Mistletoe momentMistletoe moment


I normally do not help prepare for the office party, but Sandy had asked, and I like Sandy.At just over five feet tall, Sandy was a petite, but shapely, middle-aged blonde. Her short-cut hair suited her pretty face and her slightly crooked smile was charming. Nice tits, just handfuls, always under a tight sweater. A slim waist, just slightly thick, flaring out to a nice set of curvy hips. Shapely, firm little ass, awesome in tight slacks, usually hidden in a knee-length skirt. For a woman reaching fifty years, she was a real looker.Today she was wearing one of my favourite outfits: brown, knee-high boots with heels; a brown leather skirt that fits like a leather skirt should; and a low-cut taupe sweater. She looks so fucking hot when she strolls by my office. She always says hi or waves and flashes that killer smile. She came in and sat down, crossing those bare legs and gave me a big smile.”I need a strong young man,” she said, ”to give me a hand.””I would be happy to give you more than that… if you want,” I teased.Her blue eyes twinkled as she gazed at me, a sly grin on her face, and she adjusted her skirt slightly higher. I leaned forward slightly and turned my head in an attempt to look up her skirt. She lifted it a tiny bit more and watched me as I licked beylikdüzü escort my lips. I stroked the pen in my right hand through the fingers of my left hand, slowly and looked up to a slight flush on the small spot at the base of her throat. I gazed into her eyes. She knew I was fucking her in my mind. I kept quiet as we looked in each other’s eyes, waiting to see who would look away first and saw her tongue peek out and wet her lips. She looked away, dropping her head forward slightly.”You’re a tease, you know that?” she said as she looked down at her wedding ring. Her fingertips touched it as she placed her hands in her lap. She spun it around her finger as she looked up at me, keeping her chin down and gently sucking on her lower lip. Her eyes twinkled.”I could be your mother, you know.””You’re way hotter than my mother. The offer stands,” I said with a wink.She giggled as she uncrossed her legs and leaned back in the chair. I lowered my gaze to her knees and stayed quiet. I lifted my eyes to hers and licked my lips. I saw her eyes twinkling as she gave me a half-smile and lifted her skirt higher. Her knees parted slightly, giving me a glimpse of her inner thighs.”A little more, please,” I asked quietly as I leaned forward.Still beylikdüzü escort bayan grinning, she spread her legs a little more, her skirt now mid-thigh, and moved her hips slightly. I could almost see the tops of her thighs and caught a glimpse of black satin. I was hard as fucking iron.With a little laugh she closed her legs and stood up. She straightened her skirt, smoothing the front and turned to leave. She looked back at me as she began to walk away.”Follow me, young man,” she instructed, ”I need your muscles.”I jumped up and followed her, trying to hide the tent in my pants, to the storage room. There was the tree, boxes of decorations, and other party items. I brought it all out to the boardroom, set up the tree and lights, and put the empty boxes back in storage. I found a mistletoe and put it in my pocket. I returned to my office as Sandy and the other women began decorating.Sandy knocked on the open door to get my attention. She leaned against the door frame, feet and arms crossed, and gave a sly smile.”I seem to need you again,” she said, ”unless you are too busy for me.””I always have time for you, Sandy,” I replied, ”what can I do for you?””A lot, I suspect,” she teased, ”but I can’t find the mistletoe. Did you happen escort beylikdüzü to see it?””I did.””Well, where is it?” she asked.I moved my chair away from the desk and gestured for her to come over. She sighed and sauntered slowly over to my side of the desk. I looked down at my crotch and her eyes followed. The mistletoe sat between my legs attached to my belt.”Oh, you are such a bad boy,” she giggled, ”teasing an old lady like that.””You aren’t old, who are you referring to?” I said with a grin.”You are such a tease, ” she said, ”take that off.”I stood up and looked down at her. I gazed into her twinkling eyes and put my hands on my hips.”Help yourself,” I offered as I looked down at the mistletoe.With a big smile she reached for the mistletoe and slowly untied it from my belt. She hesitated as her fingers brushed against my hard cock, lightly rubbing against the straining material. She looked into my eyes as she finally untied the decoration and held it up.”I will put this in the appropriate place for the party,” she said as she waved it at me and walked away.She stopped at the door, turned slightly and looked back at me with a sexy smile.”Want to help?” she asked as she raised her eyebrows.”Sure,” I replied.I followed her to the boardroom, through the noise and bustle of the general office area, trying to keep the bulge in my pants covered. I passed Cindy, who gave me a big smile and saw her eyes drop to my crotch. She winked. I kept my eyes on Sandy as she swayed her curvy leather-covered hips and ass in front of me. I followed her into the room.

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