Mid-Life Oasis Ch. 03Mid-Life Oasis Ch. 03


Jill’s big weekend had come and we were set to leave early Saturday morning as soon as all the guests arrived.

After she had cleaned up the kitchen following breakfast, I ordered my little submissive to the boat. She was to go to her bedroom and wait for me to summon her. Jill was officially on-duty. For the next 36 hours or so, she was a whore to be used for pleasure.

I did my level best to eradicate all of the affection from my voice, but it wasn’t easy.

“Go now, slut” I said firmly and flatly.

“Yes, Master.”

She was definitely in the zone. Her tone was meek and her eyes were downcast. She was ready to serve.

Once my college buds arrived, I went over the rules with them. I told them that they were not to show Jill overt kindness or sympathy. She was to be used like a slut and spoken to like one. They all understood. All the men I enlisted were sexually confident and were all well hung.

Including me, Jill had five very large cocks to deal with and hopefully to enjoy.

I explained that things would begin as soon as we were at sea. Jill was already naked and she would remain that way. We were going out to deep water where there would be scant boat traffic if any. We had a very solid weather report and the captain was going to keep us in calm waters for the bulk of the weekend. The stage was set and Jill was ready to take as much cock as we could give her. All her holes were on the menu and the menus were now on the table.

The men were all ready for action and they had all abstained from sex for a few days. They would have big loads to kick things off during the opening round of blowjobs.

We hit the boat and Captain Bill took us out to sea. We opened up with a round of tequila shots and then cracked open some beers. One of the guys lit a joint and that went around so everybody could get a little taste.

Once we had a nice buzz going and once the mainland was no longer in sight, I went downstairs to get Jill. When I went to her room, she was by the door, eyes down and on her knees waiting–like an obedient dog.

“Slut, are you ready to be used?”

“Yes, Master. I am your horny cumslut and I follow all orders.”

“Good girl. Now we are going to go upstairs and you are going to meet my friends. After I introduce you to a man, you will ask him if he wants his cock sucked. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Master.”

“If he says yes, I will hand your leash to him.”

I then took out a collar and put it around her neck. I took the long leash and hooked it to the collar.

“And, slut, don’t let me see you walking without explicit permission. On your hands and knees all weekend unless I say otherwise. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Master.”

Whoa. She was suddenly even meeker. This got me thinking. I turned up the heat a little more.

“You are here for our enjoyment, slut. Don’t allow your pleasure to get in the way of your Master’s pleasure. Your pleasure is only a bonus. Job one is satisfying your Masters. Don’t you dare allow a cock to leave any of your orifices without being thoroughly cleaned. You are going to be degraded and treated like a whore and you will thank your Masters for this. Do you understand, slut?”

“Yes, Master.”

She was now barely audible.

I led her to the back deck. The men were all blown away by Jill’s beauty.

Despite my assurances that she was a hot little innocent, they expected a trashy chick and trashy was about the last thing that anybody would ever say about Jill, especially at first glance. She just had a pure look–like she had been living under glass her whole life.

There were leather bench seats that went around three of the four sides of the back of the ship. The fourth side was open to the sea and allowed for a good fishing set up. The men were all seated and there was plenty of space between each person. The area can seat about twelve people comfortably. The first guy was Lou and I introduced him to Jill. I pulled Jill’s leash upward and told her to stand for her introductions.

“Lou, I’d like you meet Jill. She is going to be our cumslut this weekend.”

She did a little bow curtsey kind of thing as she began to speak.

“Very nice to meet you, Master Lou. Would you like me to suck your cock?”

“Very nice to meet you too, slut. Go right ahead. Suck my cock and swallow my load.”

“Yes, Master Lou.”

Jill handed Lou her leash which he accepted with a sardonic grin.

She dropped to her knees between his legs and fished his huge tool out of his pants. He was already on his way to erect and Jill sucked his head with her usual zeal. After a few minutes, she had him at full staff and he was impressive.

Jill began working his lower shaft with both hands as she bobbed on the top half. Then she slathered him with saliva from top to bottom and jacked him with two hands as she licked and sucked on his big balls.

“That’s right. Suck my balls you little cumslut. I’m gonna feed you my nut and you are gonna swallow Feriköy Escort it all. You hear me, slut?”

Jill moaned her approval and gave a few subtle nods as she continued to suck on his balls with a fervor I was slowly growing accustomed to. She was getting to Lou and after a few minutes she sensed he was close and attacked his cock with her mouth. She took him as deep in her mouth as he’d go and then started to force her throat down on him. She gagged a few times but kept trying. She had a few inches in her throat when Lou grabbed her by both sides of her head and dumped his wad right down her esophagus as he let out a moan of satisfaction that any man would envy. He pulled out of her throat and he looked like he gave her a little more sperm to taste. Jill cleaned him thoroughly and when she finally took her mouth off of his cock, she gave him a huge smile that was obviously genuine.

The other men were staring in awe at what was going down.

As I said, I had gone on about her sex appeal when I told them about her, but they were now realizing just how serious I was. Jill turned to me on her knees, unsure of how to proceed. Lou handed me her leash and gave me a huge shit-eating grin as if to say “man were you right.” I stood her up and pulled her to Rob, who was seated directly opposite of Lou on the starboard side.

“Jill, this is my good friend, Rob. Rob, this is Jill and she will be your slut this weekend.”

“Nice to meet you, Slut.”

“The pleasure is all mine, Master Rob. Would you like me to suck you cock?”

“After what I just saw, you bet.”

Jill gave him the leather handle to her leash.

He took the leash and pulled his trunks off and sat back as Jill knelt between his legs. He was big, but he was a ways from full staff. She licked and sucked him as he grew.

Here we were… miles and miles from shore on an absolutely gorgeous Saturday morning–partying on a huge luxury yacht. We were all getting blowjobs from a woman that was so hot she makes Katy Perry look fat and ugly.

I never envisioned my retirement being this good.

I did a good job hooking my girl up too. All of my buddies kept themselves in great shape. She didn’t have any fat bald middle aged guys to deal with. I could tell she was very happy with the sexual hand she’d been dealt.

Jill was now going to town on Rob, who was not going to last very long. Her oral skills were just too good and combined with the scene and the vibe, we were all going to be quick the first time.

She was cupping his balls with her hands as she took two thirds of his cock with her mouth. Rob announced his nut.

“Get ready you little slut. Here it comes!”

He started bucking his hips and cumming in her mouth. I never saw a drop as she swallowed it all down and proceeded to suck him nice and clean as he degraded her.

“That’s a good slut. Yeah, that’s it. Clean my rod. Good girl.”

Jill finished up and thanked Rob for his cum.

Rob handed me her leash and I brought her over to Marc, who had gotten ready. He was sitting down but his massive tool was standing at attention.

“Jill, this is Marc and Marc’s big cock.”

“Hello, Master Marc. Would you like me to suck that for you?”

“Will you swallow my nut, little slut?”

“Oh yes, Master Marc. Every drop.”

“Get down on your knees then.”

She did and I handed the leash to Marc. She performed another amazing act of oral that had Marc dumping his seed in no time. She swallowed everything just as she promised and she worked his manhood until is was nice and clean as he patted her on the head and told her what a dirty slut she was.

Once he was clean, she got to her feet and took another submissive bow. I took her leash from Marc and brought her over to her last new cock.

“Jill, this is John William Jacobs the Third, but you can call him Trip.”

Trip had also disrobed and he was sitting holding his huge rod. Trip was more than ready after watching his friends get blown so vigorously.

“Hi, Master Trip, would you like a blowjob?”

“Nice to meet you too, Jill. Are you ready to be my little cockslut?”

“Oh yes. Can I swallow all your cum?”

“We’ll see if you can handle it.”

“Every drop, Master. I promise.”

I gave Trip the leash and he leaned back in his seat.

She got down on her knees and went to work. Trip’s cock was big like the rest but what stood out was his cock’s head. It was freaking enormous.

Jill was having some trouble taking it into her throat and she rightfully gave up and started to work his whole cock using her hands and mouth in tandem. She did that with sublime rhythm and she just kept it up and Trip’s moans of pleasure let her know she had him. His breath shortened and he announced his eruption.

“Open up, Slut. Here comes my nut!”

She covered the tip with her little mouth and she was swallowing a second later. She kept stroking and he kept spurting. After about a minute, Escort Feriköy she licked the whole monster clean and Trip was patting her head and calling her a good little slut over and over as his head rolled around in agonizing pleasure. Jill was clearly loving it.

It was now my turn and I was going to enjoy her. I had sat down after bringing her to Trip. I was by the back of the boat on the port side. I shed my trunks and spread my legs. Trip released her leash and I told Jill to come to me.

Jill stayed on her knees and crawled over to me with the leash dragging behind her.

“May I please enjoy your cock, Master?”

“Yes, slut. Take all of me in front of everybody. Show them what you can do. It’s time to deep-throat. You’re ready now. Take me all the way you little cumslut.”

She made love to my cock with her mouth for about five minutes. She was intense and focused and she did all the tricks that she always does. I was percolating for sure. Then I took her by the sides of her skull and started working my tool into her depths. She adjusted her angle and relaxed her throat as I kept working my way in. Suddenly her throat stopped resisting and I slid into her completely.


This was better than any porno you have ever seen. Nobody there will ever forget it. I know I won’t. For the first time in my life, my cock had been taken to the root.

What a scene… clear blue skies on an almost still sea, and this girl has almost ten inches of cock in her mouth with a group of men watching. Jill told me later that she was so turned on by what she’d done that she almost came without being touched.

Well, I was being touched in an amazing way. And, after about three small strokes in and out of her throat, I made a massive deposit that she never even tasted. It went directly to her belly. I pulled my cock out and she caught her breath audibly. Then my little slut cleaned up my cock.

Once she was done, I told her to get on her feet and fetch us a round of beers. She did, and each guy gave her pats on the ass as she served them. “This is the hottest fucking thing I will ever experience”, I kept thinking to myself.

She was so willing and so hot for the fantasy. It was just incredible.

I sent Jill to her room to clean herself up. I gave her clear orders to not make herself cum and told her that she’d be summoned in a little while.

She looked great and had performed incredibly well in round one, but I wanted some time to talk to the guys without her around. She crawled off to her room dragging her leash behind her as the men stared in total disbelief.

My buds were all astounded at what they had fallen into. They all wanted to do Jill in every imaginable way and I assured them that they would get ample opportunity.

I told the guys about her secret desire to be passed around. I wanted to give her the exact experience. My idea was to pass her around for as long as we could as we fucked her standing up.

Eventually, when we started to get tired, we would DP her and that way she’d only weigh half as much or thereabouts with two men supporting her weight.

Her feet were not to hit the floor once we started fucking her. We were going to literally pass her around for an hour and fuck the shit out of both her holes while calling her names and listening to her sounds of ecstasy.

It was a lay-up as long as we worked together.

As it worked out, we all had cocks that were in the 9-10 inch area and we were all about six foot or thereabouts. Keeping her even and balanced and not having our cocks slip out was going to be easy once we had her on two cocks. But before that, we would pass her around from guy to guy. Given her fantasy, it was going to be really erotic.

I decided to keep her alone and horny for a while. It was a little after 11am and I figured I’d bring her back in time to make us all lunch. After lunch we’d hit the mid-deck area, which is by far the nicest area topside and we would pass her around in the afternoon sun.

I reminded all the guys to keep calling her names but to make it genuine and not forced. I also reminded them all to use lube before fucking her ass. Another joint was going around and I went for another round of beers.

At 11:45 I went and got Jill. She was kneeling at the door naked with her head down and her leash on. She was really into this.

“Jill, it’s time to get lunch ready. I’m going grill steaks and lobster tails up top and I want you to fix the pasta salad and put the vegetable skewers together. Bring me the skewers when they are ready. You will eat a light meal by yourself in the kitchen.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Good girl.”

I walked away and grabbed all the meats to be grilled before heading up top. We had a great lunch and we all had a nice even buzz going into the afternoon.

Once we had a little time to digest, I called Jill up top and told her to start working on our cocks as we sat. I told her that we were going to fuck Escort Feriköy her now and that she had better be ready to get all of her holes taken deeply and repeatedly. She said she was ready to be used for our pleasure and that we should treat her like a dirty slut.

She dropped down in front of Marc, he was just left of the door she entered through.

“Ok, guys. Don’t cum in the slut’s mouth. Save it for later. She’s just here to get us all hard.”

Marc pulled her off and she moved to Trip for a bit and then to Rob. As she sucked Rob, we all closed around her in a circle and got our cocks in her face. She went from cock to cock for about ten minutes as we all enjoyed her wanton display of servitude.

Eventually, I told her it was time to get fucked. She stood with a big smile as I told her to come to me. I had her jump up and get her legs around my waist and I fucked her standing up. She held on to me with her arms around my neck.

She was completely soaked and I bottomed out in her pussy on the first stroke of my big cock. I bounced her up and down for a bit as everybody watched. She was cumming in less than a minute and her screams were exquisite. I kept fucking her deeply right through the climax and as she settled, I walked her over to Marc, who grabbed her from behind with her legs spread so I could pull out of her.

Marc held her there so Trip could push into her pussy. Jill gasped as his big head breached her womanhood for the first time. She threw her arms around his neck and got her legs around his waist and the transition was complete. She rode Trip as we all watched and told her what a slut she was. She had another huge orgasm and Trip passed her to me and I held her so Rob could get into her pussy and get a hold of her.

She rode cock number three for a few minutes and Rob was tickling her depths as he thrust his ten inch monster up inside her. Jill’s body was writhing in ecstasy as Rob moved her up and down on his big pole. I told him to fuck her faster and to make her cum. Rob started to really bounce her up and down and giving her the whole length. After a minute of that, Jill cried out in orgasm and she started to shake and buck. Rob was losing his grip on her as she orgasmed out of control.

Lou stepped in from behind and held her up as both men got a grip on her. Rob pulled out and Lou held her as Marc stepped up and pushed his cock into her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and rode him as she had ridden the rest of us. After a few minutes, I held her again so Lou could get a turn.

She hopped up and down on his incredibly thick root and you could tell she liked it. She was bringing herself down really hard and Lou was loving it.

“Yeah. That’s it. Take my whole cock you fucking slut.”

Jill started to moan really loud as Lou talked to her.

“Yeah, baby. That’s it. You really love being degraded don’t you? Ride my dick you dirty little cock-whore.”

Lou’s manhood was extremely thick at the base and she had tears in her eyes as she bounced up and down on him, but the sounds she was making told us that she was loving it. Eventually, her cries increased in intensity and she started to shake in orgasm.

Jill made all kinds of whimpers and moans as she came all over Lou’s big monster. Now I was ready to take things up a notch. I had already poured lube into my hand and I went right to her ass and lubed up her little starfish as she orgasmed. This unexpected jolt made her transition or something and she started to quiver and her legs opened even farther.

Jill was one wild fuck. That was for damn sure.

I kept rubbing the lube into her ass as she came and came and I kept rubbing it in as she slowly calmed down.

“Jill. Tell me what you want right now.”

“I want two cocks, Master! Please do it to me! I want to be a whore for my Masters!”

I stepped in and held her ass as I pushed my length into her. She screamed as soon as I forced the tip in. She made a half moan half grunt kind of sound each time I pushed more cock into her, until both Lou and I were both balls deep.

We bounced Jill up and down on our two cocks for a long while as she just went for the ride. She’d cum so many times that she was having a long ride without orgasm, but she was still loving it.

“Are you enjoying your DP, my little slut?”

“Ohhhh yes. Thank you Master. I love it. Treat me like the dirty whore that I am!”

She went right back to moaning and groaning and listening the men who continued to make crude remarks and encouraged us to “keep pounding the little whore.”

I was getting close to orgasm and I told Rob to take my spot. Lou held her as I pulled out. Marc pushed into her ass and they got back into a rhythm. After a minute, Lou told Trip to take his place in her pussy and Rob held her open so they could make the transition.

Trip had a little trouble getting that big old head into her when she was already stuffed with ten inches in her ass. He put some lube on the head and forced it into her.

Jill gasped as he forced it into her and she closed her eyes as he started pushing his big cock into her depths.

“Do you want all of it, you little whore?”

“Oh yes, Master Trip. Fill up my little pussy. Use me for your pleasure, Master Trip! Make me your whore!”

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