Subject: Milking the Cows Chapter 10 Any Comments ail Please donate to reach the monthly goal, so this site may stay online. Milking the Cows Chapter 10 Waking up in Edwards arms with his ruler nestled up my crack, was a great way to start the day. I still had my wifely and family duties to perform for and to my brothers. I went into my brother’s bedrooms as usual. I began my morning ritual of being their human milking machine. I feasted on their cocks, nursing their prick head till they delivered their precious milk into my little mouth. I licked my lips like a calf after he had sucked on her udders. As soon as everyone’s lust had been satisfied, I went about filling their stomachs and we all left for work. Me, I was going to be at the bank even before it opened. No way was I going through another pussy wrecking event like yesterday. I went out into the fields to deliver lunch to my brothers. As soon as they saw me heading up the path, they all ran to greet me. I thought they were hungry, but it wasn’t for my food, it was for my mouth. They tackled me to the ground and proceeded to face fuck me one after the other. I sucked and licked their manhood. I bathed the family jewels with my tongue as their cocks emptied their cum juices down my throat. Thank goodness they didn’t want to fuck my pussy as it still was raw and swollen from yesterday misunderstanding. As I walked back to the farm I felt the wind blowing up my hole as it still hadn’t closed. After dinner I headed to pay the Gonzalez’s family their weekly wages. They were waiting outside as I pulled up. I paid Jose and thanked him for his work and I told him, it won’t happen again. He said I am sure you are right. As he counted out their pay, he asked “where is the interest on the week’s pay”. He said “if you borrow from the bank you pay interest and since you borrowed our money, we want interest”. I began to stutter and say I am sorry I didn’t. No problem, just then I saw 4 workers heading our way. Jose shoved me on my knees and tied my hands to the post. My friends will be paying the interest you owe us and you will be thanking them with your mouth. Chaz was the first to whip his cock out, as he handed Jose 5 dollars. He didn’t have to be told what to do. He grabbed my head and I swallowed his seven inch meat down to his balls. In and out he ground his pole in my face and down my throat. His veiny shaft kept sliding over my puffy lips as he pumped his hose. He twists my nipples as his snake unloads its creamy sauce into my mouth. The next guy hands Jose his 5 dollars and places his cock at my mouth. He tells me open up and “suck my dick you fucking pig”. I swallow his cock slowly into my mouth. I used my tongue to tease his shaft, as I vacuumed his pole into my waiting mouth. I rock my head back and forth and I nurse on his dick head. My sucking motions quickly bring him to the point of no return. His dick is like a geyser shooting his juices into the air and landing on my face and chest. A father and son duo hand Jose their ten dollars. The son looks about 12-13 years old. I can tell from his nervousness this is his first blow job. Even though my hands are tied behind my back I intend to give him a blow job to remember. I lick his dick head and swirl my tongue around his dick head. I watch as his young dick comes to life. I lean forward and swallow his 6 inch rod into my mouth. I swallow his member down to the base. I let him feel the warmth of my mouth before I begin to bob my head up and down his shaft. I felt his cock swell and then the head of his cock spasms as he şişli travesti shot his hot sweet load in my cocksucking mouth. I looked up and his eyes rolled into the back of head. He will never forget his first blow job. I was proud of my skills, knowing he will never forget this day. His father pulls out his 8 inch piece of equipment and started face fucking me gently with his gigantic flaccid tool. He ran his hands through my hair. Letting us both enjoy the feeling of me on my knees servicing him as if I was born to it. I cooed and groaned as he moaned softly, enjoying my work. He worked his pleasure stick with authority, piercing my throat with Mexican poker. I moaned submissively as he hammered my mouth. I drooled like a bitch in heat, as he worked his tool in my mouth. My mind was spinning as he fucked my face. I whimpered Please Sir, can I have your cum? Since you asked nicely, he said, his dick released a huge eruption of white Mexican sauce. I look up and see 7 or 8 fists stroking their hard cocks. I watch their hands slide up and down their shafts. I see drops of precum dripping out of their piss slits. As if on command all 7 cocks unleashed their creamy juices, covering my face and chest. I loved the feeling of their warm milk dripping down my face and into my mouth. I swiped my tongue around my face to enjoy the sweet creamy taste of their baby batter. With a smile on my face I head back home, still covered in cum. Before I went inside I rinse off all their man juices off my body. Such a waste of warm cum as I watch it go down the drain. Wednesday is my day to head into town and man the glory hole. I look in the window and see over a dozen men wandering around the store, buying stuff as they wait for me to help them to get relief. Thank goodness their wives don’t know what they are missing. I sneak in and get myself ready to enjoy the fruits of my labor: fresh cum. I switch the light on and a cock is already sticking itself through the hole. As I don’t want to disappoint I suck his dick into my mouth. My mouth pulls his pole down my throat as I massage it with my throat muscles. I begin to hum knowing that the vibrations will stimulate their rods into giving up their milk. I don’t stop till I hear the moans and groans as he spews his creamy gift into my mouth. I swallow every bit of his juices and nurse on the tip to get every drop. The next 3-4 cocks in a row deposit their juices into my mouth. I swallow the newly made tadpoles. Adding their sperm cells to their friends already in my stomach. I am enjoying myself today as one after another I suck, lick and swallow. I have been sucking dicks for the past 3 hours and have felt many dicks ramming themselves up my pussy hole. Every time I felt a rod shoved up my butthole, my pussy muscles involuntarily spasmed and milked their dicks. My pussy has a mind of its own as it sucks their seed into my chute. Fuck that was the last one. I am still horny for more cock and cum. I wait a few more minutes; maybe there will be a few late cummer, but no such luck today. I close up shop and Mr. Miller hands me my day’s earnings. I don’t even both to count the money as I had so much fun: doing what I enjoy and being paid to it. . I ask Mr. Miller about his friend, who is always looking for fresh talent. He tells me they had lunch yesterday and I knew you would be asking. So I set up an appointment for him to interview you Saturday if you want. Thank you, I tell him. Here are a few hints to catch his attention and peak his interest. Show complete respect, show how submissive you are or can be. If beylikdüzü travesti he gives you an order, don’t hesitate, just do it without question and answer truthfully. Meet me here Saturday at 10am. When I get home I head right for the barn. I am hoping my brothers are waiting for me to milk their dicks. I open the barn door and see they all are ready to be hooked up to me, their human milking machine. I bend over to suck Dean’s cock into my mouth. Samuel at the same time finds my hole and shoves his poker up my warm wet tunnel. As I suck Dean’s prick, Samuel keeps working his snake in and out of my pussy hole. When he hears Dean groaning and his stick filling my mouth with his creamy batter, Samuel takes his place at my mouth. James then takes his place and fills my hole with his pile driver. Again, as soon as Samuel has released all his milk into my mouth James pulls his prick out and shoves it in my mouth. John’s tool replaces James’ rock hard instrument. This swapping continues till I have Jacob’s weapon in my mouth and nursing on his dick head. Just as Jacob empties his ball sack of the family sauce I hear Pa yell “dinner time”. Just in time, although I am not hungry as my stomach has been filled all day long While I was finishing cooking dinner I was whistling and singing. Everyone comments” you are in a great mood today”. Yes I am filled with happiness today, I say. I hear them say as well as this stuff as they point to their cocks. Edward has been living in my room for the past several weeks and I have loved it. So like normal after cooking and cleaning up after dinner I head into my room. Still being horny, I jump on Edward and swallow his piece of meat down to the bone. I then slowly licked my way down to his low hanging balls. I savor every taste as my tongue continues its quest, as if it was a new delicious discovery. Finally reaching the object of my lust and desire: the sweetest, pinkest hole I had ever seen. I licked all around the hole. Then I licked straight up the crack and pushed my tongue into his butt hole. He flips me over and lifts up my legs as he plants his tree trunk as deep as he can. I grab his hips and try to make his hard thing go deeper. Both of our bodies are humping away: me, up unto his log and he, as deep as my little pussy will accept. His hips begin to brutally thrust themselves into my warm cave. He pulled part way back and then rammed in again and again. It was a furious, fast and vicious fuck. I squealed like a pig being fucked with authority. My hands clawed at the mattress. As I am screaming “harder, harder” my clit squirts out it boy juice. Edward just continues to plunge his weapon in and out. As I pull his head into my lips I feel his cock expand and flood my pussy with his baby-makers. Oh how I wish he could knock me up, so I could have his babies. With his chest still heaving up and down, he says, “we have to talk”. I am 22 and you are 12. No. Please, I say, “I love you,” as he kisses my tears away and holds me for one last time. In the morning Edward leaves before anyone else is up. I am a basket case and won’t talk to anyone. I just stay in bed. But that doesn’t stop my brothers from coming in and fucking my mouth and turning me over and fuck me like a whore. I curse at them, telling them, “Is that the best you can fuck”. I will have to find some real men to fuck me. They brutally fuck me, pile driving their dicks into my pussy. They drag me outside where 4 or 5 of their friends are waiting to use their human pokers at my hole. I just laugh. I need to take away the istanbul travesti hurt as their sword penetrate my mouth and fuck hole. This is what I need, I tell myself to ease my pain and loneliness. Saturday morning I met Mr. Miller and we drove to his estate. Mr. Miller introduces me to Mr. Worthington who is in his robe having breakfast. “Boy, strip”, he says. Without a bit of hesitation I remove all my clothes and stand in front of him with no shame. He points to me and then to his feet. I immediately get on my hands and knees and crawl over to his feet. I begin to lick his feet and suck on each toe, one by one. He then points to his armpit and without saying a word I run my tongue up and down his pits: licking and kissing them till I am told to stop. He stands up and removes his robe. He turns around and bends over while he is still drinking his tea. I get my face deep into his globes and my tongue works itself up and down his crack. Then I begin to tongue fuck his ass crack, which makes him emit a slight moan. He tells to stand up as he adjusts his robe. He cups my clit and balls. He plays and twists my nipples. Then he bites my nipples just to see what I will do. I just stand there. Very good, he says. Now I have a few questions and I expect the truth. Yes Sir, I reply. First Question. If I had 25 guys rape your throat, any problems? No Sir I reply. What about 50 guys or 100 guys. No problem. I love to suck and swallow. I love cum. Have you ever been gang fucked by 25, 50, or 100 guys? No Sir I haven’t but I look forward to having 110 cocks dump their loads up my man pussy. You know once they start, there is no stopping. Yes Sir, as it should be, I reply. We will also be having all sorts of games. Are you up for the challenge? Yes Sir I again reply. Very good. You are hired. Just so you know there will be other boys there of different ages. I have something for everyone’s taste. About 100 of my friends will be attending. They will all be wearing masks and of course you will not be wearing anything, not even a mask. This is my annual summer party with food and everything a person could want, as he laughs. Anything you want to ask, he says. I tell him I would like to help cater your party as I am an excellent cook. I asked him if he ever had any food at Jessie’s Café. Yes, he says. It has transformed it into a great eating experience of late. Well most of the new menu is my recipes, I say. Very good then. Go see the cook and work something out with him. If you get his approval then you have two opportunities to please me. Thank you Sir. He points me to the kitchen and still naked, I walk proudly to meet the head chef. As I enter the kitchen I get a few whistles. The head chef asks, what can I help you with or did you come to make my day? Mr. Worthington has hired me to assist you in next week’s party. He asks what I know about cooking. As his elevator eyes view my naked form, I ask him if he has eaten in Jessie’s café lately. He says, yes a few times. I like the new and improved menu and the assorted specialty dishes. I say thank you, they are all my doing. Well I am impressed. What other talents do you have to impress me with, he asks? I drop to my knees and remove his apron. My mouth finds his sausage and I proceed to suck and lick his meat. I bob my head up and down as I swirl my tongue around his cock head. I lick his spatula up and down. I tenderized his meat with my lips and mouth as I felt his balls whipping up some thick cream. He quickly filled my mouth with his special marinate. If you cook as well as you prepare my meat, I think we can serve up many dishes to please every palate next week, he says. Nifty needs your donations to stay online. Give any amount you can. Any donation. Large or Small. Just like Cocks, Size doesn’t matter. Thanks. Any Comments ail

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