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Big Cock

Just having my beautiful wife Chloe fucked in front of me would never be kinky enough for you Mistress. I can see in your eyes as you rise from the bed that you have something far more perverted and wicked planned. I am still cold and shivering from being out in the storm, but my heart is pounding hard. My back is sore from the flogging you gave me, my anus sore from the strap on fucking, and my cock is sore and limp after the rough masturbation you made me repeat over and over. “Stand up slut,” you hiss as you reach down and pull the blanket from me, leaving me naked but for the tight leather collar you have me wear at all times. “Keep your arms behind your back and your legs wide apart.” Chloe is watching me from the bed with an amused grin. I rise from the dog basket and stand with my feet spread wide within the basket and my almanbahis wrists crossed behind my back. I watch you with wide eyes. You go to your dresser drawer and slide it open. You search within and then turn to me. In your hands I can see a pair of chrome handcuffs and my cock cage which is a mesh of iron rings soldered together which encase me and prevent me touching myself, or achieving an erection. You walk to me and roughly cuff my hands behind my back. You step in front of me and kneel. You take my cock and balls in your hand and I shudder with pleasure and start to stiffen again at the touch of your skin. You tut, and slap me down. “Don’t you fucking dare,” you command, as you shove the tight cock cage over my cock and balls, and lock it tight with a key that you then throw across the floor. It rattles over the floorboards almanbahis yeni giriş and under your dresser, out of reach. Chloe cackles with laughter at my predicament. You slap the cock cage hard, and I double over in pain. “There we are bitch!” you laugh, “No room to get hard in there, is there?” I whimper and moan. At times you have kept me in this device for days whilst teasing me mercilessly. But today you are only part of the tease. The rest of the tease is Chloe, gorgeous Chloe, the woman I used to passionately fuck and call my own. Now I can only crave Chloe and lust after her madly. You open the bedroom door and call out into the hall. “James. James, would you come up here right away please. We have need of you.” You turn and point at me. “And you. Get on your back in your fucking basket, and don’t almanbahis giriş say a word unless I tell you too. “In fact, Chloe…” you reach into your dirty linen basket and fish out a handful of worn knickers and stockings and pass them to the pretty blonde as she climbs off the bed. “Stuff these in slut’s mouth. I don’t want a peep out of him whilst you’re getting fucked.” “Perfect,” you grin as I lie back and Chloe roughly stuffs my mouth with the garments. They have the aroma and taste of your sex Mistress. My cock pulses painfully, swelling in the tight cage. I lie on my back in the basket, my arms to one side, cuffed at my wrists, my legs straight out over the edge of the basket, my cock cage jutting from between my thighs. Chloe stands over me naked, and as I look at her wonderful hourglass figure, her crumpled blonde hair around her shoulders, the nip of her tiny waist, and the swell of her heavy breasts, I know why I seek humiliation such as this; it is to be enchanted by the beauty of sexually hungry women, to offer myself to them and their audacious desires.

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