Mother in Law’s Suitcase Ch. 08Mother in Law’s Suitcase Ch. 08


Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


I was sitting in my office, the door slightly ajar so that I could see out into the open office space. Right outside my office sat Jenny my PA, and across the way I could see a few other work colleagues, all on the phone or tapping away at their computers.

Pushing my chair back I stood and walked from behind the desk towards the door, my hand reached to push it closed.

“I have an important call to make Jenny, no interruptions for about half an hour please.”

She looked up, nodded, and smiled at me and then went back to what she was doing.

With a satisfying click the door closed and I walked back towards my desk, sitting down I leaned back in my chair, put my hands up behind my head, closed my eyes and relaxed.

I smiled as I recalled a vision of Ann kneeling in front of me covered in my hot sticky cum, my prim and proper, busty mother in law. As I remembered every last detail my cock hardened in my trousers until it was straining against the confining material.

Was it really 3 months ago? The time had flown past and in all of that time neither Ann nor I had mentioned it, which left me wondering if she regretted it. Today I had resolved to find out, so in the privacy of my office I reached for my phone.

Scrolling through the apps I found the one I was looking for and opened it. Scrolling through the names I landed on Ann and selected it. I paused for a moment wondering what to say, be bold or be subtle?

Subtle seemed the order of the day as I started to type;

“Hi Ann, I hope you are well. I enjoyed our last coffee and I hope you did too…”

I ran out of ideas of what to say next and it felt all a bit lame. So I hit the back button until it just read;

“Hi Ann,…”

I started again but this time I had the vision of her cum covered tits in my mind and my hard cock flexing in my trousers.

“Hi Ann, how did you like your cum bath over those fucking amazing tits?”

Again I paused… again I deleted it and started again.

“Hi Ann, fancy coming over for dinner with Sarah and me at the weekend?”


Well so much for that, but I relaxed a little as I felt that I had achieved something. A few minutes later my phone beeped to let me know I had a reply.

“That would be lovely, I will see you both then. About 6ish should be fine, and lets hope for a nice coffee to finish. Axx”

I smiled, it seemed she was also thinking about our last encounter, and now I couldn’t wait for the weekend.

Later that day I was eating dinner with Sarah and admiring the tight tee shirt she was wearing which showed a nice bit of cleavage and clung to her round breasts.

“So you ümitköy escort invited mum over for dinner did you?”

“Yes, I thought it would be nice to see her, she hasn’t been around here for a while.”

Sarah’s eye twinkled and she smiled at me.

“Nothing to do with staring at her tits just like you are staring at mine now?” she said.

Her hands moved slowly from her sides and innocently brushed against the underside of her bosom, her eyes locked on mine.

“I am sure that I don’t know what you mean.” I protested light heartedly.

“I still think about that picture she sent you of her in her bra a while back, and I seem to remember it helped you shoot a load.”

“Ahh that, but I remember it was your hand and mouth that made me cum.”

We both laughed.

Sarah’s hands moved to the vee neck line of her tee shirt and pulled it down below her bra line. Her nice round tits encased in a lovely lacy white bra were now on show. The cups of the bra were semi transparent with small flowers embroidered on them and the sheer material allowed her darker nipples to be seen.

“Mum looked like this didn’t she?”

I nodded, but then started to speak but stopped myself.

Sarah looked questioningly.


“Well yes, she did look like that but…”

“But what?”

“Your mum definitely has bigger tits than you Sarah. They really are big full and round.”

Sarah leaned forward slightly, cupped her hands under both of her breasts and pushed them up and together, creating a nice full cleavage.

“Are mums tits fuckable like mine?” she asked as her hands squeezed her tits together in front of me/

“Yes they are Sarah, very fuckable.” I said as I leaned a little closer.

“So you are back aren’t you?” Sarah smiled “kinky boy returns. Ogling his wife’s tits but thinking about her mums.”

I nodded, looking at my wife, her hands squeezing her tits together making the perfect valley for my now rock hard cock.

“Say it kinky boy.”

“I love your tits Sarah, they are so round and soft, so very fuckable.”

“No, tell me what you really think.”


“Tell me kinky boy… bitch… tell me.”

” I really do want to fuck your tits Sarah… But… I want to fuck your mums tits too. She has massive tits, just made for banging.”

Sarah was squeezing her tits harder as I spoke, she was clearly getting turned on by this, her fingers started to pinch at her hard nipples.

“You really are a dirty fucking bastard aren’t you?” she said. Her left hand cupped her left tit and rolled it around while her other hand was tweaking her right nipple between her finger and thumb.

“Stand up and get your cock out bitch.”

I avrupa yakası üniversiteli escort nodded, slowly stood and while watching my pretty wife playing with her tits in front of me I undid my trousers and pushed them down. My hands quickly returned to the top of my boxers and I pushed them down too,

As my boxers moved down my legs my cock was free. It sprang up, slapping against my stomach and then settled down, rigidly pointing at the ceiling.

A smile cross Sarah’s face as she continued to roll her left tit but noticeably a little harder while pulling on her right nipple.

“Good boy. I can see that one of us has you hard, is it me or mum I wonder? Are you the devoted husband or the kinky boy?”

I stood there, cock hard with a small bead of pre cum forming on the head, watching my wife playing with her tits, and listening to her talking dirty. She didn’t usually do that and it was turning me on no end.

“Which is it?” she asked, insistently.

“Ummmm, well, its…”

Sarah rolled both hands onto the exposed flesh of her breasts, above the bra cups and then slid her fingers down and inside her cups, her hands gripping the fullness of each tit.

She pulled one of her tits out of her bra and held it up towards me, her nipple jutting out, hard as anything.

“Fuck you have lovely tits Sarah.” As I spoke my cock was twitching like mad, bouncing up and down with every word. I walked towards my wife, each step jiggled my cock and by the time I reached her a drip of pre cum was hanging from my cock head.

Sarah reached her hand out and let the drip of pre cum touch her finger, she then moved her hand upwards, taking the pre cum with in, brushing my cock head and taking all of the drip.

“Ooohhhhhh” I couldn’t help but let out a whimper as her finger tip brushed against my cock head.

Sarah’s hand continued to move and the rubbed her pre cum covered finger over her exposed nipple, leaving it looking hard, wet and glistening.

I stepped a little closer to her, my cock was now really close to her tits as she remained seated, her left hand still inside her lacy bra cup mauling her own. Her other tit was still hanging over the bra, looking full and creamy.

Sarah reached her free hand out and let her fingers circle around my hard shaft, about half way between the head and my balls. Her hand felt warm on my cock, her grip was light but firm and she pulled my cock towards her body.

She laid my cock between her tits and then with both hands she squeezed her tits together completely surrounding my cock. The shaft was deep in the valley of her cleavage and my cock head was clearly visible sticking out on top urfa escort of them.

She looked up at me, her eyes locked on mine.

“Go on then, fuck them like I know that you want to.”

At that my hips started to move, pushing my cock further into the cleavage so that the head was clear of the tits and then I pulled my hips back, pulling my cock back into the valley until my cock head completely disappeared.

With each upwards thrust I let out a groan of pleasure and then with each downward stroke I got ready to thrust up again. I reached a nice steady rhythm with my cock gliding between Sarahs tits while she held them tight around my cock. My hands moved to Sarah’s shoulders to give me better leverage as I thrust up and down.

“Faster baby, fuck them faster.”

“Yes Sarah” I said as I started to speed up my thrusts. Each upward thrust was now greeted with a slapping noise as the base of my cock hit the bottom of both of her tits. Each one making her bounce just a little in her chair.

“Fuck my tits you horny fucking boy” Sarah growled “use them like to you want to use my mums big tits. The ones I sucked on as a baby, drawing her warm milk into my mouth.”

“I know my mum has big fucking tits, her bra is 36E, what a big titted slut she is” Sarah continued “and my lovely husband wants to get his hard cock between them.”

Hearing my wife talk like that had my fucking her tits for all I was worth. My cock a blur as it bounced her tits up and down, I could feel just how slippery it was between them as her cleavage was smeared with my pre cum.

My hands were gripping her shoulders as I tried to get the best leverage I could, all I could think about was making those tits bounce on my cock.

“Come on you kinky bitch, tell me you want to fuck my mums tits.”

“Oh Sarah, I do.”

“Do what bitch?”

My thrusts were speeding up as she talked, getting more urgent at each word.

“I want to get my hard cock between your mums massive tits Sarah.”

“You dirty fucking bastard, how depraved is that?”

“I know” I said as I felt my cum starting to build in the base of my cock, the familiar tingling starting in my balls.

“And you know what kinky?”

“Noooooooooooooo what?” I managed to let out as I was trying my best to stifle the building eruption.

“I am going to hold mums tits tight while you fuck them and spunk over both of us together.”


I could barely hold back, Sarah’s words were hitting me hard and each one ramping up the excitement.

“Now kinky bitch, spunk for me as you imagine the big titted threesum at the weekend.”

At that I couldn’t hold back any longer, I let out a roar of satisfaction as the first rope of cum exploded between my wifes tits.

“That’s it, let it shoot over me.”

And I did, again and again as the cum drained from me. As I held my wife tight and still by her shoulders unloading my cum between her tits she looked at me.

“And of course, you will be wearing her underwear while you do it, you fucking slutty bitch, I know it is what you want.”

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