Milk Money, Pt. 01Milk Money, Pt. 01


My wife Wendy and I were going through a bit of a hard time financially since she’d had to go on maternity leave to have our baby girl, Tina. I have a job as a plumber and I make an average weekly wage that keeps the rent paid on the mobile home we live in, food and the electricity. And after the essentials there wasn’t any money left over.

Thankfully Wendy’s Mom had the foresight to throw us a baby shower so were well stocked up on diapers and wipes. And we didn’t need baby formula because Wendy was breastfeeding our daughter. I felt so sorry for my wife because she was constantly feeding little Tina and all hours of the night too. The poor thing was getting very little sleep because she was either changing Tina’s diaper at all times of the night or feeding her. But even with our daughter’s hefty appetite Wendy was still having to relieve her breasts of the extra milk and since no one at the baby shower gifted us a breast pump she was having to physically relieve her sore breast, because if she didn’t her breasts would become sore and engorged.

One morning last week I caught her bent over the kitchen sink milking her tits. Her nipples we’re so bright pink and swollen. Gone were her pert little button sized pinkies that I’d enjoyed sucking and nibbling on. I just stood back and watched and I couldn’t believe how hard my dick was getting. She was dressed in a pink hello kitty thong and with her mommy ass swaying back and forth, it was just too fucking sexy.

I was in a pair of boxers and I pulled them down and stepped up behind my tired wife and pressed my dick against her bottom and she jumped in a start.

“Jason! Honey I really don’t feel like it this morning. And please don’t watch because this is just disgusting!”

I pulled her thong down to her ankles, “You look sexy as fuck to me, and I just gotta have you.” I said slipping my hands under her arms I pushed her hands away and I cupped her swollen titties in both my hands. They were so heavy and filled with milk.

So I began tugging on her nipples. They felt so taunt between my fingertips. And as I tugged and pinched them a stream of warm milk shoots forth and I hear my wife give a slight gasp. I instantly stopped and pulled my hands away. “Did I hurt you?”

“Yes! No! Fuck! Just do it, Jason!” Wendy said suddenly taking my hands into hers and pressing them hard against her engorged tits.

I grasped her fat pink nipples and pulled straight out on them and again milk sprayed forth.

She pressed her back against me and shuddered, “Ah, Jason that feels so good!”

I started milking my sexy little blond wife. She was getting turned on by it that she started rubbing her ass against my hard on.

She bends so her tits are still over the sink and she lowers her right hand and grasps my cock and presses it against her dripping wet pussy. I didn’t wait for an invitation, no sir. I shoved my cock all the way to the hilt inside her post pregnancy cunt and I began fucking her. Yes she was a little loose from squeezing out a baby but it still felt wonderful!

“FUCK YEAH!!!” I exclaimed, drilling her pussy so hard she was standing on the tips of her toes, and all the while I’m just milking those juicy fucking tits of her. I kept squeezing and pinching at her nipples and the more I did the tighter and wetter her pussy became. She was so getting off on this. Milk was spraying forth like two tiny geysers and my dear wife is crying out in pleasure. In fact she came so hard her body was convulsing and her pleasure caused me to blow my load. She and I both sank to our knees right there on the kitchen floor. We cuddled for maybe a minute before Tina started crying.

Wendy frowned and rolled her blue eyes, “Time to feed her Highness.”

I watched my wife pull herself up from the floor and dutifully make her way to the nursery like the good mom she is. But then I wondered to myself, “Does she know that she’s still naked?”

I shook my head and got up and pulled on my boxers and walked over and sat down on the couch and I waited for her to finish feeding our daughter and when she came back out she had on her short little madame butterfly robe. I smiled at her and pulled her into my lap to face me.

“Oh Jason I miss our little sex sessions.” she smiled tiredly. “It doesn’t seem like we get enough time together anymore.”

I pulled her into a hug, “Tina’s worth it, right?”

She sat up and gave me a hard look, “You’re darn tooting, she is.”

We both laughed at that.

Then bursa escort she gave me one of her sexy little pouts, “I just wish I could help you out.”

“You do, baby.” I said and grabbed my crotch.

She slapped my chest, “Not like that you Silly Billy. I mean I wish there was something I could do to help us out financially. I absolutely hate being broke all the time! Heck I can’t even remember the last Mani Pedi I had!” She said looking down at her nails.

I popped her ass, “It was just last month, Wendy.” My wife was so spoiled. I shook my head, “I’m working all the hours I can, Baby.”

“Oh no, Honey! I’m not trying to make you feel bad believe me. I know you’re doing your best.”

“Is this going somewhere, Wendy?” I knew my wife enough to know she was hinting around to asking me something.

“Jason what would you say if I told you that I can make upwards of sixteen dollars an ounce for my breast milk.”

I started laughing.

She popped my chest, “What’s so funny?”

I looked over at the kitchen sink, “If that’s the case then we probably just wasted a hundred dollars.”

Wendy started giggling, “You might be right about that. But anyways, Jason I can make money by selling my breast milk.”

“Okay I’ll bite. How?”

“Do you know Sandy, over in lot forty-eight?”

I rolled my eyes, “Sandy The Slut?”

“Jason! That’s not nice!”

“Yeah I know, but that’s what all the guys in the park call her.”

Wendy folded her arms and shook her head, “It’s still not nice and I don’t want you to call her that anymore.”

“I’m sorry, Honey. Go on with what you were saying.”

Sandy had her baby boy, Grayson a month before we had, Tina. She’s able to breast feed her son and make a living at selling her milk to gentlemen who enjoy suckling her breasts. It’s called A.N.R. Which means an Adult Nursing Relationship.”

I closed my eyes and tried to wrap my head around what she was trying to say.

“I looked it up online and it’s an actual thing. There are men who have a fetish for drinking…”

“Okay! Okay, I get it, Wendy these men pay to suck Sandy’s tits. For fucks sake, woman your telling me that you would be fine with some stranger sucking your tits? Is that what you’re saying?”

Wendy frowned and looked away, “I knew you would be against it.”

“Honey come on?”

“No Jason.” She stood up and started to sulk off to the bedroom but I took her by the arm.

“Wait.” I said.

Wendy looked down at me, “It’s fine!” and with tear filled eyes she shrugged off my hand and calmly walked to the nursery.

Frustrated I got up and went to the bedroom and put on my clothes for work and as I was dressing I couldn’t help but think about Sandy. That fucking slut bitch was off the fucking chain suggesting something like this to my wife. I threw open the bedroom door and stormed down the hall toward the kitchen to pick up my lunch. Wendy was seated in the recliner holding our daughter to her breast as I passed and she didn’t even look up at me.

I picked up my bagged lunch and walked back to the nursery and peeked in, “It’s Saturday and you know I’m only working half a day. We’ll go out and do something when I get home. How’s that sound?”

Wendy looked up at me and pointed her index finger at the door, which meant get the hell out of here. So I did, and I slammed the door hard and started for my truck. I wasn’t even half way to the truck when I heard Tina start crying. Me slamming the fucking door had frightened her. What a dick move on my part. I hurried back into the house and gently took my daughter from my tired wife.

“What are you doing, Jason? Sweetie you gotta get to work.” she insisted.

I ignored my wife and started patting Tina on the back and cooing to her and rocking her. And in a few minutes Tina began to calm down and then eventually she fell asleep against my shoulder. I smiled at Wendy and carried her back to her crib and gently laid her down.

I turned around to find my wife standing in the doorway to the nursery. “Okay.” I said.

Wendy looked at me confused, “What?”

“You can do it. But under one condition. No sex what so ever.”

“Honey I can’t believe that you would even say that.” She began walking toward me, “You know you’re the only man that I’ll ever allow between my legs.” She wrapped her arms around me and laid her head against my chest.

Not wanting to wake Tina we walked back out to the living room to discuss it. “So how do we do bursa escort bayan this? Do you run an ad in the newspaper or start up some website. Titty Milk for sale. Come and get it while it’s warm.”

“How gross,Jason. That’s disgusting!” Wendy giggled.

I shrugged, “Whatever. This whole plan is disgusting, but your right we have to do something.”

Wendy smiled and shoved me back onto the couch then she straddle my legs and draped her arms around my neck, “I think you need to taste the product, big boy.” She undid her robe and slipped it down her shoulders and let it fall to the floor.

“What are you doing, Wendy?”

She giggled, “I’m gonna breastfeed you.” With that she cupped her hands beneath her milk swollen tits and leaned in and pressed them against my face.

Her nipples instantly began dripping warm milk against my cheeks.

“Honey stop! That’s nasty!” I snapped. But she wouldn’t stop. She gripped her right tit with both hands and jammed her stiff nipple against my lips. “Don’t you dare call my milk gross. If it’s good enough for our baby then it’s good enough for daddy. Now DRINK!”

I’d never tasted breast milk in his life. Not even as a baby did my mother feed me from her breast. But to tell the truth I was kinda curious at what it tasted like as I’d watched Wendy feed Tina. But I had been too embarrassed to ask her for a sip. And now Wendy was trying to force it on me. So fuck it I opened my mouth and gently clamped my lips on her nip and milk instantly gushed into my mouth. And Holy shit it tasted great! It was warm, creamy and slightly sweet. And I began sucking and drinking like it was the most natural of things to do.

Wendy placed her free hand to the back of my neck and pushed her tit against my mouth. “Oh sweetie, that’s right! Get you some.”

I gripped her left tit and clamped my finger tips over the nipple and pinched which sent a stream of milk crashing against my cheeks and my nose. “Fuck yes!” I gasped. This was awesome! I became covered in the creamy goodness and I greedily sucked and licked Wendy’s right breast until it would give no more. Then I gripped her left tit with both hands and pulled it to his mouth and I began sucking it as well. Shit I couldn’t get enough of it. Wendy finally pushed my mouth away.

“Easy big boy. Save some for our daughter will yeah?” she giggled and then leaned in and kissed me on my milk drenched lips.

“Fuck! That shits good!” I exclaimed reaching for her tits again but she smacked my hands away.

“No, Jason! I’m serious!”

I frowned as if she scolded me and then nodded.

She reached down and grabbed my crotch and her blue eyes went wide, “Goodness, Jason if you ask me I think you got a fetish for the stuff.”

“I do not! I just think it tastes good, that’s all.” I protested.

Wendy smiled and shook her head, “Whatever darling. You need to get to work and I need to call Sandy and see if she’ll set me up with one of her clients.”

I laughed, “So you think it’ll be that easy to talk that greedy slut into parting with a client or two.”

Wendy shot me a hard look, “Honey I told you not to call her that! She’s my friend.”

I quickly raised my hands and nodded, “Alright. I’m sorry. But do you think she will?”

“I think she will. Besides she has more clients than she has milk and she still has to feed, Grayson. So why wouldn’t she? Now you need to get to work. Your already gonna be late.”

I relented and stood up and I took her in his arms, “I love you baby.” I kissed her and suddenly lowered my mouth to her right breast and latched on and started sucking.

“Damn it Jason!” Wendy shouted and pushed me back. “Stop! Get a grip, Sweetie!”

I smiled and walked out of the house, slightly frustrated and I quickly got in my truck and left. Fuck I didn’t want to go to work but I had too. If I had the choice in the matter I would have stayed home and fed on Wendy’s tits all day long. Fuck her milk tasted primo.

As I was heading toward the exit at the far end of the trailer park I just so happened to look over at lot thirty eight and I see Sandy laying out on the back deck. She was dressed in a red bikini and was laying flat on her back in a chaise lounge talking to someone on her cellphone. Most likely a client. Meanwhile her husband, Mark was on the front porch with a cigarette between his lips and he was rocking Grayson. That fucker has never worked a day in his fucking life. He was selling Sandy’s pussy to any escort bursa man with fifty dollars. Heck the kid was probably not even his.

Well I worked my half day and I came home with the intention of sucking Wendy’s titties again. But when I got home I found this Ford Tempo parked in my spot, so I pulled in beside it and got out. I didn’t recognize the car belonging to anyone we know. I climbed the steps tired as fuck and dreading to have to talk to anyone at that moment.

I opened the front door and my mouth dropped in shock at the sight of a man sucking my wife’s breast. He’s lying flat on his back in Wendy’s lap. She places a finger on her lips. The guy is asleep and his jaws were still flexing which meant he was still sucking.

I wanted to wake him up and kick his ass but truth be told the scene was pretty fucking erotic. I was also experiencing a bit of jealousy as well because here was another man partaking of my milk! The fucking ass wipe!

Wendy smiled and shrugged and then pointed at the beat up old recliner in the corner of the living room. She actually wanted me to watch her breastfeeding this stranger. This thief!

Fuck it I gently closed the door behind me and walked over and sat down in the recliner.

The guy opened his eyes and looked at me and then pulled his lips from my wife’s breast and gave me a heated look, “Get the hell out of here and wait your turn, asshole. I paid this cow for an hour.”

I was about to say something when I saw Wendy frown and she grabbed a handful of his hair, “Hey, Todd, don’t be calling me a cow!”

His attitude quickly changed and he looked up at her, “I’m sorry, Wendy.”

“And watch how you talk to my husband!” She adds and shoves her tit against his mouth and he immediately starts feeding again. Then, Wendy begins slowly stroking the top of his head just as I’ve seen her do with Tina a hundred times before.

I smiled at my wife and she just winked at me.

Todd received his full hour of breastfeeding and he gets up and wipes his mouth and he gives me an apologetic look, “I’m sorry about snapping at you.”

I smiled and nodded and gave him the thumbs up not really wanting to talk to him. I mean what can you say to a man who’s just milked your old lady?

He turns to Wendy and reaches into his back pocket and takes out his wallet and he takes a twenty dollar from it and hands it to her, “That’s you tip.”

Wendy smiles and stands up and gives Todd a big hug and a peck on the cheek, “Thank you Todd.”

Todd leans in and whispers something in my wife’s ear and she blushes and giggles and shakes her head, “I can’t do that, Todd.” and she briefly looks in my direction.

He smiles, “Please. Sandy does it for me?”

“No, Sweetie I just can’t, okay.”

Todd shrugs, “Okay then, it’ll be your loss. Next time I’ll wait for Sandy.”

Wendy’s smile quickly vanished, “What?”

Todd didn’t answer her instead he turned and walked out.

My wife sat down on the sofa again this time with a sad look on her face. I quickly stood up and walked over and sat down next to her and put an arm around her and pulled her close. “Are you Ok, Baby?”

She just nods, “I’m fine.”

“He wanted sex didn’t he.” I asked.

Wendy shrugs, “He wanted me to jerk him off the next time he comes over for his feeding. And I guess you heard what I told him?”

I nodded.

“What do you think I should have said? Do you think I should have told him yes? I mean jerking a guy off is not technically sex, right?”

“Honey?! Come on your telling me that you could actually jerk some guy off?”

“Only if you tell me it’s Okay. Sure I could do it.”

I laughed at how nonchalantly she said it and she smacked my leg.

“Don’t laugh at me, Jason.” she pouted and stood up. “I’m doing this because we need the money.”

“Oh thank you for clarifying that I just thought it was because you wanted to hold another man’s dick in your hand.”

Wendy’s blue eyes went wide and she again smacked my leg even harder this time, “Stop being an ass, Jason I’m trying to be serious here!”

“Okay, Okay.” I said rubbing my thigh.

She cocks her head and gives me a serious look, “So do I have your permission, or not?”

I returned her serious look and then nodded, “Alright, you got it Wendy. But nothing more than that.”

She gave me a shocked expression, “Absolutely nothing more!”

At that moment, Tina started crying. Wendy rolled her eyes, “My nipples are so sore right now.” She stood up and started for the nursery.

“I hope you have something left when you’re done with Tina.”

She giggled and stood up, “You, sir have such a milk fetish!”

I slapped her hard across the ass as she walked away.

End Of Part 1

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