Mountains of Rubber Ch. 03Mountains of Rubber Ch. 03


Synopsis: Dan is enjoying a wonderful weekend as MzDominica’s slave, up in her mountain cabin. On her command, he cleaned himself out with several huge, warm enemas (ohhhhhhhh, yummy!), then inserted a thick butt plug which will be inside him all weekend. Then she covered a dildo with her pussy juices, pushed it into his mouth, and set him on a rubber-covered pallet to sleep, with orders NOT to rub his aching cock on the seductively soft rubber surface.

Chapter 3, First Morning:

Even in Dan’s dreams, MzDominica continued to stimulate his sex — insistently, relentlessly — commanding him to serve her. He licked Dominica’s boots — up, up, up, to her soft, creamy thighs — only to have her stop him, just as his tongue was about to touch her skin. He could smell her skin. He could smell her pussy… so close. So warm, and musky. In his sleep, he sucked on the dildo, tasting her juices, smelling her scent, imagining her cumming and squirting around the dildo, through the dildo. Down to her feet, again. Now they were naked, and he licked between her toes, under her toes. He wanted to cradle her feet in his hands — but his hands were beneath him, useless, paralyzed somehow. Lick, lick, lick. His entire world focused down to his mouth, his lips, his tongue, his nose — and what he could do with them, to please his Mistress.

His eyes opened. Not quite awake, but realizing he was still in the bedroom, in darkness. On the pallet. His cock was on fire, and yet it felt numb. He needed to stroke it. But he couldn’t let go of the thick rubber cocks. He needed to pee. So badly! Oh, Goddess, all that water, from the enemas! He began waking up, just a little. The rubber was all around, under him. So soft. Felt so good on his aching nipples. He circled his breasts around in a little figure eight, feeling the rubber catch on his skin, then slide, sending little jolts of pleasure that crept through his chest and up the back of his neck. He wanted it to touch his cock. Just a little. If he could just pump his hips downward, just for a second… Dominica’s green eyes appeared in his mind. He couldn’t look away. Her eyes swirled, making him sleepy. Need to remain still. Need to sleep. Need to pee… Pee… Need to stroke aching cock… Need to pee… Need to… Sleep… Sleep… Sleep…

Dan was kneeling on the floor, his head raised up to the bed, face down in the covers. Dominica sat on the bed, her right thigh against his right cheek. So soft and smooth. Cool and warm at the same time. He wanted so much to move his head, around her thigh, to find her warm, wet pussy — but he couldn’t move. He was frozen in place. Panting… panting… His tongue lolled out of his mouth…

Dan’s eyes opened. Another sex dream! He needed to fuck! He needed to stroke! He needed to pee! His eyes focused on nothing in the darkness, not even thinking of the dildo that his mouth was so automatically sucking. His hands worked the other two thick dildos, furiously, rubbing, rubbing, rubbing! Hoping to feel the rubbing against his cock, like he had in the car, in his mind, inside his/her pussy. Dan’s hips started to strain downward toward the soft, rubber sheet. Just one stroke! Just one — she won’t mind! His legs froze, he saw her green, swirling eyes, and his mind drifted… drifted…

Dan’s nose nuzzled against Dominica’s clit. Her labia spread around his face, wide and puffy and wet, as he made little figure-eight’s against her clit with his nose. His long tongue slurped out, and licked a trail from the base of her pussy up to her clit. Dan’s cheeks felt cool as Dominica’s legs spread further apart, opening her pussy wider to his mouth, tilting her pink ass-bud up where he could reach it with his tongue. Slurp… slurp… slurp… Her hands dug into the hair at the back of his head, and pulled him in tighter against her crotch…

Dildo dropping out of his mouth, Dan panted as his eyes opened yet again. The room was no longer dark. On the floor in front of him was a little, plastic toy dog. Dan’s mouth dropped open, and he panted some more. Woof! Need to pee. Need to peeeeeee! Neeeeeeeed to peeeeeee! Dan/Woof crawled off the pallet, absent-mindedly leaving the rubber dildos behind, and padded out of the room, down the hallway, to the front door. There, he dropped down to the floor and began to whine, head against the door.

The doorway to MzDominica’s room nearby was open. She was already up, just finishing breakfast at the dining table. With a big smile on her face, she walked causally toward Dan and stood next to him. Holding a leash and dog collar.

“Hmmm…. Poor little doggie needs to go for a walk?” she teased. She dangled the leash next to Dan’s head. He looked back at her and nodded, whining a little more. She swung the hoop of the leash back and forth… back and forth…

Dan’s mind was becoming fuzzy again. Dominica reached past him, and opened the door. The morning light streamed in. Dan was torn between looking out and watching the swinging leash. rus escort Mistress leaned forward, hands around his neck, and deftly wrapped the collar around him, buckling it in place. She trailed a long fingernail down his cheek, staring closely into his eyes. A heartbeat. Two. It seemed forever. It was over too quickly. Mistress stood up, towering over him. All he could see was her shiny, black boots, which seemed to go up and up her legs, forever.

“Outside, doggie,” she said.

Something in the back of Dan’s mind resisted. Outside? Exposed to the world? Naked? He was beginning to rise out of trance, out of fear, out of danger…

Dominica leaned forward and held a little rubber doggie bone in front of Dan’s nose. “Sniff,” she said. He could already smell the rubber. His mind began to drift. Dan took a slow, deep breath through his nose, letting the scent of that rubber stroke the back of his nasal passages, the back of his throat, the back of his mind. His conditioning asserted itself, so strongly. “Rubber slave must obey Mistress Dominica.” It repeated over and over in his head. What he could see didn’t seem so important, as what he could smell. The sweet, mind-numbing scent of the rubber.

MzDominica stroked the rubber bone under Dan’s nose, over his lips. His eyes closed, and his ears seemed to hear that rushing of the ocean again. She ran the tip of the rubber bone from the bridge of his nose, downward, over the tip, down to his lips. Helplessly, mindlessly, Dan kissed it. She trailed it over his chin, down his neck, to the edge of the collar. Dan whined, whimpered, groaned — neither he nor Dominica was certain which. She smiled, held the bone directly in front of his nose, and squeezed it briefly a couple of times.

Squeak! Squeak! Squeak!

Dan/Woof heard the squeaky toy, and his eyes popped open.

Dominica teased him, “Nice, rubber squeaky toy, for my little doggie. You want it? You have to come out. You want to pee? You have to come out!”

Dan/Woof’s bladder was about to explode!

Squeak! Squeak! Squeak!

Dominica gently tugged Dan’s leash, and began to walk out the door. The morning sun glinted off her shiny black boots. All resistance gone, Dan rose up on all fours and began to crawl after her.

She led him slowly out the door, down the porch, past the mini-van, to the short fence that surrounded the cabin. Only waist-high, but it formed a perimeter around the entire property. Dan hadn’t even noticed it when they had pulled in, the evening before. Dominica guided him toward the gate, at the end of the walkway. Then she pointed at one corner of the gate.

“Pee,” she commanded.

Dan/Woof was too deeply tranced now, to refuse. And he needed to pee, so bad! It was getting impossible to hold in the pee. His bladder was starting to cramp and loosen at the same time. Only a second or two, and he wouldn’t be able to control it at all! He crawled swiftly over to the gate, angled his body parallel to the fence. Lifted his left leg. And he began to pee. Ohhhhhhhh, so good! The relief was so…

“Stop!” MzDominica commanded. “Follow!” she said, and tugged on his leash.

Dan felt his bladder clench up, and refuse to pee any more! But he was full to bursting! He followed his Mistress, crawling along the fence, a few feet away, just past some flowers.

“Pee,” she commanded again.

Dan/Woof lifted his leg quickly, this time, and let loose a stream…

“Stop!” she commanded. “Follow.”

Dan’s bladder clenched up again. The pain was excruciating! He needed to pee! Pee! Pee! Pee! He needed to just let go and let it all flow out, so badly!

Dominica led him to the corner of the fence. “Pee,” she commanded. Dan began to pee again. “Stop!” she commanded. Almost, almost, Dan could have whined. But he could not disobey. He followed, further along the fence.

“Pee!” “Stop!” “Pee!” “Stop!”

Every little chance to pee made his aching bladder feel better. But every stop was driving him insane. With the need to release. The need to pee more. The pain of stopping in mid-stream. The pleasure of obeying his Mistress. Pee/stop. A few more feet. Pee/stop. Around and around the fence. Oh, so good to let go! Oh, the ache of having to stop!

Eventually, Dan/Woof found himself back at the front gate again. Shaking. Shivering. Still needing to pee! All he could see was her boots. All he could think of was obedience.

“Good girl,” Dominica soothed. She stroked the top of Dan/Woof/Daniella’s head, down the back of his neck. “Now, follow again. Over here to the corner!” She tugged on the leash, and squeezed the rubber bone. Squeak! Squeak! Squeak! Dan almost ran, on all fours, hurrying to keep up. “Here, girl. Pee. Let it all out, little doggie. Pee and pee and pee, till you’re all empty!”

Dan pounced into the corner, where he’d been just a few minutes before, and let all the pee run out, in a long, warm stream. His eyes rolled sincan escort upward in his head and his eyelids closed, from the sheer pleasure of total, abandoned release.

Dominica trailed her fingers along his left cheek. “Good girl,” she said. “Good, good girl. I’ll tell you why, later. But right now,” she squeaked the rubber bone, “it’s breakfast time! Follow, little doggie! Follow your Mistress!” Daniella/Woof’s tongue lolled out of her mouth, as she followed, bounding, after MzDominica, returning to the front porch. The slave didn’t even notice that there was a second vehicle parked next to the mini-van. A small convertible, with the top down.

“Wipe your feet!” Dominica commanded, as they reached the threshold. Daniella/Woof rubbed her hands and knees on the doormat, scraping off the dirt, as Dominica opened the door again. She followed as Dominica led her to the kitchen.

There, on the floor, were the two pet dishes again. One with warm oatmeal — maple and brown sugar — the other with water.

Dominica led her slave over to the corner. Daniella/Woof felt suddenly so intensely hungry.

“Not yet, not yet, my little pet,” Dominica gently tugged on the leash, back, then upward. “Sit up, paws in the air!” Daniella/Woof sank back on her heels, and held her hands high. “Good girl! Now beg! Beg for your breakfast!” The slave waved her hands in the air, close together, gazing into Dominica’s deep green eyes. “Hold it… hold it… Good girl! Down, now. Let me take your collar off.” She quickly unbuckled the collar, and gave the back of Daniella’s head a couple of brisk rubs. The slave’s eyes closed, and she arched her neck, pushing her head against Dominica’s hand. “Good girl. Mmmmm, you like it when I call you good girl, don’t you? Good girl! Yes. Now you may eat your breakfast. And be sure to drink all your water!”

Daniella bent forward and began licking little dollops of oatmeal out of the bowl, then turning to the other bowl and lapping up some water, then back to the oatmeal. Little by little, she finished the cereal. And just as she was licking the last bit of oatmeal out of the dish, Dominica bent down and slid another little plastic animal in front of her. This time, it was a fluffy, white cat. Daniella felt dizzy. She stared at the cat. And pushed her back and buttocks back, in a long, lazy stretch.

“That’s right, my little pussy cat. That’s right,” Dominica crooned. Mistress purred at her slave, and Daniella purred back. Dominica smiled broadly. “You’ve finished your breakfast, little pussy,” a glint in her eyes, “but you have oatmeal all over your face. My little kitty cat needs to wash, don’t you? You remember how to wash?”

More and more dazed, Daniella reached her right hand up to her face, gently balled into a fist, and rubbed it over her cheek, getting some of the oatmeal on her hand. Then she licked the back of her hand, swallowing the oatmeal, and repeated with the left hand. Back and forth, right hand, left hand, licking, licking, licking. Her hands and face were slick and shiny with saliva mixed with oatmeal. The slave looked up at Mistress, with a big cat-like smile on her face, gazing into Dominica’s eyes, and purred again.

MzDominica laughed — gently, but her slave did look so cute. And a little ridiculous. “All right, Daniella, you cute little pussy cat. Little pussy. Little wet pussy. Time to get yourself wetter. Mmmmm. Time to get really cleaned up — time for a shower.” She reached forward and snapped her fingers. “Wake up, Daniella. Be my little human slave, now.”

Daniella’s head suddenly cleared, like fog being blown away by a sudden breeze. She realized she was crouched on the kitchen floor, Mistress towering over her, and felt so silly. But she was having an awful lot of fun!

“Crawl to the bathroom now, slave, and get yourself all scrubbed clean. When you’re done, I want you in your bedroom again.” She leaned downward, the closeness of her breasts making it difficult again for Daniella to think. “And while you’re in the shower, I want you to try to guess what is the next delightful rubber treat I have for you in that great, big suitcase.”

Daniella shivered, and realized the butt plug had started fucking her again. Fuck… relax… fuck… relax… She started to crawl out of the kitchen, then remembered she had two dirty dishes next to her on the floor. She turned, and started to pick them up.

“Leave those,” Dominica commanded. “They’ll be taken care of.” Daniella turned, a little confused, and started crawling away again. Dominica gave her a firm swat on her naked behind. “Get a move on, now!”

In the bathroom, Daniella stood up, for the first time in so many hours. It almost seemed unnatural, standing and walking on two feet. She looked in the mirror, and saw the slick sheen on her face, the little flecks of oatmeal. “Oh well,” she thought, “oatmeal is supposed to be GOOD for your complexion.” She turned on the tap in the sıhhiye escort sink, let the water warm, and rinsed off her face.

Before showering, she was about to apply the depilatory that kept her face and body hairless and smooth — then realized she hadn’t yet brought in her little bag of bathroom accessories. Wondering if she dared go back out to the bedroom first, Daniella looked around and her gaze landed on the bag, on the shelf right next to the sink. “But how did that get here?” She couldn’t imagine Dominica unpacking her suitcase for her. But then, she also couldn’t imagine Dominica making breakfast for her. The oatmeal was still warm when she had gotten to it, like it had been freshly made. As she gently applied the lotion to her skin, loving the smooth, silky feel as it glided on, she mentally replayed the morning “walk” in the yard. And suddenly remembered the convertible. Was there somebody else here?

In the shower, Daniella rinsed all the lotion away, scrubbing gently. What DID Mistress have in that suitcase for her next? More dildos? A rubber cat suit? More chew toys? She giggled. And became more aroused, thinking about all that time on the pallet, aching to rub her crotch against that soft rubber surface. Her middle finger automatically went down between her legs, separating her wet pussy lips, while she humped her clit against the palm of her hand. All clean, and steamy, and horny for Mistress. She’d been thinking about something else a minute ago… About the oatmeal… Ohhhh, her finger felt so good. Her other hand reached up, and started playing with her nipples. Left, then right, left, then right. Hefting her breasts, while her other hand split her aching pussy. The butt plug continued its relentless fuck… relax… fuck… relax… In her mind, she heard the little rubber squeaky toy again. She had to finish her shower, towel off, and present herself to Mistress Dominica. Even in the shower, she could smell the rubber, see Dominica’s eyes, hear Dominica’s voice…

“Good girl,” Dominica reached out one finger, and traced her long, red fingernail down Daniella’s right cheek. The slave couldn’t even remember leaving the bathroom and returning here, to the bedroom. Right next to the big, mysterious suitcase. Unable to take her eyes off Dominica’s black, shiny boots. On all fours, she shivered again, and bowed her head to the floor, awaiting her Mistress’ next command. Her skin was dry — but her pussy was wet, again dribbling pre-cum on the floor. That would be taken care of, soon, with the next little item in the suitcase.

* * * * * *

MzDominica sat on the four-poster bed. She was dressed in a loose satin blouse, a leather skirt, and a pair of thigh-high, black leather boots.

“Lift your head, slave,” she said. “Look into my eyes.”

Daniella raised her head from the floor, looking upward at her Mistress, while she remained in a keeling position. Sitting back on her heels, her arms straight, she gazed into Dominica’s green eyes, lost in their depths. Mistress’ eyes seemed to swirl and spin, calling the slave into a deeper and deeper trance. She forgot even to try to think.

Leaning forward, Dominica stroked Daniella’s face with the deep, red fingernail of her index finger. From the slave’s chin, upward to her left cheekbone. Then the other side, again from her chin, upward to her right cheekbone. Then the left side again. Daniella’s eyes kept closing — slowly, languidly — then opening again, as she gently quivered, all over her body. Still lost in Dominica’s green eyes. Her face was limp, her jaw slack. Moment by moment, her deep breathing quickened, turning into panting gasps of desire.

“Listen to me, Daniella. Danielllllaaaaaa!” The slave shook, and gasped even more deeply. “You were very good, and very obedient this morning. Mistress was pleased.” Dominica traced her finger across the slave’s lower lip, right to left. Then across her upper lip, left to right. “Do you know what you did this morning?” Dominica asked.

Daniella’s mind was so blank, it was hard to answer. Hard to find words. Hard to remember. She wanted only to go blank, and obey. What had she done? Her breath exhaled, but no words formed on her lips.

Dominica watched as her slave’s eyes squinted, revealing the struggle. Good. So mindless. So helpless. “Daniella, you were a good doggie for me. You peed and peed and peed, on command. Such a good doggie.”

Unable to stop herself, Daniella began to wiggle her ass, as if she had a tail she was trying to wag. So happy to have pleased her Mistress. The ever-present butt-plug kept her nice and filled, but she forgot about it, in the mental image of wagging that tail.

“You know, to an animal, the pee of a human — especially a meat-eating human — smells like a big predator. The scent keeps them away, because they know the territory belongs to someone else — a more powerful animal.” Dominica ran her index finger from the base of Daniella’s throat to her chin. The slave blinked… so… slowly… “When I walked you around, every place you peed marked your territory.” She touched the tip of Daniella’s nose. “Marked MY territory.” Daniella’s eyes opened wide. “Now,” Dominica explained, “they know to stay out of my yard. The local dogs. The local cats. And… other animals!”

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