inspect he did, for having thirteen cocks of boys to view was a thing Jack found most pleasing.

Two he knew at once he would dismiss, for they possessed so little skin there that even at rest as they were, the head beneath were part exposed, and the sight of cocks such pleased Jack but little.

Those two gone, Jack were left with seventeen boys suitable, and fifteen was the number Ferdinand had requested. How then to make decision as to which fifteen?

Further study Jack made of the exposed cocks, and all looked to him to be cocks most delightful to make sport with, but most attention he paid to the one that was still hard and belonging to the red-faced boy who stared still at the ground.

That the boy was of an age similar to that of Vee was plain to see, for around that cock there were but a few hairs to be seen, and also was the boy of a size and form similar to Vee, as much in his body as he was in his cock.

At last, the boy, aware of the great inspection being made of him, did lift his eyes from the ground and look direct at Jack, and there was some pleading to be seen in those eyes.

The boy was plainly the smallest there of cock, and, Jack thought, no doubt his shyness were for that and the pleading for fear he would be dismissed, his cock too small for pleasure to be had from it.

Fifteen boys did Jack require, and seventeen he had still. If he were to take this one for himself, he thought, then sixteen were left, and between fifteen and sixteen there is but a difference of one. With this in mind he called the hard boy close, and the boy came, his cock still exposed.

“Are you able to make seed?” Jack asked, his voice soft and quiet that only the boy may hear it.

“Some little, sir,” the boy muttered just as soft, “Though it be but little and şırnak escort most thin still.”

“Then will it taste most sweet,” Jack smiled, “You I will take, though I have in mind some purpose other than that I have for the rest.”

“You wish to bugger me?” the boy asked, he being the youngest and smallest of the assembled boys, such was a natural assumption for him to make.

“You have the look of a boy who will be a joy to bugger,” Jack confirmed, “More, though, I desire to have enjoyment of your sweet cock and all other parts of you that will give me pleasure.”

“And that for more than but a night?” the boy asked hopefully.

“If you give me pleasure and find some yourself from that, perhaps more than for a year,” Jack said, “I have in mind that you be suitable for my catamite.”

“Gladly sir!” the boy declared, his eyes turning bright, “And you may do all you wish with me, and never will I complain.”

“Then stay here by my side while I conclude my business with these others,” Jack told the boy, and returned his attention to those who waited still, their cocks exposed.

“You all will I take,” he told them, “Yet there is one more condition you must find agreement with. Gentlemen do not find boys with hair upon them pleasing to their sensibilities, so all hairs upon your bodies will be removed from you and none permitted to grow again whilst you are in service to me. If any wish not for this, then depart now with an extra shilling for the showing of your cocks.”

Though that were a condition most unusual and made plain the debauchery and sodomy that would be their employment would be of the most depraved and degenerate sort, none thought that reason sufficient to forego the twenty-five pounds a year they may earn, and even more if they gave sufficient pleasure to gentlemen of means, and none wished to depart, and so were all but the one Jack had picked for himself taken then to that house they would work in, that they may be made clean and hairless and suitable for use for pleasure.

The one, Jack took with him to Clifton, where he too, would be cleaned and prepared for use, a use Jack found himself most eager to begin.

That the boy were most willing to be used for debauchery was plain from his earlier words, and now, cleaned and presented naked to Jack, his features showed only content that he was unclothed for a man”s inspection.

That he was scrawny and that his bones were clear to see beneath his skin detracted nothing from his appeal. Flesh would come with feeding, and too much flesh on a boy did not arouse desire in Jack; the body of a boy should be hard and firm, as unlike the body of a woman as it could be.

It was, as may be expected, to the boy”s centre that Jack”s eyes were drawn, for once again the boy was upright and hard.

“I cannot help it, sir,” the sweet creature blushed, “It is the thought of the use you wish to make of me.”

“And that thought alone causes you to rise? What condition then will that sweet cock be in when it is taken in my mouth?”

“I think it may burst, sir,” the boy blushed a deeper red, “So much do I have desire for that to happen.”

It had been Jack”s intention to make sample of all the boys he had taken into his employ, but that he now delayed so taken was he with his new catamite”s cock and with the great desire that boy had for it to be used.

“I believe you must name me `Dick”, sir,” he grinned lewdly when Jack requested his name. `Dick”, Jack knew, was a common word used by boys instead of `cock”, and it was indeed a most suitable name for a boy who wished for his cock to be never left untended.

In that Dick were in complete contrast with Vee who, though he had great liking for the cocks of others, had now great aversion to the use of his own. So great indeed, that now he would not even display that part of him, and had made for him an item not unlike the codpiece that was in fashion some hundred years before. This concealed his cock, but did not so his arse, that being ever-willing to be used as a boy”s arse is intended to be used.

Two boy catamites near identical in age may become close friends or bitter rivals, but of rivalry there was no need, Dick”s eagerness for his cock to be used compensating for Vee”s insistence that his be left untouched.

“Much I do like the use made of my cock,” Dick said as he lay naked in bed with Vee, Jack having risen to go about some business from the bed he shared now with both his catamites, “But I think even more do I like the unnatural uses he makes of me. The licking underneath my arms and of my legs is most pleasing, as is the nibbling of my nipples as though I were a girl with breasts, but nothing there is that can compare with when he uses his tongue in my arse.”

“Indeed,” Vee concurred, “Such is wonderful indeed and makes me that I must needs be buggered hard and deep. But make no mistake, you may believe he uses us both as he may use a girl, but for a girl he has no desire, but only lusts for boys.”

“Yet have you much the look of a girl about you,” Dick said, “Hiding even your cock from sight.”

“I wish I did not have a cock,” Vee sighed, “I find no pleasure in it. Would that I had another hole where cock may go in, yet would I not be a girl indeed.”

“I have much liking for being a boy,” Dick grinned, “Knowing that men have desire for my cock.”

“And much would I wish to be dressed as a girl, and to be bent over a table or placed against a wall, my skirts lifted and a cock pushed hard into me,” Vee sighed, “To make pretence of being a girl yet be buggered like a boy.”

“Prefer I to be unclothed always,” Dick grinned, “My cock on display and begging to be used.”

“Have you some wish to use it now?” Vee asked, “My arse is most empty and would be filled.”

A boy of thirteen may not fill an arse as complete as does a man, but for this he may provide compensation some by the reckless way in which he rides, seeking pleasure from the finish line rather than from the course itself, and so it was with Dick.

For Vee this was no displeasure; he was a mount that needed much exercise, and short fast dashes were as welcome to him as were cross country rambles.

“How is it,” Dick made enquiry of a thing that puzzled him more than some when that short race was run and his cock soft and limp, though in that state it would not long remain, “Having such dislike for your cock to be used, you did become catamite for our Mr Fletcher, he being one who has so great a liking for the cocks of boys?”

“By inheritance,” Vee replied, taksim escort “I were catamite to the Mr Fletcher before him, and though he too had much liking for cock that could seed, no little liking did he have either for arse that is young and tight, and for my arse did he take me and not for my cock, I being then of an age when that were of no use to any.”

Recount then did Vee his history and that also of Jack and of the Fletcher legacy and of how that were inherited, and also of the Fletcher Code whereby any boy taken for catamite had always provision made for him in later life when he grew too old to more give pleasure with his body.

“And are you then our Mr Fletcher”s heir as well as his catamite?” Dick made question.

“Not so,” Vee said calmly, “I am not suitable to be a Mr Fletcher, having as I do, no wish to use my cock, but some thought have I given to my later position, and so should you do also. We cannot remain boys for ever.”

Jack found himself most anxious to depart from Clifton for the docks; news had come that the ship bearing his slaves had arrived and he had an urgent desire to view them. Never had he set eyes upon a naked black boy and much he wondered how interesting his cock would find them.

Neither Jack nor his cock were in any manner disappointed and he drew in his breath in somewhat amazed delight while his cock stirred within his breeches.

The ship”s Master had arranged his cargo for viewing and Jack”s eyes were presented with the sight of black boys, twenty-one in number, wearing only the chains around their ankles.

In ages they appeared some twelve to perhaps fifteen, though even the youngest had cock enough to make any man”s mouth water with desire, soft and limp though they were.

Their bodies were hard and firm, more flesh upon them than the gutter boys Jack had already obtained, and this he remarked upon to the Master.

“Fed same as the crew they have been on the voyage from the Indies,” the Master said, “Tis not usual for slaves to be treated so, but knowing you have some special use in mind for them, and there being none but they in the hold, `twas no special hardship.”

“I thank you for it,” Jack said, “They do look in prime condition, most fit for the service I require of them.”

“And will do that service without complaint,” the Master shrugged, “The black is a most strange creature, one I think that were created but to be slave. It do take but a few weeks in chains and some regular beating and they be as tame and meek as you could wish. No need have they for the chains now, they be but to let them know they be slaves still and you their owner.”

“I believe the chains look good upon them,” Jack could not help but grin most lewdly as he observed the naked forms before him.

“Some beatings from time to time will be good for them,” the Master observed, “Tis always good for a slave to be beaten now and then, though these, I think, will need such as a reminder only. All, sir, have been broken to the cock, and I must tell you sir, if you have no knowledge of it already, that the black is most wonderful to bugger.”

“More so than other boys?” Jack asked, wondering why that should be so.

“Indeed so, sir,” the Master said most earnestly, “Come, let me show you if I may.”

With that he led Jack behind the line of chained boys so he may observe them from the rear.

“See, sir,” the Master explained, “How high the arse sits on a black; never does it sag and droop as may the arse of a normal boy.”

Indeed, Jack observed, the slaves did indeed have arses most enticing, round and firm and hard with muscle.

“They cannot help but grip a cock most tight,” the Master said. “One did the entire crew take turns with, the ship”s boy being the last, and he, being but a boy and with cock still not fully grown, did declare his cock were gripped so tight he feared it would be broken.”

Such information roused Jack, being the man he was, to a most uncomfortable hardness, and he expressed desire to make sample of what he had been told, and making selection of one and that slave unchained and laid across the cover of a hatch, Jack entered him and buggered him most forcefully in view of the others who stood, still chained to watch.

Most delighted was Jack, and not with the buggery alone, though that, he found, were most wonderful and tight as had been promised, but also with the sight that greeted him when he had concluded and withdrawn, for now twenty chained black slaves had cocks that for the most were hard and upright and no longer soft and limp.

Several of those did Jack find the need to hold and feel, and one, for the purpose of discovery, he took into his mouth intent on keeping it so till it had seeded.

Though his mouth had been many times filled with the cocks of sailors on the long voyage from the Indies, and doubtless would so have been even if he had not been slave, for why do sailors take boys to sea if it be not for their mouths and arses, never had his own cock, or indeed the cocks of the others, been so put to use.

So great were the feelings he suffered when Jack”s lips and tongue worked his black stick of flesh that he found his legs would no longer support him and he were obliged to cling to the black boy beside him so his knees did not give way and he crumple to the deck.

It may have been the little noises the slave boy made as he were sucked, or perhaps that never before had Jack made taste of black boy cock, or even that it were because the boy was a slave and Jack may do with him what he pleased, but whatever it were and also though he had just seeded in a black boy”s arse, Jack found himself much aroused and lingered long in his sucking of the boy, delaying till it could no longer be delayed, the spurting of slave seed.

That seed had not the sweetness of the seed Dick fed him, and thicker and more copious it also were and filled Jack”s mouth almost to overflowing, that he were obliged to swallow some before he had savoured to the full its taste.

Desire to indulge himself still burned most bright in Jack and, holding still some quantity of seed in his mouth, he placed his lips against the full lips of the boy he”d sucked.

That boy knew nothing of the exchanging of tongues, and most like, his mind worked not fully, still lost in the intensity of his seeding, he had no notion of what it were that he should do, but the probing of Jack”s tongue against his lips caused those lips to part, obliging him to make taste of his own seed.

Much taken then was Jack with the notion of owning slaves and gave some thought to keeping one or two for his own use, for, being slaves, he could use them in whatever manner took his fancy, but the Law in England did not permit the keeping of slaves so that thought he put aside.


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