My Mother and I had been alone since my Father died of lung cancer three years ago at the age of 42 leaving my mother a widow at 38. My name is Jeff and I am 18 years of age and I live at home with my Mother in Jacksonville Florida.

When my Father died there was only a small insurance policy that covered his funeral, the mortgage and allowed us to live for a couple of months. It was necessary for my Mother to find a job to continue to live. I offered to leave school and get a full time job but my Mother said “An education is more important at this time than living luxuriously.”

My Mothers job was with a large firm of realtors that had offices all over the United States and Canada where she was involved in selling properties and was very successful achieving high sales.

Six weeks ago she was called to the Directors office and was offered a promotion. The promotion was to be the General Manager of one of their large offices in Grand Rapids in Michigan. The position included a large raise in salary, a car and a house on the Four Mile Road in Grand Rapids. My Mother asked for 24 hours to think it over but what she really wanted was to discuss it with me.

That evening we discussed the promotion and my advice was to take the job even though it would involve packing up our home in Jacksonville and moving North to what felt like the other side of the country. The next day she told her boss that she would take the offer that she would take up her position in one months time.

During the next two weeks everything was packed for the move, Mothers office would arrange for rental of our property and would forward the rental cheques to her each month. Two days later we started our drive North leaving the movers to uplift and transfer all our furniture to our new home. As we had some time to spare we would do a little sightseeing on the way and let the mover arrive and unpack everything before we arrived.

Five days later we arrived Mehmetakif Escort at our new home only to find that the mover had not arrived. We had our house but no furniture to go in it. Mother immediately contacted the removal firm on her cell phone and was told in a very apologetic way that the vehicle carrying our furniture had broken down and would not be there for another three days.

Fortunately Mother had packed some blankets and pillows into the trunk of the car before we left but we had no mattresses to sleep on. Mother decided that she would buy a double bed foam mattress from the local K-Mart and we could share this bed until the furniture arrived.

This suggestion gave me an immediate boner for as an 18 year old I had tried on numerous occasions to glimpse my Mother when she was naked. I was relatively sexually inexperienced having fucked one girl, not too successfully, in the standing up position. I was also a regular masturbator.

Mom put on a long nightie but I could tell that she had nothing else under it. That night on our makeshift bed my mother turned from me and asked me to cuddle her. He ass was round and warm and I put an arm across her waist. My mother was at this time 41 and of course I considered her old and certainly not a sex object. I awakened during the night with a real iron hard “piss proud” erection. Mom’s nightie had ridden up during the night and my cock was against her naked ass. I nestled my cock between the tops of her legs unable to resist the occasional merest wriggle against her, painfully slowly I pushed away until suddenly the resistance my glans had been meeting parted dramatically and I was actually entering her vagina.

She was quite lubricated, my cock was slippery with pre-cum and the combination plus the lure of full insertion ensured that the next tentative thrust took me up to the hilt.

My Mother pushed me away with alarm in her voice “NO” she Mehmetakif Escort Bayan screamed and I was determined to feign sleep or a dream as my excuse.

She was trembling, shaking and her demeanour was such she could hardly speak. When she did it was to explain that what had happened was very wrong but not entirely my fault. On the promise there would be no repeat I could continue to share the bed.

Of course during the rest of the night our proximity in bed led to the touching of legs, thighs cuddles until it was almost at the stage we had reached before. The next morning nothing was mentioned of the happenings of the previous night.

During the day Mom and I went shopping to get all the necessary food items to carry us over until the fridge and freezer arrived.

That night after we had been in bed for about an hour I reached over and felt that once again Mom’s nightie was up around her waist. I reached over her and began to fondle her tits and she offered no resistance. Becoming bolder I reached down and touched her pubic hair and even caressed the lips of her vagina until she took my hand away gently.

When I put it back she allowed me to continue moving onto her back and guided my hand with her own. Opening her legs to allow me greater access to her now dripping cunt, her clitoris was like a bullet about one inch long and the juices from her cunt provided the necessary lubrication for me to massage it gently. She soon began to orgasm convulsing with a series of gasps.

As she came down from the heights of her orgasm I mounted her with my cock at the opening of her vagina. We kissed our tongues intertwining. Breaking the embrace I moved down with my mouth until I reached her cunt.

Mom groaned and said “This is so wrong, I’m your Mother we should not be doing this.” I gently sucked her erect clitoris, which was like a miniature cock, and at the same time moved two fingers Escort Mehmetakif in and out of her cunt. Mom suddenly began writhing and began to yell in a loud voice “Oh my God, Oh my God that’s right suck my cunt I’m cummmmmmmmmming agggggaaaaaain . Fuck me with your fingers ooooohhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

After her orgasm Mom moved me onto my back and knelt between my legs and started to suck on my cock. I was so aroused that it only took less than a minute and I was unloading my spunk in her most receptive mouth.

After we had both cleaned up we lay facing each other in a passionate embrace. We began whispering to each other how good it had been but Mom said she was disappointed that she had not yet felt my cock in her cunt. As she told me this I again felt stirrings in my cock and soon had an enormous hard on. Mom felt my erect cock and turned me onto my back and straddled me my cock disappearing into the warmest most slippery place I could imagine. She began to bob up and down throwing her head back as she began to orgasm again. Despite the relatively short time since I shot my load I could feel my spunk building up for a crashing orgasm.

Mom started shouting “Cum with meeeee shoot your load up my cunt you Mother fucker aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah eeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhh fuck fuck fuck. This was too much and I unloaded my semen right into her cunt.

After this we lay together and drifted off to sleep. The next morning we showered together where we again fucked. We then dressed and had our breakfast and awaited the removal van. At about lunch time the van arrived and we spent the rest of the day unpacking furniture and setting up our new home.

That night we were both tired from our exhaustive previous night and the unpacking of the furniture and household goods.

At about nine o’clock I said to Mom “I’m going to bed” and started towards the room where my bed had been placed. Mom looked at me and said “Where do you think you are going, your bed is my bed from now on”

Since we moved to Grand Rapids I must of fucked my Mom more than one hundred times each one better than the one before. Each day I silently thank her boss in Jacksonville for if she had not been promoted and we had not moved none of this would of happened.

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