Morals No MoreMorals No More


Her name was Sara. She was 47 Years old, single and very set in her ways. Short blonde hair and dark blue eyes, standing 5’5″ tall with a great rack and curvaceous hips. She ate like a bird but was ravenous for sex. Just one date and she wore me out though you wouldn’t know it by the amount of orgasms I gave this woman.

She hounded me with calls, day and night. I blocked her number but she had ways of getting around it. I had to change my number twice before she finally got the hint.

It had been over a year when she finally tracked me down.

Sara: Hi there

John: Hey Sara

Sara: whatcha up to?

John: not much, you?

Sara: no, just you know.

John: horny?

Sara: uh-huh

John: you should get a roommate

Sara: I already have one

John: yeah? wear her out already?

Sara: no. She’s gay.

John: oh, but I thought you swung both ways

Sara: ewwww, no. Never!

John: ahh. I see. you only like dick.

Sara: yep. but not just any dick

John: yeah well

Sara: you wanna come over and fuck?

John: wow, you must be horny

Sara: I am baby. dripping.

John: yeah?

Sara: uh-huh

John: I tell you what. you let your roommate join in and it’s a deal

Sara: ugh! no! I’m not gay

John: well then no thanks Sara

Sara: wait! what about a compromise?

John: what do you have in mind?

Sara: I could get you some alone time with her

John: yeah? but I thought you said that she was gay!

Sara: you leave that to me

John: how so? I want details.

Sara: well, Lisa has been hounding me lately

John: about sex?

Sara: yes!

John: and?

Sara: well I have a plan

John: give me the broad strokes

Sara: well, let’s just say that you please her

John: in what way?

Sara: with your tongue silly

John: oh right!

I headed over to Sara’s and she let me in. We went upstairs to her bedroom. I got undressed and I hid in her closet and turned on my phone to video and waited. About 10 minutes later, Sara walks in with her roommate and they sit on her bed.

“So Lisa, I’ve been giving your request for sex some thought and…” Sara began.

“Yes! Let’s get naked. I’m so fucking wet!” Lisa yelled and quickly ripped off her t-shirt. She then stopped and looked at Sara when she saw that she wasn’t moving. And she sat down on the bed again.

“Lisa stop! Fuck! Look I have reservations. And as I was about to say before you cut me off, this needs to be on my terms.” Sara said angrily.

“Okay, sorry. I just, I. I’m listening.” Lisa said before going quiet.

Lisa was hot! She was 38 years old and was only 5’2″ and 106 lbs. She had short dark hair and big brown eyes. Her breasts were on the small side but curved up and sported 1/2 inch long, thick nipples. Her stomach was toned and her waist was thin.

I kept sending my thoughts to Sara to reach out and play with her nipples, but she never did touch Lisa’s breasts.

“So look Lisa this is the deal. You are submissive but I am not. So either you do as I ask or I walk. You got it?” She told her.

Lisa looked like she was going to cry and then answered meekly, “Yes.”

“Good now, if you’ll look at the bed you’ll see that I have stripped it down to the bedsheet and there are handcuffs attached to the bedposts. After I leave the room, I want you to go use the bathroom and then come back in here and get naked. You are to put on the blindfold and secure a wrist to the handcuff and when I come in, I will secure the other one and we will have some fun. Okay?” Sara told her and then turned her back and walked out of the room.

Lisa walked into the bathroom and I heard her pee and then flush the toilet. She then walked back into the bedroom and started to strip. “Good thing I gave you a fresh shave little pussy because we are finally istanbul travesti going to get our wish and hopefully this is the one who gets us off.” Lisa said as she looked down at her pussy and then gave it a few loving slaps with her open hand.

She got on the bed and put on the blindfold. She reached over her left arm and secured the cuff to her wrist and then laid back and extended her arm to the other side and waited.

Sara walked in the room and secured the cuff to Lisa’s right wrist. She then walked over to the closet and I stepped out sporting a semi hard dick. Sara reached a hand down and grabbed it and tugged on it a bit before removing her t-shirt and bra.

She then climbed on the bed as we discussed and brought her left tit down to Lisa’s mouth. The woman didn’t even stir until Sara said, “Gentle now slut.”

Lisa opened her mouth and took Sara’s nipple into it and moaned, “Mmmm.”

Sara then removed her tit from Lisa’s mouth and began to kiss down her neck and between her tits and then down her stomach. When she got to her crotch I took over and gave Sara my phone.

I pushed Lisa’s legs up and splayed them open and started to kiss her inner thighs. I kissed my way to the younger woman’s pussy and then past it which elicited a moan from her. “Mmmmm.”

Sara and I decided this was the best course of action especially since Sara was not a fan of oral sex. She refused it being done to her, which really sucked because I loved it. All Sara wanted was to be fucked or to suck my dick and have me cum.

I kissed my way to Lisa’s clit and nudged it with my nose and then opened her meaty lips with my tongue tip. I dipped my tongue tip inside her leaking vagina and tasted her lesbian pussy.

“Ohhhh Sara. Mmmm.” Lisa moaned.

I moved my wet tongue up to her clit and flicked the sensitive pearl underneath her clit hood which made her jump. “Ungh!” She groaned.

I slowly inserted my index finger inside her vagina and got it good and wet and then removed it and brought it to her mouth. I painted her lips with it and then inserted it in her mouth. “Mmmm.” She moaned.

I removed my finger and brought it down and lightly flicked her left nipple with it. I plucked her nipple with my fingers and then pinched it rather roughly. “Ooohhh.” Lisa moaned.

I reinserted my finger inside her vagina. It seemed wetter. I quickly added another finger and began a slow twisting in and out of her wet pussy.

I nudged her swollen clit with my nose and then began to trace the abc’s over it with my tongue tip.

“Ohhhh Sara. Mmmmm. You lick my pussy soooo good. Ohhhhhh. Mmmmm.” Lisa moaned continuously.

She humped her hips up and down and I was only on the letter “F”.

I picked up my pace and drove my fingers into her faster and faster. I pursed my lips around her fat clit and started to suck it and she groaned, “Yess, that’s it.”

I found her sweet spot. I traced the letter “L” and then “M” and pursed my lips around her clit. I flicked the little pearl underneath mercilessly with my tongue tip.

“Oh Sara! Cumming! CUMMINNGG!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!” She blurted and arched her back.

I eased off her clit as she peaked and withdrew my fingers and watched as a large gush of her juices arced out of her vagina and went into a garbage bag that I brought up from the foot of the bed.

I then went back to licking her sensitive clit and reinserted my fingers in her vagina.

Lisa yanked at her handcuffs and cried out, “YESSSSSSSSSS FUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKYEEEAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

I pulled back a second time and an even bigger gush of juices came out of her vagina and wet into the garbage bag.

I went back to her lesbian pussy a third time and licked up the mess coming out of her vagina. Her juices were milky white and kept flowing out of her pussy. I got istanbul travestileri a big mouthful and then rose up and brought my mouth up to her face.

I kissed her and emptied the contents of my mouth in her mouth and as I did my erect cockhead entered into her vagina. I stopped and withdrew my dick and looked back to see that Sara had already stopped the recording. She was looking at my dick and frowned at me.

Sara loathed her pussy juices. I’m serious. She would not touch my dick after it entered her vagina and especially not another woman’s vagina. That was unthinkable.

I got off the bed and took the garbage bag of pussy juices and placed it in the tub and went downstairs and sat on the couch.

Sara straddled my waist and then inserted my dick inside her vagina. She was molten hot and impossibly wet and it only took a few strokes and she was cumming harder than ever before.

“FUUUUCCCCKKKKIIINNNGGGGYEEESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!” She cried out and then rolled off of me and her whole body shook in spasms before she passed out.

I returned upstairs and uncuffed Lisa and then watched as she slowly came out of her double orgasm. She removed her blindfold and looked at me and then sat up and covered herself with her hands.

“Who are you and where’s Sara?” She asked quietly.

“I’m john. Sara’s boy toy. She’s downstairs recovering from the intense orgasm I just gave her.” I told her.

“Okay, then why are you here with me?” She asked skeptically.

“I was wondering how your orgasm was.” I asked her.

“I don’t see where that’s any of your business.” She replied coldly.

I smiled and said, “Well it is my business because I was the one who gave it to you and I can prove it.”

“I don’t believe it. Sara!” Lisa was frightened and called out.

I calmly opened my phone and selected the video and handed it to her.

Lisa covered her mouth and then said, “What? How? I, uh…”

I got up and began to walk out when she touched my arm to stop me.

I looked back at her and her eyes looked right at my dick which had softened considerably.

“Did Sara make you cum yet?” She asked quietly.

“No. We didn’t fuck long enough for that to happen.” I told her.

“I feel like I need to return the favor since you took care of me so expertly.” She said quietly.

“It’s okay. You don’t have to.” I told her.

“No it’s not okay John. What you did to me was, it was…” Lisa stammered.

I smiled and patted her hand. “It’s okay, really, I…” just got out when she kissed me.

She took my face in her hands and inserted her tongue in my mouth. And then she let go and scrambled on the floor in front of me and took my dick in her hands and watched as it grew erect.

Lisa looked at me and asked, “It has Sara’s cum on it?”

“Yeah, it does actually.” I told her and she put her mouth on it.

Her teeth grazed the sides and I pulled her off of me “Ouch! Fuck! Your teeth!” I scolded her.

“Sorry, it’s my first real dick!” She said excitedly.

She then took it slower and sucked it in and out of her mouth and licked the sides and the head.

She looked at me and said, “I’d love to feel it inside of me. May I?”

I nodded my head yes and then moved on top of her and she took it inside of her vagina.

“Ohhh, it’s big John. Slow, yeah mmmm.” Lisa groaned as I slipped my dick inside of her pussy.

I kissed her and then asked, “Is it really your first dick?”

“It is. And I like it. I like it a lot. It’s way better than I imagined it would be.” She confessed.

I quickly withdrew it.

“Hey! What’s wrong?” She asked with real concern.

“Nothing. I just don’t want to get you pregnant.” I told her.

“Oh right! Good thinking!” She smiled.

I then brought it up to her lips and she took it into her mouth.

“Mmmmm.” travesti istanbul I love tasting myself on it.

“I like that too Lisa.” I told her.

“Call me slut. I like it. It’s demeaning and makes me wet.” She told me.

“Okay slut. Lick your juices from my dick!” I said and groaned as she took my dick into her mouth.

I began to play with her nipples.

“I like your nipples but wish they were longer slut.” I told her.

She pulled my dick out of her mouth and looked at me. “Do you have any fantasies John?”

“I have a few.” I told her.

“Yeah? And?” She asked.

“I’d like to have a threesome with two women.” I told her.

“Mmmm. I can make that happen.” She said confidently.

“Yeah slut? Can you make it happen with Sara?” I asked.

She thought for a minute and then said, “Uh-huh.”


Lisa and I made our way downstairs and Sara was passed out on the couch and Lisa and I sat with her. Lisa then lit up a joint and after she passed it to me, Sara woke up and took a hit. She took several and we passed it around.

I felt good. I felt really good. I looked at Sara and I could swear that her nipples were longer than I remembered. Usually her nipples were like gumdrops on her breasts but now they were easily an inch long. I then looked at Lisa and as she turned to me I saw that her nipples we’re almost 2 inches long.

I reached out and barely touched her nipple on the tip and she closed her eyes and groaned, “Mmmmm.”

She took my hand and placed it between her legs and as my fingers entered inside her lips I felt something warm ooze over my fingers. I then brought my hand up and my fingers were glistening with her syrupy juices. It was like thick molasses and before I could put her fingers in my mouth, Sara grabbed my hand and brought my fingers to her mouth.

She wiped Lisa’s juices on her lips and then opened her mouth and slurped her juices into it and moaned, “Mmmmm.”

Both women began to stroke my dick and it grew longer and thicker in their hands. Now normally my dick is 7 inches long and 6 inches in circumference when hard, but now it was 11 inches long and 9 inches in circumference. It was oozing precum and Sara took my head into her mouth and slowly sucked and her mouth quickly filled with my precum.

She didn’t even notice that my dick had recently been inside Lisa’s wet pussy.

She then watched as I got off the couch and grabbed Lisa’s ankles and spread her legs wide. Her vagina opened up and her clit was so engorged that it looked like a small penis as the tip connected with my cock head and kissed the wet tip. Lisa’s thick juices dripped out of her vagina and Sara’s hand moved in and gathered them up and brought them into her mouth.

I then pushed my python dick into her vagina and it opened up and swallowed my dick like it was nothing. I grabbed Lisa’s nipples and drove my dick in deep and she began to groan, “FuckinCUMMMMIIINNNGGG!!!!!!!!!!” and her eyes rolled back.

I fucked her hard and deep and it only took a half dozen strokes before I drove in deep and bellowed something unintelligible and blasted my sperm inside of her cunt. My body jerked with every ejaculation.

I pulled out mid-cum and my semen shot into Lisa’s open mouth before Sara moved in and my dick splashed cum in her face before she took it into her mouth. Huge thick ribbons of my cum shot in her mouth and she swallowed 4 shots before pushing me back on the couch and straddling my dick in the reverse cowgirl position. She impaled herself on my dick and placed my hands on her breasts.

I worked her nipples over good and soon she was howling in orgasm. “YeeeaaahhhFUUUCCCKKKIIINNGGGG YEEEAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!”

Her gripping vag made my dick start spurting again and endless shots of cum blew from my dick inside of her.


I awoke a few hours later. I opened my eyes and saw Sara and Lisa in a 69 and licking my sperm out of each other’s vagina.

I looked down and saw that my dick was back to normal and I was suddenly erect. I got behind Sara and fucked her doggie style and then blew my load in her cunt. I pulled out and watched Lisa lick it up.

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