She had planned it with him; the sex in the car. She was moving out of state, her mother would be driving. He chose to go with her, he had no family but her and couldn’t live with out her. They had sex a few times before when passion took over them. This time they planned the sex, they wanted to have sex in the back of her mothers van. She knew her mom wouldn’t notice, being deep in thought or listening to music. He looked at her, a wicked grin across his face as he sat in the 2 nd row of the van. She sat beside him, watching her mom drive. She waited about an hour before crawling into the back seat, he followed. The way the van was set up was that there were 2 front seats with a space in the middle and then 2 back seats that were the 2 nd row with another gap in the middle that lead to the back seat, it could easily hold 7 people total. He laid down in his plain shirt and jeans, having her climb on top of him. She was in a cotton skirt that went almost to her ankles, it was black, the same color was her top. Purposely wearing the skirt, in her mind it would cover up her butt and keep their love making hidden. She thought it through down to the color, knowing if she sweat right through bursa escort her shirt, it wouldn’t really show if her mother looked back in the mirror at them. She straddled him, her left leg hanging off the seat slightly. She wasn’t wearing panties, her pussy bare as his fingers slid under the skirt. She knew she was a screamer, so this would be a challenge for her. Biting her lower lip she kept her jaw clamped, hoping this wouldn’t back fire on them. Slowly his index finger slipped into her pussy, making her wet and slick for him to slip in easily. Her hips lightly rocked against his hand, laying her body a top his as his left hand remained within her pussy. She leaned to the right, giving him room to move his hand freely. Her nimble fingers sliding the zipper of his jeans down, pulling his stiff dick out; her hand sliding over the shaft, rubbing up and down at a steady pace. Her hand becoming moist with his pre-cum, her palm sliding over the head and back down. Slipping his hand out of her pussy, licking her juices off his fingers, he pushed her hand away from his dick. He positioned her at an angle, pulling her down over the head of his dick, his palm holding it in place. bursa escort bayan He slid perfectly into her pussy, her hips pressing down to take him all in. Both struggling not to moan; music startling them as her mother turned on the radio. Glancing up at him, both wearing the same smile of satisfaction. Knowing her mother wouldn’t look back, she sat herself up on top of him. His hands cupping her ass, helping her move up and down over his length. “Hold on kids, were going on a bumpy road here.” Her mother’s voice made her heart skip a beat, the rough road making her bounce up and down on his hard dick. Whimpering softly as the loud music covered her cries, his hands yanking her back down on top of him, twisting her body into the seat. His back faced the front of the car, his body covering hers as he pumped her harshly a few times, needing the friction to calm himself for a slow and gentle fuck. Her hands coiled around his neck, moaning into his shoulder as quietly as possible, her hips rocking back against his own thrusts. *** He had been slowly rocking her up and down over his hard shaft for maybe an hour and a half, several orgasms washing over them both when the escort bursa van came to a stop. He discontinued moving, brushing her messy hair away from her face as he again rolled her into the seat off his body. Pulling the blanket that was on the seat behind him over their bodies, preventing anyone from seeing their bodies entangled into each other in such an inappropriate manor. She sighed at the feel of him within her, she felt complete and satisfied. He was still rock hard, twitching once in a while, making her body want another orgasm. He held her firmly to his chest, both covered in sweat though they hid it well, cooling down with the AC of the car running. She had fallen asleep for a few minutes, the car still and quiet as her mother, brother, sister in law and other members of her family went to the bathroom at the rest stop, all the other cars and trucks being filled with gasoline. He had wanted to continue but she knew if the car was rocking it would give them away, dozing off with the thought that soon they’d have a hard orgasm and they’d end their adventure. *** 10 minutes later *** The driver’s door opened, her mother climbing into the seat, the sliding door behind the driver’s also opening, her eldest brother of 32 climbing in. “Hope you don’t mind me taking a nap in here, Ron will just talk and talk and I won’t get any sleep.” “That’s fine Jeff, just rest.” Her mother said starting up the car as both doors closed.

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