More Than I Wanted Ch. 03More Than I Wanted Ch. 03


This story continues the saga of Steve and how his life is changed from one meeting with Mike, the man who is now in control of Steve’s life. Mike has pictures that will he is threatening to send to his employer if Steve doesn’t do as told. Worse yet, he threatens to send the pictures to his parents and brothers and this is not an acceptable option for Steve. Let’s see what happens next. If man to man sex, forced fem, discipline and humiliation are not your thing, you should stop reading now.


I sit at my desk, the taste of cum in my mouth, looking around to see if anyone is looking at me. Everything seems normal and I try to relax but can’t get past what just happened to me. How can I continue to work with Bill and act like nothing happened? I try unsuccessfully to get some work done and finally it’s time to go home and I get out of here and drive home.

I get into my apartment and throw myself into my recliner. Leaning back, trying to relax but finding it impossible. My life feels so out of control. I grab the remainder of the joint I smoked last night and finish it. It helps me to relax some and I try and think about what is happening and what I can do about it.

As I close my eyes, I remember how I felt when Bill had me standing in front of him in just panties. It was so humiliating and Bill made me feel so small. I remember him making me tuck my cock back between my legs and I realize it is still there. I quickly unzip my slacks and reach down in the panties pulling my cock back from between my legs. It feels so soft and small from being tucked like that and I stroke it trying to bring it back to life. It doesn’t take long before it has reached its full six inches. I lean back and stroke it slowly. As I stroke it, I can’t help but think about how much smaller it is than Bill and Mike’s cocks.

I stop stroking it pulling my panties up and then rub my cock through the panties. The material so smooth and silky and it feels so good. I close my eyes and slowly caress my cock and balls. My mind drifts and I think about what happened with Bill. The taste and feel of his cock in my mouth invades my thoughts. My cock stays hard as I think about how he shoved it down my throat and made me gag. Then I remember how I begged him to let me suck it some more. What is wrong with me? He made me do it, he made me. I can’t like it. I’m not like that.

I force myself out of my recliner and go undress and take a shower. The hot water feels so good. I get out and dry myself but when I look in the mirror and see my totally smooth body, it all comes back to me. How can this be happening to me? I put on some sweats and go back to living room to watch tv. As I sit there I remember Bill’s instructions about sending his name and email address to Mike and how I’m supposed to tell him what happened this morning.

Going to my computer and do as Bill instructed, I can’t take a chance on pissing off Bill and him letting out my secrets. It’s so embarrassing having to put into words my behavior with Bill. I finish it and send the email to Mike. I wonder how he will react to me behaving like that with another man. I go back to watching tv, hoping to relax for a while.

I jump as the speaker on my computer calls out ‘You have mail.’ Not being able to resist, I go see who it’s from and as I thought and dreaded, it’s from Mike. It reads, ‘It didn’t take you long to turn into the office slut, did it cunt? I didn’t realize I was dealing with such a faggot.’

I see attachments to the email and when I open them, one shows me standing in Bill’s office in just panties, tucked and smooth. The other shows me with Bill’s cock deep in my mouth and a look of desire on my face. Anyone looking at these would think that I was doing it willingly and enjoying it while that is so far from the truth. I wish it could just stop and I could go back to my boring but stress free life. I sit down at my computer desk, looking up at the last picture. His cock looks so big and my lips look stretched around it. Why do I have that look on my face? I don’t know how long I am sitting there when the phone rings. I answer it.

“Hello cocksucker,” Bill’s voice is low and smooth.

“Hello Bill,” I answer trying to sound as unexcited and unpleasant as possible.

“Listen faggot, unless we are with other people at work, the next time you call me Bill, they will find pictures of you scattered around the office, DO YOU UNDERSTAND???” his voice cold and threatening.

Know what he wants from me and figure I better give it to him I answer, “Yes Sir I understand.”

“Better faggot,” is his reply. “You know, I really hope you fuck up. It would be great having everyone know what a fucking pussy you are.”

“Isn’t there anything I could do to make this all stop?” I plead. “Really, it’s all a mistake. I’m really not like that.”

“Really?” he replies. “That isn’t the impression I got when you were begging to suck my cock this afternoon.”

“Please, please, just let it stop,” I beg. “Do you want money? I will pay you to stop. I can’t quit my job but if others found mamak escort out, how could I show my face at work.”

“Listen cunt, don’t even think about quitting your job or your family will receive these pictures and some other ones,” he states coldly. “Did I mention I talked to the man you told me about? Mike, isn’t it? He seemed like a really nice guy.”

Damn, damn. It just gets worse and worse.

“He was very happy to meet a coworker of yours,” Mike continues. “Said he was glad someone was going to be around to make sure you behave yourself. Think he was afraid you would end up sucking off everybody at work if you didn’t have supervision. Guess he knows what a faggot cocksucker you are.”

“Please Sir, please don’t do this to me,” begging, feel like I’m about to cry.

“Listen carefully bitch,” he orders. “From now on, you wear panties to work every day, and not the same ones. I want a different color and style each day. I figure a fag like you probably would look good in a nice thong. Hope that strap rubbing on your ass all day doesn’t make you cum in your panties. What would the others think?”

“But Sir, I don’t have any other panties,” I say softly.

“That is not my problem bitch and also I want you to wear a strong feminine perfume to work each day,” he instructs me. “If I can’t smell it on you when you report to my office in the morning, it will be a very bad move on your part. Now tell me how much you liked sucking my cock and you may go faggot.”

I’m stunned and just sit there, feel like I’m about to lose it.

“I’m waiting faggot,” the voice ringing in my ear.

Finally, I stop resisting and just do it. “Sir, I liked sucking your cock this morning.”

“And you can’t wait to do it tomorrow morning again can you faggot?” he questions.

My voice is weak as I answer, “No Sir.”

“You are going to be a good little cocksucker for me, aren’t you Stevie boy?” he asks.

“Yes Sir,” I reply.

“Tell me boy,” his voice commanding.

I almost break down but answer him. “Yes Sir, I will be a good cocksucker for you.”

“Faggot cunt,” he states and hangs up.

I sit there, stunned and feeling so out of control. How can this be happening? I am a good person. I never fuck with others. Why are they doing this to me? I just want to sit there and put it out of my mind and now I have to get more panties to wear. Know that I have to return to the bookstore and wonder if the same clerk will be there and what he will think when I’m back there the next night. Will he think I’m doing it to see him? God, I hope not.

I get dressed in a workout suit, trying to look as straight and masculine as I can for my return to the bookstore. I drive down there, work up my courage and go into the store. As I enter, I see the same clerk and he smiles at me and watches as I walk over to the area where the female clothes are. I find the panty bin and start looking quickly to find some to buy.

“Hello sweetie, back so soon,” he says and I recognize his voice. “You must have really liked your new panties.”

“Please, I don’t want to be rude but please just leave me alone and let me get what I want, please,” I tell him, knowing it sounds rude but really don’t want to put up with him right now.

“Sure whatever,” he says walking away.

I find several pairs in the right size now that I know what it is. One pair is pink, another black, and then a pair of white ones with a lot of lace. It even has rolls of lace on the back of the panties. Then I find a couple thongs, one black, one yellow. I take them to the clerk and hand him my credit card to pay for them.

“You were quite rude over there…Steve,” he states looking at my name on the card.

“I’m sorry, I’m just having a really bad day,” I try to explain to him.

“Maybe we should go back into the booths and watch a couple movies, might help you relax,” he tells me. “You are a very pretty boy Steve.”

“Please, just ring my order up and let me go Sir,” I plead.

“How embarrassing do you think it would be, being arrested for shoplifting in a store like this Stevie?”

“I didn’t steal anything and you know it,” I tell him getting pissed.

“I’m thinking it might take a while down at the station to get it all figured out, what do you think sugar?” he says staring at me.

“You can’t do this,” starting to panic.

“Do you have any idea how much money a place like this lays off to the cops to keep them clear of this place? I can tell you it’s enough that we get a lot of cooperation from our men in blue,” he tells me. “Want to see?”

“No, please just give me my credit card and let me leave,” I plead.

He gets up and walks around the counter and reaches his hand out to me. “It’s movie time sweetie.”

Again I find myself in a helpless position. “OK, I will follow you,” I tell him as I give in.

“Take my hand sweetie,” he tells me, his hand reaching towards me.

Feel my face redden as I reach out and feel him take my hand in his and çıtır escort lead me to the back. As we go through the curtains into the dark area, I can see several men leaning back against the wall or standing near the booths. They all turn and look at us and I feel him grip my hand tighter not letting me loose. He walks in and slowly leads me through down the aisle. I feel like he is showing me off like you might do if you were showing off your hot babe to a bunch of strangers. I hear comments as we pass. What a pretty boy. I have a big cock baby, want to feel it? I jump as a man pats my ass as I pass.

He leads me to a booth in the back. It looks bigger than the other and he leads me into it and locks the door behind us. He presses me against a wall and tries to kiss me but I push him away.

“Soliciting is also against the law sweetie,” he tells me. “It usually gets you a couple days in lockup. Is that what you want?”

I nod my head no and feel his hand grab my head softly and he brings his lips to mine and I don’t resist. His tongue presses between my lips and into my mouth and he kisses me deeply. It feels like he is sucking the breath out of me and his tongue explores my mouth. He breaks the kiss and releases my face.

“Sit down sweetie,” he tells me and I sit down on the padded bench. “Take your shoes and socks off baby.”

“Please Sir, let me go,” I beg of him.

His demeanor changes some. “Listen pussyboy. I’m getting tired of your fucking whining. Either do what I say or I’m going to call my friends at the station, and trust me, that might work out much worse.”

I look down surprised how pissed he got so quickly. I take my tennis shoes and socks off and look up at him.

“Now the warm up suit,” he states.

Scared to argue, I do as he says and soon I’m sitting on the bench in just my white jockeys. He suddenly reaches down and grabs my clothes and open the door and leaves with them. I’m sitting on the bench in just my jockeys and scared shitless. What have I done now to get into another mess?

Soon the door opens and he reappears with a shoe box. He holds up the black thong I had picked out.

“This will look much better sweetie, put it on for daddy,” he says, lust in his voice.

He hands it to me and I just stare at it. The panel in front isn’t very big and there are strings that tie on the side and a string that will run up between my ass cheeks.

“Do you want me to get a couple men out there to help you with it sweetie?” he asks.

I shake my head no and lower the jockeys I have on and slide the thong up. It feels so weird especially the string running up my ass. My cock has shrunk up from embarrassment but you can see it outlined in the front panel of the panties. It looks so small.

“We don’t want you going barefoot in here with all the cum on the floor sweetie so I brought you some shoes. He opens the box and takes out a pair of black patent leather pumps with 4” heels.

“These should fit sweetie, we carry sizes for sissy boys in here,” he states.

I take them from you, staring at them, then try putting them on. Surprisingly, they do fit but feel so strange.

“Stand up, let me see you baby,” he tells me.

I stand, wobbling till I get my balance. The shoes feel so strange making me feel like I’m almost standing on my toes. I look down and my legs look different, slimmer and more defined. I feel the cool air on my exposed ass cheeks. He takes my hand and makes me take a few steps to where I feel like I can walk in them if I really concentrate.

“Daddy wants to show his pretty girl off to all the men sweetie,” he tells me.

“No please don’t make me go out like this, please, please,” I beg him squeezing his hand tightly. He reaches out and unlocks the door and pulls me from the booth. You can hear an instant buzz and the men see me and everyone stares. He leads me slowly down the aisle. I have to take small steps to keep my balance. The men move closer making a narrow path and as I pass most of the men reach down and rub my smooth ass making sexy or nasty comments. I hear a couple comments about my small cock and that it’s no wonder that I’m a sissy faggot.

He leads me to the end of the aisle and then back down the gauntlet letting the men have their feel of my ass then back into the booth.

“Now, that wasn’t so bad was it Stevie?” he asks me.

He has me against one wall as he leans on his arms, one on each side of my head. His face is close to mine.

“Actually, it was very embarrassing Sir, having them see me like that,” I tell him. “And the way they touched me and talked about me.”

“They liked you Stevie, didn’t you see the way they wanted you for themselves,” he tells me. “Can you imagine what they might pay for a chance with you baby?”

“Sorry, I could never do anything like that,” I reply. He stares at me, making me uncomfortable.

“Kiss me baby,” he says breaking the silence.

“Please, just let me go,” I plead. He just looks at me.

“Would you yenimahalle escort rather, I open the door and leave you out there with them?” he says motioning out towards the other booths.

“No please, don’t,” I beg of him.

“Kiss me sweetie and show daddy you would rather stay in here with me,” he tells me.

Not knowing what else to do, I lean forward and kiss him, opening my mouth, letting his tongue invade my mouth. I respond to his kiss sucking lightly on his tongue and using my tongue to play with his. His arms go around me holding me tight as he kisses me deeply. When he breaks the kiss, his lips move to my neck and he starts kissing me there. He hits a sensitive area right when my neck and shoulder meet making me moan loudly. Then he kisses me deeply again, his arms wrapping around me, pulling my body against his till I feel his crotch pressing against me. I can feel his hard cock through his slacks. His lips move to my neck again and I feel him nibbling on my neck then sucking it harder and harder. I realize what he is doing but he holds me too tight and I can’t stop him.

Finally, he lets me loose and I break away and rub my neck where he was sucking on it.

“I always like marking my sluts,” he tells me, his voice impassionate. “I took the liberty of looking through your wallet, hope you don’t mind that I made some copies of your license and the email addresses in your wallet. Are Matt and Larry, your brothers?”

“Yes, why,” I ask of him.

“Bet they would be surprised on how their brother spends his time, what do you think?” he asks.

“Please Sir, please don’t involve them, please,” my voice breaking as I plead.

“Maybe we could have them stop by and you could give them a nice blowjob through one of the many glory holes in here sweetie,” he threatens. “They wouldn’t have to know it’s their brother sucking their cock. Wouldn’t that be fun?”

“No Sir please,” feel like I’m about to cry. “Just tell me what you want me to do but please don’t tell anyone, please.”

“Don’t move,” he tells me as he opens the door and leaves.

I stand there in my panties and heels, waiting for god knows what.

The door opens and he comes in carrying some clothes. He hands me a pair of black nylons and tells me to put them on. I sit down on the bench removing my heels and put the nylons on. They fit tightly on my upper thighs and I realize they must be the thigh high nylons I have read about. I put the heels back on.

“Turn around baby,” he commands.

I turn around and he lifts my arm and I realize he is putting a bra on me. I feel him fastening it in the back and adjusting the straps. I feel the weight of it and when I look down, I see large breasts on my chest and when I move I can see them wiggling on my chest. It must be silicone breast forms in the bra.

“What are you doing,” my voice panicky. He ignores my question and hands me a black skirt telling me to put it on. I step into it and pull it up and when I struggle to button it in the back, he steps up and buttons it for me and pulls the zipper up, making the skirt fit me tightly. I look down and see it just long enough to cover the lacy part of my thigh highs and is tight around my legs. Next comes a white long sleeved sweater, he pulls it over my head and down to my skirt tucking it in and pulling it down snuggly. When I look down, can see the way my sweater makes my tits look even bigger. You can see the fake nipples on the sweater poking through the sweater. When I move the tits bounce around in the sweater. He turns me making me look at the mirror in the booth. In the mirror I see a man dressed like a woman, a slutty woman.

“Much better baby, don’t you think?” he asks.

I can’t believe what he has done to me. Why is all of this happening to me? “Why are you making me dress like this,” I ask of him.

“We want you to look pretty for the men, don’t we,” he states. “The more they like you, the more likely they will want to see you again. Why don’t we go see what they think?”

“Please don’t take me out there like this, please,” I beg.

“Don’t be a bad girl or I might have to send a couple emails and invite a couple special guests,” he threatens. He reads off both my brother’s email addresses. “Do you think they might cum?” he says laughing softly. “Now let’s go.”

He opens the door and leads me out letting the men look at me. He takes my arms and pulls them behind me.

“Stand up straight and look at the men bitch,” he says softly in my ear. “Stick your tits out for the horny men.”

I do as he says and hear the muttering of the men. I try to look at them but feel so embarrassed being displayed like this that I can’t really make eye contact with them.

“Stevie boy here has decided that she can’t wait any longer to become the sissy she wants to be,” he tells the men. “Isn’t that so Stevie?”

I nod my head yes looking down at the floor.

“Answer me Stevie,” he commands pulling my arms up behind my back putting strain on my shoulders to where it starts to hurt.

“Yes, I want to be a sissy,” I say quietly to the men.

“Trouble is men, Stevie boy wants to buy some pretty new clothes for her new wardrobe and she is short on money,” he tells them. “So she has decided to visit us Sunday night and spend some time in booth #8. I’m sure you are all familiar with it. It does have such a nice glory hole.

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