Mom lends a helpful hand!Mom lends a helpful hand!


“Mom,” I said with a trembling voice. “I messed up,” I said embarrassingly. I was standing in front of my mom wearing some gray cotton gym shorts, a light cotton t-shirt, some white Nike socks, and compression boxer briefs but even with the compression briefs on, my hard-on was blatantly obvious to anyone looking.

“What do you mean honey? What’s wrong?” she said as she looked me up and down, quickly noticing the large bulge in my shorts.

“Uhm, well…”, I didn’t want to admit that I took some of my friends’ Viagra so I could jerk off all night. It’s embarrassing enough with my cock stuck hard but telling her what I planned to do seemed like too much.

“Honey, I think I see the issue. Can you start by telling me what happened?” my mother spoke gently, eyeing the bulge in my shorts.

“Well… my friend Noah at school gave me a pill called Viagra and said that it would make me uhm… well you see!” I retorted, “But it’s been this way for over two hours!” I said, I felt the blood rushing to my face and it felt like I was on fire from embarrassment. I might rather be on fire than be in my moms room with my current problem.

“Well honey, yeah. That’s what happens when you take those. Have you tried…” she stopped for a second, considering her next words carefully. “Have you tried taking care of it by yourself?” she asked squeamishly.

“Uhh,” I thought for a moment, “yeah, I tried mom. I tried a few times and it hasn’t gone away.” I could really feel the heat in my face as I was no doubt blushing.

“Well, I guess in order to be able to give you any pointers or actually help you I’ll need to see the problem itself.” my mom stated so matter of factly. “Go on, let’s see it Carter.” She stared at me expectantly.

“Are you sure?” I asked, and I received only a nod back in response. “Okay, I guess that makes sense mom.” I began to slowly undo the drawstring gym shorts. The knot got stuck and I nervously fumbled around with it a bit. When I finally got it I shot my mother an awkward glance.

“Carter, we don’t have all night, I have work tomorrow.” She began, she sat up a bit more on the bed and slipped her fingers under the waistband of my shorts, yanking them down aggressively, my shorts fell around my ankles and I shyly stepped out of them. I heard a soft gasp from my mother as she saw my eight inch hard cock straining against my briefs, yearning to break free.

“Come on, off with those too honey, I can’t really help if I can’t see the full situation” she said, gaining confidence in her words. “Am I going to have to take those off for you too?” she questioned me, seeming slightly annoyed yet arrogant at the same time.

“No, no. Keçiören Escort I’m sorry, I just didn’t see my night going like this mom.” I replied, “Let’s get on with it then.” she declared. I sighed loudly. I pulled my briefs down slowly until my dick sprang free of its constraints, it sprung up flinging wildly in the air until it settled, pointing straight at my mother. She gasped louder this time as she took in the sight of the veins in my cock, the angry purple head, and my balls sagging down well below the shaft. You could almost see it throbbing, bouncing up and down lightly.

“Now let me look honey, maybe we can figure something out to help you.” my mom said. She reached forward slowly with her hand and lightly touched the underside of my cock, squeezing it slightly. I took a sharp breath in and my hips uncontrollably bucked forward into my mothers soft hand as my cock was touched by a woman for the first time.

“I’m sorry!” I yelped, “I didn’t mean to do that mom.” I uttered, obviously embarrassed and uncomfortable.

“Honey, it’s only natural. It’s your body’s raw, natural instinct” she stated softly. She let her hand explore my cock at a leisurely pace, squeezing the angry purple head lightly then tugging at the shaft a bit. I looked down at her hand, watching them trail down to my balls where she cupped them gently, taking each one and squeezing it delicately.

“Well hun, you’re as solid as they come, your balls feel like they’re about to burst and your dick is throbbing. You’ve tried taking care of it yourself and obviously that didn’t work,” she said as she glanced at the angry cock that was staring back at her. “Maybe I can help, afterall, I wouldn’t want those pills to hurt my baby boy’s cock.” she said, gaining confidence.

“Mom, what do you mea-”, she cut me off by grabbing my cock again and jerking it towards her.

“Why don’t you lay down on the bed honey” she said as she started to guide me by my boner, leading me to the bed. I laid down near the middle of the bed as she set up next to me. She wrapped her soft fingers around my cock and began to jerk it up and down caringly, in a way only a mother could do to her son. My hips started to softly thrust up into her hands again.

“Does that feel good baby? I know how hard it must be with all of those hormones overwhelming your poor body, all of that pent up energy you get from sitting at school and around the house all day. I’ve seen the way you’ve been looking at me around the house lately Carter, but don’t worry baby. It’s only natural for a boy your age.” she spoke in a slightly seductive tone as she continued to jerk her own teenage son off. I continued to Keçiören Escort Bayan thrust into her hands as she picked up the pace. I could feel her fingers every time they massaged my swollen bulbous cockhead, it felt so much better than when I was doing it in my bedroom earlier.

Quite a bit of pre-cum began leaking out of the tip of my raging hard-on, when my mom noticed this she slowed down for a second so she could gather it up and lather it onto my shaft. She picked up the pace when she saw my thrusts become faster, the sound of my balls slapping against my thighs and her hands filled the room along with the wet sound of her jerking me off. I felt a familiar feeling as my balls tightened and my cock became electric. I felt as thought I was in heaven every time her hands stroked the length of my dick, I felt my cum start to bubble up from my balls.

“Mommy,” I gasped rapidly, “mommy, I’m going to cum mommy, keep going!” I urged her on. My body gave her the final hint that I was going to cum as my muscles tightened up and my cock turned a bright red/purple. My mom quickly engulfed my cock in her mouth just as I violently thrusted up and released my spunk, stream after sweet salty stream of hot teenage cum shot down her throat as she assaulted my cock with her tongue. She continued to suck and clean up the rest of my cock as my orgasm faded away.

“Let me grab a towel for you baby, I’ll be back in a sec.” she said as she walked out of the room. She was gone for a minute or two and came back to me laying exactly as she left me with my cock still hard as a rock. She frowned lightly and came over to sit on the bed next to me again.

“I have one other idea that might work baby, but you can’t tell anyone if we do it. Ever, and I mean it.” she stated sternly as she looked directly into my eyes.

“Okay mommy, I’ll do anything. It’s starting to hurt.” I commented. My mom slowly crawled over me, spreading her legs open directly over my cock. Her pussy just centimeters away from my raging cock, I felt the heat from her pussy radiating on to the head of my cock. My body almost felt like it was being lifted up by a primal urge to stick my cock inside.

“Let me take care of you baby.” she cooed as she began to lower herself down onto my waiting cock. The tip of my cock began to spread her pussy lips and enter her. My cock struggled to get inside her without forcing it in, so she started increasing the pressure very carefully. I noticed my mom clenching her teeth, and the discomfort of it was all over her pretty face. Until, suddenly, the head of my dick popped inside of her, I heard her grunt from the pain a little.Yet she was determined Escort Keçiören and slowly continued to impale herself on her teenage son’s cock. I tried to thrust up into her but she put a hand on my chest as a way of telling me no.

“We have to take our time baby, I’ve never taken something quite this large.” she said gently as she lowered herself even more. She made it about halfway down before my body decided it had enough and completely impaled her on the rest of the four inches, burying her up to the hilt. I felt her pussy tear apart around my engorged cock, she winced and gasped loudly!

“Carter!”, she almost screamed. But my virgin body didn’t care, it got a taste of its first real pussy and primal instinct pulled over. I grabbed her hips with my hands, holding her in place so she couldn’t escape and began my assault with my cock. I thrusted violently into her hot, tight pussy, feeling every nook, cranny, and fold of it massaging my entire cock, from the tip all the way down to the base.

“Ungh! Ughh! Uhhh! Oh! Oh my G-God!, that’s it! Right there mommy!” I grunted out, I continued to ram my cock into her as she tried to wriggle away from my assaulting cock but my strong arms and hands kept her firmly planted on it. I to rocked in and out, fucking her wet pussy. My mom whelped with each trust, as her eyes filled with tears. Her honey pot was so tight it felt like I was caught in a trap. A very warm, incredibly pleasant trap. I swore loudly. I had never felt anything even close to the pleasure I was getting having my mommy’s pussy wrapped around me.

“Carter, please. I can’t take it this fast and hard. I’m begging you!” my mom pleaded as her own son raped her. My cock didn’t care as it pounded her pussy, the sounds of my balls slapping against her ass filled the room and the smell of teenage cum and sex clung to the air. My cock began to feel electric again and my balls tightened up again. I began to raise my mother up and down, slamming her onto my cock as I thrusted up, feeling my incestuous cum about to explode out of my cock into my mothers tight box.

“Baby, please dont cum in me. I’m not on the pill baby!” she begged and pleaded but it was all too late as my cock began to spew gallons of cum in her pretty, exhausted pussy. My balls tightened more and kept on feeding my shaft with load after load of cum to shoot. I felt like I would never stop and would just ejaculate my spunk into her, cumming until the end of time. Wave after wave of cum rushed and shot down her pussy until I felt her pussy fill up and it began spewing out, running down my thighs and spilling onto the bed. Finally, my balls were thoroughly drained and my cock began to soften. I gently let go of her and she collapsed onto the bed. I got up, standing next to the bed and said “Nice fuck mom, thanks for the help. I’ll be looking forward to this more often!” I said innocently with a grin on my face.

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