Mistis’ Adventures Part 145Mistis’ Adventures Part 145


Mistis’ Adventures Part 145The ladies were more than fascinated with what each had learned about the other. They talked and giggled all the way back to the office, regretting that they had to go back to work. As it turned out, though, the day was far from over, at least for Sharon.They opened the door and a blast of cool air reminded them of just how hot it had gotten outdoors. Under the shade tree, it had been MUCH cooler, but, now, out in the open, it was downright sweltering. Their clothes stuck to them, from the perspiration that was sucked from their bodies. In the few seconds it took to go from the car to the door, both were wringing wet with sweat. Both felt like the air was getting sucked from their lungs.Both of them made a mad dash to the washroom to wipe themselves clean and cool off. Sharon knew, from experience, that there were some towels in the locker in the back room, and went to get a few. Julia went and turned on a pair of faucets to let the water cool down a bit more. Sharon was fairly well acclimatized to the heat, having lived, except for 2 years of her life, within a 150 mile radius of this area. It, still, was easy to forget, or fail to prepare for, though. She came in and told Julia to go ahead and strip down to at least her panties and bra, or, if she chose, completely naked. Sharon threw all but one of the towels in the sink to get them good and wet. She followed suit, and was completely naked in mere seconds. There were a rack and hangers to hold their clothes while they washed. It was no great surprise to Sharon when Julia revealed that SHE wasn’t wearing any underthings, either. She was VERY easily the victim of severe heat rashes. She helped herself by using large quantities of baby powder when she dressed in the mornings, washing off any that showed on her skin where others might see it. It had also been the reason that she, in her later years, had begun to shave her bikini area. Her pubic hair was so thick that it held the moisture, compounding her problems.She was stripped within seconds of Sharon’s arrival, and told by Sharon, how lovely she thought she was. Julia was a bit shorter than Sharon, standing 5 ft. 7 in tall, and weighed in at 110 lbs. She was, compared to many black girls, slender hipped, and had extremely beautiful legs. Her breasts fell slightly, and were the color of coffee light, and had dark brown, upturned nipples, and areola. Right now she revealed that her nipples were a bit longish, but not severely so. Julia admitted that she was a 38C cup. There was a very tiny bit of stubble where she had shaved herself, which, under most circumstances, she did EVERY night. Last night, though, she had been entertaining Carl, once again, and had failed, due to being HIGHLY distracted. Sharon took the wet towel and started at her neck and washed down to her butt, reaching in and washing under her arms while she was at it. The AC vent was blowing directly on them, and the cool air hitting her dampened skin made goose bumps appear on her flesh. For a second or two, it was actually cold. Sharon handed her a towel to wash the front of her body, not knowing if she would object to being washed in such an intimate manner by another woman. Julia accepted the towel, and placed one of her feet on the edge of the sink to wash between her legs. Sharon was a bit surprised at the move. She was 3 inches taller, and her legs were just a bit longer than Julia’s, and SHE had trouble putting HER leg that high. Julia made the effort as easily as she would climbing a stair. She said something about it, and Julia laughed, lightly. “You don’t cross many barb-wire fences, do you? If ya don’t lift ya leg high enough, you can circumcise yourself, REAL quick. I cut myself like that one time, and it HURTS somethin’ TERRIBLE!!!” Sharon saw the wisdom in what she was saying.Julia finished wiping herself down and reached over and took another of the towels, and motioned Sharon to turn around. “Turn around an’ spread yer legs, then bend over and spread yer cheeks, too.” I’ll give YOU a sponge bath, TOO!” Sharon bent and did as she had been instructed, and felt the slight shock of the now cold water hitting her skin. It felt wonderful. Julia washed her from her neck to her hips, and placed the wet towel across her hips. Then she felt a second of warmth wash over her lower parts, and was being licked. Julia’s probing tongue was separating her pussy lips, and sliding inside of her. He felt Julia’s hands holding the bahis siteleri towel and steadying herself as she sucked and licked her as thoroughly as any lover had in the past. GOD!!! SHE’S EATING MY PUSSY!!! she thought. Julia paused. “Carl told me you have one of the best tasting, and tightest pussies he ever stuck his tongue, OR his dick, inside of. He said you and Carol were two of the hottest women he had ever met, until recent. He said one lady named Irene, and another girl named Cathy would both give ya a run fer the money, though. D’ya know who THEY are?” Sharon had to catch her breath for a second, before she could answer. “YEAH!!! Irene is one of our friends that are moving here from Arkansas, and Cathy is one of my sisters-in-law. William told me much the same about BOTH of them.”Satisfied with Sharon’s answer, she used her thumbs to hold Sharon’s cheeks apart and resumed her “attack.” For several minutes Sharon resisted, but soon succumbed to her methods, and had a wild orgasm. Luckily she was still holding the edge of the sink, or she would have fallen. Julia took her arm and helped her stand and lean back with her cheeks perched on the edge of the sink. “This is the way we resisted our brothers all that time. We 3 girls ate each other out so we wouldn’t get knocked up. Tried it with some friends, and it worked almost as good with them. No tellin’ what would have happened it we had let the boys split us.”The door suddenly opened, and Dolly and Mary walked in together. Both looked only slightly surprised, though. Mary broke out in her usual huge smile. “WHILE THE CATS AWAY, THE MICE HAVE A GOOD TIME!!! C’MERE YOU TWO!!! GIMME A HUG AN’ A KISS!!! I MISSED MY GIRLS!!! HOW YA’ DOIN?” Mary had returned just a short while ago, and had taken a quick shower and came to the office. She wanted to know if anything special had happened while she was away. “Ya’ll come to my office for somethin’ cold ta drink, and I’ll tell ya whats been goin’ on. Ya need ta know.”Mary turned and went out, but Dolly stood there, looking at the still naked pair of her co-workers. “WHAT IS GOING ON?” she asked. Sharon and Julia both laughed. “Just a little “strategy meeting” is all. Dolly looked at them, the doubt showing plainly. “YEAH, RIGHT!!! Strategy meeting my Aunt Tillie’s umbrella. Why don’t the two of ya let the rest of us know about these meetings? WE might have something interesting to say, or maybe demonstrate.” With this said, she stood as tall as her 5 ft. 2 inch carriage would go, turned, and lifted her skirt above her waist, and revealed that SHE had foregone panties this morning, TOO. They saw one of the cutest asses, and a clean shaven pussy winking at them. Having clearly shown her “outrage” she turned and stuck out her tongue at them. All three broke out in uncontrolled laughter.Dolly contained herself first. “There’s a guy out here waiting to see ya, Sharon. Says his name is Wayne. He has some papers that he was told by his boss, a man named Carl, to give to YOU. He won’t even let me LOOK at them. Says Carl told him to give them to YOU, and nobody else. I tried to talk to him, he’s cute as the dickens, but he acts like he thinks I’m gonna BITE him. Never seen anybody either that shy or dedicated. ANY WHO! Ya need to talk to him. Better get dressed, though. I bet if he saw you like this, he would faint, or have a heart attack.”Dolly went back out, and Sharon and Julia redressed, and went to the front counter to see what was waiting for them.William had told Sharon a little bit about Wayne. He had Carl had been friends for most of their lives, and he was Carl’s foreman. He was one of the best people Carl had ever had, if not THE best, and was loyal to a fault. He took Carl’s words as seriously as Moses had taken the Ten Commandments. Sharon and Julia went out and talked to him, and he gave SHARON the papers he had held so seriously. Julia had asked about Carl, and what he was doing today, then leaned over and kissed him on the cheeks, telling him that the first kiss was for Carl, and the second was his delivery fee. His face was bright red. Sharon asked if William was out with them. He was, so she kissed him on the lips, and told him that that kiss was for WILLIAM, and, giving him a second kiss, told him that her message was urgent, so she would give him a LARGER fee.Dolly came around the counter and put her arms around his neck. “I’m just doing THIS ’cause I see a cute fella, that looks like he’s in order fer some canlı bahis siteleri smoochin.” She stood on her tiptoes, and gave him the hottest kiss he had probably had in his life. HE DID LOOK LIKE HE WAS GOING TO FAINT!!! Dolly released her hold on him, and slipped a piece of paper into his hand. “There’s much more where that came from. That’s where ya gotta call to collect. ALL you want. If ya lose it, come back here and I’ll give ya more, of EVERYTHING!!!” Wayne looked at the piece of paper as if he were in a trance. “Y-Y- Yes, Ma’am. I’ll sure do that. Ya’ll have a GREAT day!!!” He almost stumbled as he went out the door.Dolly looked at the other women. Mary was standing in her door, watching what had happened. Dolly looked around at the 3 of them. “WHAT!!! I’m TIRED of acting like a VIRGIN!!! All of you act like you’re having so much fun. I want to find out what the big deal is. He is the one I’m choosing to do the deed with me. I’m 23 years old, and have never been touched, except by a doctor. I read all the books and magazines that say how great it is. I want to find out for myself. Is THAT a BAD THING?”Mary spoke up. “Honey, Get Rhonda to fill in for ya. I want to see ya in here for a little bit. YOU TWO!!! Come on in.Dolly went toward Rhonda’s office and Julia and Sharon went in, closing the door. Mary sat behind her desk, looking down. “I left in such a hurry, and need to tell you what is going on. My Uncle Charley had a stroke, and is paralyzed on his right side. Aunt Mildred and the k**s, Jimmy and Lucy, were there, and Mom, Dad, were there. Jerry and I got there the next day. Aunt Mildred is going to have to get around the clock care for him, and doesn’t have the means to do it with. They are going to move in with Jerry and me. We will see to their care, and anything else they need, so, at least for a while, Sharon will be in charge of the whole show, and I want you, Julia, to be her Office Manager. You are two of the best I’ve ever seen. Customers treat ya like family, and tell you things, knowing you won’t let it out. You, Sharon, got us the contract, yesterday. It will make us around half a million a year, and others are making inquiries for their contracts. I don’t know what you said, but you impressed the hell out of the boss, yesterday.””Julia. You have demonstrated that you are smarter than a whip, and are a more than capable woman. You don’t take any guff from nobody, and when ya tell ’em something, they know your word is good as gold. I am giving you both almost as much as you’re worth. I couldn’t give you all of what you’re worth, the company couldn’t afford such a pay scale. Julia, you are now going to be getting $50K a year, and Sharon is going to be pulling down $85K a year. I have all the confidence in the world in the pair of ya. I also want you to be looking over the resumes we have, AND look for a new place. We are gonna need at least 3 more people, and room for a new computer system. I went behind your back, Sharon. I already talked to Mike and Robbi. They are gonna build us a new system from the ground up, when you find us some new digs. Now see if Dolly is back, yet. We all need to talk to her.”Sharon stuck her head out of the door. Dolly came at the call of her name. She came in as if she was expecting trouble. “Yes, Mrs. Hinkle? You wanted to see me?” Mary smiled at her, and told her, “Come on around here, Honey. I just wanted to talk at ya fer a minute.” She rounded the desk and stood like a little girl expecting to be spanked. She, when Dolly came to stand by her chair, put her arm around the girl’s waist. “Ya know, Sweetie. In ways ya remind me of myself too many years ago to worry about. You are more like my oldest girl when she was around 12 or 13 years old. Sweet, innocent, and pretty as a picture. I haven’t been like that since I was 10 or 11. I found out about boys, and something went haywire inside of me. I managed to get my cherry popped when I was 13, and turned to a slut.” “It was fun for a while, but, then, all the boys wanted from me was to use my pussy to unload their cum in. I let ’em, but the more I let ’em, the more that wanted to. It got to where I was on my back, with my legs open, and my panties off a whole lot more than they was on. I got to where I didn’t feel right unless some boys dick was inside me. I’ve been like that almost the whole time since. I wasn’t happy unless someone was fucking me. That’s how I met Sharon. She watched while at least 6 guys canlı bahis fucked me, an’ one of ’em was MAYBE 17 years old. I spent the first day we knew each other on my back, or on my knees for around 12 hours. She never saw me wearing clothes for the first 3 days we knew each other. In my life, there’s been probably over a thousand, men to fuck me, and all of them cum inside of me somewhere. My ass, my mouth, and, my pussy, all should be covered in callouses. Why their not, I’ll never know, but, I just want you to not go down the same road that I went down. Get your cherry took care of, but don’t let yourself go hog wild like I did. Promise me that. Then give me a kiss. I’ve missed my little girl.”Dolly did as she was asked, and took a light swat on her butt, smiling at Mary in return. Mary hadn’t even attempted to hide her fondness for the girl. Mary was affectionate, to a degree, with all of “her” people, and they returned her affection, many times over. She had an atmosphere that was much more than cordial, and was filled with an air of trust, that few places could equal. Any problem, real or imagined, was encouraged to be brought to her for discussion, and, if possible, solution. It wasn’t required to be job related, either. A problem from home was treated with just as much importance. Birthdays, or anniversaries were ALWAYS remembered, too.She went over a few more things with the three ladies, and made ready to leave, again. She made sure that all of them were up to date on any passwords, and pending business. She turned to Sharon and said she was going to try to get Cathy to leave the hospital, and stay with her to care for Uncle Charley, but knew, almost for certain, that she would be turned down. Cathy was too happy working in the hospital, so she was, after trying, going to ask for help finding someone to become a live-in nurse. She kissed the three of them several times, and left, but only after telling Sharon that she would be back in a couple of days, and wanted to see all the people, to tell THEM what was happening. She didn’t want anybody to get the idea that something was wrong.Dolly had, unknown to Wayne, taken several pictures of him sitting in the office, waiting to see Sharon. She flipped through them taking time to admire the man who had so easily piqued her interest. It was something about his shyness, and the way he answered her so politely, that had excited her. She, if he didn’t respond soon, was planning to call and ask HIM out. Sharon and Julia were going to help her find out what his favorite foods were, and ask him over for dinner. She, while growing up, had spent as much time in the summers, with most, due to proximity, visiting Aunts and Uncles, and learning how to cook, and make several exotic dishes. She was an excellent cook. One aunt in particular, had gone out of her way to teach her things. The Aunt was from Germany, and had met and married her Uncle while he was serving there. She had enjoyed listening to her speak, with her accent. It had been most charming. Uncle Joel had spent 6 years there, and had fallen in love with her, and, ultimately marrying her. She was, in part, responsible for Dolly’s love of the outdoors. Her Dad was responsible for the MOST part.HE was the owner of an outdoor equipment dealership. He sold almost anything for camping, or getting around in rough country, specializing in off-road equipment. He had taught her to ride motorcycles, and 4 wheelers, and, after getting the hang of them, had gone on to teach her how to drive in the side-by-side UTVs. She had one of her very own at her parents house. They lived about an hour away, and she went there most weekends.She loved to negotiate difficult terrain, and feel the wind in her face as she rode around. She had two nieces that were with her almost all the time. Her christened name was Darla, but had, early on, started being called Dolly. The two nieces were 14 and 15. They were her oldest brother’s daughters. Both looked like they were always up to mischief, but were actually a pair of the best behaved girls she had ever met.Dolly loaded the pictures into her computer, and told herself to remember to buy some paper to print photos on. She, just before they closed up for the evening, received a phone call. It was Wayne. He had been told that he SHOULD call Dolly, and thank her for this afternoon. He, once he was outside, and out from under the spell she had cast upon him, realized that SHE was just as taken with HIM as HE was with HER. He asked if she was busy tonight, or if necessary, tomorrow night. Dolly had replied that she was free tonight. He would pick her up at 7, this evening. The stage was being set for bigger and better things.

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