Mistress Tanya Ch. 04Mistress Tanya Ch. 04


That morning and the rest of the day was rather laid back. We had breakfast, talked, and hung out by the pool. It was really no different than what I normally did. The only difference being that I along with Sam only wore our chastity devices.

We both spent a lot of the day pampering Tanya. Bringing her snacks and drinks and also applying suntan lotion. Oh, she was nude also which served only to make my horniness worse. In conversation with Sam I found out that she had not allowed him an orgasm in over 6 months so I’m pretty sure he was worse off than I.

As the day drew to a close and after we’d had dinner Tanya announced that we would be playing a game that evening she liked to call “Chastity Slave Trivia”. She went on to explain to me that Sam and I would both be restrained. To make the game interesting, she would hook up an electro-stim unit to each of us. One electrode on our balls and the other attached to our steel cages. She further explained that a wrong answer would result in a shock to our tender bits. I began to get butterflies.

She led us to the playroom and began to strap us both down. After she finished that, she then hooked me up to the electrodes. I was really getting nervous. I had never done any electro play and had no idea what to expect. She must have read my mind because she picked up my controller and told me to get ready because she wanted me to know what to expect. With that she activated the unit. I jerked and yipped. While not really painful, it was not pleasant. I didn’t want to get a question wrong. She told me that she had just given me a taste. She went on telling me that a wrong answer would result in at least a couple of seconds and sometimes more depending on just how cruel she was feeling. What I’d just received was only a bump of the unit. I really didn’t want to get any wrong.

She finished hooking Sam up then turned back to me. She said that Sam knew how the game worked but that she’d explain it to me. We would both be asked 20 questions each alternating back and forth. If one of us answered incorrectly we would receive the punishment shock and the other would have the option of answering the question or passing. If they chose to answer and did so incorrectly then they would also receive a punishment shock but it would be twice as long as the original.

At the end of the game, we would tally the score and see who won. And then she hit me with the big one. The loser would then be required to suck the winner’s cock. A massive pit grew in my stomach. She continued that the winner would not be allowed to orgasm only have his cock sucked. She then turned around with the statement, “let the game begin”.

Since I was the new player, I drew the first question. After hearing it, I knew I was in trouble. I had no frickin’ idea what the answer was. I answered as best I could kızılay escort but of course I was wrong. Zap!! Damn that was unpleasant and left me breathing hard. Sam declined to answer. Good choice Buddy. He got an easy one and then it was back to me. Luckily I knew the answer. Next question to Sam and he missed it. He tensed when the charge hit but didn’t make a sound. She looked at me and I thought I knew the answer. I was wrong and was rewarded with a longer shock. I could barely catch my breath and realized I still had a Helluva lot of questions to go.

All in all I think I did ok. I did get zapped several more times and tried to answer one of Sam’s misses once more but again was incorrect. Finally she held the last question. It was Sam’s. He missed and got a particularly long shock for it. Tanya looked my way and told me that Sam was one question ahead of me. She told me that if I answered correctly the game would end in a tie and therefore there would be no losers. Hell I had to try. I mean I really didn’t want to suck a cock. I answered. Wrong. Whoooo!! She really let me have it this time. I was actually moaning before she turned the current off. I looked up and she was beaming. Looking at me, she stated the obvious. “You lose”. The butterflies in my stomach had now become vultures.

She unhooked Sam’s electodes then removed his chastity cage. Then she turned to me. She released my arms and told me to lean forward. I did and she cuffed my hands behind my back then released my ankles. She did not remove the electrodes and told me that I might need to be encouraged. Oh Hell, what was I going to do? I had been given a safe-word but that was for if a scene got too intense. I didn’t think this qualified and if I just refused I was pretty sure I would be done with them. I also didn’t want that. You can see my quandary.

Tanya moved me over between Sam’s spread legs. His cock was very hard in anticipation of what was to come. I was still hesitant. I looked up at Tanya pleadingly and begged her to not make me do this. She just gave me an evil grin then hit me with another jolt of electricity. She must have upped the settings because it nearly doubled me over. She then said one thing. “Suck his cock”. I swallowed hard and gave in. My need for this lifestyle was greater than my aversion to sucking a dick. I leaned in and lightly touched the tip of his cock with my lips. He responded by trying to thrust upwards into my mouth. I parted my lips and took the head inside. At this point I just accepted the fact that I was sucking another man’s cock and went with it. I decided to try and at least do him as good a job as he did for me the night before. I started swirling my tongue around the head, tasting his pre-cum which had begun to ooze out at an alarming rate.

I heard kolej escort Tanya in the background telling Sam that he better not cum. He was moaning in pleasure as I took more and more of his cock into my mouth. Then Tanya began talking to me, instructing me to really work him over but stop before he went over the edge. To say it was a hot scene was an understatement. My cock was throbbing in its cage and pre-cum was literally running out of me and dripping on the floor. Sam was doing the same. He would begin to thrust and I’d drop his cock out of my mouth until he regained his composure. Then I was right back on him, sucking him deep inside then slowly pulling back teasing the mushroom shaped head as I went. I don’t know how long this went on as I’d lost track of time and reality. One thing I did know was that I was one horny SOB. God I wanted an orgasm so bad and the fact that I would not be getting one turned me on even more.

Tanya finally stopped me and moved me back. She then used the same flogger that she’d used on me and whipped Sam’s cock mercilessly, much worse than I’d received. Through it all, Sam remained very erect. He began thrusting upward to meet the strokes much like I’d done then gasped that he was about to cum. She stopped immediately then grasped his balls in both hands and cranked down on them. He grunted in pain. She kept the ball torture up until his erection wilted. I realized that I was rubbing my own balls while I watched her crush his.

She moved around and rotated him into a horizontal position. She motioned for me to come over then told me to suck him hard again. I didn’t hesitate and in no time he was fully erect and throbbing. I felt her pull me away and she moved between his legs. She had a condom in her hand and was squirting “Stay Hard” cream into it. She then put it over his hard cock and then placed several more condoms over it. Grinning, she said, “that should keep him from coming”. She then climbed up on him and slowly lowered her dripping pussy onto his hard cock. He just moaned. She started working it in and out slowly then looked back at me said, “tongue my ass slave”. I quickly moved up behind them and complied.

I started slowly at first just teasing her hole with the tip of my tongue gradually increasing the pressure until I felt my tongue penetrate her anal ring. I began to match the thrusting of my tongue into her ass with her thrusts on her husband’s cock. It wasn’t long before she started making sounds that indicated her impending orgasm. Very soon afterwards, I felt her ass tighten around my tongue then felt her whole body tense in orgasm. She continued to spasm for quite a while as her orgasm ripped through her body. She finally collapsed on top of Sam. I pulled my tongue from her ass and began to lick her juices from her maltepe escort still impaled pussy. She had cum in buckets and Sam’s balls were drenched. I figure what the Hell and licked him dry as well. She finally regained her senses and extracted herself from Sam’s still very hard cock. I couldn’t help but feel a little sorry for him. After all he’d been denied orgasm for over 6 months. I knew how bad I wanted an orgasm and it had only been a little over a month for me. I could only imagine what he was feeling.

She un-cuffed my wrists and told me to remove the condoms and clean Sam up. I did just that and moved out of the way when she returned with an ice pack which she put on Sam’s cock making it shrink. A few seconds later and the lock clicked shut on his poor abused cock. I was told to release him and for the two of us to meet her in the bar for a nightcap.

We sat down and enjoyed a few drinks. She asked Sam if I’d done a good job sucking his cock. He said that I’d done very well and for some reason that made me proud. She then asked me how I felt about it now that it was done. I was honest and told her that I still had some problems processing it but that it wasn’t as bad as I’d feared. She just smiled.

After a few drinks we headed for bed. I showered and although I had a lot of things going through my head, I fell asleep very quickly. I don’t think I moved until the next morning when I was awakened by Tanya straddling my face. As she lowered herself to my mouth I heard her say, “I love your tongue in my ass. Get busy”.

I began to tease her rear hole once again and once again I forced my tongue through her anal ring and into her ass. She began to rock back and forth on it while rubbing her clit at the same time. In no time she tensed up and I felt the now familiar tightening of her anal sphincter squeezing my tongue while she exploded in orgasm.

After a few minutes for her to catch her breath we then moved to the shower where she sat on the bench, spread her legs, pulled me to her pussy, and told me that she need to pee and that doing so in my mouth turned her on immensely.

I moved my mouth to her pussy and told her to go ahead. In seconds I was rewarded with a wash of her urine. It filled my mouth and I swallowed. She continued to flood my mouth and I swallowed mouthful after mouthful. Of course I couldn’t drink it all but I did do a good job of trying. When she was empty, she was moaning and really pressing her wet pussy against my mouth. I began to lick the urine from her folds and then ran my tongue deep inside. I cleaned the urine from her as best I could. Moving up to her clit and sucking it into my mouth sent her over the edge again as orgasmic pleasure wracked her body until she slumped down spent.

I stood up and turned on the shower, gently bathing my Mistress and washing the residual urine from my face and body as well. Stepping out I held a towel for her and carefully dried her body. She gave my balls a squeeze, said “thanks”, and left the bathroom. I was left with a cock desperately trying to escape is steel prison. God I was horny. I finished drying off and headed down the hall to the kitchen.

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