Mother Enjoys Her Son’s MatesMother Enjoys Her Son’s Mates


It was completely my fault. They were not blameless but I teased them and led them on.

It was a hot summers day and I was sunning myself by the pool. My son and his university team had been playing an away match and they had travelled in a number of cars. I got a phone call to say that the car my son was in (with two of his friends) had broken down and were waiting for the recovery service. The other car that was coming back to my house would be there shortly. This car had a dad, his son and two more of the team. I left the side get open and waited. I heard the car arrive and drive off. I called to the two boys to come round into the garden.

My heart was in my mouth as I welcomed them with no more than a pair of bikini briefs on. I loved the way their eyes popped out of their heads before struggling to take their eyes of my boobs. My boobs were not those of a teenager but I knew they were still pretty good. No teenager’s boobs would be topped off by upward pointing nipples as big or erect as mine.

Although the boys were just still teenagers both were strongly built and very fit, as they needed to be to play sport at the level they did. As I sat back down I was very aware of their eyes following my every movement. I suggested that if they wanted to they could take a quick swim in the pool. It was me who was now very surprised as with a nod to each other they stripped naked and dived into the pool. Much to my own amusement it was me now trying to get a good view of their bodies. They had managed to dive in without giving me any decent view of what I had wanted to see.

I am not sure my fascination with trying to see what was between their legs had anything to do with the fact that my husband had been away on business for nearly two weeks. Yes I was as horny as hell but I am sure I would have been fascinated anyway. I was very close to stripping off my briefs and diving in but thought that might give the wrong message to the naked young men. Reflecting later I realized I had already done that by remaining topless.

They made it clear that they were going to get out of the pool, giving me the option to look away while they did so. I was desperate to watch them but made it clear that I was looking away as they climbed emek escort out. I busied myself by picking up the suntan cream and starting to coat my feet. If this was meant to defuse the atmosphere it failed hopelessly. The boys were very quickly kneeling on each side of me and offering to help me cream myself. I knew I had to say no very firmly but my excited body was having none of it. I succumbed with no protest, lying back to offer the access to everything other than my back.

I had not finished wiping the remainder of the cream off my hands onto my stomach before cream loaded hands found my shoulders and sides. The two boys mirrored each other’s movements. They covered the whole area from my shoulders to my bikini briefs except for my nipples, areola and a few inches around. Even though untouched my nipples sprang to life and my areola was nearly consumed by the now huge nipples.

I was puzzled and frustrated by my nipples being excluded from what had become more like caressing than anything else. I was just about to ask why when one of the boys said.

“I hate the taste of suntan cream.”

Before reaching down and sucking my nipple and surrounding area into his mouth. The other nipple was immediately assorted in the same most wonderful way. It was like being plugged into the mains as the sexually energy coursed through me heading notably to the only covered area of my body. A sigh of pure animal sexuality escaped me before I could suppress it. The hands carried on caressing me paying almost exclusive attention to areas of my boobs not covered by mouths. It never occurred to me to tell them to stop. I felt wicked, naughty, and guilty but most of all excited beyond belief.

All commonsense had deserted me long ago but I did have the presence of mind to want to discover how the boys were built. I wasn’t surprised to find two very erect cocks. My husband never has problems getting erect but these two cocks were harder than his had been for a few years. I was slightly disappointed that although erect neither was as big as his. Seeing two lovely erections charged me up even more. I was able to gently take hold of both being careful not to overexcite them. Nobody eryaman escort had got close to my pussy, both these boys were probably very inexperienced but the whole situation had me frighteningly close to orgasm. I wanted so many things all at once but to bring things to a premature ending by having an embarrassing orgasm in front of my son’s two friends wasn’t one of them.

It might not have been what I wanted but suddenly it was not only inevitable but my one hand found my dripping pussy having pulled my briefs to one side. I was shrieking loudly as my body gave in to the most fabulous orgasm. I had to yell at the boys to go back to sucking my nipples as they had let go to watch me more closely. As they did so my orgasm hit a second peak and I found myself thanking them through the spasms that kept shaking me.

I became aware that one side of my body was now covered in warm fluids as one of the cocks had erupted. Right then all my sexual energy had dissipated and I was suddenly embarrassed beyond believe. I could not think how things were going to play out. My son’s car full of boys could arrive within the next half hour or so and I was sure I had one very revved up teenager wanting more. What I didn’t realize was that I was not totally in charge.

While one boy was trying to tidy up the mess he had made the other moved between my legs. He had my bikini bottoms off my feet in seconds and my feet above his shoulders, pinning my shoulders to the lounger. I was able to see him add spit to his cock before he buried it half way into my embarrassingly wet and open pussy in one thrust. I was just about to complain when I thought that it would not last long and it would have been a little unfair considering what had gone before. It took less than 30 seconds, not for him to finish but for me to love what was happening to my body. Yes he was thrusting hard and long but it did not appear that he was going to lose control quickly. I once again found my clit with my hand but this time it was slapped away.

“I will tell you when you can do that, Mrs. Bright.”

I was again embarrassed by my need and humiliated by a boy telling me what I could and could not do. The use esat escort of my formal name only made things worse. As I went to say something the boy fucking me gestured to his friend who had his cum covered cock in my mouth in seconds. I have never been over keen on the taste and this was no exception. The cock in my mouth was rock-hard in seconds.

“If you still want to masturbate yourself please feel free, Mrs. Bright.”

I was desperate not to obey what almost seemed to be an instruction but by now I was certain that I was capable of experiencing a second orgasm for only the third time in my life. As I found my huge clit the tormentor between my legs started to talk dirty to me for the first time. Much of what he said was true but the tone of his voice was rude and humiliating. I have always found this a big turn-off. Well I had until this time. Now it ramped up my excitement. I was sucking cock, I was loving his cock in my pussy and I was going to explode very soon. The insult that finally tipped me over the edge was being told by a boy to:

“Come now because if you don’t I am going to push my cock right up your bottom.”

It was that image that flooded my head as he flooded my pussy and my body was flooded by a beautiful orgasm. I remained just aware enough to feel filled at both ends at the same time. The boys seemed much less embarrassed than I was as we quickly got dressed and tried to arrange things so that any sign of what had gone on was hidden. As we heard the car arrive on the drive I was horrified to look down and see that my bikini bottoms were soaking wet. I just had time to put on dry ones and get back outside before the garden was full of people.

I felt like everyone could see a sign written on my forehead that said “I have just been fucked.” When all the boys had been collect by their parents my son did say.

“You look like you had a good day Mum. You look radiant.”

The boy who fucked me visited our house when he knew I would be alone. We talked about that afternoon and I asked him if he was as experienced as he seemed to be. He said that an aunt of his had been teaching him everything she knew and enjoyed about sex for nearly two years. He added that he had no interest in girls his own age but that he was strongly attracted to older women. It was clear what he was saying. It was no clever chat up line but it was enough to get me into bed. We had sex regularly for nearly a year until his studies meant he moved away. That was five years ago but I have heard he is visiting my area for a holiday next week.

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