Mount and MaidMount and Maid


Mount and Maid

Mariah slid off the back of her mount with a huff, taking off her simple tin training helmet and slumping against the trunk of a nearby oak tree, grumbling and slapping the helm to the ground. Auburn locks fell over her shoulders, though sweat matted the normally silky strands into messy clumps, moisture beading on her forehead.

The day wasn’t that particularly hot, but hours spent trying to hit a ring with a lance wearing a heavy leather hauberk was enough to offset any mild weather, no matter how pleasant.

Blue eyes turned dark with frustration, supple lips twisted into a pouting frown.

“You know, even if you do get good at it, they’re not going to let you participate in the tournament, my lady,” her mount remarked.

Mariah glared up at Hindra, a humble centaur female with a noble bearing. She wore much the same as Mariah did, but the heat did not seem to bother her nearly as much. Her human half was slim and athletic, though it was hard to tell beneath her padded attire; Mariah knew well she had quite a bust squished under that hauberk, but the centaur never let slip any complaint.

Chestnut hair hung even lower than Mariah’s, draped over Hindra’s shoulders, braided halfway down into neat locks.

Her eyes were a bright brown colour, glittering more vibrantly than one would’ve expected for such a mundane tone.

Of course, her ears weren’t quite human, long and tapered and flexing as she listened to the many sounds of the forest in which the two practised in. They were covered in a thin coat of horse hair, flecked with white.

Her lower half was not much different in colour; a slim, athletic build with white-streaked brown hide, shiny with healthy oils, glinting in the sunlight that penetrated the canopy of the oak forest. She was not the biggest of her kin, especially amongst her male counterparts, but she was fast and agile, well revered for their talent for archery; whilst heavier set centaurs would lead a charge, barrelling over opposition, those like Hindra would take to the flanks with bows and other ranged weapons, picking off opponents vulnerable to them, using their speed to outmanoeuvre the enemy.

Of course, Hindra had never seen combat, nor did she ever expect to in the service of Lord Grovon, Duke of Tornstrum.

“Not if I prove to them I’m good enough to beat any man there… they’d never ignore a challenge from a woman, they’d want to prove themselves the superior,” Mariah retorted.

“My Lady, men who participate in these events are cowards,” Hindra continued. “If you proved that you could actually threaten their standing, they’d refuse on the grounds of you being a woman just so they could ensure they’d never run the risk of losing to a woman. That’d be a terrible blow to their reputation.”

“Good!” Mariah exclaimed, before crossing her arms and giving Hindra an uptight look. “Might serve them right.”

At this, Hindra let out a rare laugh.

“Oh, Lady Mariah, even if you did manage to convince the officials to allow your participation, your Great Uncle would deny you the moment he learned.”

“I don’t care what Lord Grovon thinks!” Mariah spat. “He’s a stuffy old man.”

“He means well, he is just traditional.”

“Well, tradition is putrid,” Mariah huffed. “Give me time, I can beat any man in a fight.”

“They’d probably be worried about hurting you as well,” Hindra remarked.

The young maiden turned a sly grin towards the centaur, pushing her head forward.

“Oh, if they knew what you and I got up to, they’d realise I’m not so easy to break,” she said with a smug, knowing tone.

Hindra’s calm demeanour cracked a little, a light blush forming across her face.

“Yes, well, if they knew that, we’d both be in a lot of trouble,” she said, stifling a giggle despite the intended seriousness of her statement.

Mariah chuckled and leaned back against the oak.

“They’ll never find out… they’d never even consider it a possibility. But I will make them consider my ability in the tournament a possibility. I just need to get good enough at jousting to start me off. Then, I can practise sword fighting and all the rest.”

“And I will help you with that,” Hindra said, kneeling down as a horse would, reaching out to gently run her fingers through Mariah’s hair. “I just don’t want you to be too disappointed if things don’t go as planned.”

“Don’t worry, Hindra… I’ll wear them down until they say yes if I have to,” Mariah insisted. Then, she turned thoughtful, cocking her head. “Say, Hindra… why are you so content with being my Minder? Don’t you wish for the battlefield? I hear Centaurs see no difference between their men and women?”

Hindra turned her head to the sky, and then back to Mariah.

“The men are often on the front line, we women taking the flanks where our fleeter forms are of more use, and our lesser strength and resilience not as much of a vulnerability. I make no lie, I do yearn for asyalı escort the warrior’s life. But I am humble, as we all should be. I respect the decisions of my current liege, and serve him as my duty demands. And if that keeps me from the battlefield, so be it.”

“Mmm, that’s what I like about you, Hindra,” Mariah remarked, moving over to the centaur and gently running her hand over Hindra’s equine body, covered in a simple garb with the symbol of Tornstrum sewn into it all over. “Always so modest when it counts.”

“It’s my lack of modesty when it doesn’t that drew you to me, I think,” Hindra said with a giggle.

It was Mariah’s turn to go red, and she looked away with a sheepish smile.

“Yes, well… oh my, I’m still quite sweaty. I think I’ll go to the lakeside stables. I can bathe myself there.”

Hindra smirked and pulled away a little.

“As you desire, milady,” she responded with polite grace, bowing her head slightly.

Mariah wasted no time in rising from her position, giving Hindra a parting nod before hurrying away, her face completely red from embarrassment, Hindra allowing herself a slight giggle as the girl retreated.

Mariah sighed out as she wrung the rag out over her head, letting the water cascade onto her wet hair.

The water was cool today, but not unpleasantly so. It washed away the clingy sweat that had plagued her, and now, she was busy washing the grime from her skin.

She did not fear voyeurs in these woods, even with her chest bared for anyone to see. Hindra was not so easily evaded, and her wrath was known to the local peasants; one tried to catch a glimpse of Mariah once when she was changing in the city stables. He carried the mark of a hoof upon his face for weeks, lucky that his mind was left undamaged, or his skull for that matter. Hindra was proud of her ‘kick’.

In these woods, the punishment would be worse for any commoner; the stocks or the dungeons for trespass, a bloody flogging for poaching, and worse for more heinous offences. Mariah was not worried, so she washed herself without worry, letting her hands slide down her slim torso, pushing away her breasts until they bobbed upon the water’s surface after her hands had passed them by.

She could not resist touching them a bit more obscenely, feeling their supple flesh yield beneath her fingertips. The female body was… so exciting, even to her. And she had difficulty believing some days she was as beautiful as she was… and possessed a delightful figure.

As always, such thoughts led to wandering urges, a hand moving down to touch her gash beneath the water, her toes curling into the soft wet sand on the bottom of the lakeside. Her nipples erected in reaction, but she did not fiddle further.

Sighs left her lips before her gaze wandered out over the glittering water; this place was one of the few where she could be alone… or at least alone with company she wasn’t anxious to be rid of.

Eventually, she rose from the water, the cool liquid cascading down her curves as she made her way to the bank, the cool cross ensuring she didn’t get her feet dirty.

She made her way over to the stables, a small set of buildings meant for the local nobility to rest their horses whilst they rested themselves by the lakeside. They weren’t anything special, sectioned only into several small ‘rooms’ instead of stalls, several horses meant to share a single area.

The floor was made of wood, fortunately for Mariah, though straw completely covered it towards the back wall, barred windows with no glass letting light filter into the stall. It smelled of horses, as one expected, though it was not a smell Mariah disliked.

Her clothes were hanging on a rack meant for reigns, her towel next to them. She took her towel and then crouched down on a spot of floor mostly clear of straw, and started to wipe herself down.

That was when she heard the sound of hooves on planks.

She didn’t panic or flinch as she heard the gentle clop of horseshoe on wood, slowly walking over. She blushed a little as Hindra walked up behind her.

“My lady,” Hindra said softly, prompting Mariah to nod and smile bashfully.

“Hindra,” Mariah said quietly as the centaur walked up next to her… and watched as the horse woman’s clothes fell onto the ground next to her, discarded casually and daintily.

Mariah’s blush only deepened, but so did her smile; this was something she always looked forward to, the moments where she could be with Hindra in a way that forsook all decorum, social standing and all that was considered ‘proper and moral’.

Hindra stepped forward casually, as if ignoring Mariah. The girl heard the Centaur start fiddling with something on the wall in front of them… all as Hindra’s body loomed over Mariah, and soon, the girl was almost between the centaur’s back legs.

There, she found herself next to a sheath at Hindra’s equine crotch, a subtle musk exuding ayaş escort from it that prompted the young woman’s eyes to narrow just a little, her lips pursing to release a soft, heated breath.

A set of heavy equine testicles brushed against Mariah’s right shoulder, eliciting another husky sigh from her mouth. That musky aroma was starting to get stronger now, as Hindra subtly but lecherously shifted her equine hips to rub those balls against Mariah’s body. At one point, she shifted forward, brushing those orbs across Mariah’s cheek… enough for the girl to plant a soft kiss to one of them before they draped back over her shoulder.

That was when the sheath began to twitch, and the musk grew even stronger, as Hindra’s equine length slowly began to harden, slipping forth from her sheath, the semi-flaccid penis twitching limply with every jolt of arousal that spurred it to further hardness. The crown brushed against Mariah’s cheek, and then the shaft as it slowly and lecherously erected next to her face, twitching eagerly.

Mariah eyed that terribly masculine penis as it continued to extend past her face, that musk now intense and arousing. Her nipples erected as hard as possible, and she felt her clitoris burn with need, her loins growing as wet as could be.

Soon, Hindra’s cock was fully erect next to Mariah’s face, an intense need coursing through both it and herself. The centaur shifted her body so that length gently slapped against the side of Mariah’s face, and she took the touches with desire, enjoying simply being where she was before she turned her head slightly to give the equine length a soft kiss… and then a more lecherous lick, unfurling her tongue and drawing it slowly across the steamy flesh of Hindra’s penis. The centaur let out a quiet sigh as her length was teased by Mariah, the girl resting the cock on her shoulder with the balls pushing up against it from behind. Her hands moved to the cock, wrapping digits delicately around its thick girth, gently stroking the forward half. She started slowly drawing her lips together in gradual kisses against random spots on the patchy skin of the equine shaft, twisting her stroking hands around to add extra stimulation. Hindra’s moans only further encouraged Mariah to pleasure her partner, moving one hand to the crown of Hindra’s cock, pressing her palm against the flared tip.

By now, Mariah’s head had fully turned into the cock draped over her shoulder, making soft slurping sounds as she suckled on the member, sliding her lips back and forth in different places, the girth of the shaft far too large for her to do anything more enveloping. But that suited her just fine. It meant she had to be more teasing, more precise, draping her tongue across Hindra’s throbbing veins, tracing their contours. She liked servicing something so primal, so large. She couldn’t quite explain why… only Hindra got her like this.

Her palm grew sticky; Hindra was leaking precum already, but it would take far more to milk the centaur of more precious fluids. And again, Mariah was content with that. She wanted to work for her rewards, and as much as Hindra had just offered her treat up to the girl, Mariah still had to get ‘dirty’ for what she wanted.

She used her lips, brushing lightly with fleeting touches, or sealing them tightly in suckling kisses, her tongue with teasing traces with the tip, or firm licks with the flat of the muscle, making broad strokes over the massive — for Mariah — cock.

But she didn’t focus on the member alone… she began to shuffle backwards until those heavy, musky balls were next to her face again, and she lecherously pecked them with her lips, before moving further back until they were hanging heavily before her face. She let out a silent gasp as the orbs twitched upwards; always they seemed so full, possessing a heavy mass whenever she held them in her hands… and yet, despite the primal, animalistic musk, she found nothing repugnant. It was always so exciting to her, yet something only Hindra could provide.

And the taste… she unfurled her tongue and made a broad tongue stroke up one of those voluminous orbs… it was still ever enticing to Mariah’s perverted desires.

Hindra shivered in response, pawing at the wooden boards of the stable floor. She huffed and murmured softly, letting Mariah tease her equine half. The young woman then clasped lips around one of those orbs, sealing them tight to the skin. Ever was the scrotum of Hindra’s testicles smooth to Mariah’s lips, and the maiden knew just how much the centaur quivered from having them suckled like sweets, lips drawn slowly and tightly across the sack whilst the orbs within were gently squeezed, and most exquisitely, stroked by a practised tongue.

Mariah just couldn’t help herself. She’d never laid with a man, never learned how to please any future husband. She didn’t care, only Hindra’s quiet little stuttering sighs brought Mariah any satisfaction. She licked, aydınlıkevler escort and sucked, either letting her tongue do most of the work, leaving her lips to remain tightly wrapped around either orb, or tugged on them pleasantly, lips moving across the skin and around the balls within. Sometimes, she released entirely so she could lap at Hindra’s jewels lecherously, painting brushstrokes with her saliva, tongue now thoroughly pervaded by the flavour of Hindra’s gonads, animalistic and debauched like her musk, but clean and tidy, Hindra not one to be perceived, in any way, as ‘unclean’.

This, however, was the sort of ‘filth’ they indulged in together. Hindra let out low gasps, her equivalent to quiet squeaks, shifting in place as Mariah got more fervent with her worship of the centaur’s jewels. And worship them she did, Mariah going so far as to press her face into the sack and taint of Hindra’s nethers, juices from her equine womanhood dripping onto Mariah’s head. She nuzzled into the leathery organs, inhaling deeply as Hindra’s musk grew more pungent with her arousal. Then, the woman pulled back so she could see the centaur’s equine vulva, its lower tip just barely stretched as it melded into a rudimentary perineum between Hindra’s male genitalia and that of her female sex.

Mariah did not know why her lover was gifted with the organs of the men of her race, for Hindra did not know either. Only those present at her birth and her family knew, and they kept it a secret, raising her as the woman she predominantly was. But Hindra no longer cared to feel any shame, even if she did her best to hide her ‘trait’; she revelled in the sensations it could bring, especially when it was by Mariah’s hands… or body, for that matter. She did what she had to in a society that may have had less forgiving judgement.

Mariah didn’t care either, seeing Hindra’s addition as no ‘affliction’… it gave her pleasure like nothing else could. She shared a world of forbidden perversion between Hindra and herself, and nothing would take that away. If anything, it was all the more reason to keep things a secret, just so they could have excuses to be alone and indulge in the kind of debauchery that would make many sick from the obscenity.

Prudes, all of them, Mariah thought.

She kissed Hindra’s balls, aggressively, lecherously, losing some of her more gentle care as she ravished centaur’s testicles and scrotum.

Then, she returned her attention to the twitching shaft floating below Hindra’s belly, drawing her tongue from sack to flaring crown, feeling her muscle glide lubriciously over those rings of muscle that encircled the equine penis. Throughout all this, Mariah had shifted slowly, but deliberately, ensuring she always brushed against Hindra’s genitals.

“I yearn for you…” Hindra remarked clearly, for the first time since this obscenity began. “I feel it…”

An advisory that she was close to release. Not too close, and not with Mariah’s current pace, but it served the maiden well; her attention had done well to excite the centaur, and now she was ready for a more thorough milking.

Her hands grasped Hindra’s length, and started to stroke, whilst she let her mouth answer her lover with licks and kisses and firm suckles all over the throbbing girth. Sometimes, she massaged the heaving testicles that she’d just prior worshipped. Mariah also brought her mouth to the crown of Hindra’s penis, encircling the corona with her tongue, then repeating that action with her lips instead, before lapping at the leaking urethra; the smell was so intense here, and the taste of Hindra’s precum was… intoxicating. It was salty and strange, but Mariah found it pleasing in a debauched way. She lapped it up, sipped it down and let out an almost drunken sigh of satisfaction, her voice shivering just a little. But she didn’t take all of it, positioning herself so that the jerking tip dribbled some of the stuff onto her body… good lubrication for further acts.

She murmured softly, alternating between suckling the tip, kissing that crown as it leaked into her mouth, and teasing the flared edge and letting more of the lecherous discharge trickle onto her breasts.

Then, with a rather feminine cry, Hindra’s form jolted, her equine body jerking forward as that massive shaft pulsed hard.

Mariah was struck firmly in the face by the first rope, hot musky sperm splattering across it before she wrapped her lips around the tip, taking one gulp and then two, before it became too much to take and she retreated and let her face be sprayed by Hindra’s semen.

It was steamy warm, and the pervasive musk it gave off almost made Mariah swoon and faint there and then; it was incredibly intoxicating to her, like a powerful brew even a drunkard would find difficult to stay conscious from.

But she savoured it all the same, lapping at her mouth and then the crown of Hindra’s shaft once her ejaculation calmed down. Mariah murmured in devious delight at her handiwork, giving the member a few good strokes, encouraging a few final dribbles from the crown.

The woman was utterly covered in ejaculate, and she stunk of its musk, though one she found pleasant; a masculine aroma that made every part of her body tingle with lustful need.

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