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The vacuum cleaner made a familiar crackle as it sucked up the sand often tracked from the beach onto the carpet by careless guests. Elizabeth didn’t mind, on the days her cleaner couldn’t make it she took comfort in the diligent cleaning only someone who cared as much as her could provide.

Elizabeth was the landlady of four holiday rental properties, but the beachfront condo in South Oregon meant the most to her, it was her first property, the only one she had bought with Jamal. She smiled knowingly as she wiped that bit of the doorway alcove the cleaner always seemed to miss, she gave the house such care as it was the legacy of the only man to care about her.

Elizabeth had met Jamal on the set of Altogether Found, a sitcom about a multi-ethnic adopted family coming to terms with their identities as best as they could while being written by an all white writing team. It was drivel, but Elizabeth’s parents pushed her for the role of Bao, a spunky Japanese girl who was terrible at maths.

She first met Jamal at the cast party following her successful auditions. While her parents were preening and circulating, telling anyone who would hear them about how excited Lizzy was to play her heritage, Jamal was the only one who listened to her complain that she was Thai, playing a Japanese girl with a Chinese name. Similarly she loved listening to the thoughtful teenager elucidate that treating his character, a nerdy black kid, as some sort of crazy anomaly was pretty messed up as well. The whole thing was tone deaf, bland, and stupid, naturally there were 8 seasons and it only ended when Elizabeth and Jamal turned 18 and publically turned their back on the show, their parents, and acting in general.

The headlines were relentless, first at the news that two actors who played siblings on TV were actually dating, then that they were so scathing about the show that had made their careers, and finally that they hated the show so much they even estranged themselves from their parents for forcing them to work through their childhood.

With all the Altogether Found money suddenly available to them, they started investing in real estate, it was the safest place to put their money and secure a future free of fan meetups and spin off pitches. The beach house was to be the first of many in their joint empire, Jamal was even finding some great houses on his laptop as he recovered from surgery on his kidney, surgery that was unsuccessful in removing all the cancer that clung to him.

It was now a year since Elizabeth cried next to an empty bed Jamal was supposed to return to after routine tests. She dropped a bottle of champagne into the fridge, a welcoming burst of happiness that kept the good reviews coming in, some happy couple was going to look out over the beach and dream their own dreams in the house, the life, that Jamal had planned with Elizabeth.

Elizabeth’s face turned red with fury and confusion as she scrolled back to the start of the video. The busty co-ed and her sugar daddy were writhing with each other on the white corner sofa Elizabeth and Jamal agreed filled the living room so perfectly. She jumped forward to the busty blonde woman, cinematically thrusting her head back and forward on a large muscular man’s penis in front of the huge french windows that Elizabeth had to scream at the handyman to come reinstall when it started leaking on the rain, warping the wooden laminate floor she was kneeling on.

Elizabeth even recognised the section of beach they were on as the blonde women went skinny dipping in the sea, then laughed as passers-by stared in disbelief. There was no doubt about it, that man had rented her house to shoot a porn movie.

She was sure it was the man as his profile on the porn website had the same man doing various things with various women. She scoured his profile looking for clues to who he was, page after page of women playing along with the muscular man’s deviant desires. The stuff he had filmed at her house at the mild end of the scale, his brand being the total domination of the women enamoured by his wealth. While the man was an odious character, Elizabeth saw the look in his co-star’s eyes and admired their devotion. She remembered her days giving her body to Jamal and swooned with the memories of their sexual exploits.

During one video, Elizabeth finally got the clue she needed, the main actor in the video was using a felt tip pen to write horrible things on the woman he was performing with. At one point he wrote ‘Mike’s cunt’ on her pubis, and now Elizabeth had a name. She took a moment to compose herself, banishing the hour of smut she just ingested from her mind to focus on the task at hand.

Elizabeth looked through her past rentals and found she had only twice rented the beach house to someone called Michael, but one of them was before she had gotten the fancy enamel paint for the kitchen walls, clearly visible in the scene where the man was spanking her with a wooden spatula that Elizabeth vowed to burn next time she was there.

She got up the contact details for Mike Hunt and full of rage and condemnation, güvenilir bahis she called his phone number.

“Hello” a surly voice answered.

“Is this Mike Hunt?” She pointedly asked.

“Who wants to know?”

“This is Elizabeth Kim, you rented a property from me four months ago, the beach house south of Gold Beach Oregon.” She stated as clearly as she could.

“Yeah, so what? Hang on, where do I know that name from?” He absentmindedly mused.

“Probably from our conversations about renting my house. It has just been brought to my attention that you used my house to shoot a pornographic movie…”

“There was no rule against it.” He interrupted.

“It was a private holiday rental and as such it wasn’t zoned for movie production, let alone porn.”

“That sounds more like a you problem, if your contracts don’t forbid commercial recording you’re the one who’s liable, not me.” Elizabeth quietly fumed, of course a long term porn producer like this guy would know the law. “Wait a moment, are you Lizzy Kim, from Altogether Found, I fucking loved that show.”

“Don’t change the subject, you are going to take that video down or I’m going to get my lawyers involved?”

“Yeah that’s not going to happen. The way I see it you got three options: option one, you calm your tits, ignore this and not lose any sleep. Option two, start a big protracted legal battle that will cost you loads and not amount to anything. Option number three, which is the option I think will do you the most good, you could rent me the beach house again, put on something pretty, and come star in my next movie. What do you say?”

“You asshole, you’re a dirty fucking pervert and you’ll be hearing from my lawyers.” Elizabeth hung up then almost smashed her phone slamming it on the counter.

The thoughts of what that man did in her house swirled around Elizabeth’s mind until her lawyers were able to get back to her. It took them a week and as many billable hours as they could record to come to the conclusion that they could send Mike a cease and desist, but if he didn’t abide by it they wouldn’t have much of a leg to stand on in court. In the meantime they passed over a revised rental agreement to prevent this happening again.

Elizabeth arranged with the cleaner that the next time the house was free, she would clean it.

Elizabeth was due to drive to Oregon later that day, but first she had been informed by her lawyers that Mike had signed for their cease and desist letter and she was eager to see if he had taken down the video. She clicked through to his profile and saw he had re-uploaded the video, edited to include ‘bonus content.’

Elizabeth clicked on the video and once again was treated to the sight of the scantily clad blonde first entering her rental property. Her stomach tingled with frustration as she once again watched through the woman’s sexual degradation at her property. After sitting through all the twists and turns of the video and once again watching it fade to black as the cum covered woman squirmed on the luxurious double bed she had bought (and tried out) with Jamal, Elizabeth began to wonder if she had missed whatever editing had been done, but then Mike appeared again, now in his office staring at the camera vlog style.

“So an update on my escapades with Ginger. You’re not going to believe this, but it turns out the house we filmed at is owned by Lizzy Kim. I got to fuck a slut in the beach house of Bao from Altogether Found.” Elizabeth’s lips curled into sneer that he would react to their phone calls this way. “Don’t believe me, it turns out I was recording a video when she called, so I got our whole phone call on camera, take a listen.”

The camera cut to a point of view shot of a young black woman, deep throating Mike with impressive vigour while Mike told her what a terrible job she was doing. A jaunty ringtone interrupted the scene but Mike was unperturbed.

“Alright bitch, blow me quieter I’m getting a phone call.” He instructed before answering his phone on speakerphone. “Hello.”

Elizabeth’s eyes went wide as she heard her voice come out of his phone, that horrid man had a woman throat deep on his penis the entire call. He even put the camera to one side, so the audience could see the cheeky look on his face as he asked her if she wanted to be in his next film, she then got to see the aftermath of her swearing at him then hanging up.

“I can’t believe I just spoke to Lizzy Kim on the phone while having my dick sucked. She was one of my first crushes, that episode where she thought she’d entered a swimming meet, but there was bad signal so she ended up doing a spelling bee in her swimming costume, I jacked it to that so many times.” Elizabeth recoiled in her chair.

“I realise it’s a bit sad to have your childhood crush hate you but come on, even on a one in a million chance I had to try to get her to be in one of my videos. I know Lizzy Kim would never agree to something like this but could you imagine if I was able to get Lizzy Kim on my channel? Bao sucking my cock and thanking me as I slapped güvenilir bahis siteleri her ass, spat in her face, wrote disgusting things on her body before covering her tits with my cum.” Mike was lost in his fantasy as he came in the mouth of the girl he was working with as she gurgled it down. “Damn I usually last longer than that.”

The video cut out but Mike had edited in one last insulting touch, a video of him and a woman he had sex with in the past (Elizabeth felt dirty that she was even able to remember the specific video he had got the footage from), only now Elizabeth’s face had been crudely photoshopped over the model’s and clips from her phone call had been cut together to form a disjointed sentance in her own voice that he played on repeat.

“Fuck… Mike Hunt… and… asshole.”

Elizabeth gagged a little and closed the laptop, wondering why she had kept watching the video in the first place.

Elizabeth was on the phone to her lawyer the entire time as she drove to the beach house. They told her that although the initial cease and desist letter carried no weight, the new one would as he was using their recording for ‘exploitative purposes’ (“no fucking shit” replied Elizabeth). However they warned her that he could still win a court case as she was a public figure and he could argue that releasing your phone call was equivalent to a news organisation releasing an undercover sting on a politician.

“Fundamentally, it would be a long trial, and you have to ask yourself if you want to go through that considering the court case would only bring more attention to the video.” The lawyer concluded.

“So you’re telling me because my mum wanted me to be famous, I’m now fair game for any creep that wants to do something like this?” Elizabeth took the heavy silence as an uncomfortable answer in the affirmative. “I’ll tell you what I’m going to do, I’m going to go to my fucking beach house, and do whatever it takes to forget about this. I’ll call you on Wednesday when hopefully my eyes aren’t about to pop out of my skull with stress.”

Usually when Elizabeth crests the hill that gives her a view of the coast and her beach house, she feels herself relax, like returning to safety. But today she felt herself tense up, the memory of the desecration of the foundation of her future with Jamal running over and over in her mind. She glanced at the cleaning supplies on her back seat and glared with determination.

“You know what this is?” Jamal beamed as the realtor took down the ‘for sale’ sign on the beach house.

“I’ve been studying this for some time, and I think I can say with confidence that it’s a beach house.” Elizabeth jokingly replied nudging her husband.

“Yeah it’s a beach house, but do you know what it really is?” Jamal left the pause for a moment, he was well practiced in dramatic speeches. “This right here is freedom.”

“Finally earning our own money.” Elizabeth sighed.

“Honestly, I don’t consider this owning our own money. This is our money earning us money, we’re not doing anything special in listing a rental property online, then keeping a handyman and cleaner on retainer. But considering what we had to go through to get that money, I’m not going to lose any sleep over it working for us for a while.”

“Your mind has wandered again.” Elizabeth interrupted, tapping him on the head, an in-joke they had of retuning Jamal’s brain like a TV every time his thoughts ran away from him.

“Ah yes, freedom. Every person in our life only saw us as a ticket to get something for them, everything we have, even our identities exists only to enrich somebody undeserving. Now we have a building, bricks and mortar not skin and bone, enriching us. It won’t be forever, I’m not planning on sitting in my house doing nothing and accumulating wealth, but with this house, we now have the freedom to figure out what we want out of our lives, not what someone else will pay us to do.”

“You want to talk about our future while we unload the van?” Elizabeth suggested.

“We have the rest of our lives to think about the future.”

“The rest of your life won’t be that long if you don’t help me unload this van, you are within drowning distance of the sea.” Elizabeth joked.

“Alright, alright. You start on the bed, I’ll unload the champagne and glasses. I don’t think we’ll need anything else tonight.” Jamal chuckled.

Every corner she cleaned just threw the video into a more stark contrast in Elizabeth’s mind, like the ghost of the porn star was following her around the house. Eventually when she couldn’t handle it anymore she threw the mop on the floor in anger and took to the bottle of wine and pack of ramen noodles she had packed for dinner.

The sun set scenically through the French doors as Elizabeth polished off the whole bottle of wine and started on the second.

“It was my talent not theirs.” She ranted to herself. “It was my likeness not theirs, this was my fuck palace not theirs. If Jamal was still here I’d fuck him in every room, just like when we first got this place.” iddaa siteleri She took another swig of her bottle and sniffed back her tears.

Her eyes narrowed as she fumbled her way towards the light switch, then before she could turn on the lights she had a change of heart. Her cleaning jeans were old and itchy, picked for indifference to staining rather than any practical concerns, she swayed as she pulled them down and clumsily flung them into the kitchen. Her top was a tacky branded t-shirt the network gave her for the 6th season tour, she tossed that to one side as well.

Her cotton briefs and supportive bra had no purpose beyond comfort, her d-cup breasts required support through all the bouncing and swaying that came with vigorous cleaning.

Originally Elizabeth was determined to get out of her uncomfortable cleaning clothes, she had stripped off down to her underwear and released her long black hair from the tight ponytail, but the act of stripping down had taken a life of its own, it has its own sort of momentum, one which drove her to continue. She reached behind her back, and after some fumbling unclipped her bra, letting it drop to her feet and as her breasts jiggled free. She stumbled a bit as she bent over and dropped her cotton knickers down her legs, before tossing them with reckless abandon like she had done for the rest of her clothes.

“Freedom!” Elizabeth said aloud as she stood naked in the dark. She grinned as she strutted around the beach house naked, this was her space, her domain now. She sensuously walked over to her bottle to take another swig and then looked out over her house again. The video that had brought her here once again flashed through her mind, but now instead of revulsion, she giggled with a kind of silly eroticism.

She walked over to the front door, then acted as if she had just walked in, just like the model had done in the movie. She then strutted to the sofa and posed. She spread her legs for an imaginary camera, giggling as she parted her pussy and leered alluringly. She broke character for a moment as she ran to her suitcase to fetch her dildo, a moderate sized black one that had been her only sexual companion since Jamal died. Then she knelt in front of the French windows and began pushing the plastic phallus down her throat.

Elizabeth clearly was not as experienced as the women in the video as she gagged and choked on the dildo, but the woman in the video didn’t immediately start playing with her pussy as the dildo went down her throat, so she differed from Elizabeth in a bunch of ways.

Just as Elizabeth felt herself building towards an orgasm she pulled back. She didn’t want to imitate the whole video (for starters she was aware going skinny dipping at night while this drunk was definitely a bad idea), but she knew the grand finale took place on the bed. She sauntered over to the bedroom, holding the dildo like it was a penis attached to a man she was dragging to the bedroom. She jumped on the bed, then with as little hesitation or ceremony, plunged the dildo into her vagina.

Elizabeth didn’t slow, in her mind a relentless man was now having his was with her, taking her hard because he could. Her hands became a blur as she pounded herself with the dildo, not containing her moans of delight as orgasms wracked her body. She then fell asleep as her arms fell limp to her sides and the dildo flopped out of her.

Elizabeth woke up naked and uncovered as the morning light shone through her room. The moment she was conscious, she panicked and grabbed her duvet, pulling it on to her body.

‘Who am I covering my body for?’ she thought to herself. Sure if she was sharing the house with someone else, or acting her body would be out of bounds, but she was alone in her beach house, her freedom. She bit her lip as she threw the duvet to one side.

“I don’t feel like wearing clothes today.” Elizabeth said out loud. Now she had confirmed it to the house she stood up and wandered into the kitchen to get some cereal and some aspirin for the hangover. She sat at the breakfast bar, her bare bottom on the leather seats of the chrome bar stools that matched the kitchen appliances, gazing out of the French windows.

As she could see the public beach, Elizabeth reasoned that there was a long shot that someone on the public beach who happened to look in the right direction may see her. But in early October the tourist season was over, so the beach was usually empty despite the weather remaining quite temperate. She thought about closing the curtains, but then Jamal’s voice echoed in her ears, ‘this house is freedom.’ She didn’t want to be seen or want to be not seen, she was just thrilled to not care.

She had her morning shower with the door open, she quickly dried off her body before going and sitting on the sofa with a good book and a towel wrapped around her hair. Once she got a bit bored of that she decided she could spend some time browsing the internet for new holiday homes to buy and add to the empire. At every turn she felt a sort of weightlessness that in this house she didn’t have to worry about what anyone else thought of her, she didn’t have to constrain her actions based on anyone else’s expectations. As she browsed she found herself back on the porn video that had made her so angry before and now found herself laughing at it.

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