Motherly Motivation 2Motherly Motivation 2


I finally put my clothes back on and quietly slipped up the stairs heading for my room. I paused outside of my parent’s room.”Give it to me!” I heard my Mom growl. “Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!”I laughed at her meager excuse earlier, something about a back rub? Right.I took my hard cock into my bedroom and closed the door. I went to my computer to pull up some porn to stroke to, but my mind kept going back to my Mom looking down the stairs at me.She asked to see my cock!I was still stiff and reached down to adjust myself.”Make it bounce,” she’d said.She liked it when I did that.Where was this going to go? I had no idea.I woke up the next morning to the sound of my bedroom door closing shut.I opened my eyes but the room was empty.Had someone come in and then left? I looked around the room and ended up at the raging boner in my boxers. As I looked down at my cock, I wondered why did I think that it might have been Mom at my door?”Hello?” I said in a loud whisper. “Anyone there?”I heard the doorknob turning and then a soft voice whispered through the crack in the door, “It’s just me, son. I was…” she hesitated, then finished with, “I was just checking to see if you were up.””Yeah,” I mumbled. “I’m awake.”She stepped into the room. She was wearing her go-to pajamas, a big cotton t-shirt in A&M maroon, and a pair of loose-fitting shorts. I could tell by a bit of jiggle that she wasn’t wearing a bra.Sleepily, I asked, “Did you need something?”She smiled and said, “No, but yeah.”She just stood there not saying anything but I saw where her eyes were at.I flexed and made my stiff cock bounce and move a bit in my boxers.She giggled and said, “Yeah, you’re up.”I looked at her face while she smiled bahis şirketleri mischievously at me.”Do you want to see it?” I asked softly.”I think you know I do,” she replied.I swear I could see her nipples hardening as we spoke!I lifted my ass and slid my boxers down to my knees. I did a little leg and footwork and was able to kick them off to one ankle. I raised that leg up until I could take the boxers off.I was laying there nude with a rock-hard erection to show my Mom.”Do that thing you do,” she said with a smile.I bounced it up and down.”That’s so cool, ” she whispered. “Why are you so hard this morning?”I tossed her my boxers. She caught them and held them against her chest.”Because I can’t get yesterday out of my mind,” I told her.”Oh?” She said curiously. “You mean our little conversation?””Well, yeah!” I replied.She moved my boxers around in her hand. “These are nice and warm,” she said. Then she stopped and looked at them.”Why are they sticky and wet?” she asked.”I guess I leaked a little,” I replied.”Oh?” she said with a bit of Motherly concern. “Let’s clean that up before it gets on the sheets.”She quickly stepped over to my bed and sat down on the mattress. In a second she had used my boxers to wrap around and grip my cock.”It’s so fucking hard and thick, ” she said almost to herself.I flexed it and she squeezed it with her hand. She laughed softly, but deeply.”That’s something special that you have there, son.” She said with admiration.”Better than Dad? ” I teased. She laughed and told me that wasn’t any of my business.”Better than Benji?” I asked curiously.I probably shouldn’t have said that. It killed the mood, I guess.She sat up straighter and removed her hand.”Well!” bahis firmaları she said quickly. “I have to get ready for the day!”She stood up and made her way to the door.Just before she opened it, I called out her name.When she turned around, I had moved my boxers out of the way.She stared at my naked, throbbing cock.I flexed and made it bounce.She paused and smiled back, walking over to the bed.She traced her index finger from the base of my cock to the tip, then gave in and wrapped her hand around it and squeezed it.My mom had just wrapped her hot, bare hand around my cock! A drop of pre-cum oozed out. She touched it with her fingertip.Looking me in the eye, she put her finger in her mouth, tasting me.She smiled, then turned and left the room.In seconds I was stroking myself and shot a huge load of cum into my boxers.The rest of the day was spent mowing the yard and running around with my friends. I kept glancing over at Mom every chance I had but she just played it cool.I had come in from playing basketball with my friends and headed straight for the shower. I had just about finished and was standing with my eyes closed while the shampoo ran out of my hair when I felt the air pressure in the room change. A cool breeze flowed in over the top of the glass shower door.I wiped away some of the soap enough to see a figure standing there in the bathroom.”Mom?” I asked curiously.”Yeah, it’s just me,” I heard her reply. Then she opened the door to the shower.I turned off the water and turned my body to face her. She was just standing there in her usual Saturday clothes of shorts and a t-shirt.I watched as her eyes roamed up and down my body, settling in on my cock.I was rock hard kaçak bahis siteleri in seconds!She smirked and said, “Ah, the power of youth. So wasted on the young.”I made my cock jump and bounce for her.She smiled in appreciation then reached out and took my wet dick in her hand, giving it a stroke or two. Then she took her other hand and slid it across my chest and my abs. It felt great.”That feels so good, Mom!” I told her.”Yeah, I knew you’d like that, ” she said with a smile.Then she let me go and turned and left the bathroom.”Damn!” I muttered. I stroked off and shot my cum out onto the shower door. I partially collapsed against the wall, watching my cum slowly slide down the glass to the floor.I heard the door open again and saw Mom poke her head in. She saw the condition I was in and muttered, “Oh, darn! I missed the show!””Mom!” I yelled out in exasperation.”Did I inspire that?” She teased. Then she laughed and closed the door.Again, for the rest of the evening, nothing happened. She was just a typical Mom.The next day, I skipped church to join Dad for a round of golf. We ended up meeting his friends, so after 9 holes, he told me I could go. He was going to do another round with his buddies and he’d get a ride home.As I pulled into the driveway, I saw that my brother had come in. Yes! Whenever Benji came home, we always had a huge family dinner. I was craving a huge steak.I came into the house through the back door expecting to see Benji camped out in the den, but the den was empty. I shrugged that off and went upstairs. As I passed my parent’s room, I could hear the bed shaking and loud moaning!I froze in place. My heart was pounding in my chest. I listened carefully.”Oh, baby! That’s it!” I heard my mother say. “Fuck me! It’s been so long!”I heard a man growl and groan.”What the hell?” I was thinking as I slowly peeked around the corner of the door. There was no way Dad beat me home, and where was Benji?

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