mom’s weekly massagemom’s weekly massage


I’m Timothy and I’m a 22 year old guy that’s had to move back in with my mother because my place was destroyed in tornado and thus until the insurance payment comes thru for my stuff I had insured I don’t have the funds to buy new furniture and clothing.
Mom has agreed to let me stay for two months with the understanding that if she has a client there or coming I’m to make myself scarce until they leave and I agreed to that.
Well mom is a commercial realtor and she deals with work buildings and plants for sale so her stress level is high but the pay offs are huge too.
So as a treat to herself she has this woman come and give her a full body massage at the house and she’s even given me one too and is she ever good even though she wouldn’t take care of my sexual needs she did relieve me of my stress that I had built up due to the loss of all my stuff.
Mom is 42 years old but looks 35 or so, she’s got sandy color hair and I assume it’s natural because I’ve never seen any other color besides that on her with 36e tits and a figure that I’d love to use while I’m pounding the shit out of her pussy you know.
But alas that isn’t going to happen at all so I just fantasize about it while jerking off since my lady I was dating says she can’t take going thru another tornado and so she moved back to Oregon where she’s from and thus no sex since then.
I’m a mechanic for a local car dealer and since it’s been damaged I’ve been unemployed as well.
Mom says and she thought she had a lot of stress in her life.
Well one day actually the day before her massage Cathy calls saying she is going home for a while to help with her ill mother and will be back next month if she still wants her to and mom says but of course but family comes first I’ll be ok thank you for calling and have a safe trip and hope your mom feels better and they hang up.
Well that week you could tell the stress was building on mom, she really needed that massage and I offered to massage her shoulders and she accepted that for now she says thanks.
Well the following week she actually had me come to her room where she was lying on the bed with her pajama bottoms on only asking me to massage her back this time too and so with her help showing me where she is stiff at I massaged her shoulders and back for thirty minutes and when I was done I left and she got dressed and came out as I said damn I don’t know how Kathy does this all day, god my hands are a bit stiff now and we laughed at my silly antidote.
Well she is working on a huge ass deal she says and the stress is worse so she is begging me to massage her again way before the week is up and I caved in saying sure, go get ready and I’ll be in shortly and she kisses my cheek saying you’re the best son ever and she goes off smiling izmit escort now.
I waited for about five minutes and knocking at her door she says it’s ok come on in.
I came in and she had music on and the lights dimmed making it very soothing.
I went to the side of her bed and she says would you be ok with doing a full body massage, I’m so sore I had to walk all around five floors of stairs yesterday and now I’m paying for it.
I said well if you’re ok with it so am I.
She says thank you.
I started on her shoulders and upper back and oiling her as much as I could without hurting her and all she was doing was moaning saying oh god that feels so good.
I went to her lower back and upper butt cheeks getting near to her ass crack with her just moaning all the time.
When I got to the legs and feet she giggled at her feet being tickled some and I went to her legs and calves working them hard to relieve the muscle knots that she had.
When I went up to her lower but cheeks she was still moan saying don’t stop please.
So I said well I can’t go any higher without removing your towel.
She reaches behind herself and tossing the towel off her butt saying there, I’m not shy honey that’s for sure.
I looked between her legs and seeing her bald pussy lips as I started rubbing her cheeks and working her right side which had a knot in it and I felt that with her groaning saying oh shit that hurts but don’t stop it’s coming out, ugg, oh god, yes, umm yes.
I worked on that cheek for some time and finally I didn’t feel the knot anymore.
She exhaled saying oh god that feels so much better and I kept working her legs to her butt and back between her legs more with her opening her legs for me and not caring obviously about me seeing her bald pussy and how it glistened with the extra oil that was on them at that moment.
My cock was straining against my jean shorts and it hurt wanting out of its cage to be free and feeling so soft pussy or mouth around it now.
I worked down more between her thighs and she still wasn’t moving, she was enjoying the massage and she had to know what I was going for and she never once moved from her position of keeping her legs spread as much as she could without them falling off the side of the bed.
When my hand slid between her pussy lips she tensed for a second but then relaxed allowing me free access to her inner lips.
I kept sliding my fingers up and down her slit and finally she growled really deep, shook and flinging her head backwards in a massive orgasm she went limp and I slid two finger as deep into her pussy as I could with her nearly yelling oh bloody hell yes, yes, go deeper damn it, deeper is what I need.
With my left hand I had one hell of a time unbuttoning my jeans and unzipping them but once I did with yahya kaptan escort me still pounding the fuck out of her pussy with my right hand and dropping my jeans with no underwear on at that time I pulled out my fingers, she gasped saying no not yet I’m so close I nearly leaped up on the bed and pulling her ass up into the air I plunged my rock hard shaft as deep inside her as I could and she yells out oh fuck yes, yes that’s where I wanted you, yes now fuck my pussy hard damn it, make me scream on the next orgasm damn it, fuck me now and that’s exactly what I did too.
I pounded her pussy as hard as I could and when she came I thought she was going to pinch my shaft off my body she clamped down so hard around me.
When she let go I fucked her pussy more and cumming inside her she screamed this time like she wanted too and she falls onto the bed burring her face into her pillow as I flooded her hole with all I had.
When she fell forward I came out of her pussy and I could see my white gooey cum oozing out of her opening.
She is softly purring almost into her pillow and I stroked myself some getting it hard once more and I eased my cock back into her pussy making her grunt saying oh shit yes, yes fuck me again and again please fuck me again and I started off slowly and built up speed until I stopped, rolled her over and fucked her face to face taking her legs up as high as they could so I could go as deep as I could too.
I came inside her pussy three times before rolling off her, twice face to face and once doggy style and she was panting as hard as I was after that ordeal but smiling so I knew she loved it.
As we laid there she says holy shit baby that was incredible, you’ve missed your calling on being a masseuse and a full on masseuse as they are called.
I said really there are women out there that want full on massages really?
She says with a smile you just did one honey, I’ve never had one yet, mainly because I didn’t like the looks of the guy that as giving the massage but yes, there are a lot of us lonely ladies out there.
She gets up saying I need a drink want one?
I said sure what you making?
She says how about a pitcher of margaritas and some chips and salsa.
I said ole.
She giggles saying and funny too but we do have to talk when I come back about what just happened ok?
I said sure need any help out there?
She says sure come on we can talk then.
We went into the kitchen and she got the blender out and all the stuff she uses, I got the chips and salsa out and she says after the mix is done umm I should have stopped you when you slid your fingers inside me but I was so fucking horny I couldn’t bring myself to tell you to stop.
I said well as long as you’re happy what’s the harm?
She gebze escort says well for one thing well umm I’m not sure how to say this but to come right out and say it, I’ve not been on the pill or anything for some time now, when I wanted sex with the masseuse I was using a daily system but today, welllll.
I grabbed a glass and pouring me a tall one downed it fast saying so there could be a little one out of what happened today?
She cringed but nodded maybe, I am older and it might be ok, so I wanted you to know I hadn’t planned on it going as far as it did and damn, I’m squishy with all your cum between my legs I’ll be right back.
I downed another one and lucky for me she doesn’t make them too strong the way I was hitting them right now.
When she came back some five or so minutes later she says I’m terribly sorry to have to tell you that but you would have known sooner or later.
I said true but have you thought now that you’re not as young as you used to me when you had me are you going to keep the baby or let it out for adoption?
She says I’m not sure but either way if, and I do mean if I do get pregnant you’re going to be in on the entire thing, nothing about this is one way so you will have a voice and a 50/50 voice too.
I said well please don’t take this wrong but I’m hoping you’re not pregnant mom.
She smiled saying me too but it is a small possibility so I thought it only fair I inform you about it.
She says I have the patch but if I put it on now I’m not sure it would do any good but as you can see I did put it on and it’s as close to my baby making area as I can get it safely for me.
I said hold that thought and I went and got my tablet and looked up the patch, we scanned countless pages and some didn’t get pregnant being much younger and only a small few did being the same younger than mom so we figured we had a good chance of her not being and thus we went on that day and fucked three more times each with two or three loads each time.
Well the happy news is she wasn’t or didn’t get pregnant and she’s still wearing the patch for those spur of the moment fucks as she likes to call them and she’s done many a client in a hallway of a building, in the bathroom of a deserted one any place she thinks she wants that guy to pound her pussy and that makes her happy.
Me I took mom’s advice and went to massage therapy school and have graduated as a full service masseuse and I’ve been very happy to report to her that I’ve had more pussy than I’d ever thought was out there and with married and non-married women as well.
Mom says well she is still available for a good long night of fucking when I was available and I have her scheduled for this Friday evening and all weekend right now.
She giggles saying I should get a sign on bonus or something for telling you about this job.
I rammed it into her pussy saying there, sign this and she laughed as I fucked her once more saying payment accepted for now.

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