Subject: monastery school 1 Monastery School Experience If you’ve gotten this far you know the drill. This is a work of gay fiction the sole property of the author. It may not be reused without his written permission. If you enjoy the stories on this site please donate to keep it going. Comments welcomed: ail Cajuncock The monastery had been founded many decades earlier, almost a century ago. The original 4 monks had been forced out of their former monastery by a group of rabid homophobes. Those men were secretly envious of the apparent joy that the 4 enjoyed in each other’s company. They were not sexually involved but had formed a bond, almost spiritual in nature. Outcast now they moved further and further away from the crowded cities of the east coast until they found themselves in a mountainous state in the west. Here they each took on menial jobs and pooled their meager savings to buy a plot of 40 acres. Little by little they built the first of what was to become a large complex. Their efforts and piety attracted the local hierarchy of the church. They were asked by the community nearby if they would take on the task of educating the teen boys in some basic skills. Their efforts soon attracted others to them. From the 4 original men the community grew to over 25. The local bishop, always short of priests soon recognized the usefulness of these brothers. The bishop sought assistance from his superiors and the local wealthy members of the church. The 4 original monks were ordained and the new order was set up with their own rules. The school was expanded to include a boarding school for orphans and children far from their families. The monks expanded their curriculum to include useful skills as well as an academic element. The wealthy benefactors soon enrolled their own sons in the boarding school along side the other boys. But the original state of affairs was not forgotten. The same sex attraction was never far below the surface for the monks. As word of their success with the boys spread more and more contributions came in. A large chapel was built to accommodate both the monks and the boys. Some of the boys found themselves attracted to the life style of the monastery and asked to be taken on as novices. Many of these young men were also attracted by the masculine nature of the new order and its rituals. Unlike other religious orders this one encourage pairs of its members to share rooms after their first year. More boys and men were attracted by the simplicity of the life in the monastery and asked it there was a way they might participate as less than fully ordained members. So over time a number of houses with 8 to 10 members were established in nearby cities. The life in these houses emphasized simplicity and brotherhood. All were required to do outreach in the wider kırklareli escort community. As their reputation for piety and community involvement spread so did their numbers. Single, unmarried men asked to join and support the order. The boarding school remained small never having more than 200 boys living on the campus. Other boys at the urging of their parents were enrolled as day students. Both groups mixed well. But the day students often wondered at the bond that seemed to unite the members of the order and the boarding students. There seemed to be an unspoken agreement between the two groups. I was drawn to the boys and the school by the life style and was recruited shortly after I graduated from college with my teaching credentials. I was one of the 10 dorm monitors. Of the 10 six were members of the order. Each monitor was in charge of 20 boys who boarded and others who wanted to join in activities. On the first few weeks of the school term things appeared as normal. I did notice that some of the boarders seemed to have an attachment to members of the order. I often saw the boys leave the monitors’ rooms at night after all others were asleep. I, too, began to build a relationship with some of my own charges. They’d often come with personal problems and questions they were too shy to ask their parents. As might be expected with young boys entering puberty these questions were about sex. I tried to remain professional as much as possible. A few boys confessed feelings for older boys or even the monks. I dodged those issues until I could no longer deny them an answer. I told them that those feeling of admiration were natural among teen boys. I finally went to the prior for my own confession. I told him of the issues that some boys had raised with me. I also told him that my own feelings were conflicted in that regard. The prior was a handsome man in his forties with a hint of silver in his hair. He asked if I felt a need to express my feelings with actions. I admitted that some of the monks and students I found attractive. I was stimulate physically by them. He came from behind his desk and sat next to me on the sofa. He told me that in such close quarters these things happened. He lay his hand on my knee as he spoke. I felt my body respond to the touch. I looked into his face and saw his gentle smile. I moved closer to him as if in a trance. He whispered that it was only natural to want to be close, to share with another male. I nodded and moved to touch his lips with my own. It was not a kiss of passion. It was more than just a light kiss though. I held onto both of his shoulders as our bodies drew closer together. He reached around to lightly hold my waist in his strong grip. In an instant we both seemed to lose control, tearing at each others’ kırşehir escort cloths. In no time our naked chests were pressed together. I could feel his heart beating against my chest. I pulled away looking into his eyes and asked “Is this right? Are we sinners?” He didn’t reply with words. His lips began a journey down my neck, kissing all the way. He reached my nipples and sucked on each one. My own response was a series of moans that expressed my permission for more. I wanted us to meld into a single being. We pulled each other to stand. Each one rapidly undressing the other in hurried silence. We stood in just our underwear with our hard cocks pressing against each other. I was too stunned to speak. But he took control asking “Do you want me as much as I want you?” My response was to push our underwear down to our knees. Our now freed cocks rubbed against each other spreading our copious juices. We remained kissing for a few moments. I felt him grab my hips lifting me up. I wrapped my legs around his hips as I was lifted to his desk. I could feel his wet tip rubbing on my taint. I knew that I had to have him inside me, filling me with his holy tool. He leaned me back on the desk and looked into my eyes smiling “Welcome to our world. It is the first day of your new life with us.” I surrendered to him. My need was even greater than any I’d ever felt. I knew that when he entered me the world as I had known it was forever changed. He did not hesitate but pushed his wet tip against my virgin hole. It resisted and he whispered “Relax, the pain will be brief. But the joy that I will bring to you will last forever.” The pain was intense but rapidly turned to a pleasure beyond any words. I clung to his shoulders as he forced his full length into me. I was overwhelmed with this new pleasure, begging for more of him. Our intense excitement meant that we would not last long. In only a few minutes I felt his cock grow inside me filling every space. He screamed my name as I felt his cock jerk and warm fluids fill me. My own cock exploded from the sensations that had taken over my body. My cum glued us together as he lay panting on my chest. I held his tight as we both came down and our breathing returned to normal. He rose up on his elbows smiling down at me. He whispered again “welcome, you have joined our inner circle.” He moved off of me and still naked went to the cabinet I’d not noticed before. He poured two glasses of an amber whiskey handing me one. I swallowed it in a single gulp. He refilled the glass and gestured to a leather chair saying “Don’t worry that chair has seen a lot of man cum over the years.” I sat and sipped the whiskey. I had many questions that needed immediate answers. “So” I began “I take it that this is not unusual for the school or kızılay escort order?” He then began to recount the story of the history of the order and the roll played by the third order of monks who lived outside of the monastery. I was stunned by the information. He saw my expression and continued “Yes, we are a group of men who enjoy our brothers’ bodies. You are welcomed to join us after our Friday supper for a fuller experience. We are not possessive so you may enjoy anyone you wish. You might see some of the older students serving drinks and other things at that time.” After an hour with the prior I returned to my rooms to shower and clean up. I had just stepped out of my shower when there was a knock at my door. I wrapped a towel around my waist and answered the door. I opened it to see one of our handsome seniors dressed in his sport shorts and a tank top. He looked up and down my half naked body and handed me an envelope. I stood as I opened it. Inside there was a note card with the Prior’s letterhead. I read it carefully “Just so that you might enjoy a bed warmer. I’m sending Jones to answer your every need.” I looked up to see the boy smirk. I stepped aside and he entered removing the shirt. I looked at the muscles of his finely developed teen body. I stood in awe just as he turned to face me. It was immediately obvious that there was nothing on beneath the shorts. His semi-hard cock made a very visible tent in the thin material. I nodded my approval and asked his name ” Jones, sir, Anthony Jones, sir at your disposal, sir. May I finish drying your back, sir?” I nodded and he grabbed the towel from around my middle exposing my semi-hard shaft. He stepped behind me and tenderly dried my back moving down to my butt. He whispered, “Very nice, sir, may I dry the rest?” I nodded and he knelt down behind me drying first my feet then moving up my legs. When he got to my butt, he dropped the towel and pulled my cheeks apart. He hungrily licked the crack of my ass. He pulled back and asked, “May I continue sir?” My moans answered his question. He dug his long tongue into my hole savoring the remains of the prior’s seed. He was a greedy little man as he sucked at my hole. When he was convinced that there was nothing more to be had, he stood and leaned in to whisper “Sir, can I be of any assistance? After all I’m yours for the night.” Anthony turned me around to reveal my hardened cock. Without further instructions he went down to suck my length into his mouth and then his throat. This was the beginning of a very long night for the both of us. I doubt if we had more than an hour’s sleep when I heard the other boys moving around outside. I nudged the senior boy awake. He rolled over pushing me over on my stomach. He expertly buried his teen cock in my ass to unload another load of his teen seed deep inside me. Finally finished he rolled over to the side pulling me to him for a kiss. We slept for another hour before waking fully. I asked him if he were to be my full time gift. His smiled saying “If you ask the prior nicely it might be arranged.”

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