Mistis’ Adventures Part 99Mistis’ Adventures Part 99


Mistis’ Adventures Part 99The party had gotten a bit out of hand for Sue’s taste. There was more drinking than she could tolerate, and some one, or maybe several, had brought d**gs to the gathering. She had seen a boy that she didn’t care for, that much, pouring something into a girl’s drink. Knowing the boy, a REAL scumbag, in HER opinion, she could easily figure out what it was. Sue had “bumped” into her, causing her to drop the drink on the ground. Sue had apologized to her, and got her a new drink. The boy had scowled at her, and muttered an oath under his breath. HE had better watch HIS ass, Sue thought. I’ll kick it for him, and send him crying home to Mama. He had, one time, before, tried to bully her, and she had defended herself. She had used her cheer leading training to kick him in the chin, breaking his jaw, and taking out several teeth. He had steered clear of her ever since.A friend of hers, Whitney, had brought a couple of bottles of REAL champagne, and had offered her a glass to toast their graduation. She had joined Whitney, Amber, and another girl, Colleen, and their dates, in toasting the occasion, the school, and the future. It wasn’t bad, but, not what she had figured it to taste like. It had had a slight strawberry taste to it, and the bubbles had tickled her nose, but it wasn’t like she had seen in the movies. She almost wished that she had tried some at Billy and Cathy’s wedding. The only other alcohol she had tried was a taste of a beer that Annie had sneaked out of a friend’s house. Annie, her friend, and Sue had all taken a drink of it. To her it was bitter, and tasted TERRIBLE.Sue, at around 1:00 in the morning, had gone around and told several of her friends that she was going home. They had tried to get her to stay a bit longer, but she told them that she had plans for tomorrow. One of them had giggled, and asked if her plans were including a certain tall, slender, and VERY good looking new guy to the community. Sue had returned the smile and answered, “Could be.” She went and crawled inside her truck. There was a note in the seat. She opened the folded paper. All it said was, “LUV YA!!!” Nothing else. She took the keys from under the seat, and her “baby” roared to life for her. The place they had chosen for their party was an old orchard that had been used for “Camp Meetings,” in the past. In the summertime, it was cool and shady, and, as it was only a few yards from a pool in the river, used for baptisms, was the perfect place for the old fashioned revivals. Many a soul had been saved in the place. There was a gravel road leading out to the county road so access could be made. Many people came here for picnics, because it was so quiet and peaceful. It had been many years since a revival had been held here.She took her time on the old access road, and turned toward home. It was only 4 miles to her front door. Sue turned on her I-pad and got some music that she liked. It was just a little on the cool side, and she reached over to crank the passenger side window up. She couldn’t quite reach it, so she stopped and slid over and rolled it up. She started off, again, and was nearing a place that they liked to go squirrel hunting in. It was thick brush, and had many oak and pecan trees growing there. In season, you could go there and get all the squirrels you wanted in a few minutes. Mom had taught them all how to dress, and cut them up, to cook. When the acorns and pecans were ripe, they would be nice and fat, and getting food laid in for the winter. Fried was how she liked them best. The road, because of the growth next to it, on both sides, seemed narrower than the rest of the road. She always took this place a little slower than the rest because of this. Also, kaçak iddaa it wasn’t unusual to see a cow or two standing in, or near, the roadway. There were deep bar-ditches along the sides of the road, too.She was just going around a sharp curve and something was in the road ahead of her. It was less than 50 feet away. She hit her brakes, and swerved to miss it, and sk**ded into the ditch. “DAMN!!!” It was less than a quarter mile to her gate. She felt an ache in her head, and her legs was hurting something awful. She couldn’t move her left arm, either. She had a custom horn in her truck that played different tunes, and was VERY LOUD! She turned it up all the way and hit the button. It was the Klaxon Horn. AAAAAOOOOGGGGAAAA. AAAAAAAOOOOOOOGGGGGAAAAAA! She was hoping someone at the house would hear it and come to see what was going on. The critter had jumped off the edge of the road, and was gone into the trees and brush. She was trying to remember if anyone had reddish brown cattle. It had been BIG! She felt like someone was watching her. She looked out the passenger window. Was that a face? It looked like a black man with a heavy beard. “Can you help me, sir. I think I have been hurt. I cant move my leg or arm, and I hit my head. PLEASE, SIR. Help me, PLEASE!”The face disappeared. She heard a motor, and saw lights. She hit the button, again. AAAAAOOOOOGGGGAAA. AAAAAOOOOOGGGGGGGA AAAAAOOOOOGGGGGAAAAA. She heard a horn answering her. It was her DAD! He and Milt jumped out of their truck and ran over to her door. “What happened, Baby? her Dad asked. I almost hit some critter, Daddy. I’m hurt. I cant move my left arm, my left leg hurts something terrible, and I hit my head on something. The two men took hold of the door, and yanked it open. Milt had turned the flashlight to see what was wrong. Her leg, just above the knee was swollen and turning purple. Her left arm was almost the same. Her head had a thin trickle of blood running down her cheek. Milt was already calling 911. “Yes. My name is Milton Kelly. We need a Deputy and an ambulance here, approximately 600 yards past our gate in the woods here. We have an accident with injuries. Female, 19 years, head, left arm and left leg. I don’t know how bad the head injury is. It IS bleeding. HER name is Susan Kelly. She’s my sister. Dad and I are here with her. Notify Dr. Fox. He is her Doctor. THANK YOU!!!” He turned to Sue and his Dad. ‘The ambulance is on its way. Chris is on his way, too. They’ll be here in a few minutes.”Suddenly they heard the siren on the ambulance, followed by the different tone from the Deputies cruiser. Milt jumped into their truck and drove it out of the way. The ambulance stopped just a few feet behind her pickup. The driver and attendant jumped out and came over to her. “The driver reached out and felt of her leg, then her arm, and finally, looked at her head. “It looks like the arm and leg are broken. I have to get her out so I can look at her head, better.” He told Sue, “It’s gonna hurt a bit, Miss, but I can’t give you anything for the pain until I look at your head. Grit your teeth, cuss, scream, or yell. I’ll be as gentle as I can.”They asked Pete to step to the other side and see if he could get in the passenger door. It opened for him, and he asked what he could do to help. “Hold her hand, sir. She needs her Daddy in the worst way” He put an arm around her waist, and lifted her as if she was nothing, and stepped up to the edge of the road. The stretcher was waiting for them. He was cushioning Sue’s leg in the palm of his hand so it was as immobile as possible. The attendant slipped a balloon splint over her leg after a quick look at it, and put a rigid splint on her arm, securing it with an elastic bandage and kaçak bahis some butterfly clips. The driver shined a light in her eyes and looked closely in her ears, and placed a bandage on the cut on her forehead. He turned to Pete. “We’ll get her to the Emergency room as quick as possible. There’s no sign of anything except a cut on her head. They always look bad. No sign of concussion, though. Her pupils responded, and there’s no blood in her ears. We’ll take care of the accident report at the hospital, when she feels better.”Milt insisted on driving. He followed the ambulance to the gate. He had already called his Mom and the rest of the family. They had gathered a few things that Sue would need, and her laptop, and were getting into their cars. Patti was calling Annie to let her and Rick know what had happened. Annie told them where THEY were, and said they would be there in a jiffy. Milt was driving his car, and Royce was driving his. The others were riding with them. His Mom and Dad were in Royce’s car. All the women were crying. Their baby girl had been hurt.They were at the hospital in just a few minutes. They parked in the spaces outside the emergency entrance, and ran inside. The nurse directed them to the X-ray lab. They waited for a few minutes. Dr Fox came out and told them that Sue had suffered a broken leg, the left, and a broken arm, also the left. Both were simple fractures, and would be set in a few minutes. He had looked at her head. It looked like she had hit her head on the windshield when she went into the ditch. There were no signs of it being anything of concern, but, X-rays had already been taken. The radiologist was looking at them, now. He also told them that he had asked for a blood-alcohol test be given. It was about the same as if she might have drank a glass of weak wine. It had come back 00001. He knew that THEY would want to know. He had been the Doctor to bring all of the Kelly c***dren into the world, and was VERY proud to admit it. Doris had been the very first baby he had slapped on the backside, in the old days. HER picture was the VERY first in his “Book of Memories.” The other k**s had been delivered by him, also. In spite of two of them being grown men, he kissed each one of them. Doc had told them where Sue was, getting her arm and leg set, and which room she would be in a soon as they were done. His phone rang. The Radiologist told him that Sue would have a purple knot on her left side, and a black eye for a few days, but the X-ray had been negative. They were keeping her here for 2 days, to watch her, though. The Deputy needed to talk with her about the accident, for his report, too. He wanted them to be with her when he asked his questions. It was Benny, the same one that had come to the scene. Marvin and Shirley’s boy. Doris had watched him many times over the years. He and Milt had been friends all their lives.They went up to the room Dr. Fox had indicated. Annie and Rick were waiting for them. Rick had assisted Big John in moving her from the gurney to the bed, as if he NEEDED help. In High School, he had pressed 300 ponds like most people did with a fourth of that weight. They had teased him about “his muscles having muscles.” There had been friendship among all of them, and they had all written John when he went into the Army. He had been a Medic, and was going to school to be an RN. They teased him about being “on top of his class.” He had replied, “As much as possible.”Sue and Annie were giggling together about something Rick had said, or done. He had been extremely worried when they called Annie about Sue’s accident. It turned out that they were less than a mile apart, as the crow flies. They had heard the Klaxon horn, but had not connected illegal bahis the two things. They both figured Sue would still be at the party. Rick had called his folks and told them about Sue. They would be here in the morning. Benny asked if Sue felt like helping him with the report paperwork. She smiled up at him. “As soon as you give me a kiss. You act like you don’t know me, and YOU helped Mom and Patti give me baths when I was a baby.” He leaned down to kiss her on the cheek, but her right arm caught his neck, and pulled him down to kiss him on the lips. “How’s Lannie doin’ now?” Lannie was his wife. He told her that she was doing just fine. She was 6 months along with their first c***d. He asked for the information on the accident report writing it down, until it got to the “Remarks” section. Sue frowned at him. “I know you’re gonna think I’m crazy, but here goes, anyway. I got to the sharp curve, where the limbs stick out a bit. I saw what I thought was a cow in the road, but it JUMPED the ditch, and landed right in front of me. I wasn’t more than 10 or 20 feet from it. It was BIG, and it was brown, maybe a touch of red on it, and when I swerved to miss it, I could have sworn it stood up on two legs and jumped back across the ditch. THAT DITCH IS ALMOST 20 FEET ACROSS, AND 8 OR 10 FEET DEEP!!! I looked out the passenger side window a few minutes later, and saw a face. It looked like a black man with a VERY heavy beard looking at me. I begged him to help me, but he walked away into the brush. THAT PLACE IS NOTHING BUT THORN BUSHES! I’VE HUNTED IT ALL MY LIFE. A MAN COULDN’T WALK THROUGH IT. I heard some whistles just before Dad and Milt got there. They weren’t there more’n a few minutes when ya’ll showed up. NOW!!! Go ahead and tell me I’m seein’ things, or I’m crazy.”Benny had started a small tape recorder, and had her story down on tape. He played it back for them. Sue listened to herself telling about what had happened. “Benny.” she started. Tears were in her eyes. “Could you, and would you, make a copy of that for me. I want somebody else to hear it. Add your name and title to it, if you would, PLEASE. IT’S IMPORTANT!!!” He did even better. He handed it to her. “A gift for a DEAR DEAR FRIEND!” he told her make copies or get him a new one if she didn’t have one already. He put his paperwork away. “I’ve heard a couple of stories similar to yours in the last month or so. He turned to Pete and Rick. “Keep an eye out for your stock. Another neighbor lost a couple of sheep, and another lost a yearling calf. Dogs won’t track it, whatever it is, and dead deer have been found in the woods, too. One was up in a tree. 30 feet off the ground. Deer DON’T jump THAT high.” He kissed everyone present except Rick. Rick took it on himself to hug and kiss the Deputy on the cheek. “Sue and I are gonna be married as soon as she gets ready, and I’ll be around close by. We bought the Morris farm, and my parents bought the Goodrich place. Our names are Breen and Campbell. I’m one of the Breens. One of ya brought my sister-in-law in to have a baby not too long ago. We always have a pot of coffee going, and a jug of ice tea and Kool-ade in the fridge. You’ll find out how Texicans treat their friends. I think you already know my Brother-in-Law. David Campbell? You’re always welcome at our houses. Night or day. Back home they used to think our house was a sub-station for the county or the DPS troopers. They were always in and out.” Benny thanked him, and leaning down to kiss Sue one more time, he left. Sue looked up at Rick. She could read the question in his eyes. “NO, not me. He was too busy with Patti and Annie. They almost cried when he married Lannie.”They all took turns kissing Sue. Rick had stated the HE was staying with Sue. He would get a ride from the folks tomorrow when THEY came. They all decided they had had enough excitement for one day. They would go get Sue’s pickup out of the ditch in the morning.

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