Mommy EveMommy Eve


When Bobby arrived and knocked on the door of the well-kept house, his heart was pounding in his throat. He had searched a long time for the right caregiver and he was nervous that the whole thing was a huge mistake. But the woman’s manner and voice on the phone had been so comforting that he had decided to brave the long drive and give her service a try.

The door opened slowly and there stood a middle-aged woman who looked very much like a librarian. She wore glasses and a knee-length dress and was somewhat broad-hipped.

“Hello, you must be Bobby!” she said to him.

“Yes…Yes I am.” Bobby replied, “Are you Eve?”

“I am.” she said as she reached out and guided him through the doorway.

She stared up at him intensely after she closed the door, holding him by the wrist with her left hand. Bobby looked around the living room nervously.

“You have a nice house.” he said just to fill the social protocol.

“Why thank you, Bobby!” she replied as she moved her right hand to a place up between his legs.

Bobby flinched a little when he felt her palm push up into his ass crack from behind, and his face quickly flushed hot with blood. She continued to speak to him with the same attentive voice.

“Did you have a long trip?” she asked him.

“Yeah, pretty long.” he replied weakly.

“Then you probably need to have a bath.” she told him as she steered him toward the hallway by his arm and pants seat.

A feeling of elation filled Bobby’s heart and surges of adrenaline shot from between his legs up into his stomach as she moved him along slowly to the bathroom.

“It’s so stressful to drive on these freeways.” she told him with the same concerned tone.

“Yes, it is.” He answered as he looked down to her.

Her eyes were very concentrated on him as they moved, as if she were sensing something deep inside him.

When they reached the bathroom, Bobby felt very old emotions rise up. They were feelings of vulnerability and helplessness and also shame. He suddenly started to cry. Eve wasn’t surprised by this.

“It’s okay, I understand.” ankara türbanlı escort she said as she started to undo his belt and unzip his fly, all the while keeping the pressure steady between his legs with her right hand.

“Do you have to go number one?” she asked.

He blushed and then shook his head in the negative.

“Do you have to go number two?” she asked.

This time he hesitated before shaking his head.

Eve didn’t seem satisfied.

“Are you sure?” she asked again, pressing her hand up into his anus more firmly.

Bobby nodded an affirmation and Eve proceeded to pull his pants down to the floor along with his underwear.

“Okay, I don’t want any accidents in the tub.” she said with kind firmness as she brought him to the tub ledge and started the water.

After the water was tepid, she pushed her hand back up into his naked ass crack and had him step into the tub. She guided him down to a sitting position and then began to soap up a wash cloth.

“Does Bobby want me to wash his dirty feet?” she asked him.

He smiled and nodded. His tears now forgotten.

Eve picked up one foot and scrubbed the sole in a way that tickled him. He laughed and splashed about a bit. Eve then proceeded to wash his ears and underarms.

“Okay, Bobby”, she instructed, “Turn over and let’s see that bee-hind.”

Bobby’s laughing stopped. He turned around with a serious expression and got on his knees and elbows. With this, Eve moved the wash cloth down between his ass cheeks vigorously. Bobby felt shame and invasion all at once from this submissive position, but also a strange sense of completion.

Eve rinsed him and toweled him off after this, making sure to dry his ears well and wick away the moisture from the gentle skin of his penis. Bobby hoped it wouldn’t respond and become erect as she manipulated it with the towel. A big, hard erection might not send the right message at this moment, he thought.

She then lead him out of the bathroom naked and into a dark bedroom. She spread a dry towel on the tuzla escort bed and had him lay on it. Bobby was having feelings now that almost seemed like memories. He felt like he wanted to let go of all the pretensions of the outside world and everything he had always thought he was. He was naked now and under the control of this woman and she was all he needed.

Eve got talcum powder from the dresser and began to rub it on his sensitive parts; his armpits, neck and groin. She pulled on his toes playfully as she pushed his legs back to rub the powder into the crevice of his ass. Then his scrotum and penis got the same treatment. Through all this she watched his face serenely as he stared back up at her. Bobby sensed what was next.

Eve walked over to the closet and returned with the biggest diaper he’d ever seen. It was so big and square he wondered how he would even walk in it. As she stood over him and unfolded the crinkly, soft material, Bobby became fascinated and excited. He watched her pull it out to full size and couldn’t wait for the well-padded cotton/paper of it to be slid under him and wrapped around his naked private parts. She took his feet in one hand after this and lifted his backside just enough to slide the diaper beneath it. Then, as the diaper lay open under him, he felt such excitement that a small ejaculation of urine issued from his flaccid member. Eve smiled when she saw this, knowing the diaper was already having its effect.

“That’s okay.” she told him, “Just relax.”

With these words of reassurance, she pulled the super-padded diaper up between his legs and attached the side tapes.

Bobby’s legs were now forced into an open-hipped position, and he began to feel all the pampered helplessness he had longed for.

“Okay, let’s sit up!” Eve summoned.

She helped him lift his torso and then turned him to a seated position at the side of the bed. The diaper felt like a soft, square seat beneath his ass cheeks and the crotch bulged like it was already full.

“Now let’s get some exercise!” Eve affirmed.

She avrupa yakası ucuz escort took him by the wrist and guided him to his feet. He stood there looking down at himself for a long while. Then he took his first step. The diaper made a loud rustling sound as he did. His feelings were now a mixture of amazement and embarrassment. He took a few more steps with Eve bracing him.

“Do you feel better now?” she asked.

Bobby’s face was still full of ambivalence.

“Yeah.” he replied.

Eve then moved her hand to a position under the seat of his diaper.

“So you know now you don’t have to stay in control anymore, right?” she told him.

“Okay.” Bobby replied nervously.

He took a few more steps toward the door and then felt a pushing sensation against his rectum.

“You don’t have to hold anything in.” she told him, putting more upward pressure on him with her hand as they walked.

“No.” he replied, looking more worried now.

As they moved into the hall, Bobby felt a general weakening of his rectal muscles.

“In this place you are safe. No one will judge you.” she told him, “You’re free here.”

Bobby now felt like these were his first steps. Or perhaps he was moving back to a time he had already lived. Before all the control and forced possession of the world were foisted on him. To a time when the body expressed itself naturally without fear or shame. He didn’t feel he could resist Eve’s pushing hand anymore.

“Oh god!” he suddenly blurted.

“Yes, Bobby, that’s it!” Eve extolled.

She felt the hard, firm waste emerge from him at that moment as his will and muscular control surrendered to her.

“Yes! Let it all go!” she goaded as she walked him into the kitchen.

Bobby began to cry and whine, but there was no more resistance. Soon the diaper was sagging heavily in her hand.

“It’s okay, Bobby!” she told him as she stood in front of him and stroked the side of his face.

Then she pulled out a kitchen chair and had him sit down on her lap, her wide, strong legs supporting all his weight. She bounced him gently as he continued to cry. But now she understood that his tears were less from shame and more from joy. Now she would change him and bathe him again and it would be like a baptism.

He was free again and she knew that meant he’d be coming back to see her quite often. Perhaps once a week. Perhaps every day.

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